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Outside the Box Video Series: The Men Who Killed Kennedy

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The Men Who Killed Kennedy is a documentary in nine episodes that reviews the evidence behind the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Drawing on research by experts and scholars, the film details serious flaws in the official narrative as laid out by the Warren Commission, and investigates the multitude of evidence that there was in fact a conspiracy to kill the president on that fateful November day.

The Men Who Killed Kennedy began in 1988 as a two-episode documentary that, along with several later installments, was well received until 2003 – when the final segment appeared, containing the charge that Lyndon Johnson was directly implicated in the assassination. Two former presidents, LBJ’s widow, and intrepid journalist and former Johnson aide Bill Moyers threatened legal action against The History Channel’s parent company, Arts & Entertainment (A&E). As a result, The History Channel aired a 2004 panel discussion in which the final three episodes of the series were deemed not credible, a finding that eventually led A&E to withdraw the entire documentary from syndication.

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13 responses to “Outside the Box Video Series: The Men Who Killed Kennedy”

  1. Avatar gman992 says:

    Did you know that the people who put this movie together was sued for libel because of it?

  2. Avatar Chizzlin' Sam says:

    How did the driver of JFK’s limo explain the vehicle SLOWING DOWN–aren’t the drivers trained to FLOOR IT if they hear anything that even sounds like a gunshot? In fact, he slowed down to almost a dead stop because one of the four SS agents from the following car was able to run up and jump on the back rail to assist Jackie as she picked up JFK’s brain tissue/skull off the trunk.
    I think LBJ had a coup d’etat with some Black Op friends, then he had his neighbor J. Edgar Hoover cover it up. The Warren Commission was a JOKE–why didn’t they even speak with the witnesses who were closest to JFK’s limo give testimony? Where did the film go that was confiscated from civilians in Dealey Plaza go?
    I could go ON and ON–but the REAL question is: what action can we take to FORCE the government to RELEASE THE FILES???
    They have treated “We, the People” like SERFS who don’t deserve to know the truth about our own history–even 50 years later.

  3. Avatar tony bonn says:

    for the most part tmwkk was a pile of disinformation rubbish, but the allegation that lbj was a collaborator with the conspirators is credible and true. tha the lady protesteth too much helps corroborate the charge.
    however, lbj was small potatoes….the rockefeller nazis were the masterminds who marshalled a coalition of the willing, including the powerful bush crime syndicate, culled from the military industrial complex, to murder a president. it was way too big and too complicated even for johnson….

  4. Avatar Orangutan. says:

    JFK: Will We Ever Know the Truth? | Interview with Russ Baker

  5. Avatar Orangutan. says:

    Excellent interview with James Douglass:

    ‘And I don’t think it’s a question of somebody having to mastermind a
    plot; Fletcher Prouty describes the process wherein Allen Dulles is
    putting people in all these key positions year after year after year,
    whether it’s Secret Service or the White House—McGeorge Bundy for that matter is on record for having been working for the CIA when he was a dean at Harvard—so this isn’t very mysterious. When it comes time to stop all of this, they’re all working together. It’s a consensus decision. And for those at lower levels, it’s just overwhelming.’


  6. Avatar Whiznot says:

    “The Men Who Killed Kennedy” was a production of British TV. I’ve viewed the entire 9 episodes which were available as DVDs at my local library. There was one fact that astounded me. A perfect sniper position existed on the grassy knoll side of the road in the form of a roadside sewer where a man could fire standing up and be completed hidden. The sewer passage way led away from Dealy Plaza and was so large that a man could walk standing upright for a perfect escape.

    • Avatar Snazbot says:

      It was obvious that the kill shot came from the front right hand side and not the back, even the other guy in the car with him peeps up as if to signal, he’s not dead take another shot.

      The drain theory does look very possible but the man in the car looked like his was signalling to someone to the right of him up front and up higher than road level.

    • Avatar Whiznot says:

      This week Rachel Maddow had a gun control segment where she made the factual claim that Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK. Look for more and more media lies to try to counteract increasingly widespread information of CIA connections to Oswald, de Mohrenschildt and the Paines.

  7. Avatar Orangutan. says:

    I wonder the accuracy of this reporting…

    Six weeks before JFK was murdered in Dallas, his Secret Service driver Tom Shipman died of a sudden heart attack in Camp David. This made room for William Greer. Greer didn’t accelerate the limousine after the first shot, instead he slowed the car down.

    I know that fool slowed the car down for the fatal shot…

  8. Avatar John Anngeister says:

    I didn’t know this series existed, so thank you.

    I was raising a family 1886-2003 but still I consider myself an informed progressive and had done plenty of reading about JFK and yet the great stonewall managed to keep me from finding this astonishing digest of evidence.

    Russ, have you seen the 10-part series of clips (90 minute total) of attorney William Pepper’s “summary of evidence” for the jury of the MLK wrongful death civil trial of Dec 1999? Another shocker, in my opinion.
    And I see the US Justice Dept is featuring a very shabby, unprofessional attack on the credibility of Pepper’s chief witness, a man who was scared to death for his life for 30 years and finally decided to come forward. Like many of the people on this JFK series.

    • Avatar CD67 says:

      Man, it took a while to raise that family of yours! ; ) Jokes aside, thanks for the link Russ.

  9. Avatar Orangutan. says:

    These, along with Russ Baker’s book, are the best resources I know of concerning the JFK coup.

    The Men Who Killed Kennedy ~ The Guilty Men

    Evidence of Revision ~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9gBxMJFQd04

    Thanks for adding to this knowledge with “Family of Secrets”!!