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JFK-RFK-MLK??? The Questions Remain

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bushWait for the Fiftieth, they said. Oboy!

The half-century mark since the assassination of John F Kennedy was supposed to be some kind of event. Lots of books were in the offing. Broadcasters were primed. We were going to get some really huge revelations, some kind of major step forward in coming to terms with this event that has so affected America and so divided its population.

And guess what? Eh. Basically, eh. Nothing so amazing (to be really generous), and, sorry to say, hardly anyone is paying real attention.

Hollywood and the media have produced and are producing a body of work that by and large perpetuates the official story of 1963 or threatens to further muddy the waters, while ignoring the massive amount of research—and general consensus by most researchers, the public and a congressional committee—that there’s far more to the story.

At WhoWhatWhy, we think the public has a right to something better. To real inquiry that follows fact trails wherever they go. To a kind of fearlessness in search of explanations that might not be “wise” in a conventional journalistic career but that distinguish the only kind of journalism truly worth its salt.

Over the past few years, we’ve published a number of articles on JFK (and on the equally problematical official account of his brother’s death and that of Martin Luther King).

We’re determined to do more. But it’s hard when you’re a small outfit with limited staff and financial resources. Nevertheless, we’ll keep at it.

In the meantime, here are links to relevant articles we’ve already published over the past several years. See which ones are of interest. And please spread the word by using social media and email lists to alert others.


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Peculiar Posner

Gerald Posner, a leader in claiming Lee Harvey Oswald had no CIA ties, back after all these years, representing the Afghan president’s brother—and claiming that man has no CIA ties either.


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Obama 2008 Presidential Campaign

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The NY Times’s Ostrich Act on JFK Assassination Getting Old

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NY Times’s Umbrella Man Exposed

The New York Times has a good laugh about coincidences in the Kennedy assassination. See if you buy their reasoning.


JFK Umbrella Man—More Doubts

More on the Umbrella Man—and some thoughts on the cover he provided.


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Are these “reminders” to Obama about who really is in charge?



The Deaths of JFK, RFK and Silence of the Lambs

Here’s how Hollywood and the media establishment package stupidity for easy pouring into our heads.


The JFK Factor: Bill O’Reilly on the Assassination, Then and Now

Back when he was a reporter, Bill O’Reilly was hot on the trail of the JFK assassination—and he bravely reported evidence of conspiracy and intelligence connections. Now that he’s a Fox zillionaire, well…..


Someone Would Have Talked? Someone Would Be Crazy

Those who could tell all know to keep quiet. And those who know pieces of the story get ignored.


A Closer Look At the Secret Service

Those wacky Secret Service agents are at it again!


Secret Service Vet With Very Strange JFK Story

You’ll want to hear what Abraham Bolden has to say.


 The RFK Shooting: Eyewitness to Second Gunman

What if an eyewitness came forward with evidence of conspiracy? What would happen? NOTHING.


Is the Government Holding Back Crucial Documents?

Why, yes! And that’s none other than Barack Obama withholding JFK assassination records. A Democrat.


The Right Thing: The Abe Bolden Petition

Very belatedly, a modest effort to right a wrong done to one Secret Service agent who did try to halt the unthinkable.


Dallas Diminishes JFK, His Legacy, and Those Who Care About Democracy

When it comes to covering up its disgraceful history, the city of Dallas is just tops.



 RFK Assassination Legal Case Update

Growing evidence that Sirhan Sirhan was not acting alone—and was not the primary shooter of Robert F. Kennedy.


Outside the Box Video Series: The Men Who Killed Kennedy

A classic, popular in England, squelched in the USA.


TVWHO: Obama Admin Bottles JFK Assassination Records

For those who like their news spoken not typed—Russ Baker on TV, discussing the Kennedy assassination and the government’s ongoing efforts to block crucial records releases.

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55 responses to “JFK-RFK-MLK??? The Questions Remain”

  1. Al says:

    The mysteries surrounding the assassination attempt on George Wallace should be included with these three murders. The government and special interests did not want Wallace winning the presidential nomination or running on a third party ticket.

  2. Robby Kush says:

    Because the people who killed him are still in power. Is it not obvious?

  3. cstahnke says:

    The most interesting facet for me concerning the assassinations is that the proof of a government conspiracy is so obvious and overwhelming and, still, the American intelligentsia much more than the American people reject the clear facts. The governments story, particularly in the case of RFK/JFK is utterly absurd and a tissue of outright and obvious lies yet the “smartest” people in this country, when challenged, make up elaborate stories much like the Ptolemaic astronomers made up before Gallileo to explain the retrograde motion of the planets.

    The biggest need we have in this country is to deconstruct the American intellectual culture and expose it’s exceedingly narrow view of the world.

  4. Kaptain Amerika says:

    Anytime this government has a ‘Commission’ to investigate a national tragedy (Warren Commission, 9/11 Commission), just replace the word ‘Commission’ with ‘Cover-Up’.

    Because that’s all they are.

  5. SO says:


    This is my reconstruction of the Altgens4 photo, taken as the limo was turning onto Houston Street, about 30 seconds before the assassination. You won’t find this full frame anywhere online in a full size picture; I had to reconstruct it from the crops which are available online. Why is it never seen complete? Because it shows Jackie signaling Rip Robertson, CIA murderer, that’s why. They are the ones touching their hats. It also shows Jim Featherston, who in a minute or so, will be appropriating Mary Ann Moorman’s photograph. He seems, by the expression on his face, to realize that the hit is on. Before this shot, Jackie can be seen in other photos to have her hand on her hat as the limo approaches the intersection, and after, she keeps her hand there until the car gets a bit down Houston Street. The GO signal was Jackie holding her hat as the limo turned from Main to Houston.

  6. SO says:


    This graphic demonstrates the trajectory of the head shot. It came from underneath and is traceable to a hole in the seat. The skull drawing is a Warren Commission attempt to explain the shot as coming from behind. The red line is my addition. A couple of frames after the head shot another object moves along the same trajectory. This can only mean that the gun was still underneath in the same position and emitting something, perhaps some kind of smoke. I think the gun was under the seat and that Jackie cut the seat to remove it, though it was probably still attached in some way. She positioned the gun, and Greer probably operated the trigger remotely.

  7. SO says:


    This is a crop of the Altgens6 photograph, taken as JFK was reacting to the first bullet to hit him. This man is Oswald with Billy Lovelady’s face amateurishly pasted on top. He has no left lower face because the editor had only the top of Lovelady’s face, and Oswald was turned to his left, probably looking in the direction of the sound of the shot, moving the left part of his face out of view. And, he is wearing the shirt that Oswald was later wearing when he was arrested.

  8. A.S. says:

    The idea of the umbrella man was involved in the assassination is fairly absurd. As usual, those who subscribe to that idea put the burden of proof on others to disprove his involvement. The guy came forward at the in the HSCA and told his story. If you don’t think that that was the guy or buy his story, then come up with some evidence. The idea that a conspiracy carried out by zillions of professional killers would plant a man with an umbrella there on a sunny day is silly. He couldn’t have drawn more attention to himself had he put up a neon sign.

  9. Chizzlin' Sam says:

    Billie Sil Estes R.I.P…His 2003 book accused LBJ of taking part in JFK assassination…did he leave any final words???


  10. JakeLee says:

    You can get the “the men who killed kennedy” series on thepiratebay.sx a total of 9 videos.


    If you don’t know how to use torrents, download “utorrent”, after installed click on the magnet link at the torrent site.

  11. Orangutan. says:

    Spread this image around of JFK: http://i.imgur.com/FvpsNDn.jpg

    Good for facebook, etc as the 50th anniversary comes up.

    • Matt Prather says:

      “Oswald did it. Case closed.”

      Maybe the biggest problem is that there are too many un-indicted or un-disposed crimes outstanding to even get to certain other un-indicted crimes.

      Some people want to pressure the President and the Congress to take action to close Guantanamo.

      However I think this JFK assassination issue is most definitely an important crime to open the files on, and document (something close to) The Truth, and then we can all stop feeling so alienated and isolated for wanting to live in a reality-based world, instead of the “conspiracy theorist people are unproductive loser people”-based world.

      In any case: voting with Money and voting with the way we live our lives has more effect than voting as a citizen.

  12. Rich Jackson says:

    Unbridled speculation and wild, unsubstantiated assertions abound. BUT . . . if you study the real evidence in the Warren Commission Hearings from the doctors and nurses at Parkland Hospital, the facts are these: President Kennedy and Governor Connally were both shot by one, and only one, person, who used a small caliber handgun at close range. President Kennedy was shot from the front; Governor Connally from the back. The only person who could have done the shooting was there in the limousine, sitting right next to the President. That’s right, the “lone gunman” was really a lone gunwoman, Mrs. Kennedy.
    That’s the deal.
    For more info check out my book, “Jacqueline Accused,” at http://www.palmettopress.com.

    • sgtdoom says:

      Oh lordy, the institution has allowed the inmates to go online again — not a wise decision!
      No responses are justified for this moronic nonsense.

      This commenter above has most OBVIOUSLY never read any portion of the Warren Commission Report, let alone all 26 volumes.

    • Rich Jackson says:

      A typical, albeit nonsensical, ad hominem attack on myself from someone not in command of the facts, but rather afraid of them as well.
      Actually, Sgtdumb, I own a rather nice copy of the Warren Report and its attendant volumes of Hearings and Exhibits. And, yes, I’ve read quite a bit in the Hearings, even though I consider the Report itself useless fiction.
      My book has approximately 3,000 cites to the testimony of the witnesses, and other authorities on pathology, ballistics, etc., and I invite you to challenge any of them or the conclusions based on them, although you will probably have to get someone to explain the big words to you.

    • A.S. says:

      Jackie? Really? The many experts testifying at the HSCA, Church report, Rockefeller report say that the bloody mess is an exit wound, not an entrance wound. Kennedy was shot from behind. Even many “alternate” theorists know this, and to make the theory work, they insist that the Zapruder tape was fudged.

    • SO says:

      Jackie helped to shoot JFK, but Greer shot Connally, at least Greer shot him in the back, while he was turned around, Zapruder frame 287. Connally’s wrist was hit afterwards by a shot fired from the overpass, and you can see that hit in Zapruder frame 322. Jackie positioned the gun for the head shot, and Greer probably fired it remotely. You can see Greer’s right index finger in Zapruder frame 312 apparently poised to press a button on the dash. Meanwhile, Oswald was standing on the front steps of the TSBD where he was photographed by James Altgens, requiring the conspirators to paste Billy Lovelady’s face over Oswald/s. You can’t make this stuff up.

    • Matt Prather says:


      I needed that belly laugh.

      maybe this is a belly-laugh to you in kind; maybe not:


      Q: Do you ever wish that you’d followed your parents into comedy…? Taken that route….? …The comedy route?

  13. paulkersey873 says:

    Oswald did it. Case closed.

  14. Mike B. says:

    The bullet which hit Kennedy in the head was a different caliber and velocity than the first two, which were Italian 6.5mm Carcano… a longish, heavily jacketed bullet designed for deep penetration, which is shown by the recovered bullets which went through Kennedy and Conneley, and remained relatively intact. The last bullet which hit JFK in the head was a smaller, high speed bullet, which disintegrated upon impact, totally destroying his brain… the bullet was no spent bullet to be found. Minimum of 2 shooters involved. In 50 more years when the records, X-Rays, medical reports are finally revealed, this will become all to apparent.

    • sgtdoom says:

      The problem with these real life criminal conspiracies, is that they always forget those teeny, multiple details. No where in Oswald’s room, house, or belongings, was found the ammo for that Mannlicher rifle. While the receipt from Klein’s Sporting Goods was found (or planted) for it (under a different name than Lee Oswald’s, of course) no receipt nor shipment of the ammo was ever discovered, nor any extra bullets? Many of the myriad number of discrepancies throughout…… (And then there were those 64 witnesses in Dallas who stated hearing gunfire from the grassy knoll area, of course!)

    • A.S. says:

      But other teeny details are that Oswald walked into the depository bldg, with a long object, left without it. But what was found inside was a rifle with Oswald’s palm print on it. There is a picture of him holding the rifle, and his wife said that she took the picture. Also, the name of the gun buyer is an alias that Oswald used before. Why should receipts for the ammo be found? He didn’t necessarily buy it at the same time he bought the rifle, or from the same source.

  15. Michael Deloatch says:

    Interesting stuff, but I refer you guys to what Jack Lemmon’s character said in Some Like It Hot. “It’s none of our business if you guys want to bump each other off.” Or an Aesop fable – can you blame a fox for being a fox?

    Anyone who looks to politicians of any stripe to be good boy scouts is setting themselves up for disappointment.

    • SO says:

      If it is none of our business, then the Constitution is mere propaganda designed to control us.

  16. daniel_rey_m says:

    We have a similar case down here in Colombia, S.A. (not South Africa), involving the murder of Jorge Eliécer Gaitán way back
    on April 9, 1948, that was planned by the CIA according to agent John Mepples Espirito and started a neverending period of political violence. The initially Liberal guerrillas that fought
    against the Conservative gov’t. eventually converted to Marxism and they’re still up in the hills, now with Dutch comrade-in-arms Tania Nijmeijer, whose “nom de guerre” is Alexandra and who joined them a decade ago. For those who can read Spanish, the transcription of an interview with her will soon appear on my weblog, “Transcripciones”,
    at http://www.transcripcionesreveladoras.blogspot.com
    , but I’ll translate on request. Similar matters concerning our civil war are already on the blog, like a note on the reaction
    of the jungle monkeys to the air raids, “Los miquitos de la guerra”. I first came across the TruthOut website today while doing a search on the old Lockheed C-5A Galaxy matter, and then I was steered over to WhoWhatWhy.com. The
    former’s report titled “Obama In Plunderland …” provided data I used to write a comment for “Thousands in Tel Aviv protest Lapid budget” (http://www.jpost.com/National-News/Thousands-turn-out-in-TA-to-protest-Lapid-budget-312850#) at the Jerusalem Post site and it was published this morning as the 80th comment with the “nom de plume” Abenhoreb. There I compare Lapid’s hypocrisy with Obama’s.

  17. Bill Wilt says:

    The MLKjr execution has been pretty much solved by King vs Jowers, & co-conspirators unnamed. Read the 4,000 page transcript or Wm. Pepper’s “An Act of State”. The jury awarded Coretta Scott King & her family what they’d asked for, $100 in damages to go toward burial expenses, lo these many years after his killing. Holdings: The “murder weapon” on file in Memphis never was sighted in, shot 3 inches to left and 3 or so inches down. A shot w/ that weapon would have missed. Real weapon is in the silt of the Mississippi River (It still could probably be found, w/ huge barge=mounted electro-magnets? Triggerman was Earl Clark, Memphis PD sharp-shooter & avid hunter. Raul was James Earl Ray’s CIA handler. New Orleans mafia don used as the cutout(s) for the “hit money”. the Memphis “don” was a 300-pounder, vegetable wholesaler, made regular deliveries to Lloyd Gowers’ beer joint & flop house. Army intell team w/ cameras were atop FireStation #2 to memorialize the assassination; two viet vet intel sniper teams were in place as backup, in case the first shooter missed or a coup de grace was required; 1 sniping team (shooter/spotter) was on paper co water tower, 2nd team was on room of Illinois RR “building” (could’t find a pix). Orders given by LBJ, and carried out by CIA, FBI, Mob, Mil Intel.
    MLK’s fate sealed when he came out against the war at speech in Riverside church, NYC, one year to the day of his “termination w/ extreme prejudice”. Nixon & rest of the mil-indus-legis-bankster etc. complex wanted to keep the war money flowing from treasury and citizen pockets to the multi’s

    • Bill Wilt says:

      PS: forgot to add that US Justice, state & local officials helped out, helped with the cover-up, the “clear-cutting” of the underbrush behind Jowers’ flop-house and overlooking the Lorraine Motel balcony. Probably Rev. Kyle helped get King in that room, had normal black cadre of cops as body-guards cancelled, etc, etc. Same-old Same-old in our ever-so-American Theater of the “Lone Gunman With Lots and Lots of Little Helpers. There’s no such thing in the US as a “conspiracy,” because the word means “breathing together” and breathing together is jsomething we just don’t do. So unsanitary.

    • Matt Prather says:

      very interesting
      sad when people want to forget history
      edit: Do you want to be anonymous? At what level of anonymity? The Choice is hardly yours to make….

    • A.S. says:

      Jowers never stated under oath or in court that he was involved. He said it on a TV talk show, and when he realized that he wasn’t get any money for his story, he denied it. You should read the Reno report that looked into King vs. Jowers. The type of evidence that was presented at King vs Jowers was second and third hand information. “I knew a guy who said he was an FBI agent, and he told me that the CIA did it” There was also evidence that was clearly doctored which tried to link the MLK murder with the JFK murder. The secret Raoul allegation has never been confirmed by anyone. There likely was no Raoul. Even if you don’t buy the Reno report, at least read it for a different
      perspective. I can buy the idea that Ray had help, but I don’t accept
      that he didn’t do it.

  18. scgator2001 says:


    There is a way to PROVE that a conspiracy killed JFK. The YOUTUBE Video shows how the book did that. Americans will probably not believe that until someone else tells them. The brainwashing has been that good.

  19. sgtdoom says:

    Bravo, Mr. B., bravo!
    There’s simply far too much factual evidence, not the crapola from the Warren Commission Report, which only a stalwart few have ever actually read, and therefore know it to be a complete attempt at fiction: it states that Lee Oswald was either trained in aviation electronics OR air traffic control OR a linguist at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey (Rankin’s interview)?

    And let us never forget the SIXTY-FOUR witnesses in Dallas who claimed they heard multiple shots originating from the Grassy Knoll area!

    And anyone who has bothered to look into the RFK assassination realizes it is both rife with misinformation and information never conveyed, plus all those connections between Thane Cesar (part-time security guard, full-time employee in the classified section at Lockheed, whence was in the vicinity where the medical examiner placed the originating point of the kill shots — and the faux “mystery witness” — Valerie Schulte, who would not only not even be close to the multiple witness-described “mystery witness in the polka dot dress” — but her aunt and uncle worked in the very same classified area at Lockheed as Thane Cesar, plus her father worked on a contract with Lockheed at the Technicolor Corporation, plus the fact that the head of Lockheed’s security was the former personal Secret Service bodyguard to Vice President Nixon, who would leave the US Secret Servic to take that job at Lockheed, only to leave there for Nixon’s presidential campaign after the RFK murder, and the extraordinary coincidence that Ms. Schulte became the legal counsel for the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) during the time of the super-consolidation of the corporate media and their signing on to the News Corporation’s Supreme Court cases in favor of fictionalizing the news!

  20. Chizzlin' Sam says:

    Looking forward to Belzer’s new book and Roger Stone’s…I guess Stone claims inside knowledge of LBJ asking Nixon to hire Jack Ruby in 1947–which he says is when Ruby moved from Chicago to Dallas…the story gels with Madeleine Brown’s account of meeting Ruby in Dallas at a shopping mall in 1952–through one of LBJ’s attorneys…we also know that Ruby did work as an informer for Nixon and testified before the HUAC in 1947…
    it would also cast a shadow on GHW Bush as being the guy in the somewhat grainy photo with a huge likeness of a young GHW Bush–especially since his dad knew Nixon!!! That quote of GHW Bush “sh8tting bricks” during Watergate when receiving a message from Nixon comes a bit into focus too…GHW Bush is also slightly pegged by Deputy Sheriff Roger Craig who gave Jim Garrison info that 12 people were arrested (and released) in Dealey Plaza on 11-22-63 including one who was “an independent oil man from Houston.”

    Hopefully we will know the TRUTH someday SOON!!!

    • sgtdoom says:

      And we know Jacob Rubenstein (a k a Jack Ruby) worked as an investigator for Rep. Richard Nixon of the House Committee on Un-American Activities in Chicago due to a declassified memo from the FBI in response to a background criminal check on Rubenstein.

  21. Kevin says:

    Perfect timing:


    Friday, May 10, 2013
    Richard Belzer on the Mysterous Deaths Surrounding the JFK Assasination

    Richard Belzer, best known for his work on “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,” has teamed up with journalist David Wayne to explore some of the deaths surrounding Kennedy’s assassination.

    • sgtdoom says:

      Haven’t listend to it yet, but thanks a lot for the link (and the top graphic link as well, Orangutan, but I recall two of the most famous reporters, Dorothy Kilgallen (her death reported as a suicide even though the autopsy report indicated poisoning — she had just completed a series of interviews with Jack Ruby, and stated she was about to break the story of the century) and Larry Stern, who also believed he knew the people who ordered the assassination, and had started a book on the subject before his untimely death in Martha’s Vineyard.

    • Chizzlin' Sam says:

      listen to what Belzer says about Allan Dulles!!!!

  22. itsjustaride says:

    Gerald Posner is quite the strange fellow, and probably an agent of disinformation, much like Bob Woodward (as Russ wrote about extensively in ‘Family of Secrets’). I am also curious about Mark Lane as he represented Posner a few years ago in preparing litigation against the Miami New Times after they published accusations of Posner being a serial plagiarist. The two obviously have completely opposing views on Oswald/James Earl Ray and the JFK/MLK assassinations, which makes their teaming up strange to say the least.

    Lane also represented Jim Jones and the People’s Temple for a few months before the massacre; both men were alleging that that there was a grand conspiracy by US intelligence agencies to undermine the People’s Temple because of its radical politics. He was at the Jonestown camp when the tragedy unfolded, but ultimately survived and wrote a book about his perspectives on what happened, titled ‘The Strongest Poison.’ He reported hearing automatic weapons being fired and concluded that US forces were murdering the remaining people that had not drank the cyanide-laced Kool Aid. The whole massacre is unbelievably complicated and difficult to sort out what exactly happened and why. In my opinion, I think Lane was missing a key piece to this whole puzzle: Jim Jones seems to have had a long association with US intelligence agents/agencies. Many have also speculated that Jonestown may have been some sort of government mind-control experiment.

    I really don’t know what to make of any of this. Does anybody have some sort of well-informed speculation on Lane, Posner, or Jonestown?

    • JED says:

      Thanks for this question.
      I’ve always wondered why Mark Lane was at Jonestown. It seems for a time he was the lone voice of reason and doubt when it came to JFK/Warren Comm. That’s why it is strange to hear he was at Jonestown and now a connection to Posner…?!
      I didn’t read his book but are you saying he didn’t think J.Jones was a dangerous psychopath? Maybe he did and still thought he could help. It seems that the majority of victims were murdered – shot and there is no good explanations for this.
      Another “lone nut”(Jones) story does not wash.

  23. Guest says:

    If you want to know the truth about the JFK assassination, here it is:

    After the Bay of Pigs, the Berlin Wall, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Limited Test Ban Treaty, the Peace Speech, the orders to withdraw troops from Vietnam, etc., America’s national security leaders, who had run foreign policy since WWII, decided to get rid of President Kennedy.

    In early 1963, President Kennedy — in an effort to cut the CIA leadership and the Joint Chiefs out of the loop — handed all responsibility for covert operations in Cuba to Army Secretary Cyrus Vance (a civilian). Army Colonel Alexander Haig became Secretary Vance’s liaison to the Cuban Brigade. The Cuban Brigade was the army of Cuban exiles who carried out the Bay of Pigs operation in 1961.

    The official version of Haig’s service under Vance says he provided social services for the Cuban Brigade members. (He provided them with employment and educational opportunities.) But this is just a cover story. In reality, Haig was an intelligence officer. His duty was to train the Cuban Brigade members to oust Fidel Castro. Yes, that’s right, Al Haig wasn’t really a social worker. Surprise, surprise!

    But here’s the thing: In addition to training the Brigade members to oust Fidel Castro, Haig trained a select few of them to oust President Kennedy.

    Here’s the other thing: Every stage of the operation was supervised and funded by Attorney General Bobby Kennedy, right down to the creating of a legacy for the patsy, Lee Oswald. Oswald was evidently supposed to travel to Cuba to play a peripheral role in the anti-Castro coup plan. Bobby Kennedy unwittingly had a hand in almost every aspect his own brother’s assassination.

    Because the 1963 plot to oust Castro was an ultra-secret operation, so is the plot they used to murder President Kennedy. The two plots are one in the same. In other words, the truth about the John F. Kennedy assassination is still, to this very day, buried beneath the plot to oust Fidel Castro. (For those of you familiar with this subject matter, Lamar Waldron and Thom Hartmann refer to the secret plot to oust Castro as the “Almeida coup plan,” but they don’t understand that the plot was actually used to kill Kennedy.)

    Howard Hunt had recruited the Cuban Brigade members for the CIA dating back to 1959. When Vance put Haig in charge of the Cuban Brigade in 1963, he also put him in charge of Hunt. But Hunt, like Haig, had turned against the President.

    When Hunt was linked to the Watergate break-in in 1972, all hell broke loose. By then, Haig had become a top aide to President Nixon. And all or most of the Watergate burglars had worked with or for Haig and Hunt in 1963, some of them on the plot to murder President Kennedy. This is what Watergate was really about.

    With the help of fake journalists like Bob Woodward, Haig led all of the attention away from Hunt and the CIA and towards Richard Nixon’s Reelection Committee (or CREEP).

    In the end, Haig forced Nixon out, and Ford issued an all-encompassing pardon that took all of the attention off Haig and his fellow assassins.

    That’s really all there is to it. But if you want to know more, read my book, Against Them: How & Why Alexander Haig, Bob Woodward, Donald Rumsfeld, & Richard Cheney Covered Up the JFK Assassination in the Wake of the Watergate Break-In:


    Or, if it’s easier for you to believe that Alexander Haig was a social worker to the Cuban Brigade, that’s cool too.

    Sorry about taking up so much space. I won’t do it again.


    • Chizzlin' Sam says:

      WOW…I got chills when I read in a book that Bobby screamed “I killed my own brother” at his office…but the book gave no further explanation why Bobby screamed.

    • Matt Prather says:

      actually — there is some (if little) substance to this

      JFK and RFK may have been working on their own plan to do the (nefarious?) deed of regime change in Castro’s Cuba — JFK could accept the cloak-and-dagger stuff, but only if he was the one in command

      in aid of this plan, Lee Oswald was acutally part of an anti-Castro operation or plan that RFK was directing through his contacts and authority

      *imagine the pain and frustration that RFK must have felt when he found out that JFK had been killed by elements of their own secret operation*

      (more experienced cloak-and-dagger spooks ran circles around JFK-RFK and they couldn’t say “boo” without opening up a can of hypocritical and illegal worms)

      does Mary Ferrell dot Org agree?

    • sgtdoom says:

      The BaY of Pigs plan originated within the Eisenhower administration, with the planning group including VP Nixon and Eisenhower’s SecDef, etc. JFK cut out the proposed assassination of Castro, and significantly cut back on any military support from the USA. Later, he would reimburse Castro for the actions of the CIA in sabotaging Cuban sugar shipments. You are dealing in misinformation, my friend.

  24. Kevin says:

    Shared on the DailyPaul. Love your work Russ (and am a donor). One small request – any chance you can make the headlines text instead of an image. I tried copying “JFK-RFK-MLK??? The Questions Remain” but it doesn’t let me. I had to type it out. Again it’s no big deal (only a small inconvenience) but it definitely makes it easier to post to social networking sites when you can just copy the text.

    • Russ says:

      Headline actually IS text. You’ve got to put your cursor right at the beginning of the line to highlight it.

  25. Matt Prather says:

    shared with everything but Facebook — I figure everyone else I know has got that one…