Russ Baker

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Russ Baker, WhoWhatWhy

WhoWhatWhy 2019: Where We Go From Here

Reading Time: 2 minutes 2018 was a year of growth and accomplishment for WhoWhatWhy. We produced more stories than ever before. But we have even bigger aspirations, so here’s what we see on the horizon.

Michael Cohen, Prague

Michael Cohen in Prague?

Reading Time: 3 minutes The notorious Steele Dossier claimed Michael Cohen, Trump’s ex-personal lawyer and soon to be convict, was in Prague in summer 2016 meeting Russians — allegations he denies. But new reports concerning his cell phone geolocation metadata may substantiate the dossier.

George H.W. Bush

Elite Secret Society Tied Bush to Circles of Power

Reading Time: 16 minutes National news media are showering George H.W. Bush with accolades for a lifetime of “public service.” Yet much of his service was not in public; and the beneficiaries of his actions often remained unknown outside his inner circle. Many of his lifelong relationships — and the values they reflected — can be traced back to his membership in an elite Yale secret society whose consistent political influence has long been understated.

CIA, Director, George H.W. Bush

George H.W. Bush Shaped History — But Not the Way We’re Told

Reading Time: 12 minutes As a young naval intelligence officer, George H.W. Bush got a verbal thrashing for failing to be discreet. He sure learned that lesson, and became a man who did one thing in public and another in private. Thanks to that — and to an incurious and superficial media — there’s a whole lot of shocking stuff out there you probably never knew.

Michael Cohen

Who Is Michael Cohen?

Reading Time: 26 minutes Michael Cohen has been in and out of the news, most lately pleading guilty to lying to Congress. Check out his mysterious backstory with the former USSR — which may explain why Trump originally hired him.