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Chemical Weapons Convention Treaty Anniversary

By 04/29/2017

It’s been 20 years since the Chemical Weapons Convention treaty went into effect, and an entire class of weapons of mass destruction has been nearly eliminated. That’s partly why the recent chemical attacks in Syria have attracted so much attention.

Syria Violence Continues Despite Trump-Erdogan Amity

By 11/17/2019

As violence in northern Syria continues and war crimes allegations against Turkey mount, it looks as though all US President Donald Trump ostensibly got for his meeting with his Turkish counterpart was an unwanted Islamic State deportee.

Bad Week for Turkey’s Syria Policy Continues

By 12/23/2016

Twitter and other social media were briefly blocked on Friday morning in Turkey as the government in Ankara sought to suppress a gruesome Islamic State (IS) video that appeared to show the extremists burn alive two captured Turkish soldiers. That and the news that at least 16 more Turkish soldiers were killed in a failed, […]

Western Alliances Threatened by Chaos in Syria

By 02/25/2018

It is increasingly difficult to understand who is allied to whom in the brutal civil war that has devastated Syria for almost seven years.   The danger of accidental big-power conflict, which has rarely been greater in the past three decades, is compounded by threats to the existence of NATO and even the UN. In […]

More Fighting Words from Britain’s David Davis: Interview, Part 2

By 05/23/2014

UK Member of Parliament David Davis has emerged as one of Britain’s top critics of government encroachment on liberty and privacy. In the second half of an interview with WhoWhatWhy’s Russ Baker, Davis talks about how he defied his party leadership to help stop Britain from fighting in Syria; the value and vulnerability of whistleblowers; and how government legal aid cuts are putting ordinary citizens at the mercy of the state.