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Is the Fall of Kirkuk Iran’s Answer to Trump?

By 10/16/2017

In a lightning advance, Iraqi forces captured the oil-rich city of Kirkuk from Kurdish forces on Monday, sending thousands of civilians fleeing.   The fighting between two US-trained and -equipped forces that have been central to the war against the Islamic State was a slap in the face to US foreign policy.   US-supplied Iraqi […]

The Big Sneeze: Climate Change to Ramp Up Pollen Season

By 03/16/2022

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Russ Baker interviewed: Refugees, 9/11, and More

By 09/26/2015

What are the deeper issues in the Middle East that make it such a hotbed for violent conflict? And why are US fingerprints all over these crises? In this interview with California radio host Douglas Everett on Radio Parallax, Russ Baker discusses the surprising connections between them, including the explosion of Middle Eastern refugees in Europe, 9/11, and others.