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Editors’ Picks for Feb 16

By 02/16/2016

Why the Court Might Swing Left (Even with a Republican Pick), Russian Research’s Attempt to Remove the Firewall Blocking Access to Scientific Knowledge, Britain Disallows Boycotts of Israeli Goods, and More Picks

Will the Radical War on Science Transform America?

By 05/18/2016

In Canada, 2000 scientists, and decades of research were dumped. In this comprehensive, alarming essay, Peter Dale Scott warns that, unopposed, the Koch brothers, who are heavily invested in the Albertan tar sands, could do the same thing to science in America.

Editors’ Picks for Jan 22

By 01/22/2016

Meet the Members Attending the Mysterious ‘Davos Gathering’, The Year When Plastic in the Ocean Outnumbers the Fish, Shiny and New US Military Base in Syria?, and More Picks

Aug 11

By 08/11/2016

The Next Jewish Rebellion, Scientists Demand Answers from Presidential Candidates, Sweden to Interview Assange at Ecuadorian Embassy, and More Picks

June 3

By 06/03/2016

Sanders Blasts Media Avoiding Climate Change/Green Power Takes Over/Sugar Daddies and Student Loans, and More Picks