Why Donald Trump Should Be Nervous

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation now extends into the White House and includes suspicious financial transactions, that could lead to money laundering, currency violations or even tax violations. Could Donald Trump’s tax returns be the next target?

Free Speech

Who Gets Free Speech?

The value placed on free speech in the US is so high that some of the most abhorrent individuals and groups can have their say. This court case proves it.

Richard Nixon, JFK, Dallas

Watergate and the Downing of Nixon, Part 2

In Part 2, we look at the remarkable fact that Richard Nixon was present in Dallas on November 22, 1963 when his 1960 vanquisher, John F. Kennedy, was violently removed from office. Is it preposterous to wonder if Nixon’s presence there was engineered? Was it to teach him a lesson?

Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King

Political Violence Is Never the Answer

A senseless act of violence has left a US Congressman in critical condition and others injured. We pause to remember the admonition of Martin Luther King, Jr. that non-violence is both morally superior and the most powerful means for making change happen.

Israel, protesters

Is Criticizing Israel Anti-Semitic?

The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) is trying to raise awareness of and counter anti-Semitism. But its very definition of anti-Semitism has stretched the term to include any criticism of the nation of Israel, including its actions toward neighbors.

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