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July 27

By 07/27/2016

10,000 March on Philadelphia to Demand Climate Justice, The Third Party Election?, ISIS Attack on Kurds Deadliest in Years, and More Picks

Syrian Passport May Have Been Planted to Implicate Refugees, Says German Minister

By 11/17/2015

Shortly after the carnage of Friday’s terrorist attacks in Paris, unnamed officials reported that a Syrian refugee’s passport was found next to one of the suicide bombers. News that one of the terrorists had posed as a refugee served as a rallying call for those fearing that “terrorists [are] inserting themselves into some of these […]

Our Russia-Syria Reporting Leads the Pack

By 02/03/2016

Item: Our story about how Russia was meeting its objectives in Syria at a bearable cost and getting the better of the West keeps on clocking. First Reuters jumped on it, and now the Washington Post. Remember: you read it here first.

TVWho: Russ Baker on RT, with Syria Update

By 08/30/2012

WhoWhatWhy Editor Russ Baker interviewed by RT on recent developments in the Western war with Syria you won’t hear about while all eyes are on the constructed “news” of the political conventions.