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Syria Kurds
By 04/28/2017

Does Turkey Think Trump’s Resolve in Syria is Weakening?

Social media went abuzz Friday with videos of US and Syrian Kurdish forces jointly patrolling the Syrian-Turkish border.     Reports in the Wall Street Journal and other media subsequently confirmed the patrols. This is the second time this year that US troops have moved in to block an anticipated Turkish attack on Kurds, who […]

Aleppo, Syria
By 05/07/2017

Much Ado About Syrian “De-escalation Zones”

Outlets sympathetic to the Syrian regime on Sunday hailed what they framed as the beginning of the “systematic destruction” of the Islamic State “across Syria.” But while international media also reported a tenuous reduction in fighting between the army and the rebels, experts are still debating the meaning of the four “de-escalation zones” in Syria […]

Kurdish YPG fighters
By 10/26/2017

Erdogan Says Turkish Operation in Syria to Target Kurds

A day after Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan threatened to attack Kurdish forces in Syria, social media were abuzz with reports of an impending Turkish operation against these troops, who have been the main US ally on the ground against the Islamic State.   #Turkey backed ES Forces in northern Aleppo province have asserted a […]

Istanbul, Turkey, Syria
By 10/30/2018

Turkey Threatens New Syria Operation as US Shunned at Summit

Over the past few days, NATO heavyweight Turkey has once again bombed the Syrian Kurdish forces who have been key to the effort to defeat the Islamic State, just as the jihadists launched a desperate counterattack in Syria, killing up to 70 pro-American forces. Turkey has long been accused of directly or indirectly propping up […]