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The Puzzling Putin-Trump Relationship

By , 03/18/2018

President Donald Trump once again had people scratching their heads over his (in)actions involving Russia. Why does he so frequently seem to act with Vladimir Putin’s interests in mind — at the expense of the American people?

Why We Can’t Stand Anyone CNN Likes

By 05/25/2012

Fareed Zakaria, the favorite pundit of the Council on Foreign Relations, is bewildered that the Saudis aren’t more welcoming toward Arab Spring. And he loves George W. Bush’s love of freedom. Maybe this is why CNN ratings are at record lows.

June 20

By 06/20/2016

California Democrats Propose Superdelegate and Caucases Elimination, Electric-Powered Microbes, Philippines Staggering Human Rights Record, and More Picks

For Hayward, BP Stands for “Back in Play”

By 09/04/2012

Tony Hayward, the former BP chief whose push for ever greater profits led to lowering safety standards and the destruction of the Gulf of Mexico ecosystem, is back with a new, smaller venture, and some interesting partners.

US Tax Dollars up in Smoke Over Afghanistan, EU Parliament Clears Path for Snowden Asylum, FBI Director Warns Against Criticizing Police for Brutality: Oct 30, 2015

By 10/30/2015

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