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The Post-Election Project: The Establishment Pillories Susan Rice

By 12/11/2012

A campaign to make sure Susan Rice does not become the next Secretary of State tells us a lot about how things really work—in foreign policy, in the establishment, and in the media. ### NEWS FLASH ###, December 13: Susan Rice withdraws name from consideration—this article provides relevant background.

The Case for Paper Ballots, US Now an Oligarchy, Full List of Failed Charter Schools, Causes of Drug Price Hike: Septe 25, 2015

By 09/26/2015

Now Live on WhoWhatWhy   Jonathan Katz, Director of Maryland Cybersecurity Center (photo credit: University of Maryland) Bring Back the Good Old Paper Ballot By Jeff Schechtman Despite technological advances in nearly all areas of life, our elections are still safest when paper ballots are used, the distinguished cybersecurity scholar Jonathan Katz tells WhowhatWhy. In our weekly […]

Did the Feds Indict the Wife of Orlando Shooter for Sins of Her Husband?

By 01/23/2017

The widow of Orlando nightclub shooter Omar Mateen has been charged with “material support” of a terrorist group and faces life in prison if convicted. Is Noor Salman being punished for the sins of her husband? Is she being silenced? Does she know too much about her late husband’s earlier interactions with the FBI?

Council of Europe Downgrades Turkey as Erdogan Bombs Kurds

By 04/25/2017

The Council of Europe watchdog voted to put Turkey on a human rights monitoring list on Tuesday amid widespread claims of fraud in a controversial referendum that gave President Recep Tayyip Erdogan authoritarian powers.   The amendments to the Turkish constitution that passed by a narrow margin of just under 3 percent “do not comply […]