Jimmy Falls

Donald Trump

Trump Is Dangerous, but Is #Resistance Just as Dangerous?

A recent New York Times op-ed by an anonymous high-level administration official bemoans the dangers of President Donald Trump. But the ideology of this self-described “resistance” member may be even worse: it masks itself as “sanity” — while promoting some of the same dangerous policies.

Gina Haspel

America Makes Torture Great Again

The US Senate has confirmed Gina Haspel as CIA director. Because three Republicans opposed her, some Democrats were needed to get the necessary votes. In the end, six of them voted with the rest of the GOP to confirm “Bloody Gina.” That’s some #Resistance. Haspel oversaw torture at a secret CIA prison in Thailand during Read More

John Bolton

Revenge of the Neocons

President Donald Trump’s cabinet is starting to look more and more like a Bush-Cheney war room.The irony is thick, considering candidate Trump’s promises to “drain the swamp,” his claimed opposition to foreign intervention, and his apparent antagonism to the Bush dynasty in the lead up to election day.Just days ago, Trump fired Secretary of State Read More