Schools, companies and government organizations across the U.S. conduct active shooter exercise drills similar the one being held today at California State University. These drills are designed to increase preparedness for real active shooter situations, but they can also scare the bejabbers out of people? About this photo: Emergency responders evacuate simulated casualties during the mass-casualty portion of an active-shooter training scenario.  Photo credit: U.S. Naval War College / Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

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Crushing Medical Debt is Problem Even for The Insured (Russ)

Out-of-pocket expenses required by insurance companies are eating people alive.

Herbicides, Not Insecticides, Real Threat to Bees (Russ)

Everyone thought insecticides chief culprit, but research shows that weedkillers are worse.

ISIS Executes First Female Citizen Journalist in Raqqa, Syria (Trevin)

Syrian journalism organization Syria Direct reports that “the execution of Ruqia Hassan marks the fifth journalist who reported on ISIS to be killed since October.”

More Than 13,000 Florida Rape Kits Have Gone Unprocessed (Klaus)

An astonishing amount of forensic evidence collected from possible rape victims in Florida remains unprocessed, a law enforcement study has found. At the current rate of processing, it would take more than five years to simply deal with the backlog.

Climate Change Will Cause Worldwide Political Instability and Violence  (Ben)

Here’s how 19 corporations plan on profiting from it.

Largest Ever Blue Star Sapphire  Found in Sri Lanka  (Milicent)

It weighs 1404.49 carats and looks almost as large as a golf ball. Dubbed the ‘Star of Adam’, estimates say it could sell for up to $175m at auction. Valentine’s Day is coming up soon, boys. Don’t be cheap!


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