Syrian refugees arrive on the Greek island of Lesvos Photo credit: Andrew McConnell / UNHCR

Here’s a sampling of what we accomplished in 2015 — with your help. It shows the power we all have, when we choose to exercise it. Exciting stuff!

What did we accomplish this year at WhoWhatWhy? Plenty.

If you’ve helped in any way to build this better institution, you can feel good about our many achievements. Because, as a non-profit entirely supported by our readers, “we” definitely includes “you.”

Now, as we close out 2015, WhoWhatWhy invites you to skip those year-end tv show marathons, and spend a little time reviewing all the things you learned that those consuming  mainstream media didn’t. Here are some of the topics we tackled (with links to related articles):

•  Security State: we took a hard look at the FBI, CIA, NSA, Pentagon, police, courts, prisons

•  Fresh breeze on foreign affairs: we consistently provided analyses and assessments you don’t often see — on Ukraine, Syria, Russia, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Latin America, Afghanistan, and many other global hotspots. Empire and resource extraction.

•  Protecting the environment and the food supply, dealing with climate change and finding alternatives, exposing dangers from radioactivity and other sources.

•  Waste and corruption; government oversight

Whistleblowers, Snowden and other heroes

•  A Decent World: animal cruelty and human rights; torture

•  Media criticism and propaganda studies; popular myths and disinformation

•  Economic inequality and domination by financial elites

•  The disenfranchised, powerless, embattled: workers, veterans, immigrants

•  Electoral politics critique — the candidates, the coverage, the money, the hypocrisy, the inauthenticity and lack of reality

•  The Non-Investigation of the Boston Marathon bombings: we continue to be the leader in pointing out the many irregularities and mysteries that undermine the official account of this seminal event that contributed so much to the growth of fear and continued overreach of the security state — as well as the falsehoods continuously presented to the public. The authorities have determinedly sought to obfuscate, again and again. Of the many examples, perhaps this one takes the cake.

•  Deep Politics: We consistently explored examples of the power behind the politicsthe networks, institutions and interests that shape our government and its policies, usually from the shadows.

•  Scandalwatch FactChecks: What’s the real story behind the stories that dominate the public discourse?

•  Surveillance, spying, loss of privacy, First Amendment

•  Terror and its uses: including San Bernardino shootings, Oklahoma City, the 9/11 attacks and the behavior of key officials in response; coverups and improper explanations.

•  Cold case investigations: JFK, Michael Hastings, Mark Lombardi, etc.

•  Election integrity: making sure our votes are counted, that the process works, that the vote cannot be hacked.

•  Corporate practices, power, and abuses

•  The causes and instruments of violence (war, guns)

•  More topics: religion and atheism, buried history, historical antecedents, misrepresented catastrophes

•  With our “Picks” we brought you, daily, underexposed stories from around the world.

•  Ran excerpts of breakthrough books

•  Curated videos of significance

•  Offered positive examples and solutions: good news, interesting ideas, inspiring figures and acts, creative self-improvement.

•  Provided chuckles

•  Intrigued you with provocative, exclusive images:




•  Continued to remain non-partisan but fiercely inquisitive despite pressures to be partisan (“alternative media”) or not question too much (“mainstream media”)

Like what we’ve done so far? Help us do more. Become part of the team.



With deep appreciation from everyone at WhoWhatWhy

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