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Does Jade Helm Violate Posse Comitatus?

Armor related to Operation Jade Helm across Texas.
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Obscured by Jon Stewart’s well-publicized mockery of Texans’ reaction to Jade Helm 15—the US Army’s two-month-long exercise across nine states scheduled to begin in July—is the fact that the criticisms may not all be deranged droolings.

The Daily Show‘s Stewart made headlines earlier in May when he ridiculed Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s decision ordering the State Guard to “monitor” Jade Helm. The comedian-cum-newsman called Jade Helm critics “Lone Star lunatics.” But are they? Or is there more to the story? As always, WhoWhatWhy has remained agnostic while asking questions. Now, we provide a few initial answers. More will undoubtedly come.


Jade Helm will be conducted in the states of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah, Mississippi, Florida and Louisiana. One other state, Colorado, has dropped off the list, as have at least two counties in Texas, in response to the controversy.

Criticisms of the exercise range from panicked, extreme scenarios, such as imminent martial law and mass arrests, to more nuanced concerns—for example, that military exercises on this scale could desensitize  civilian populations to martial law tactics and governance.

The massive exercise, led by the US Army’s Special Operations Command (USASOC) under Lt. General Charles T. Cleveland, will include unconventional warfare units from all service branches, including US Army Special Forces, US Navy SEALS, US Air Force Special Operations, and USMC Marine Special Operations Command.

According to Jade Helm’s official PowerPoint presentation, other participating units are USMC Marine Expeditionary Units, the Army’s 82nd Airborne, and last but not necessarily least, civilian “Interagency Partners.” The latter refers to a range of domestic law enforcement agencies including the FBI, Drug Enforcement Administration, and Department of Homeland Security.

One contingent, Special Operations, is of particular interest. Special operations units are highly trained elites that specialize, among other things, in assassinations and “extractions” of human targets. In a 2013 article titled “5 Takeaways from the US Special Ops Raids in Somalia and Libya,” published by the Washington DC-based defense trade journal, an analyst heaped praise upon “small, multi-agency task forces led by Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) that target individual terrorist and insurgent leaders for death or capture.”

“Infiltrating” Towns and Cities

Jade Helm presenters have stated that troops will “infiltrate” towns and cities, and rove among the civilian population, both in uniform and in civilian clothes. Roy Boyd, chief deputy of the Victoria County Sheriff’s Office, told the Houston Chronicle: “They’re going to set up cells of people and test how well they’re able to move around without getting too noticed in the community… They’re testing their abilities basically [to] blend in with the local environment and not stand out and blow their cover.”

Elaborating further, Thomas Mead, a contractor hired by USASOC, said in a presentation to the Big Spring, Texas, City Council in March that special forces “operators,” as Special Ops soldiers are called, will enlist local roleplayers as informants. Mead told the City Council that operators will be looking for “someone who gives a little nugget of information for them to build an intelligence picture.”

It is these kinds of activities, resembling counter-insurgency, that set Jade Helm apart from the previous exercises that the Army cites as similar to Jade Helm. This argument hinges on what is meant by “similar.” The scripts in those previous exercises called for Special Ops “operators” to assist local insurgents or “freedom fighters” in resisting tyrannical authorities. In Jade Helm, the US operators will apparently be working to suppress an insurgency. This will involve activities more in keeping with law enforcement, such as information-gathering from locals, moving about undercover in communities, and assaults on selected “targets.” Residents have been told to expect “increased aircraft in the area at night.”

Critics of Jade Helm note that the military is not intended nor designed to function as a law enforcement body, and that soldiers are not trained to evaluate the legal nuances of probable cause or to safeguard the rights of civilian detainees.

Is This Something New?

Stewart, and other influential media figures, have assured the public that there’s no basis for concern because “similar” exercises have been conducted for years without any undue harm.

One exercise, just recently concluded in May, took place in Richland, South Carolina. In it, the 3rd Special Forces Group out of Ft. Bragg, North Carolina, trained with Richland County deputies for two weeks, in “late-night and pre-dawn exercises.” WLTX 19 News relayed the Sheriff’s Department’s message that residents should not be alarmed at hearing “ordnance being set off or shots being fired.”

Given that the South Carolina exercise passed virtually unnoticed, why is Jade Helm setting off so many alarm bells? Is this business as usual—or practice for martial law, as Jade Helm critics contend? What makes Jade Helm different from previous military exercises carried out on US civilian soil?

This is where the misinformation is flying fast and furious. In his presentation in Big Springs, USASOC contractor Mead acknowledged that the exercise is actually the first of its kind. He told the audience that the closest he could come to identifying an operation somewhat resembling Jade Helm is the Army’s much smaller, annual exercise known as Robin Sage.

In Robin Sage, “The People’s Republic of Pineland” is a fictitious country spanning 15 counties in North Carolina, where US Special Forces soldiers seek out “insurgents” (played by actors) who, for the purposes of the exercise, are treated as US-backed freedom fighters. Special Forces set up “base camps” for these  fighters, with the goal of “liberating” Pineland. As such, Robin Sage is a proactive insurgency exercise. Jade Helm seems to be precisely the opposite: a counter-insurgency exercise.

Despite this difference, Robin Sage does offer a stark illustration of what can go wrong when armies are set loose in a civilian countryside. In 2002, one soldier was killed and another wounded when a local police officer opened fire on them, not knowing they were part of the Robin Sage exercise.

Under the Pretext of Defending

A bedrock principle of American law since the Civil War, and even prior, has been the clear prohibition against the use of federal troops—as opposed to National Guard operating under the authority of the various states—for domestic law enforcement. This dates back to the Posse Comitatus Act, which in turn is grounded in the Founding Fathers’ warning against “standing armies.”

The relevant text of the Posse Comitatus, which roughly means ‘deputized force,’ in 18 U.S.C. § 1385 reads (as amended in 1956):

“Whoever, except in cases and under circumstances expressly authorized by the Constitution or Act of Congress, willfully uses any part of the Army or the Air Force as a posse comitatus or otherwise to execute the laws shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than two years, or both.”

Posse Comitatus does not preclude the military from conducting exercises on civilian soil, which, as detractors of “paranoid” Texans point out, takes place all the time. The law does however prohibit the US military from engaging in direct law enforcement activities. This would certainly include the capture on US soil of US citizens suspected of breaking the law in any way, shape, or form.

Interestingly, as an institution, the US military seems to agree with and abide by the spirit of Posse Comitatus. In a 2001 paper for the School of Advanced Military Studies at Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas, Posse Comitatus: A Nineteenth Century Law Worthy of Review For the Future?” the author notes:

“The desire to separate the military from policing activities within the US can be traced to the very origins of the republic itself. The perception is that a standing military force attempting to enforce civil laws allows for despots to retain power by force of arms rather than by the consent of the governed.”

The author, a US Army Major, concludes that: “There are still today, many good and valid reasons behind the Posse Comitatus Act.” In referring to the “origins of the republic,” the Major may have had in mind James Madison, a Founding Father vociferously distrustful of large “standing armies.” Madison wrote: “Throughout all Europe, the armies, kept up under the pretext of defending, have enslaved the people.”

In Jade Helm, a litmus test of success will be how well Special Forces “operators” move about within civilian populations without being noticed, or at least calling too much attention to themselves. “If you’re able to notice our guys, we’re probably doing something wrong,” Mead, the USASOC contractor, told the Big Spring City Council.

In the Big Spring City Council meeting, residents were told to expect activity to occur “between 11p.m. and 4a.m.” During the question-and-answer period, to a packed house, an assistant to Mead revealed: “we come in doing the hit, and extracting. Time on the ground may be 15 to 20 minutes of exposure, then that’s it.” (Emphasis added.)

The word “extracting” is critical. In special operations parlance, extracting a “high value target” can mean to take that “target” (a person) away from his home or location, willingly or unwillingly. Here’s how Wikipedia, describes “military extraction”: “Essentially, it is kidnapping by military or intelligence forces.”

How Real is Real?

To critics, one of the most disturbing aspects of the exercise is USA SOC’s openly stated desire to conduct the exercise in a “realistic” environment. In recent years hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent creating realistic facsimiles of foreign towns and even small cities on military bases in the US; the purpose of this program is  to give soldiers a taste of what they might encounter during urban warfare operations overseas. A new $90 million training center in Northern Virginia boasts stores, a gas station, school, soccer field, church, mosque tunnels, and a subway platform.

But what might the military mean by “realistic environment” in the context of Jade Helm? In terms of culture and physical setting, only English-speaking America resembles English-speaking America. As a concerned resident of one of the affected small towns in Texas told a newspaper: “What place looks like this—except this?” Put another way, if Special Ops were to prowl the coffee shops of North Korea, Ukraine, or Tehran questioning locals for information, they would be rounded up within an hour. So, as Jon Stewart might have asked if he had looked a little deeper into the Jade Helm scenario, whom is America fixing to invade? Canada?

Are Texans Crazy?

Texas’s reticence is surprising. The state would seem to be last place in the US to emerge as the center of “resistance” to Jade Helm.

Its gun-friendly culture is hardly averse to American militarism.The state has one of the highest concentrations of military personnel in the nation. Uniforms are everywhere, in the airports and in the towns. The state hosts two of the largest military bases in the US: Ft. Hood and Ft. Bliss. In Texas, everyone knows someone in the Army.

Those who mock the governor’s decision ordering the Texas State Guard to monitor Jade Helm would no doubt question the relevance of Madison’s warning about standing armies or the cautionary language of the Posse Comitatus Act—particularly in an era of endless war on terror.

But the very definition of tyranny is the deployment of the army, intended only for foreign wars, against its own people. And if Jade Helm is not a deployment but an exercise, then, critics legitimately ask, what is an exercise for, except to prepare for some “realistic” eventuality? Which raises an even more uncomfortable question: Should practicing for something illegal in itself be illegal?

Face Page of US Army unclassified document on Jade Helm 15. Photo credit: US Army

Face Page of US Army unclassified document on Jade Helm 15. Photo credit: US Army


Page from US Army Jade Helm document showing "hostile" states in red. Photo credit: US Army.

Page from US Army Jade Helm document showing “hostile” states in red. Photo credit: US Army.


Mock Middle Eastern town set up in Ft. Irwin, VA, with actors.

Mock Middle Eastern town set up in Ft. Irwin, VA, with actors.


The media have done a grave disservice by repeatedly mischaracterizing Texan citizens as hysterically complaining of a “takeover” of Texas. In fact, the video record shows questions from the audience at the military’s city council presentations to be calm and reasonable. At no point does anyone accuse the Army of plotting to “take over Texas,” a recurring catchphrase in the mockery of Jade Helm critics. At a Bastrup County meeting, one man expresses concern over “increasing indications that the military is getting a little too involved in civilian law enforcement.”

Most of the shouting about wilder scenarios originates from unaccountable Internet sites, and is then picked up and magnified by others in an echo chamber effect.

One recurrent theme links the recent sudden, simultaneous closing of Walmarts in four states—two stores in Texas, one in California, Oklahoma and Florida—to Jade Helm’s future need to secure large spaces for allegedly nefarious purposes. But in none of the presentations before city councils which are available for public viewing, has anyone asked a single question about the Walmarts. In his letter declaring that he is ordering the Texas State Guard to “monitor” Jade Helm activities, Texas Governor Greg Abbott asks , in language that is not especially strident, that Texans’ “safety, constitutional rights, private property rights, and civil liberties” not be infringed.

Oath Keepers, an organization of present and former US military and law enforcement personnel whose mission statement is a vow to disobey illegal and unconstitutional orders, casts a wary eye upon Jade Helm. Oath Keepers is portrayed often  as a far-right group, although its declared goal is not aggression but caution. Its founder and president, Stewart Rhodes, is a former US Army paratrooper who holds a law degree from Yale. Rhodes has repeatedly defended his group publicly, including on Chris Matthews’ Hardball, and has surprised some viewers for his thoughtfulness.

Rhodes said in an interview that one purpose of Jade Helm may be the “vetting” of soldiers for their willingness to go along with orders of dubious legality, as a prelude to future unconstitutional incursions by the military into American civil society. Another purpose, Rhodes worries, could be to condition the public to hearing Blackhawk helicopters in their neighborhoods in the middle of the night. It might be easier to dismiss the fears of Rhodes and his colleagues were they not themselves former military.

Critics of expanding executive authority have noted that this enhanced power will redound of course  to presidents of either party. They point out that target groups could change as the political winds blow. For this reason, critics of Jade Helm say, concern over Jade Helm should not be confined to “Obama-haters” or what is characterized as the far-right. Were someone with, say, a strongly Christian-Right or anti-union or “law and order” orientation to be elected, he or she would wield the same powers—over Occupy Wall Street or police misconduct protesters, gays, strikers, or other  groups that might be perceived as a menace to society. Rhodes predicts that  new military powers would invariably be tested on those who would garner little sympathy, such as a “compound of skinheads.”

Shrill Alarmism? Or More Constitution-Shredding Come True?

The list of concerns over Jade Helm does not end with the perception that the military is treading perilously close to traditionally prohibited activities. Experts on Posse Comitatus note that even during more turbulent times, such as after the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, when riots broke out in many major American cities including Chicago, Detroit, and Washington DC, it was not the military  that responded but the National Guard, fulfilling its historic role of restoring law and order amid chaos.

Environmental activist Carol Miller, founder of Peaceful Skies, sees Jade Helm as part of a wider recent pattern of the military expanding its activities beyond military bases, across the nation. Peaceful Skies is a non-profit group formed in 2010 to halt the expansion of low altitude military training flights across the skies of New Mexico.  In an article “Why Are So-Called Progressives Defending Special Ops Training?” Miller recounted her work as an organizer against expanding militarization in the US, recalling:

“As community after community told their story we realized that the situation was identical no matter where in the US the military was expanding… The Pentagon wants to expand the boot-print not only of its bases, but also to expand military activities across public lands; national forests, national parks and Bureau of Land Management (BLM.)”

Miller is aghast that the progressive Left was in the vanguard  ridiculing citizens concerned with Jade Helm, rather than asking questions about the military operation. Miller writes: “Mock invasions, mock terrorist manhunts, shootouts, and roundups are not jokes.” In an interview with WhoWhatWhy, she also addressed  concerns that Jade Helm’s activities posed a risk of sparking wildfires in the drought-stricken Southwest. Miller pointed out that during summers, the worst of the drought season when Jade Helm will take place, the “forest service does not let us drive vehicles in the forest, smoke, operate chainsaws or even have a barbecue.” Of particular concern is any role played by V-22 Osprey aircraft operating out of Cannon, NM. The Osprey, a tilt-wing model which directs hot exhaust onto the ground when it maneuvers,  has already caused numerous fires. Not amused by Jon Stewart’s light-hearted dismissal of concerns over the exercises, Miller wrote of Jade Helm: “The last shreds of democracy are at stake.”

Is it unreasonable to believe that elements in the US government are capable of playing fast and loose with freedom? What has the history of civil liberties and the Constitution been for the last 14 years, since 9/11? We might recall Edward Snowden’s revelations on NSA domestic eavesdropping, the continuing debate over the USA Patriot Act, controversy over Transportation Security Administration airport policies, and the militarization of local police forces, all of which have been constantly in the news.

This is not a matter of Left vs Right, or Democrat vs Republican. The Bush administration trampled routinely on American freedoms, and Obama has done the same. This is apparently too painful for his supporters to contemplate. Years ago, Obama’s defenders mocked those who warned that the NDAA (shorthand for a new law purporting to allow the indefinite military detention of US citizens without charges or trial),could be applied to US citizens. Obama partisans maintained that care was taken to specifically exclude US citizens from being subject to indefinite military detention. But now figures from the Left including Noam Chomsky and Chris Hedges have sued in federal court because—it turns out—the law indeed allows for US citizens to be held without charge nor trial, by the military… forever. Obama not only failed to oppose the provision  which made it applicable to US citizens on US soil: according to US Senator Carl Levin (D-MI), it was Obama who insisted that it must apply to US citizens as well.

The truth is, military policy is hardly crafted by the temporary occupants of the White House. Long-term strategy is… long-term, and it has institutional sponsors who prevail through presidency after presidency.

An interesting glimpse into the mindset of the men behind Jade Helm is an official document published in 2014, written by the commander of USASOC and the prime mover of the operation, Lt. General Charles T. Cleveland. The treatise, titled “Operating Concept 2022,” is nothing less than the general’s personal vision for the US military’s largest and most prestigious group of special operations soldiers, the US Army’s Special Operations Command, which includes the fabled Green Berets.

Among the goals mentioned in the treatise, which is linked prominently on the homepage of the command’s website, is safeguarding the “moral” security of the United States.

Cleveland also wrote, in the same paper, of the need to “operationalize” the “CONUS” in the service of such goals. CONUS is military jargon for the continental United States.

Exactly what the general, who commands 10,000 super-soldiers who cannot be opposed by any civilian force, is thinking, is anyone’s guess.

Jade Helm emblem and motto: “Master the Human Domain.” Watch the Army’s official Jade Helm presentation here.

Jade Helm emblem and motto: “Master the Human Domain.” Watch the Army’s official Jade Helm presentation here.


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  1. Deuce Deuce says:

    “Should practicing for something illegal in itself be illegal?”… It already is. It’s called CONSPIRACY. People can sit there and say “I don’t believe in conspiracy theories”… but I highly doubt you would ever hear a cop, a lawyer, a judge or a district attorney ever say that. They themselves charge and convict people for “conspiracy” all the time. I don’t know if any of the rumors of Jade Helm were true… but if you “don’t believe in conspiracy theories” you’re either a fool or a hypocrite. If you believe that Bin Laden and 19 hijackers crashed airplanes into the twin towers and the pentagon… then Congratulations, you’re a conspiracy theorist. You believe/theorize that 20 people Conspired to fly airplanes into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon (and 1 other location). There is no way for them to do that without planning/conspiring to do it first. Conspiracies do happen and have happened historically. To “denounce” a theory, simply because it’s a “conspiracy theory” is both foolish and Willing Ignorance. Never let people tell you what to believe or especially who to listen to. As The People, we should be informed and to be informed we should listen to All points of view and should look at All the evidence. If you allow people to choose who (and what) you listen to (and see), then you are allowing other people to keep you ignorant.

  2. Title

    […]usually posts some very intriguing stuff like this. If you’re new to this site[…]

  3. Frank Marks says:

    Posse Commitatis has been violated so many times that its past dead. The first instance I’m aware of was the massacre of workers in Colorado in the early 1900s, over which Rockefeller presided. The last two Presidents have finished off the constitution pretty much with their illegal authoritarian actions.

    If the public wants to bring the government back to what the founders designed, they will have to force the government to abide by it. Washington has moved into police state mentality and won’t easily give up its power.

  4. BludBaut says:

    Every time the Kenyan does something else stupid, go buy another gun… with plenty of ammo and use a fake name and address and wear a disguise.

  5. I’m sure when this is all over, and absolutely nothing has changed in the batsh*t republic of Texas, all of you conspiracy theory nuts will step forward, egg on your faces, and admit you were way off base.

    As if.

    Grow up and deprogram. You sound like a cult.

  6. southern patriot says:

    This is the very reason that “We the People” no longer can trust our own government. It’s interesting that the exercises being discussed,will take place during a time frame,when the dollar may be voted against as the reserve currency. Many are speculating October to be the crash of the stock market. The country can no longer pay it’s bill’s, and still the politicians and this administration spend money we do not have!
    Recent surveys showed, that far to many Americans are on food stamps and are out of jobs.That survey also showed that if any emergency should happen most Americans did not have an emergency fund to fall back on. Most emergency could be resolved for $1500.00 or less. If possible,they would have to borrow the money.
    If Jade Helm is part of a sinister preparation for whats to come to our own shores,the only thing I would like to know is, “Are we prepared to defend ourselves” or go quietly into the night.
    Have we given the keys to our nation to the various “ism’s” that we spent trillions of dollars on to defeat during the time since WWII, thru the the cold war and right up to the election of Obama.
    The tax dollars that we spent on having a strong Military was a complete waste of our resources, if they could not defeat our enemies and keep them out of the country!
    The enemies of Freedom & Liberty still patrol the waters around the world. They are still bent on destroying the Republic.They now have allies with in our own government. It’s safe to say that those boats have landed on American shores and those folks,in those boats,are willing to die for their cause. Are we prepared,too?
    Here’s hoping that American Patriots are ready to defend this great country, with “Their Lives,Their Fortunes and their Sacred Honor”. So help us God! Be prepared for what’s to come. It’s already hitting the fan! SP

  7. RE: Jade Helm & Domestic Psyops — “If they do it without the
    Governors approval it is a violation of Posse Comitatus, which prohibits
    US Military from stepping in and performing … any sort of function
    on…US soil, any police function. And they are not allowed, technically
    — you could even shut down the whole operation by saying this entire
    Jade Helm operation is a violation of the Smith – Mundt Act, which
    prohibits any psychological operation on the American public.” — Scott

  8. FEDUPAmerican1 says:

    What a load of crap, the author of the piece should be ashamed of himself fr his irresponsible unresearched article. “Does Jade Helm violate Posse Comitatus” short answer is no. If this was an actual military operation and not an exercise then the answer may be a yes, but since its an exercise the answer is a flat out no. The military will not be enforcing laws, making arrest, and if it did i am sure the rabid crazy arse tea-party, republicans and democrats and the like would say something loud and clear. The people who this author is trying to reach dont give one dam bit about the constitution nor the rights of all its citizens. If they and he did care about violating the constitution he would write a piece about the militarization of America’s police force in every state and the readers who agree with him, would be there reading about the rampant violation that we allow our police force to use on people of color in this country. So the next time some anti- big government crazy arse person start spouting off about how they are violating the constitution, my response will be kiss my arse.

    • James Madison says:


    • FEDUPAmerican1 says:


    • James Madison says:

      You seem to have the reading comprehension of a 13-year-old. The author clearly states:

      “And if Jade Helm is not a deployment but an exercise, then, critics
      legitimately ask, what is an exercise for, except to prepare for some
      “realistic” eventuality? Which raises an even more uncomfortable
      question: Should practicing for something illegal in itself be illegal?”

      So, smart guy, if the training is to be as realistic as possible, as the military states, what place could they be training for that so resembles America? Do you think if Special Ops went poking around coffee shops in Tehran or North Korea they wouldn’t be scooped up within an hour by security fores? So what are the practicing for? Canada? Better yet, if you saw men practicing going into a building and holding up a bank, and blowing up a bank vault, do you think the public should not be interested because they are not actually holding up a bank? Idiot.

    • FEDUPAmerican1 says:

      the only person here with a reading comprehension problem is you, because i clearly stated that if it goes beyond a mere exercise then yes it does violate the law. but the uthor of the peice framed it as a question and then proceeded to answer his own question in the affirmative. coming the conclusion that he wanted and apparently those who believe the BS story.

    • James Madison says:

      Where is the affirmative in:

      “Should practicing for something illegal in itself be illegal?”

      Clearly what bothers you is the mere asking of the question, the hallmark of statist thugs who’ll urge people to ignore that train coming down the tracks until it hits them. Then yes, it is a fact now you can say something..OOPS! It’s too late! Dumbass.

  9. Chris Herz says:

    Excellent article. I have read it reposted to
    It is only a matter of time before the misdeeds of our misrulers provoke uprisings within the USA. The military understands and accepts this, even if you do not.

    • FEDUPAmerican1 says:

      Why is it an excellent article, because it validates what you think, have you stopped and thought for one second, or are you all panicky?

  10. Law 'n order says:

    All of the comments ignore the key question raised by the article, “whom is America fixing to invade? Canada?”

    Why is the Pentagon preparing to invade Canada?

    • WhiteEagle says:

      1. Obama’s Answer to the Bundy Ranch stand off.
      2. Preparations for the upcoming monetary collapse and cashless society.
      3. Having Mexico join us as another state?
      4. Rounding up the illegals, cartel members, and terrorists that we let in with our borders not being guarded or closed?
      5. Preparations for a series of natural dissasters, with the Walmarts being distribution points for rationed supplies to the citizenary. As well as sign ups for the ‘relocation camps/cities’.
      6. All of the above?

  11. VoxFox says:

    The government (or State) always started out as the military group controlled by the ruling elite.
    The USA is just closing the circle & returning to first principles: absolute force.
    How long before the Praetorian Guard re-emerge as the ruling group & appoint our next emperor?

  12. Cat says:

    I did a search on Democracy Now, Truthout, The Intercept and Common Dreams. “Jade Helm” did not come up on a single one of those key left websites.

    Thank you, WhoWhatWhy for being agnostic and pursuing this story. Looks like everyone else got silenced by left gatekeeper Jon Stewart making fun of the issue.

    • James Madison says:

      actually truthout did do an article.

    • paulrevere01 says:

      John Stewart has often been a deflector of serious government questioning efforts…the towers, Israel’s takeover of Congress, Iraq invasion…he uses his stellar wit to assuage the left’s fears…snooze on believers.

  13. James Madison says:

    Bringing this to the top again, join the facebooks and twitters for citizen vigilance over JH, with thousands of members. They are reporting movements and keeping a sharp eye out. Let’s be everywhere they are with cellphone cameras and signs saying “HERE THEY ARE!” Have been told many of our soldiers don’t like it either, they’ll be happy to smile big for the camera!

    #jadehelmresistance #jadehelm

  14. marlene says:

    Dam straight Posse Comitatus was and is being violated. Wait until obama’s radical turkish military arrives to join the already here UN forces, russian military, and other violent radicals who will join our military in their continued violation of this most important constitutional doctrine.

    • paulrevere01 says:

      Though I’m completely askance at the JH realities, I’ve NEVER seen real evidence of UN forces, Russian military and ‘other violent radicals’…got links, pics, videos, articles other than Alex Jones type takes?

    • WhiteEagle says:

      I have, but I think Putin’s Russia is out of the picture for now. Lets hope somehow that he remains in power instead of being replaced with a Staliinist or NWO president.

  15. Artfuldgr says:

    Censorship of benign comments is not conducive to success in any place other than the soviet union, hitlers germany, or maos china… its frustrating to put up something then have it disappear – tovarish, we will have to tow the party line or else.. right?

    funny thing is that the censor here seems to think that they have the power of tyranny on their side… maybe they do, and thats why people are starting to get worried?

  16. gseattle says:

    You know you’ve been reading a well-reasoned piece as soon as you come back from dosing off, so thumbs-up to whowhatwhy.

    It’s an odd thing happening with Jade Helm:

    1. Some flag-wearing patriots on the right who supported military operations in Iraq/Afghanistan are sounding a warning alarm about military doings here concerning possible ulterior motives, against our military in a sense.

    2. Meanwhile lefties who tear their own clothes in apoplexy with hatred toward our military are hurling invectives and spewing venomous mockery at them, in support of our military to some degree.

    3. The prime movers behind the government who came up with Jade Helm sigh and have another sip of Bourbon. It seems that to protect the townspeople with their torches and pitchforks (from being burned alive and decapitated by a savage enemy) one has to annoy them a little. Still, the lack of a prior press release–leak via Alex whats-his-name doesn’t count–comes off as pulling our chains, not respectable, and yet, our pitchforks would have gotten them.

  17. JustAnotherJoe10 says:

    The United States ceased being a Republic a long time ago. It changed from a Republic, to a Democracy, and now to an Oligarchy. The Constitution? Posse Comitatus? That died long ago. Been to the airport to get your sexual assault session in the name of safety? I rest my case.

  18. James Madison says:

    What’s up with the Jade Helm general wanting to safeguard American “morals?” What is a general doing even talking about “morals” in an official capacity? His job is to take orders and win wars, not be the judge of what is moral.

    I’m seeing scenes of the crazy general who almost starts a nuclear war in Dr. Strangelove, Purity of Essence. Some member of Congress want to call him out on that?

  19. I have seen reports, most recently on NDAA, that have indicated that posse comitatus has been suspended or revoked. Perhaps the investigative reporters at WhoWhatWhy could nail this down for us in a future report.

    • James Madison says:

      In 2006 as part of the Defense Authorization bill, GW Bush modified the Insurrection Act so that the armed forces could be used upon a determination by the president. In 2008, these changes in the Insurrection Act of 1807 were repealed in their entirety, reverting to the previous wording of the Insurrection Act.

      Posse Comitatus stands as the law of the land.

    • Eileen Kuch says:

      So, in other words, Jade Helm does, indeed violate the Posse Comitatus Act, enacted in 1876, forbidding Federal military occupation of cities, towns and villages on US soil. The only exceptions are in cases of natural disaster, whereby soldiers may aid first responders with rescues of people in disaster areas, bringing in necessary supplies and helping with their distribution. In that case, the National Guard personnel are to be the first of military forces to do this.
      According to Posse Comitatus, NO military units are to act as state and/or local police departments; and only the affected state’s governor has the authority to call in the National Guard of that state to help in cases of rioting (case in point: Ferguson, MO).

    • If a president can modify law, he can be tried for treason. Do you have citations for any of the cited acts?

    • marlene says:

      He MUST be tried for treason and if congress violates their oath of office and fails to “remove a sitting president who has oveerreached his executive powers” they too “will be found to be traitors and enemies of the people.” It’s in OUR constitution, which was written FOR THE PEOPLE.

    • The problem is that all elected officials and military officers are equally culpable in the commission of treason, and they all know if they act to remove anyone, they’ll be outed as well. We the People caused the problem by our negligence for two centuries, and we will have to solve it. The first thing we have to do is educate the people, so they will know what we do.

  20. jeannonkralj says:

    I very much appreciate this high quality article. It is the best I have read so far.

    ” Should practicing for something illegal in itself be illegal?”

    Regardless of what the practicing is said to be for, I want to know if this practicing is legal.

    From the off-point body of information about this “exercise” we have been fed so far, no “official” will address the fundamental issue of whether Jade Helm 15, is a legitimate military “exercise.”

    The “government” gets to just go ahead and do something that has not even been addressed in the legal system, but then, I am not even sure we have a legal system anymore.

    • FiuToYou says:

      You got that right! It seems America has lost her Bill of Rights, Constitution, Declaration of Independence, Freedom of the Press, (mainstream media), Legal rights, due process, peoples rights as far as their home is concerned, warrant-less search and seizure, etc. What’s next? I’m afraid to ask!

    • paulrevere01 says:

      ‘It’s just a piece of paper’…blustered dumbya.

  21. Driver says:

    This time in history for us is exactly what is was like for the founding fathers – back when. They were loyal subjects until they found out that they no longer mattered – just shut your mouth, pay your taxes to the crown and move along. Those who don’t like it will be hunted down by the crown – at the time.

    This government has become too big. It’s disconnected from the people and the bedrock of what made this country great at one time. We the people are supposed to defend our country from both foreign and domestic invanders.

    I believe that both major parties have sold out this country and the people – for personal gain. The time may be upon us once again to call minutemen into action.

    • James Madison says:

      Turns out quite a few facebooks and twitters have sprung up to raise citizen vigilance over this, with thousands of members. They are reporting movements and keeping a sharp eye out. Let’s be everywhere they are with cellphone cameras and signs saying “HERE THEY ARE!” This could be an historic opportunity. I have been told many soldiers don’t like it either, probably be happy to smile big for the camera!

    • FiuToYou says:

      Good one!

    • Cal says:

      ” The time may be upon us once again to call minutemen into action.”

      Actually, the US Constitution requirees the Militia made up of us, US citizens and those (really, not Obama stuff) lawful to be here. The Militias of the several states are not under the state or federal government, though they both have duties assigned to them for the Militias, and they are BOTH required to use the Militia and forbidden to create “standing military” and governmental professional law enforcement.

      The Militia has as its constitutionally assigned duties to:
      — Enforce the US Constitution and each state’s Constitution,
      — Enforce and keep the “Laws of the Union” (which are constitutional laws ONLY),
      — Protect the country against all enemies both domestic and foreign, and
      — “to suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions”.

      Tench Coxe: “Who are the militia? are they not ourselves. Is it feared, then, that we shall turn our arms each man against his own bosom. Congress have no power to disarm the militia. Their swords, and every other terrible implement of the soldier, are the birth-right of an American…The unlimited power of the sword is NOT in the hands of either the federal or state governments but, where I trust in God it will ever remain, in the hands of the people.” (caps are mine)

      Thomas Jefferson: “For a people who are free, and who mean to remain so, a well organized and armed militia is their best security.”

      John Adams, A Defense of the Constitutions of the United States 475: “… The fundamental law of the militia is, that it be created, directed and commanded by the laws, and ever for the support of the laws.”

      Alexander Hamilton, Federalist 28: “The militia is a voluntary force not associated or under the control of the States except when called out; [when called into actual service] a permanent or long standing force would be entirely different in make-up and call.”

      George Washington: “A free people ought not only to be armed, but disciplined; to which end a uniform and well-digested plan is requisite; and their safety and interest require that they should promote such manufactories as tend to render them independent of others for essential, particularly military, supplies.”

      Do not forget that Terrorism in our land is 28 C.F.R. Section 0.85 Terrorism is defined as “the unlawful use of force and violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives”.”

      US Constitution, Article I, Section. 8, Clause 12: “To raise and support Armies, but no Appropriation of Money to that Use shall be for a longer Term than two Years”.

      Clause 15: “To provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel invasions.”

      This clause is very straightforward. The militia of each state is taxed with the defense of the USA and her people, not just with the defense of their state; and they are to be armed with weapons that can repel any invasions bearing modern weapons of war. Congress is
      required to provide those military grade weapons for the militias.

    • Driver says:

      Right. But they are trying to say they amended the constitution with the national guard back in the early 20th century. It goes against the very foundation when you place that militia “national guard” under the same control (a central government). It’s the same “standing army” that falls under control of the President and Congress. It’s everything that’s against what the founding fathers wanted. Good stuff in your comment.

    • Cal says:

      They cannot change the Militia, anymore then they can lawfully change the Grand Jury, or do away iwth “Good Behaviour” requirement for all judges (notice that most believe the lie told that they are “in for life”), etc.

      It is NOT under their jurisdiction, it is a natural right, meaning that all life defends itself, its young, its home. They like to pretend it is, and have been spending decades “re-educating the children so that they grow up believing this stuff is so. But that does not make it so.

  22. Ned Ludd says:

    “Whoever, except in cases and under circumstances expressly authorized
    by the Constitution or Act of Congress, willfully uses any part of the
    Army or the Air Force as a posse comitatus or otherwise to execute the laws shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than two years, or both.”

    This quote from the 1954 amendment brings up an interesting point: Army or Air Force, NOT USMC for instance. How might this exercise fit into the mentioning of a National Police Force after the recent shootings and riots? There is a reason the Coast Guard is not in the DOD but rather in Homeland Security and the DOT before that, they can arrest civilians and enforce national laws.

    I see this as more of a way to get the training from special forces units to DHS, local police and sheriff’s, etc… This is also a way to desensitize the population to a national force patrolling their streets under the control of DHS after the coming economic crash, replace special OPS with special COPS. The military hardware is already in place across Amerika, many veterans have become cops, the economic looting of the middle class is almost complete. Now just keep an eye on China’s gold holdings, when they hit ~2.5%+ of their GDP the rug will be pulled from the US Dollar and hyperinflation will commence, it is an interesting time to be alive.

  23. musings2 says:

    I believe the “left” is reacting to what they perceive as distrust directed at the current chief executive, a Democrat and black as well. They are reacting to talking points of the other side, and ignoring the situation itself. It’s campaign season, so they have to make fun of the red states and play on stereotypes. But to be honest, they would have to admit that there are government institutions which outlast any president, and whose rules and traditions can change over time into something which violate constitutional rights and set up the country for tyranny. It really does not matter who the president is, as each one is unwilling to confront these trends. It is just that there are two sets of watch-dogs and each set has its own master whose authority seems unquestioned.

    Anyone who is tired of this arrangement has only to note that there are already new trends in our relations abroad, including drone warfare and protecting illegal drug trade. I think it can be safely assumed that the last two presidents have been involved with the former and the last three with the latter. So when the action comes to our own society, close to our border, you really have to ask a lot of probing questions. When they stop answering you, then you know where the sensitive points are.
    The biggest question is why the “sabot” of sabotage in the middle of the image of Jade Helm and who is the purported enemy. I happen to feel it is China and that this is a defense of homeland operation after an invasion. But others may differ.

  24. slobotnavich says:

    This may be nothing new. When I was going through the Special Warfare Center school a couple hundred years ago we had a two-week exercise in the Pisgah National Forest involving local civilians as informers, participants, etc. They all had great fun and really got into it (I think I remember that a couple of affairs with the local foxy hillbillesses resulted), nobody got hurt, nobody’s civil rights were violated, and in general everybody had a lot of good clean fun. I seriously doubt that are evil designs at work here. Our government may be woefully incompetent, far too large, and hopelessly inefficient, but it’s hardly a hotbed of festering wicked intentions.

    • JBrown says:

      That also violated poss comitatus. Everyone involved, including yourself, should be tried for treason.

    • slobotnavich says:

      How much bleeding have you done for your country, hero? Love you internet bad-asses who get off insulting people from the safety of cyber-space. How about you come to the Philly area, where I live, and we can meet and you can insult me to my face.

    • Driver says:

      A man defending his home, farm etc. worth at least 10 soldiers.

      I don’t the man was insulting you personally as he was questioning the legality of it all. Americans should question their leaders…it’s their right as Americans.

    • FiuToYou says:

      Typical , a-hole response!

    • JBrown says:

      Sure, um “thanks” for protecting my “freedoms” by murdering men, women, and children in 3rd world countries for bankers. Congrats, “hero.”

    • FiuToYou says:

      Why don’t you run outside in ‘Philly’ and go chew someones leg off. You wouldn’t know a real hero if you fell over him or her.

    • slobotnavich says:

      The invitation stands, maggot.

    • FiuToYou says:

      Boy I bet your family is so proud of your intelligence.

    • Heroes don’t violate the oath they took to protect and defend the Constitution by participating in foreign military actions that were never declared by Congress. Most heroes belong to Oathkeepers, and would never obey any of the 10 orders they have sworn to never obey.

    • FiuToYou says:

      disgus_3B,// Please rest assured I’m on your side 100%.

    • No soldier has bled for this country since WW2:

      Treason is defined in the Constitution at Article 3, Section 3, as consisting “only in levying War against (the United States), or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.”
      All members of the American military take an oath to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; (and to) bear true faith and allegiance to the same.”
      When the military is committed to foreign actions without a declaration of war by Congress, as required by Article 1, Section 8, Paragraph 11 of the Constitution, that is a violation of the Constitution, arguably the action of domestic enemies.
      When a member of the military participates in an unconstitutional foreign military deployment, s/he violates both the Constitution and his/her oath to “support and defend” it, giving “aid and comfort” to it’s “domestic enemies,” committing treason by the definition given by the Constitution.

    • FiuToYou says:

      Where’s ten million more people like you when America really needs ’em? Spot on!

    • They very well may have been killed by American soldiers committing treason, as it is defined by the Constitution, the UCMJ, and the oath they took. If not, they may yet be, in the second American revolution.

    • Cal says:

      Actually treason is always against the sovereign, and in the USA the US Constitution and the American people are sovereign. Though the road treason can take can be through those who serve within our governments.

      Treason –

      Patrick Henry: “The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government — lest it come to dominate our lives and interests.”

    • Who or what else could treason be against?

    • Joseph Elkhorne says:

      Which face would that be? Paid troll?

    • slobotnavich says:

      The invitation stands, maggot. What the hell, I’m 72 years old with a 60% VA disability. How bad could I be? No guns, no edged weapons. Why not give it a shot?

    • Joseph Elkhorne says:

      Just found this Disqus dropping … I think you are talking to JBrown actually but if you want to play the age card, I’ll up your ante – I am in my 80th year

    • Treason is defined in the Constitution at Article 3, Section 3, as consisting “only in levying War against (the United States), or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.”
      All members of the American military take an oath to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; (and to) bear true faith and allegiance to the same.”
      When the military is committed to foreign actions without a declaration of war by Congress, as required by Article 1, Section 8, Paragraph 11 of the Constitution, that is a violation of the Constitution, arguably the action of domestic enemies.
      When a member of the military participates in an unconstitutional foreign military deployment, s/he violates both the Constitution and his/her oath to “support and defend” it, giving “aid and comfort” to it’s “domestic enemies,” committing treason by the definition given by the Constitution.

    • JBrown says:

      Considering how the Constitution doesn’t allow a standing army, these exercises could be easily considered “levying War against (the United States),” which is exactly what they are doing. Waging war against the US as foreign banker mercs=TREASON

      Why are you so worried about a trial?

    • The Constitution doesn’t prohibit a standing army, it limits any appropriation for an army to two years.
      How am I worried about a trial?

    • Driver says:

      It’s not so much about the soldiers as it is the political leaders.

      One county’s patriot is another country’s terrorist…even in the U.S..

      The fact that we’re lied to constantly by our political leaders has me concerned.

    • FiuToYou says:

      With good reason!

    • FiuToYou says:

      Are you for real? “Wicked intentions”! If you don’t think 9/11 was NOT ‘wicked intentions’ by the American Govt, you need your head examined! ‘Good clean fun’! What an idiot. Get your head out of your a_s!

    • slobotnavich says:

      I suppose you think the CIA or NSA was behind the 9/11 attacks. Amazing how they were able to maintain such total secrecy on this nefarious operation. Of course, eventually someone will crack and whole dreadful conspiracy will fall apart. What is it? LSD, Acapulco Gold, Panama Red, or just the DTs?

    • FiuToYou says:

      You’re the kind of ‘Amerikan’ that makes the flag red with blood. I really didn’t think anybody like you existed outside of DC.

    • What do you think intelligence agencies are supposed to do, advertise their false flag attack plans on the front page of every newspaper in the world?

    • FiuToYou says:

      If you’re so inclined to accept that 9/11 was carried out by hijackers, who are still alive by the way, armed with box cutters took down the towers, and flew a jet airliner into the Pentagon, then your the one with the DT’s. Plus no personal intelligence, just blind acceptance like the rest of the ‘sheeple’. And as for the Gold and the Red, if all the world leaned that way and laid off the hard stuff, ie…Alcohol, cocaine, heroine, etc. we probably wouldn’t even be having this discussion. Just the fact that you think people who hit the green are whack-jobs and stupid losers without a care for anyone or any thing, just goes to show how you and your kind are just so incredibly ignorant. I almost feel sorry for you if you weren’t so dangerous!

    • beaglebailey says:

      Do you actually think that an aluminum plane could penetrate 5 layers of reinforced concrete at the pentagon and leave absolutely no wreckage behind? Not even huge engines?
      Have you heard about Operation Northwoods? It was the exact scenario of 9/11. Look it up and see if your government wouldn’t do something like this?
      BYW, the CIA was tracking those supposed terrorists for months, yet let them go to the airport anyway
      And you don’t stop to wonder why norad was doing the same drill, or that not one jet was scrambled after those planes flew for over an hour?
      The government loves people like you that don’t question what they’re doing.
      They already practiced Martial Law in Boston and people let it happen with out question

    • Even worse about the “Boston Bombing” and the subsequent “lockdown” of The City of Water Town is that the Tsarnaev Brothers were/is (now that only one is left undead) were/is FBI/CIA assets or, as more commonly known in these ginned-up “exercises and drills-gone-live” as “Patsies,” the word popularized by Lee Harvey Oswald, still the nation’s most famous patsy. (The actual LoneGunmen™–some say eight LoneGunmen™ teams of three LoneMen™ consisting of LoneSnipers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8, LoneBackupSnipers™ (1-8), and LoneRadiomen™ (1-8) –have yet to be arrested or in any other way made accountable for their LoneActivities™ in the still-standing, still-active LoneConspiracy™ called The JFK Depopulation Operation (formerly known as “assassination,” before the CIA/Mafia/Military-BigOil complex redefined Assassination to mean “Population Control One Assassination At A Time” and Conspiracy Hypotheses and Theories–with continuing efforts at making folks who examine these group plans seem as dumb, idiotic, or as blackmail-prone as are “our” Members of Congress (no respect intended).

  25. Synickel says:

    Why would a Dutch wooden shoe, they type used in German interment camps, be part of the logo?

    • niceonegreg says:

      The logo is interesting.. the first few times I saw it I thought it was just something smudged in the middle of the logo. It does look like an invisible shoe.

    • JBrown says:

      Um, doesn’t take long to figure out that. What are the “FEMA” camps aka Hillary’s “fun” camps aka “relocation centers” for?

    • beaglebailey says:

      Relocation camps are mentioned in one of clinton’s executive orders along other types of wording about the fema camp so called CTs

    • JBrown says:

      You can find the army manual for interment camps online.

    • WhiteEagle says:

      “Relocation Camps’. Congress actually mandated that self contained refuge cities be set up, gave a minimum number , and more than that have actually been set up. Undoubtedly there will be support for them as survival cities, but in actuality they will be forced work camps, with undesireables being weeded out.
      Remember, no good crisis should go to waste!!

    • tenaya says:

      I just saw your question. For some answers, consider Webster’s Dictionary definitions of a “sabot”:

      a : a wooden shoe worn in various European countries
      a thrust-transmitting carrier that positions a missile in a gun barrel
      or launching tube and that prevents the escape of gas ahead of the

      Then consider the derivation of the word sabotage:

      Origin of SABOTAGE
      French, from saboter to clatter with sabots, botch, sabotage, from sabot
      First Known Use: 1910

      FYI, people, i.e. Luddites, would throw their wooden shoes into the gears of industrial machinery, jamming the gears; thus sabotaging industrial output.

      In regards to the Jade Helm logo, perhaps the wooden shoe implies a subtle sabotaging by the military of legitimate politico-economic functions within the continental US.

    • FiuToYou says:

      Very good job of searching for the truth. The world could use much more people like you. My hat’s off to you!

    • Arcanek says:

      It was mentioned in a star trek movie. It’s not uncommon knowledge.

    • FiuToYou says:

      I’ve been living in the South Pacific since ’71. I don’t know star trek, sorry. But I do know from the outside looking in, that the American people are in big trouble and it makes me sick to see this. I was born there and spent 23 years there before I had enough. But deep down I still love America and her people. I still have family there. But I’m glad to be away from the BS!

    • Arcanek says:

      The whole planet is going to experience trouble. for having depended on the corporate controlled distribution system when the currency system collapses. Don’t know where you are, but hopefully the area can provide enough for the people. I grew up in Chicago, and I expect it will get nasty there.

    • Happyfeeling says:

      i live in a small town in Massachusetts. What ever is coming I hope we can make it. My husband wants to buy some property way up in Maine. 30 miles from the Canadian border. Skip over there possibly if the US crumbles. We should stand and fight but I don’t know if we can anymore. There is really no place to run. Our founding fathers had America to run to. There is no where now a days. As Arcanek says the whole planet is in trouble. The elite maybe the only ones to get through it.

    • Arcanek says:

      The elite will go into hiding when it collapses. Wherever you go, make sure you can provide food, clothing and shelter. I’d recommend somewhere you can get natural gas rights, but not too close to a big city. that way, a cogenerator can provide heat and electricity. Fighting doesn’t seem to be a good option. It just ends up with maybe someone else pointing the gun at the populace.

    • FiuToYou says:

      I purposely live in a place where the people are gentle and down to earth. One mans ‘problem’ is looked at and fixed by all. Seafood abounds as well as fruits and veggies. Jet streams in this part of the world will stay the cleanest the longest. Just makes me sick to see a great nation like America die and inadvertently take the rest of the world with her. Very sad. I’m glad I’m old and will not see what three or four generations from now will see and feel, all because of greed, and the greediest country in the world is the one I came from.

  26. Jimi James LaMont says:

    I find this entire discussion very interesting indeed from multiple avenues of approach. We all know, and there is absolutely no question here, what a exercise such as this is formulated to achieve and why it is prudent, at this point in the timeline of America, to set into motion.

    National Guard personnel are too close to the local state citizens to act overly aggressive even if ordered to do so. Secondly, they do not have the training level to be that competent if the need would arise to become hostile to it’s own fellow citizens. Kent State was a fluke as far as aggression is concerned and even that occurrence was a aberration.

    To pull something like this off you would need to inject a highly skilled force into the local scene who would have no qualms about TEPing grandma at the flick of the finger something the Guard would balk at undertaking.

    What is really scary here is the comparative model echoing from the past. ParaMilitary spearhead followed by a core element of active duty Special Op’s under the control of a political officer who directs the entire operation. A political officer who’s main goal is to subdue the local population with any means necessary. Smells Bolshevik to me and the goal becomes glaringly obvious if you finish assembling the puzzle prices and look closely at the main architects in Cesspool DC.

    People, your Congressperson and Senators are already in the know on this. Just what has a Republican MAJORITY done for your liberties lately ?????

    • FiuToYou says:

      I don’t know why my response is pending the approval of WhoWhatWhy, but in case they have a problem with it here it is again.//
      It’s so glaringly obvious and nobody seems to give a shite. That’s what
      is so unbelievable. Go back to Nov ’63 and really look at what’s
      happened since then in America. You have to look with an open mind. Now
      after a good look can you honestly say this ‘exercise’ is just a boy
      scout jamboree? Sieg Hiel!!!!

    • FiuToYou says:

      Nov. 22nd 1963 was when, as far as I’m concerned, the government started to slowly take over control from the people and you or nobody else can convince me otherwise. It’s there to see if you just forget the lies and deception that your ‘leaders’, dems or reps, little by little filled your brains with. It was done with finesse, but it was still done. Do you think that it’s still “By the people, for the people”? If you do you’ve been ‘washed real good. Take note!

    • Arcanek says:

      Did you even bother to read the link I included? The constitution took away states’ rights. The masons were behind it, and the first groundswell political movement in the country was the anti masonic movement that started in the mid 820s because the masons had control of both parties. It goes way back before the Kennedy assassination.

      Government is never by the people, for the people, as far as the people being the populace. The only legitimacy government has comes at the end of the barrel of a gun. If you think Kennedy was going to ‘restore’ government by the people, for the people, I think you’ve been brainwashed. He was just another elitist, “Ask not what the country can do for you, but, rather, what you can do for the country.” That doesn’t sound anything like “for the people” to me.

    • FiuToYou says:

      I was referring to what’s on the plate at this moment in time. I wasn’t even talking about JFK I was implying since LBJ on through to today, there hasn’t been one honest President. They’ve all ‘worked together’ to arrive at 02/06/2015 (June 02, 2015), and here we are, and it’s not over yet!

    • Arcanek says:

      I don’t think there’s been a single honest president, ever. The constitutional convention was an act of treason, overthrowing the existing United States of America fromed by the articles of confederation to acheive central control over the states. Read Patrick Henry’s anti federalist comments. He called it, and he knew the founding fathers. He refused to attend the constitutional convention, saying, “I smelt a rat.”

  27. Drain52 says:

    Nothing about Jade Helm is applicable to operations overseas, as Lopez notes. What then is its purpose?

  28. From the outside looking in, there is something very wrong with this scenario! If I was the population of the states involved, I’d do everything in my power to stop this ‘exercise’. If it turns out you, (the people), can’t do anything about it during the month that’s left, then you will know something is amiss. People in every state must get together and go to your ‘Statehouse’ and demand your Governor to not allow this ‘illegal exercise’ to take place in your state. Tell him if it goes ahead he,( the Governor) will not be in office any longer, and then start an impeachment proceeding against him, or vote him out, which ever comes first. You must not allow this atrocity to continue. Shades of Germany in the ’30’s. You don’t want that in America. It’s time to stand up and say, “We’ve had enough shoved down our throats the past 30 years, and we’re not going to take it any more”!!!! This whole situation is unbelievable. Just the fact that the following section is in print is scary;….
    .” Obama partisans maintained that care was taken to specifically exclude
    US citizens from being subject to indefinite military detention. But now
    figures from the Left including Noam Chomsky and Chris Hedges
    have sued in federal court because—it turns out—the law indeed allows
    for US citizens to be held without charge nor trial, by the military…
    forever. Obama not only failed to oppose the provision which made it
    applicable to US citizens on US soil: according to US Senator Carl Levin (D-MI), it was Obama who insisted that it must apply to US citizens as well.”
    Do something about this before it’s too late!

    • Gonzogal says:

      Actually time is VERY short to change anything….this excercise has been moved up to start this month, June.

    • FiuToYou says:

      Bye Bye Miss American Pie. ONE QUESTION/ …. Where does the military of the USofA find ‘soldiers’ who would go along with this farce. Do they have a ‘brainwash’ farm somewhere in the desert?

    • Arcanek says:

      They lie to the recruits, who lie in response. Want to find volunteers? Look no further than the aimless youth, who have always been disenfranchised. Toss in the war oriented video games. As for the brainwash farm; it’s not in the desert. It’s the school system. Say the pledge, love your country. Like everybody else. You don’t want to be left out, do you? You don’t want to be laughed at, do you? Conform and comply. Think about your school days. Most people sat there, shut up and hoped they didn’t get called on.

    • FiuToYou says:

      I left school when I was 13 years old for just that reason. Tired of the B**l S**t. I was expelled from three different schools for my lack of ‘fitting in’, even though I was a A-B student. But I know what you mean.

    • Happyfeeling says:

      I never was a good or popular student/classmate. I graduated from high school but I gave everyone a hard time getting there.. After high school I realized what I could achieve on my own and that was a lot. So Arcanek, I can relate fully to what you are stating. I am on this site now talking to all of you because anyone in my circle does exactly what you have written. I am left out, laughed at, and called names because I will not conform and comply. I want them to have conversations about our world and they just they will not. They say all the time, I cannot believe you think like this. My only friend is my husband. That is really all I need.
      Do any of you read Truth Dig. There is a fabulous conversation going on starring ,Rober Scheer, a journalist.

    • Gonzogal says:

      Have a look at the police brutality toward their citizens who they are supposed to “serve and protect”….also it seems from what I have read that the USAF seem to be the most “willing” to participate in this.

      The US military, has changed dramatically in the past 10-15 years, with them now accepting people with criminal records.

      Somehow I dont think they will have difficulty finding those willing to particpate

    • WhiteEagle says:

      THe government will state it’s necessary and have the exercise turn from a drill to the real thing to ‘rescue’ us from a threat of Natural disaster or terrorist operation.
      Consider, please, that the Nibiru system is coming out from behind the sun and will soon be visable to all.

  29. Happyfeeling says:

    They do not have to practice in American cities. There are enough US bases around the world to do all the practicing they want.

    • jesusknight says:

      AND they have fake ‘cities’ available to them to provide the atmosphere and culture they want, if that is really what they are doing it for..

    • Arcanek says:

      Since the DEA is involved, it can not be for foreign operations.

    • Happyfeeling says:

      Arcanek what does DEA stand for? I like reading your input. Very informative.

    • Arcanek says:

      Drug Enforcement Administration. If they are involved, then this looks like it has to be domestic. It would seem that they are likely to target local independent militia, with intent get the first response defenders, since mass roundups will result in battles where the disenfranchised will go beserker. Their only hope against that is chemical or nuclear war. The people at the top mustknow this, and they know they risk a total loss the most if the people wake up. Regionalized world war is their goal, but they seem to be unable to control themselves.

  30. oh_look says:

    Well, if the United States collapses (because, lets face it, that’s what we’re talking about here), it will be bad all around. Not only will the military be activated in all cities, but the masses will snap due to the stresses. Our citizens are used to comfort and have become intellectually lazy from having anything they pretty much want. It won’t be just those with “EBT” cards that snap. All systems will shut down in the event of a major collapse, so most people will not have access to their bank accounts and if they haven’t got something stashed someplace for an emergency, it will get bad very fast for them.

    The Power elite already know whats going to happen because they’re the ones that orchestrate these societal breakdowns. It’s about problem, reaction, solution, in which they control all variables and outcomes in each.

    What all this is doing, which is predictable, is destroys trust and creates divisions. The Jade Helm, even if nothing comes from it, has already instigated more divisions. They are beginning to pit neighbor against neighbor and create paranoia by the notions that “undercover” operatives could be anywhere in the community. This wreaks of Stalin and Hitler.

    • musings2 says:

      If the US collapses, there might be other countries which will pick our bones. The world is not static, and you have to ask who would invade.

    • FiuToYou says:

      Seems like the invasion of America is coming from within.

    • Arcanek says:

      I don’t think any government will be safe once the global collapse snowball starts rolling. I think it will before the end of the month.

    • Arcanek says:

      The US is collapsing. Over 90 million have dropped out of the work force. Comfort will not be a consideration when the food supply chain fails. The controllers are desperate, as this has not turned violent, which is the only language they understand. They are facing a world wide movement against government.

  31. Inshort says:

    I say bring out the Articles of Impeachment. The American public has become far too docile. The PTB, its intelligence agencies, who we know with reasonable certainty have been involved in more than a few false flag attacks on American soil in the recent past, including 9/11, now tell us fake military exercises will be conducted in a large number of states for no ostensible reason? Or for no reason that they wish to clearly explain? Let’s get out from under these hoodlums and take America back. I agree wholeheartedly with Miller: The last shreds of Democracy are at stake. Nothing good will come of this bizarre and creepy idea — and it should be ended before it’s allowed to start. And if it’s not, America had better be prepared to do something about it.

    • FiuToYou says:

      I agree with you and Ms Miller. All I can say is “Good luck and don’t forget that you have truth and justice on your side”.

  32. Westcoastdeplorable says:

    Glad to see your coverage of this “Jade Helm 15” exercise. Seems to me the answer to why they’re doing this is obvious; the .1% are afraid of the American public because at some point (and probably soon) the economic buzzards will come home to roost. When that happens and the EBT cards no longer work, you’ll see riots in the streets and THAT’S what this exercise is about, IMO. It’s another slide down the slippery slope toward fascism.

    • James Madison says:

      If this is the new normal then the slippery slope has hit rock bottom. My question is, why Special Ops? Even if you are correct about the .1% and economic collapse, you don’t need Special Ops for crowd control or mass arrests. Special Ops are snatch and grab specialists, such as political dissidents or known leaders of the “opposition” however you want to identify them. There are not a whole lot of Special Ops.

      This exercise seems to be above all a special ops exercise, with all the branches’ special ops copycats in on the action. The “big” army, 82d Airborne etc. seem relegated to support roles. Those kinds of units would be used to, say, seal off a large area so no one gets in or out, while specials ops hunts and finds their man, a writer, an organizer, anyone who inspires or brings together people in any way.

    • Arcanek says:

      Because the spec ops are the most trusted. Take a look at the middle east. During the Iraq invasion, they said the most resistance was expectedfrom the republican gaurd. The republican gaurd was there to rotect the government. From the Iraqi standing army. Just like all of the rest of the middle east: two tier military. The upper tier gets the intelligence and the good weapons and training. They have to be able to kick the regular military’s butt pronto.

    • punkyboy says:

      It’s not the EBT cards only that won’t work – neither will YOUR debit/credit cards, and a whole bunch of other stuff that makes life comfortable. This is not going to just impact people on “welfare,” as you apparently hope – we’re all in this together – except the 1%, of course.

  33. Artfuldgr says:

    one more thing:
    Its gun-friendly culture is hardly averse to American militarism.

    the two do not have much to do with each other, other than propaganda… a man who hunts deer does not necessarily agree with the men who hunt and kill humans for the state… the statement above is kind of idiotic… it may mean they understand that inanimate objects like guns require a mind behind them to act, and so, may be less paranoid about the presence of weapons and more paranoid about the presence of people of certain mentality.

    they also understand the point i opened with, which is that defense of property and self, as well as hunting animals, are all separate from hunting humans in war, or conflict…

    but then its followed by a bit more idiocy:

    The state has one of the highest concentrations of military personnel in the nation. Uniforms are everywhere, in the airports and in the towns. The state hosts two of the largest military bases in the US: Ft. Hood and Ft. Bliss. In Texas, everyone knows someone in the Army.

    the author implies that military people side with military people as a default, when they are much more educated in terms of miltiary… which is why some tank crews have rommels picture up, despite being us tanks (respect for a great tactitican and strategist)… these military know more about what can go wrong with militaries, how they went wrong, and what they have to fight or decide if things do go wrong.

    if an order comes up, do you fire on the citizens?

    the military people are more cognizant of that, and their oaths when the averager person is not. and they are aware, that when it comes down to it, it will be – do they fire on the people, or not

    the idea you can say lots of miliary are there, so they are hip on war.. or conflict.. when these are the people that die first in such things, and ultimately, do not want to die – which does not deter their execution of their jobs!!! (which is more i can say for the feminized police and fire departments).

  34. Artfuldgr says:

    I just wish people like john stewart would explain why they think its funny and would never happen… or does he think that in other countries where it happened people knew it and said nothing? of course not, they said stuff, but were marginalized by people like stewart… the second question i would ask is, what would you do or feel if you found out you were wrong for that and things did change in a drastic way you made fun of?

    be interesting to hear an honest answer from him and a few others..

    • musings2 says:

      It’s certainly not funny when a population doubts the good intentions of the military in their territory and no amount of ridicule will change those doubts to confidence. You can try and make them sound insane, but since many of their arguments are actually responsibly based on real questions (not projections about Walmart’s nefarious purposes, most likely of a business-decision nature and not in collusion with the government), then ridiculing them serves no purpose but to try and shut up critics. Jon Stewart is just a little bit young to be a real member of the protest generation. He has far less cojones than Stephen Colbert, who roasted Bush to a golden turn at one time.

    • Arcanek says:

      It doesn’t matterwhether he thinks it’s funny or not. He says what they tell himto say. He wouldn’t be on the idiot box otherwise.