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Visas for Al-Qaeda, Part 3: Backstabbing

By 09/11/2015

In this remarkable first-hand account, a former US consular official describes a pipeline created by the CIA that enabled terrorists to slip into the US with ease. Among them were the mujahideen of Afghanistan — who later became al-Qaeda. Authentic and mind-blowing.

Not So Fast: Not All Media Screwed Up the Iraq Story (Just Almost All)

By 03/13/2013

It’s the 10th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, and, as usual, the media are making all the right sounds about what they got wrong. But the truth is that they almost always get the big things wrong—and deliberately ignore or ostracize those who break from the pack. Here are some things that the media could have, should have, been able to do in informing the public what was coming with Iraq—and why. And not to toot our horn too vigorously–we did them.

Aug 17

By 08/17/2016

Roger Ailes Now Advising Donald Trump, Russia Launches Airstrikes from Iranian Base, Fox News Sticks to Same Model with New Leader, and More Picks