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Russ Baker interviewed: Refugees, 9/11, and More

By 09/26/2015

What are the deeper issues in the Middle East that make it such a hotbed for violent conflict? And why are US fingerprints all over these crises? In this interview with California radio host Douglas Everett on Radio Parallax, Russ Baker discusses the surprising connections between them, including the explosion of Middle Eastern refugees in Europe, 9/11, and others.

The Case for Paper Ballots, US Now an Oligarchy, Full List of Failed Charter Schools, Causes of Drug Price Hike: Septe 25, 2015

By 09/26/2015

Now Live on WhoWhatWhy   Jonathan Katz, Director of Maryland Cybersecurity Center (photo credit: University of Maryland) Bring Back the Good Old Paper Ballot By Jeff Schechtman Despite technological advances in nearly all areas of life, our elections are still safest when paper ballots are used, the distinguished cybersecurity scholar Jonathan Katz tells WhowhatWhy. In our weekly […]