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Out-of-Control FBI to Former Head of 9/11 Investigation: Butt out!

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1A top FBI official brazenly warned off the former chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence because of his persistence in pursuing connections between the Saudi royal family and the 9/11 attacks.

In a recent interview with WhoWhatWhy, Bob Graham, the former head of the Senate committee, co-chair of a congressional investigation of 9/11, and two-term governor of Florida, described a remarkable interaction with a “very senior” FBI official around the time of the tenth anniversary of 9/11.

Two journalists for an online investigative journal had just revealed a long-suppressed federal investigation of a Saudi family, living in a gated community in Sarasota, Florida, who had fled in great haste just before the 9/11 attacks, leaving their possessions behind. Solid evidence, including leads developed by WhoWhatWhy, established ties between that Saudi family, two of the hijackers, and a powerful Saudi prince whose father has since become the king of Saudi Arabia. (For information on close historical ties between the family of George W. Bush, who was president at the time of the attacks, and the Saudi royal family, see my book Family of Secrets.)

Graham immediately took interest in the Sarasota angle, in part because his own congressional investigation had found other important Saudi links to 9/11. Information about those links remains unknown to the public, because 28 pages of his report were redacted by the Bush administration. Since then, Graham has been actively campaigning to get the Obama administration to order those pages declassified.

Why won’t the Obama administration declassify the pages of Graham’s investigation?

Why won’t the Obama administration declassify the pages of Graham’s investigation?

Back in 2011, when Graham began making public statements about the Sarasota Connection, he got the FBI’s quick attention. What happened next was the subject of a brief New York Times article that appeared earlier this month. But the story of Graham’s encounter with the FBI is so extraordinary that we thought it deserved more scrutiny, so we asked Graham to elaborate on it for WhoWhatWhy.

BG: I have a daughter who lives in Great Falls, Virginia, and my wife and I had flown up to Dulles to be with her for Thanksgiving. And as we got off the plane, a couple of FBI people met us, said they would like us to attend a meeting. So we went. The FBI has an office at Dulles, and there were two FBI people and an attorney from the Department of Justice. And basically, we spent an hour—with them trying to convince me to forget this, that it was a dead end, that all that was needed to be learned about it had already been learned. The phrase ‘get a life’ was sort of my summary of that conversation.

RB: Then it’s even a better story than the way Carl [Hulse of the Times] wrote it up.


BG: Yeah. And then, I had been able to read a couple of files of materials on Sarasota, and I pointed out where their public statement was not consistent with what was in their own classified files. And the FBI officer said: “Well, that was a matter of context, that there was other information which refuted the statements which were contained in the investigative officer’s report.”

So I said, “Well, can I see what that other information is?” And he said “yes” and we set a date for the week after Thanksgiving.

And when I went to the FBI office at the scheduled time, that same agent who [was at the meeting at Dulles] was there and he said: “Your meeting here has been canceled, is not going to be rescheduled, and incidentally, I know you’ve been trying to contact the agent who wrote the report, and I have told him not to talk with you.”

And that was the last time I met with a high-ranking FBI official.

RB: Now, without putting you too much on the spot, can you indicate how high a level we’re talking?


BG: Very high.


RB: Very high. Okay. So this might be a name that I might have heard of.


BG: You might have.

We know that the FBI’s own internal records confirm a connection between that Saudi family in Sarasota and the alleged 9/11 hijackers, who trained to fly planes nearby. We also know that the FBI has quietly notified Congress that its own agent who described the connection was essentially making stuff up. That is a startling claim in itself—especially in light of the fact that other sources confirm the Sarasota Connection.

This raises a serious question: If, as it appears, the Federal Bureau of Investigation is suppressing important information about the biggest terror act in our history, why would they do that? We have seen similar behavior in relation to the Boston Marathon Bombing, the Oklahoma City Bombing, TWA Flight 800, and other violent incidents attributed by federal authorities to isolated renegades or some accident. And Graham is not the only investigator who has been ordered by FBI personnel to stop digging into such incidents, stop talking about them, stop asking questions.

The determination to block disclosures about the Saudi-9/11 connection has been consistent through both Republican and Democratic administrations—which suggests that the reason for the gag order transcends the interests of the current occupant of the White House or his predecessor. Indeed, both Bush and Obama signed executive orders keeping the pages of Graham’s report dealing with the Saudis classified.

Since this kind of stonewalling is obviously dangerous for a democracy, it’s fair to ask: what overriding national interest is dictating this fierce opposition to transparency on such a crucial issue?

Bob Graham has questions about that. As should we all.

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13 responses to “Out-of-Control FBI to Former Head of 9/11 Investigation: Butt out!”

  1. Avatar joltwagon says:

    I must say that I have complete distrust of Bob Graham and his agenda to pin a limited hangout on Saudi Arabia for 9/11. This incisive article by Washington’s Blog hits the nail on the head. http://www.washingtonsblog.com/2015/05/bob-graham-and-the-missing-911-report-pages.html

  2. Avatar Inshort says:

    The MO for all government conspiracies, i.e., false flags, is to make them illogical and manifestly unintelligible. Few people talk about the so-called plane that supposedly hit the Pentagon that probably could not/did not fit into the hole it supposedly made. And what about these hijackers who were Saudis when it is suspected that the planes that hit the towers were not piloted by Saudi amateurs incapable of flying them, but rather by remote controlled, probably military, aircraft? Not to speak of the fact that a number of the presumed hijackers showed up very much alive and well after the fact…

    The idea is to make the whole event so hopelessly opaque and entangled that investigators will slowly sink/suffocate in the quicksand/slow sand of the trap the perpetrators have set.

    We do have a fairly good idea who was involved starting with Dick Cheney but the criminality of this man is such that he is convinced no one will ever construct enough of the blasted plan to indict him, much less prove that he did it, although the evidence against him is glaring.

    Alas, such is the case with so many major false flag events we have witnessed in the past half century and more. New perpetrators continually appear emboldened by the fact that few, if any, of these criminals are ever held to account for their evil deeds.

    • Avatar paulrevere01 says:

      Good rundown, without opening yourself to accusations of tin-foil-hatism.

      I am regularly confounded by the level of audacious action TPTB engage in without the slightest burp from one of the supposedly best educated populations on earth…educated all right, with some serious mind games and illusions.

  3. Avatar FiuToYou says:

    It’s unbelievable that in this country that the word ‘truth’ is used to describe people (‘truthers’) in a derogatory sense. The whole ‘upper echelon’ of the government, and it’s structure, is riddled with corruption and lies and there’s nothing that the ‘people’, who are supposed to be in charge, (citizens of America) can possible do about it. If you get to close to ‘telling it like it is’ you end up dead with your two children and your dog and it’s a suicide. Scary country? One of the worst in the world, with the most powerful ‘terrorists’ at the top!!!!!

    • Avatar paulrevere01 says:

      yup…and the present gestapo incarnation is privatized, militarized and running without the legal burden that keeps civilized society viable.

  4. Avatar whatwaysup says:

    Why doesn’t Bob Graham NAME the fbi man ?!
    Round and round and round we go, where it stops, we all NO-where !
    Until men of Grahams stature give us names,
    we get nowhere at all.

    • Avatar paulrevere01 says:

      He ‘has a life’, he ‘has a wife’, he ‘has kids, n brothers n sisters n aunts n uncles n cousins’… and surely does not desire some weird and threatening phone call at 3 am.

  5. Avatar disqus_iNSHgOse0O says:

    For many administrations, dating back to Nixon if not earlier, the US has had an agreement with the Saudi royal family, in which the US would supply military resources to the Saudi royal family that would allow them to remain in power, while the Saudi govenement (the royal family) would agree to take steps to maintain a flow of middle eastern oil to the US at reasonable prices.
    This has resulted in the anomalous situation of a nation, Saudi Arabia, in which the general populace supports an extreme brand of radical Islam, Whahabism, while the controlling monarchy is allied to the US and helps maintain a steady supply of oil for US consumption.

    Thus the US is in the unpleasant position of supporting a autocratic monarchy in Saudi Arabia, rather than encouraging a democratic movement in that country.
    Also, the US must ignore the fact that bin Laden and many other islamic radicals are citizens f Saudi Arabia, because the US needs to maintain the existing relationship with Saudi Arabia in order to preserve a steady supply of oil.

    What does the US do now? If we abandon the Saudi royal family, it’s very possible Saudi Arabia will fall into the hands of Islamic terrorists. It’s even more likely that a new Saudi government would not be interested in stabilizing oil prices for the benefit of the US. But can the US government say that with the advent of new fracking techniques the world is awash in oil and we don’t need the middle eastern oil anymore?

    These are the issues that the Obama administration, and the Bush administration before it, are quietly debating, out of view of the US public.

  6. Avatar evilED says:

    Whether directly involved or not, Bush and Cheney knew about an impending attack on American soil and willingly chose to do nothing about it. There’s so much evidence of the Bush family/Royal Saudi connection. Plus the fact that 19 of the hijackers on 9/11 were Saudi’s almost proves this was much more than a coincidence as the media would have us believe. Bush and Cheney (and the people they work for – the elites), needed the invasion of Iraq to happen. There was way too much money at stake (Cheney alone made $39 billion for Haliburton off Iraq). But first, they needed a catalyst to invade Iraq. Something that they could spin, get the public on their side by drumming up some lies and false evidence about WMDs, etc., and go in and take control of all that oil.

    9/11 was that catalyst.

    You only need to read the documents they wrote during the Clinton years, where Cheney and Wolfowitz authored a document called “The New American Century” which spoke about the need to dominate the middle east, and the only way to do it was was through a “new pearl harbor” type event.

    My only hope is that this comes out in mainstream news before they all die. Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and all those who were involved, are brought to trail and prosecuted for treason and murder.

    • Avatar punkyboy says:

      Of course, you are not holding your breath for the government news channels (aka MSM) to air/publish any stories that would “out” the neocons and PNAC, are you? Thank goodness for Russ Baker and other real journalists, or not even we curious and skeptical would have a source for truth.

    • Avatar evilED says:

      But even Russ is not getting that much mainstream air time. The system protects people like Cheney and Bush from scrutiny, while continually painting brilliant researchers like Russ as “conspiracy theorists.” The whole game is rigged. Disclosure on this can only happen if more mainstream journalists grow a pair of balls and start asking the hard questions – that to many people are glaringly obvious.

  7. Avatar QuestionsRemain says:

    The irony that Bush was reading to children in a school in Sarasota on 9/11 not too far from the referenced Sarasota residence and Mohammed Atta traveled from Boston to Portland, ME the day before on 9/10…..was Atta casing Bush’s Kennebunk, ME estate or something like that??

    • Avatar Suzan says:

      Maybe meeting with them or at least coordinating with them the final details? Nice planning for non-conspirators.

  8. Avatar MarkTenneyNewMathDoneRight says:

    FBI Director James Comey was part of the Bush DOJ after 9/11. The Bush DOJ tried to cover up everything they were involved in, as well as poppy Bush.

    Comey was general counsel at Bridgewater Associates for 3 years but left in 2013. Why? Wasn’t he making a lot of money? Bridgewater Associates also is linked to Larry Summers, see the webpage economic principals for a joint audio of Larry Summers and the head of Bridgewater. A former Bush Undersecretary of the Treasury for international affairs, same job Summers held at one time, is now at Bridgewater as a co-CEO.