Sears, Roebuck
Everything Old is New Again: The Atlantic's Derek Thompson makes the case that "the history of Sears predicts nearly everything Amazon is doing." As Sears, Roebuck & Company revolutionized retail starting in 1886, Amazon is changing shopping today. What benefits and pitfalls can consumers/citizens expect?  Photo credit: U.S. Department of Energy / Flickr

New Iron Curtain

Climate Change’s Dollar Amount ; The Iran Missile Launch That Wasn’t ...and More Picks

Climate Change’s Dollar Amount ; The Iran Missile Launch That Wasn’t ...and More Picks for 9/28

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Washington’s Iron Curtain on the Euphrates (Jimmy)

The author writes, “Washington is focused on oil, and its proxies are doing its handiwork. It’s as plain as the nose on your face. But, there’s one glitch: If Washington wants Syria’s oil, it’s going to have to fight for it.”

Putting a Dollar Amount to Climate Change (Russ)

The devastation of climate change could cost the US about $1 billion….a day, according to a new report. That’s a result of increasing weather-related crises.

The Privilege of Being Privileged (Jimmy)

The author writes, “At the macro level however, societies that are most dependent on philanthropy like the USA are also the most unequal and vice versa—it’s the social democracies of Scandinavia that have the highest levels of equality and wellbeing, where the foundation sector is very small.”

The Iran Missile Launch That Wasn’t (Dan)

The missile launch was not picked up by telemetry, or electric signals. This contradicts not only Trump, but Iranian state television.


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