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Western Alliances Threatened by Chaos in Syria

It is increasingly difficult to understand who is allied to whom in the brutal civil war that has devastated Syria for almost seven years.The danger of accidental big-power conflict, which has rarely been greater in the past three decades, is compounded by threats to the existence of NATO and even the UN. In recent days, Read More

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Erdogan Moves Against Syria’s Kurds

Following several days of intense artillery bombardment and air strikes, the Turkish army launched a ground invasion of the Syrian Kurdish canton of Afrin on Monday.WhoWhatWhy reported on the likelihood of such an operation last August. Many experts are now saying what we wrote months ago: that the Turkish operation tests American resolve to bring Read More

Happy New Year, Donald Trump

Our Favorite Cartoon Op-Eds of 2017

Every Sunday WhoWhatWhy cartoonist and Image Editor DonkeyHotey and Politics Editor Klaus Marre bring you insightful, sometimes controversial, and always thought-provoking commentary and opinion. Here are some of our favorites pieces from this year.