Klaus Marre

Fox news

Exposing the Hypocrisy of Fox News

Reading Time: 3 minutes Fox News didn’t like what we wrote about them and asked for some minor changes to an editorial. We accommodated them — but what does Fox News do about the many falsehoods they air? We want to find out.

The Lost Nuke

It’s Not Just Trump: Nuke Near-Misses Happen Too Often

Reading Time: 5 minutes Heightened tensions involving nuclear powers do not just increase the risk for war. They also make accidents involving nukes more likely. While it would seem as though these weapons would be carefully guarded and protected, history suggests otherwise.

Donald Trump

A Rule Fit for a King

Reading Time: 3 minutes President Donald Trump’s disdain for rules and his anticipated emergency power grab is leaving some Democrats giddy with visions of what a future president could do for their cherished causes. That’s a mistake, both legally and morally. OPINION

voters, Georgia

Georgia Voters on Our Minds

Reading Time: 2 minutes For Georgians it may seem like there’s no great option for voting. But apathy and not voting only plays into the suppressors’ hands. Though things may look bad, citizen awareness is rising, and we hope that you’ll participate in this fragile enterprise we call democracy.

Deep State

America Discovers the Deep State — Welcome to the Party

Reading Time: 2 minutes All of a sudden, everybody is talking about the Deep State. People from across the political spectrum are discussing it, such as former Democratic Congressman Dennis Kucinich, The New York Times and Rush Limbaugh. Americans are wondering what, exactly, the “Deep State” is. WhoWhatWhy readers, on the other hand, are asking: What took you so Read More

Donald Tusk

EU Council President Lumps Trump in with Putin and Erdogan

Reading Time: 2 minutes While ISIS Is cheering on Donald Trump, a top European official has a much grimmer view of the new US president: Donald Tusk, the president of the European Council (and now only the world’s second most powerful Donald), in a “Dear Colleague” letter in which he outlines threats to the European Union, lumps Trump in Read More


Trump’s Ban Has ISIS Celebrating

Reading Time: 2 minutes It’s been a pretty good week for Middle Eastern terrorists. First, an Executive Order from Donald Trump kept some legal residents from entering the country (along with kids, old people and an Iraqi who had risked his life translating for US troops). Then, there was an attack on a mosque in Canada that left six Read More

Rex Tillerson

Will There Be a Tillerson Senate Showdown?

Reading Time: 2 minutes On the campaign trail, Donald Trump often railed against congressional Republicans who did not bend the knee and kiss his ring as the party’s new standard-bearer. In the end, most of them toed the line but there are plenty of bruised egos on Capitol Hill. Now that the GOP controls all of Washington, one big Read More

Eric Schneiderman

NY Primary Was a Mess, New Report Shows

Reading Time: < 1 minute New York’s voter protection hotline received 10 times more calls during the Empire State’s primary than any previous election, according to a report New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman released this week. In response to the highly flawed election, he vowed to seek sweeping changes to how the state votes in the future. WhoWhatWhy had Read More