Peter B. Collins

Keystone XL Pipeline Again Nixed by Judge

Reading Time: 12 minutes In a likely appeal to the Supreme Court, attorney Steve Volker expects TransCanada to argue that the president is above the law. Their claim is that the “presidential permit” authorizing the Keystone XL pipeline is not reviewable by the courts.

preemption, laws

How Corporations Force States to Stifle Local Rule

Reading Time: 15 minutes The American Beverage Association basically extorted California’s government into preempting the authority of cities and counties to impose soda taxes over the next 12 years. Unfortunately other large corporate interests are also using similar tactics to get what they want.

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Did US Deploy Bioweapons During Korean War?

Reading Time: 25 minutes A recently unearthed 1950s report by an international commission concluded the US used bioweapons on North Korea. It raises doubts about claims that captured Americans were brainwashed into confessing the use of such weapons.