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Missing From Refugee Story, Welfare Myth Debunked, More and More Countries Bomb ISIS, and Muslim Kid Builds WhatsWrongWithAmerica-O-Meter: Septe 16, 2015

By 09/16/2015

VOLUNTEER!  Do you have skills you’d like to offer? We have all kinds of needs. Here’s one: Donor Network Coordinator. For more info, visit our Volunteer Page. Now Live on WhoWhatWhy Historical Backstory to Those Fleeing Syrians By Charles Glass If you want to know the who, what, why of how things got so bad in Syria — […]

Where Congress Won’t Tread in Benghazi Hearings

By 06/11/2014

The noisy fight over Secretary of State John Kerry’s testimony about the Benghazi attack tells us the one thing we know about the 2012 attack that killed U.S. Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stephens and three others: we’re no closer to the truth. And that’s not likely to change, even with a fifth Congressional probe on the way.

National Security Election Victory Edition: November 5, 2014

By 11/06/2014

NOW LIVE ON WhoWhatWhy Our fresh new design, which we hope you like. Still the same great stories and insight. Who …benefits from GOP’s Midterm win? According to former Republican Congressman Ron Paul, it is the NeoCons. Once the GOP officially won a majority in the Senate, Paul tweeted: “Republican control of the Senate = expanded […]

WhoWhatWhy Is Not Just Ahead of the Curve on Domestic Issues

By 12/17/2016

It hasn’t just been WhoWhatWhy’s domestic coverage that has been far ahead of the curve: with our limited resources we got many of the international stories right too. For example, according to mainstream media reports, it now seems increasingly likely that Donald Trump might try to play Russia and China off of each other, by cozying […]

Stolen Votes, Jewish Fanaticism & Profiling Darren Wilson: Aug 03, 2015

By 08/03/2015

NOW LIVE ON WhoWhatWhy Who’s Stealing Your Vote? A Documentary By John Wellington Ennis This documentary examines America’s broken electoral system, focusing in particular on shenanigans in the fiercely contested election and reelection of George W. Bush. Though released in 2006 to a limited audience, its lessons have never been more relevant. WHO The Man Who […]