Who Caused Europe’s Refugee Mess? Why, We Did!

A UNHCR staff member distributes blankets to people waiting to cross the Greek-FYR Macedonian border.  Photo credit:  UNHCR / A.Kitid
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One thing you can almost always count on: When a major narrative takes over the news, it will be devoid of any sort of useful context. Put another way, when we are saturated with a “mega-problem,” we can be sure that we will not be told the real cause — not if it so happens the US had something to do with it. No, it is always just a new thing to occupy us, to push out other stories, to encourage copious amounts of superficial debate (of the sort that typically rages over spectator sports), that never begins to get at the truth.

And so it is with the epic deluge of refugees fleeing the Middle East for Europe.

I was among the unfortunately small numbers of journalists warning about the rush to war with Saddam Hussein, and pointing out how virtually the entire US establishment was complicit in this charade, thus justifying a war based on counterfeit claims. Shortly after the hostilities, I wrote about the role of The New York Times in stoking the machine, principally via its star reporter, Judith Miller.  

But that colossal gamble was just for starters.

After creating a disaster in Iraq that has continued to the present day and has helped create the monster that became ISIS, the US went right on launching invasions based on fake justifications.

WhoWhatWhy argued at the time that, yes, even a Democratic president could be made to wage an aggressive war for self-serving purposes. And, yes, a Hillary Clinton could be a key cheerleader for that war. That was the “humanitarian” mission against Muammar Qaddafi in Libya. No mention of Goldman Sachs’s feud with Qaddafi or any of a plethora of other reasons this independent-minded figure “had to go.”

Then, not long after, those same Democrats, under pressure from the same coalition of interests — Middle Eastern allies, fossil fuel and financial corporations, the voracious military-industrial complex, and others — targeted Bashar al-Assad in Syria.

In all of these situations, we were presented honorable and urgent reasons to invade — or to foment or aid forces involved with overthrowing the country’s ruler. Invariably, these despots, long in power and long considered leaders the US could at least tolerate and often do business with, were suddenly grave threats to our own safety or to that of our allies — and/or they had suddenly ratcheted up their potential for monstrousness.

Also, in all of these situations, the result was disaster and chaos — and much more misery than the misery that we were told, falsely, we would help remedy.

But the truth was out there. As we have noted — and as the mainstream media has not — General Wesley Clark, former commander of NATO, revealed that the tragedy of 9/11 was used to justify implementing a plan that had long been in place for a whole raft of regime-changing invasions. Clark explained how he had been shown an actual list of countries to be targeted over a five-year period: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Iran. And he labeled what was happening as “a policy coup.”

Clark blamed this dire development, in good part, on behind-the-scene machinations of Big Oil.

In light of Clark’s well-founded suspicions, consider another possible explanation for why Afghanistan might have been of interest to America’s military-industrial complex: its vast untapped mineral resources, not reported publicly until years after the US-led invasion there.

The fact is, the US and its NATO allies largely created the current refugee crisis by ill-advised aggressive actions that destabilized huge tracts of the Middle East and North Africa. It is therefore at least ironic that the pressure is on NATO countries like Hungary, Greece, Austria, Germany, and Denmark to “do the right thing” now. (Meanwhile, Serbia, not even a member of NATO, is being asked to “step up” to a problem it had nothing to do with.)

All this raises the question: Doesn’t the United States — where the GOP front-runner rides high on anti-immigrant sentiment — have a responsibility to help these desperate humans fleeing the hunger, disease, and death caused to some extent by its own actions?

And, speaking of responsibility, shouldn’t Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and other Middle Eastern countries that have been deeply involved with aggressive actions in neighboring Muslim countries — and that are blessed with abundant resources and vast terrain — be pressed to do much, much more?

Curiously, Saudi Arabia, feeling the heat, has just announced that it has already taken in huge numbers of Syrians; its oddly cursory claims, as yet unsubstantiated, range from several hundred thousand to 2.5 million.)

If true — and it’s a lot easier to believe that this has more to do with Saudi Arabia continuing to import underpaid workers for jobs Saudis won’t do than with a matter of conscience — it nonetheless puts the spotlight back on the Saudis’ great ally in Middle Eastern geopolitics: the United States.

Related front page panorama photo credit: Saudi Sunset (Edward Musiak)

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10 responses to “Who Caused Europe’s Refugee Mess? Why, We Did!”

  1. JCLincoln says:

    The whole world knows that Obama created ISIS and that Soros and gang were behind the refugee waves. Everybody……….that’s why you’re gonna lose .

  2. stevor says:

    the banksters want to take over the Syrian banking system. Assad doesn’t want to allow that, so he’s the “terrible dictator” in our bought off media. o’bama and hitlery sent weapons and money to the “syrian rebels” (al qaida) to fight against Assad. So, it’s on o’bama and hitlery, being PUPPETS for the Rothschild banksters who want a one-world-government run by the puppet of their choosing.

  3. Igor Dano says:

    In Eastern EUrope(Romania Bulgaria Hungary, Czech rep. Slovakia, Croatia) the “refugees” get 66 Euro per month per person.
    In Germany, holland sweden, France England they get 700 Euros per month per person. To which countries do they go, those political refugees???????

  4. Laurie says:

    Sorry boys and girls . . . I would surmise the mass exodus going on right now has to do with the scare tactics on the cell phones and social media . . . It is certainly worth the investigation from the people on the ground . . . . . Never forget Rawanda



    We must start holding the precipitators accountable . . . . from this day forward . . .

    Many times it really is a group effort, but, it will always be another group effort to adequately deal with the realities of our fellow hue-mans.

    . . . or more adequately stated our Fellow IN-HUE-MANS!

  5. Jonn Mero says:

    At last someone is putting the blame for the bulk of the world’s misery squarely back where it belongs, – with the US, and to a lesser extent the UK.
    And the frightening part is that they are still using the same methods against any leader or country that is not obeying, although with China and Russia they might have bitten off more than they can chew, – hopefully. If the British see some sense, in Corbyn they have a chance to get rid of the ones subservient to the US.

    • punkyboy says:

      Let’s not let Israel off the hook, either – our SS in Palestine and the rest of the Middle East. And our other proxy, the Saudis. It is confusing to me – either we were abysmally stupid to go to war in Iraq and Afghanistan (where we are the obvious agressors), or The Powers That Be know something we don’t. Admittedly, there’s the oil, the future pipelines, and all those strategic minerals, particularly in Afghanistan (not to mention all those poppy fields we wouldn’t bomb). But is there yet another covert agenda for destabilizing an entire region and sending thousands, probably millions, fleeing for their lives – and in the process, sending Europe into fits, as well, as those countries attempt to deal with this massive humanitarian crisis. I am probably, as usual, reading too much into the situation, yet I do wonder where is this all headed and why. The specter of climate change is also a grim player in this, to be sure, looming in the background. There’s also the distinct possibility that The Powers just don’t give a shit about the human cost – it’s all about the end game, where they get all the “toys.”

  6. FiuToYou says:

    Russ Baker. Fine reporting. Honest and direct. Do you see an end to this mess? That’s the question of the hour. The Government certainly won’t do anything to put a stop to this horror it has caused. There’s still too much money to be made. Isn’t there a “World Tribunal” made up of all the countries that can put a stop to this atrocity? I mean enough’s , enough.

    • Laurie says:

      Until the burden of paying for the government is shifted to the profit takers nothing changes for the better, it will only get much worse . . . for the most.

      As our fellow hue-man beings are continually being dispossessed, displaced, dehumanized, exploited and dissappeared . . . . we as societies at some point in time will have to face the realities and results of the policies we so stubbornly and dogmatically insist upon.

      And the “young masters of the universe” will continue until they are stopped, prosecuted and “clawed back” and finally regulated through thoughtful taxing and spending by our economic regulators [that which is and must be facilitated by our congresses]!

      My only hope is that the saving graces of true statesmanship will again prevail with “Liberty and Justice for ALL” as that is the only pathway to “LASTING PEACE”!

      . . . . And now that we are “worldwide” the co-operation to the above will have to be “worldwide” also . . . . in practically every institution, organization and individual.

      As usual . . . That’s my opinion . . . .”I reserve the right to reverse, abrogate, revise, extend and clarify my remarks! . . . . . for an indefinate period of time in the future”