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Mar 15

By 03/15/2016

North Carolina Near #1 in Disenfranchised Voters, High Cost of Syria, US Court Orders Over $10B from Iran for 9/11, and More Picks

Was Paris Attack Suspect Hiding in Plain Sight?

By 12/01/2015

For 6 days, Brussels was on a lockdown as police hunted a suspected accomplice (Salah Abdeslam) in the Paris attacks. The lockdown, which cost the Belgian city an estimated €51.7 million a day, failed to locate Abdeslam. Now, reports have emerged indicating that Abdeslam “might have been taking his ease in a public place in […]

Editors’ Picks for Feb 16

By 02/16/2016

Why the Court Might Swing Left (Even with a Republican Pick), Russian Research’s Attempt to Remove the Firewall Blocking Access to Scientific Knowledge, Britain Disallows Boycotts of Israeli Goods, and More Picks

Oswald in Mexico Pt 2, America’s Irrational Fear of Terrorism, Droughts and Deforestation Leave Brazil Dry.: Nov 23, 2015

By 11/24/2015

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