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Amid Fresh Saudi Royal Family Scrutiny, Remember 9/11

By 12/14/2018

The killing and dismemberment of journalist Jamal Khashoggi inside a Saudi consulate has brought unwanted attention to the oil-rich kingdom. It’s perhaps a good time to remind the public of the often ignored Saudi royal family connections to 9/11.

The FBI’s Trickery, China’s Slide & Pot Profits: July 8, 2015

By 07/08/2015

  NOW LIVE ON WhoWhatWhy FBI’s Amazing Trick to Avoid Accountability By Matt Connolly Only the astonishingly unaccountable FBI could get away with consistently not recording its investigative interviews not only of suspects but of witnesses—then having its agents write up reports based on “memory.” A former Deputy District Attorney tells the story of one […]

May 20

By 05/20/2016

Why is US Funding Fundamentalist Jihadis in Syria?, The Unknown History of Gender-Specific Bathrooms, Hillary Clinton’s Connection to Brooklyn Voter Purge

Classic Who: Should Pollard be Released?

By 01/08/2014

Last year, we addressed questions of fairness and equity in the long imprisonment of Jonathan Pollard for spying on behalf of Israel. With the Snowden case, the issue of how to handle those who reveal America’s secrets has taken on a new life.

The Real Cost of Ukraine

By 10/03/2023

What happens to Ukraine is more important to America than most people realize. American aid costs less than abandoning the country to be defeated by Putin.