The CIA in Guatemala: A Chilling Account of Dirty Secrets & Covert Operations

American Widow’s Story of Her Mayan Activist Husband’s Death — and US Complicity

Screen grab from YouTube of Jennifer Harbury event in New York City. Photo credit:  The Book Archive / YouTube (Standard YouTube License)
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Earlier this week, we ran a two-parter on the US, Guatemala, corruption, the CIA, genocide, torture, and more. Reader interest was considerable.

We now invite you to watch this video of a presentation made by Jennifer Harbury, an American whose late Guatemalan husband, a Mayan indigenous activist, was “disappeared” by the military. After hunger strikes and investigations, she learned that Efraín Bámaca Velásquez had been tortured and then killed — and that the CIA knew all about it. Her story is a powerful one.

Related front page panorama photo credit: Jennifer Harbury (Patricia Goudvis / Wikimedia [CC BY 3.0 US]), Palacio de Justicia Zona 1 Guatemala (Ingrid Alicia Gordillo Caceres / Wikimedia)

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15 responses to “The CIA in Guatemala: A Chilling Account of Dirty Secrets & Covert Operations”

  1. He moves the microphone away from her and then wants her to speak louder? It would be really nice if the likes bar at the left of the screen didn’t obstruct the text on the screen. Technical morons are everywhere. Someone needs to learn enough to set the input level to the recorder so that it doesn’t drive the input circuit into distortion, like happens on this video.

  2. truthbetold says:

    I agree Inalieablewrights. The CIA is rotten to the core. This government is due for a global purging enema.

  3. Barbaracvm says:

    The CIA was running drugs during the Vietnam war. Either the locals grew the opium poppies or the CIA would refuse to bring in food for the people. The people to this day still would rather raise food than the poppies. The CIA uses the money from drug sales to fund their off-the -book operations. Mena, Arkansas is a landing strip used to bring the drugs into the US.

  4. JFK got it right. The CIA is a criminal organization that needs to be disbanded.

  5. From Our Facebook Page says:

    (Comment by reader Frank Lynch) Such a sad story. The horrible legacy of the Dulles brothers.

  6. Trutherator says:

    It’s not just a one-time thing that this statist state-worshiping dictatorship-loving idealogies (“left” so-called and “right” so-called) engage in lies and spun-up emotes to get people to join the rest of their cannon fodder.

    WhoWhatWhy is pretty good at unmasking CIA dirty wars and other crimes of the Empire. There’s enough evil without running with trumped up stories without checking into it. Give me a break! I mean Charlie Rose and Jeffier Harbury collaborating in a book?

    There’s various different levels of Empire that the propaganda machine throws out at us. One of them is American Empire business, another level is a one-world dictatorship getting built up as we speak.

    This stuff hit me in the eyes when the entire world of UN members and Authorized Media propaganda organs turned their claws and fangs against Honduras in 2009 when they shrugged off Zelaya’s fraudulent auto-coup plan with cover. The overthrow of the constitutional republic was blessed by the OAS secretary general Jose Miguel Insulza, who was “the” chief political adviser for the openly Marxist Salvador Allende. His was also an auto-coup, and his government was preparing its own guerrilla army to smash all opposition.

    Zelaya’s “referendum/survey” fraud was also backed by the U.S. Ambassador Hugo Llorens. Llorens also just happened to be in Venezuela when Chavez (and who knows, maybe the CIA?) arranged his rise to power. And the totalitarian plague attack on Honduras began as soon as Zelaya returned from the Central-American and Caribbean president summit in Santo Domingo where GEORGE SOROS the robber baron and currency-manipulator gave the KEYNOTE address. These facts are just that, so go make up your own conspiracy theories.

    WhoWhatWhy should know you cannot trust the NWO Press.

  7. Andino Mining says:

    This story is complete nonsense.
    Jennifer Harbury is not the widow of Efrain Bamaca because she was never married to him. Bamaca himself was not a Mayan Indian. He was a Ladino Guatemalan from a middle class family, and a member of a Marxist-Leninist terrorist organization (ORPA). Upon capture by the Guatemalan army, Bamaca was not tortured, but switched sides, working as a guide for the army until under confused circumstances, he was killed during a guerrilla ambush.

    Harbury is a Harvard-educated extreme leftist activist (Communist) who involved herself with Communist insurgent organizations in Guatemala, thus helping prolong the war there. She reportedly engaged in a fake “exchange of spoons” proxy marriage. This is nonsense, to justify her engaging in propaganda on behalf of Bamaca. Drop this baloney.

    • Comments editor says:

      Are you able to substantiate your assertions ?

      If you choose to do so, please ensure that you use a courteous and civil manner.

    • Andino Mining says:

      Absolutely. I was a U.S. government official in Guatemala at the time and remember the case quite clearly. Harbury’s claims are nonsense. As far as being “civil” is concerned. Ms. Harbury was hardly civil in making totally false accusations against numerous U.S. and Guatemalan officials. I do not think it is courteous for a leftist extremist to participate in a Communist insurgency responsible for tens of thousands of deaths.

    • And no U.S. government official has ever made up a story to corroborate complete falsehood.

    • Andino Mining says:

      Excuse me? WTF? I suggest you do some research on your own, pal. The activities of Jennifer Harbury are in the public record. None of this is a secret. Harbury is an extreme leftist who collaborated with the ORPA, the Guatemalan terrorist group Bamaca was a mid-level commander in. Before you accuse me of lying, check your facts.

    • You aren’t writing the facts down. When the experts withhold the facts…

    • Andino Mining says:

      Let me repeat, I was a USG official at the embassy in Guatemala during this while ridiculous circus. I do not feel obliged to treat Communists like Harbury in a civil or courteous manner. She has blood on her hands, a lot of it.

    • Comments editor says:

      Please maintain a courteous and civil tone when commenting on this site. This applies to your comments about the article itself, and in your responses to fellow-commenters.

    • Do you have a book disproving her’s?

    • Andino Mining says:

      I don’t need a book. I was there and directly involved in the case.

    • Andino Mining says:

      Why in hell would I write a book about Jennifer Harbury? Everybody involved in the case knows she is a leftist fanatic and a liar. I have better things to do.

    • I hadn’t heard of her, and you don’t seem to want to document your claims, so I’m left with others’.

    • José Luis says:

      In Guatemala, we all know that what you are saying is true. The newspapers of the time are full of evidence against Harbury.

    • Andino Mining says:

      Jose Luis. Thanks. I was there at the time, too. Nothing but leftist nonsense.