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Silent Spring

By 02/20/2012

Most news coverage focuses exclusively on uprisings backed by the West, by corporate interests and by the Saudi royal dictatorship. We thought we’d update you on one that is deliberately ignored.

Mitt and Barry Spar Over Russia—Whom Can You Trust?

By 04/04/2012

Obama accidentally airs an incautious private remark. Romney accuses Obama of a hidden agenda when it comes to (at least) foreign policy, and gets himself in a bit of hot water. What’s the back story to this squabble over open-air diplomacy, and is Russia really America’s Real “Number One Foe”? Here’s a look at the power politics behind the gaffes.

Why We Can’t Stand Anyone CNN Likes

By 05/25/2012

Fareed Zakaria, the favorite pundit of the Council on Foreign Relations, is bewildered that the Saudis aren’t more welcoming toward Arab Spring. And he loves George W. Bush’s love of freedom. Maybe this is why CNN ratings are at record lows.

For Hayward, BP Stands for “Back in Play”

By 09/04/2012

Tony Hayward, the former BP chief whose push for ever greater profits led to lowering safety standards and the destruction of the Gulf of Mexico ecosystem, is back with a new, smaller venture, and some interesting partners.

Classic WHY: Suppressed Saudi 9/11 Story

By 09/11/2013

The anniversary of the 9/11 attacks seems the right moment to remind people how even very solid, careful reporting of apparent “deep politics” links in the attacks has never entered the larger American conversation. The story of the Saudi connection to a house in Sarasota, Florida, is must reading. It also is useful to consider given the established role of Saudi intelligence in the Syrian uprising.

Benghazi: Cover-up By Both Parties?

By 01/15/2014

The debate over who was responsible for the attack on the American diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya, rages on. But the partisan noise appears to be obscuring a much more interesting possibility. Not to mention more troubling.