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That’s because WhoWhatWhy is an organization unlike any other. We’re funded, staffed and mobilized by an amazing mix of supporters from around the world who are driven not by partisanship, profit motive or a desire to “fit in” but a passion for getting answers. We aim to find out the real reason things are happening, and to learn what can be done to improve our lot.

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In 2013, our readers helped WhoWhatWhy:

–  Blaze the media trail with open-minded inquiries and tough questions about shifting narratives and anomaly-ridden “official” accounts of happenings big and small. These range from the peculiar behavior of the FBI in the still-mysterious Boston Marathon Bombing, to the jailing of a blogger who got on the wrong side of a powerful political family.1

–  Expand our team of reporters and editors and grow our vitally-important pro bono corps (legal services, art, design, video editing, and tech strategy are all donated).

–  Ramp up our publicity efforts, including social media, nearly tripling site traffic over the previous year.

–  Cover everything from our vanishing privacy and civil liberties to the rush into yet another Mideast war.2

–  Grow referral traffic from other sites and earn kudos from a broad range of influential figures who look to our site for information they cannot find anywhere else.

Because of outspoken and active readers like you, our work as “first responders” is amplified, inspiring our elected officials to question the official narrative.3 Again, thank you.

Of course, we’re just getting started. We aim to be the strongest information source anywhere, with your help.

With your support, in 2014 we will:

–  Expand coverage of the environment and shine more light on the control and adulteration of our global food supply.

–  Tackle the growing dominance of Wall Street over American politics and investigate the integrity of our elections system, including campaign finance, computerized voting and vote counting.

–  Expose conflicts of interest in an increasingly privatized and corporatized military-intelligence-security state.

–  Cover more international stories, with feet on the ground and close work with compatible foreign news entities.

–  Take on more Deep Politics events where the official story is riddled with inconsistencies, and continue providing insight into unresolved, seminal historical events.

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Russ Baker
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P.P.S. Remember when 60 Minutes was considered serious journalism? Please watch their “report” on the NSA, which seems more like a commercial for the agencyconsider this week’s federal court ruling in light of our own tough reporting on the surveillance state over the past few years and give so WhoWhatWhy can continue to tell what others won’t: the unvarnished truth.


1. For more on the Boston Bombing, see: The Marathon Bombing: What The Media Didn’t Warn You About; Officer Collier Shooting: Rosebud Moment Of The Boston Bombing? The Contradictions Keep Coming; and Feds Accused Of Harassing Boston Bomber Friends, And Friends Of Friends. For more on the jailed blogger, see: Gulag Justice? Alabama Blogger Jailed In Secretive Scandal and In Jailhouse Interview, Alabama Blogger Says He Won’t Budge. 

2. For more on our vanishing privacy and civil liberties, see: Carmen Ortiz’s Sordid Rap Sheet; The Saga Of Barrett Brown: Inside Anonymous And The War On Secrecy; and Connections Between Michael Hastings, Edward Snowden And Barrett Brown-The War With The Security State. For more on our rush to war in Syria, see: War, Syrian Style: Has Assad Ordered Mass Rapes? and Connecting the Dots on Syria: Fooling Enough of the People Enough of the Time.

3. For more on WhoWhatWhy’s impact on Congress, see: Boston Marathon Bombing: U.S. Rep. Keating Demands Answers From New FBI Director; and Grassley on Boston Bombing.

[box] WhoWhatWhy plans to continue doing this kind of groundbreaking original reporting. You can count on us. Can we count on you? What we do is only possible with your support.

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