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CLASSIC WHY: Real Reason for Syria War Plans, from Gen. Wesley Clark

By 08/31/2013

We originally published this in September, 2012. More relevant now than ever. Also be sure to see this other piece with views from Clark on oil and activism, and our other related stories by typing “Syria” in our search box.   In this stunning but little-known speech from 2007, Gen. Wesley Clark claims America underwent a “policy […]

Polling on Syria Reveals GOP’s Partisanship

By 04/11/2017

Americans are bombarded with polls. It seems that we need to know how everybody feels about everything — possibly so that we know what to believe if we want to be like the majority.   Every now and then, however, a nugget of true insight finds its way into such a poll.   That was […]

Syria’s Warrior-Democrats, Dinosaurs on Dope & Oceans of Plastic‏: Feb. 13, 2015

By 02/13/2015

NOW LIVE ON WhoWhatWhy The Radical Experiment in Democracy That Defeated the Islamic State in Syria by Victor Kotsev The American allies that beat back a five-month Islamic State onslaught on the Syria-Turkey border are running a bold experiment in democracy started by … terrorists. From Istanbul, Victor Kotsev examines the Kurdish warrior-democrats doing Washington’s […]

PODCAST: Russ Baker on George HW Bush, guns, news timing, Syria and more

By 01/02/2013

In this interview with host Pat Thurston on the popular San Francisco-based KGO, Russ discusses less publicized aspects of George HW Bush’s life, makes new enemies over guns, explains why timing is everything in the news business, and laments the media’s failure to level with the public over Syria. Plus more.

US Overlaps in Syria/Trump + Farage/And More

By 08/29/2016

Biggest Complainers About Government are Biggest Beneficiaries ; Preacher Escapes Trial Via ‘The Rapture’ ; Brexit’s Architect Joins Trump on Campaign Trail…and More Picks

TVWho: Russ Baker on RT, with Syria Update

By 08/30/2012

WhoWhatWhy Editor Russ Baker interviewed by RT on recent developments in the Western war with Syria you won’t hear about while all eyes are on the constructed “news” of the political conventions.

Syrian Passport May Have Been Planted to Implicate Refugees, Says German Minister

By 11/17/2015

Shortly after the carnage of Friday’s terrorist attacks in Paris, unnamed officials reported that a Syrian refugee’s passport was found next to one of the suicide bombers. News that one of the terrorists had posed as a refugee served as a rallying call for those fearing that “terrorists [are] inserting themselves into some of these […]