The NY Times’ Ostrich Act on JFK Assassination Getting Old

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Despite overwhelming contrary evidence, Oswald still labeled “leftist”

Nobody’s perfect. But it’s hard to think of anything as unworthy of a high-quality journalistic institution as the New York Times’ decades-long determination to never, ever, find any reason to question the original story spun by the Warren Commission on the JFK assassination. No matter how much new evidence has come out to the contrary.

It reminds a bit of the forever-blinkered character Sgt. Schultz on the old tv show Hogan’s Heroes (“I see NUUU-singg”—here’s a good clip, watch first minute or so…)

Ask any reporter, privately, what he or she thinks on this issue. Putting aside those who will demur on the basis of not having read widely on the topic (a surprisingly large number), you’ll find most believing that the “lone nut” or “Leftist loner” narratives about Oswald are utter junk. This would certainly apply in the New York Times newsroom.

And yet just the other day, there was this obituary. It’s about Warren Leslie, a Dallas reporter who wrote a book on right-wing animosity toward JFK in Dallas at the time of the assassination. Yet, skip down to paragraph 17, and you have this contradictory little morsel:

the lone suspect in the assassination, Lee Harvey Oswald, far from being a right-winger, was an ardent leftist with Communist sympathies.

It’s just neatly slipped in as if it’s an uncontested fact, like the day’s sports scores.

Why take this angle? I called and e-mailed the obituary writer, Times staffer Dennis Hevesi, to ask him, but did not hear back by the time this was posted. In any case, it’s unfair to single Hevesi out, since this has been a long-standing Times policy on the matter.

Indeed, the obituary was typical of The Times’ way of handling the subject—every so often, run a kind of “curiosity” piece about some reporter or character, but then subtly undercut their findings.

Take the paper’s coverage of former Washington Post reporter and author Jefferson Morley’s ongoing research on Oswald, which again points toward Oswald not being a “leftist sympathizer” or Communist agent at all. The Times article, generally sympathetic toward Morley, actually began with the following disclaimer, which essentially contradicted the article’s thrust:

“Is the Central Intelligence Agency covering up some dark secret about the assassination of John F. Kennedy? Probably not.”

We have to wonder if that opening nullifier was dictated from on high. After all, though Scott Shane, who wrote that piece, called Morley’s reporting “meticulous,” for some reason the article never provides the name of Morley’s book (“Our Man in Mexico”) nor provides a link to it, but quotes the main “no-conspiracy” author, and cites the name of his book instead.

There are literally hundreds of interesting, often excellent books on the JFK assassination. The vast majority of those written by serious researchers and scholars, and backed by extensive documentation and footnotes, come down on the side of Oswald having been recruited years earlier to do covert work for US government entities—with the “left-winger” story serving as constructed cover until his untimely demise.

I myself ran into the depth of the subterfuge and the institutional resistance to disturbing revelations while researching the Bush family’s past for my investigative history, Family of Secrets. I learned, for example, of George H.W. Bush’s secret intelligence connections, which preceded his CIA directorship by several decades. I learned that the elder Bush had a lifelong friendship with a Dallas-based Russian émigré (anti-communist) oil and intelligence operative named George de Mohrenschildt—who himself was of intense if passing interest to the Warren Commission. And I learned that de Mohrenschildt had essentially guided Oswald for a good part of the year before the assassination.

There’s paperwork on all this, even a letter on the topic of Oswald from de Mohrenschildt to Bush, with Bush’s reply. Plus connections between de Mohrenschildt and right-wing Dallas moguls of exactly the sort that the late Mr. Leslie wrote about more generally.

Nothing on this Oswald-de Mohrenschildt-Bush connection has ever been mentioned by The Times (save a one-sentence pooh-pooh in the paper by the late establishment historian Stephen Ambrose in 1992.) However, The Times did cover de Mohrenschildt’s suicide, shortly after his final correspondence with Bush and shortly before he was expected to testify before the new House Select Committee on Assassinations.

Speaking of which, The Times rarely reminds readers that the House committee itself concluded that Kennedy’s death was probably the result of an elaborate conspiracy (i.e., it was not a “loner” operation), but with no Soviet or Cuban government involvement.

How to explain this see-no-evil act? There are many reasons that news organizations will not tell the whole story, or fudge what could be revealed. Whatever is behind this shameful failure, reporters and editors know that the JFK assassination is just “too hot to handle,” that it is a kind of electrified third rail that can destroy a journalism career.  But even well-founded fear—of being ridiculed, marginalized, demoted, or otherwise penalized—is no justification for this unrelenting pattern of behavior at an institution that promotes itself as a “paper of record.”

Anyone who calls him- or herself a journalist must be willing to take risks for the truth. After all, if the public can’t count on journalists to get it right on the big stories, why should they trust us on the rest? And if journalism can’t be trusted, democracy is on a slippery slope.

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0 responses to “The NY Times’ Ostrich Act on JFK Assassination Getting Old”

  1. Deep Throat2 says:

    Since 1978, I tried in vain to truly find out the Nelson Onate connection on a second person killing the Kennedys. An Ellis Unit Texas Death Row inmate actually claimed this is the man responsible and chuckled a deep eerie haunting laugh after saying such and swore it the truth.
    What I learned-US Olympic Committee said he just strangely disappeared off the face of the earth and had no pic. Senator Ted Kennedy never returned mail sent to him on this matter. I have never ever been able to locate a single picture of Nelson Onate so his face could be scanned through the crowd at both assassination site’s film and pictures. Cuba and Russia had the most to gain by killing both Kennedys. Kennedy wanted out of South Vietnam and Russia knew that we would be bogged down in a messy war there if he was killed. Why have we never ever resumed diplomatic relations with Cuba if there wasn’t some truth in the Nelson Onate/Kennedy Deaths connection?

    • therealjeaniebeanie says:

      LBJ arguably had the most to gain, followed closely by the CIA and Poppy Bush. I highly, highly recommend Family of Secrets to explain it all. Very well documented.

  2. refyjef says:

    Bill O’Reilly in his book “Killing Kennedy” claims that he was outside George DeMohrenschildt’s door about to interview him for a Dallas TV station and actually heard the shotgun blast of the suicide. Needless to say this claim does not fit with the official story of that event…

  3. Guest says:

    I called Joe McQaid, Publisher and Editor in Chief of the Union Leader in New Hampshire and just mentioned some of the declassified documents and asked him if he had seen them.   He told me he wouldn’t listen to me.  And frankly, there was fear in his voice.  Not fear of being eliminated by a government hitman or something but fear that he wasn’t the groundbreaking journalist everyone was telling him he was.
    They are all cowards.

  4. david t. krall says:

    david t.krall
    re:jfk assassination, Robert Caro’s new book on LBJ is quite illuminating for as much of what it doesn’t state is almost as interstesting as what it does confirm.  Obvioulsy Caro can’t really
    say what he may really feel as he would lose all his access to Presidential Libraries, associates, not mention  a possible law suit
    and attack from “sanctioned media lap-dogs /lone-nut dobermans”.
    At times, many times throughout his  latest tome on LBJ, Caro is quite
    blunt in stating how conniving, manipulative, very passive-aggressive
    and hell bent in a very compulsive-obessive 24 hour a day frame of mind in becoming President and maintainting his WH occupancy.
    In any normal investigation if someone takes a major / lower
    position from their current job/stature and takes an abnormal route to become top dog in a large company and his staff, at his request
    does a study to find out how many company heads prior to current
    one,  had died/and -or murdered  while on the job, and then openly
    brags that he, himslf “is a gamblin man”…JFK 43 years old in summer
    of  1960. With talk like that, LBJ should have been  suspect numero uno !  All my cuurent research leads to me to believe that LBJ
    was doing a “death’s dance” with jfk since 1959 or 1960. with Nixon
    “watching from a distance”, LBJ probably
    felt “this guy is gonna need me…he’s total lightweight….'” but that still
    doesn’t explain WHY he took the vp /2nd spot with JFK .  Keep in mind LBJ by 1960 was very,very well connected, very experienced,
    extremely savvy and in his own domain, powerful and influencial.
    Let’s look at what he gave up: various committtees, a powerful
    position as Senate Majority Leader ( by some standards an “assistant
    president” as perceived by some), several senate patrons, allies
    and friends –peers….). He was literally a baron. His chief ally
    REP.- SAM RAYBURN. If LBJ really thought that JFK was going to
    screw up as pres., assuming he would have been elected without LBJ
    (Jackson?or Symington?as VP?), LBJ could have easily retained
    his senate seat and position and acted as if he was working with
    JFK (& RFK) all the while toying with him day in and day out almost as a peer from  his senate pulpit…his own pulpit….One can easliy see
    this scenario if JFK won and LBJ was not his vp. As I mentioned
    Rayburn, his close friend also from TX, was House Speaker at this time.  (rayburn would pass away due to illness later in 1961).
    LBJ cultivated many military, intelligence, legal, business, financial,  politcal, diplomatic heavy weights and not so heavy weights from his time in the  House and later more importantly in the Senate. LBJ was on & chaired , just name a few, the Sentate Preparedness Committee and the committee which studied and oversaw rockets, satellites and space  (the precursor to NASA). If LBJ thought that JFK would
    scew up enough that he, himself, should be a Heart-beat away
    it had to be for one reason and one reason only: to be and wanting  to be a heart beat away, the heart of the guy whose job you covet has to stop  !!!! If JFK messed up politically, if would have been better
    to await for democrats to come crawling to him, as an independent
    Senator, from an independent power base to clean up after JFK, for the 1964 election.  LBJ was biding his vp  Remember, LBJ still
    retained his senate seat/postion UNTIL/if -when the DEM’s won.
    It still staggers me as to why LBJ took such big chance at such an obvious step down!!!! It can only be answered by how history would
    play itself out….”I’m a gamblin man”……..
    LBJ invloved in 11/22/63? the plot was sophisticated enough to give
    LBJ and his closest overt associates “plausible deniability” to
    cover his tracks…he may have been a witting enabler and, as some say a faciliatator, to some degree, Close to 11/22/63 He was almost claiming, in my opinion  to be speaking for the President, and at other times, for all intents purposes ACTING AS PRESIDENT  well before JFK”s demise.
    How involved?: Those  inter/intra connected associates who knew
    him well, who  most assuredly were involved, with many others  in the plot,  “protected” him; they knew and correctly trusted and surmised that he would know just the right stride and measured hand to apply when JFK’s heart stopped beating; one heart beat away – “I’m a gamblin man” was now THE HEART BEAT of the country and the world. In my view LBJ realized that JFK was viewd as a light weight not just by him but by cronies and many others who felt that “some type of action” was needed…..Is it not possible, that from the view of the network- some upper strata plotters, possibly including LBJ, that
    JFK’s duties as president and views were affected and effected
    by his medical background???  This kind of data, as was much else, 
    was undoubtedly accessible to the upper level plotters to use 
    as one of many ruses, to get others to join their enterprise, and
    “throw their hats in the ring”.  
     Like Caesar, JFK was stepping on too many toes….
    and those toes were all connected…..
    David T. Krall

  5. david t. krall says:

    regardind the jfk assassination….as someone who was studied this
    subjest matter since  1973, one must first realize that in any country/
    city-estate-nation/culture. there has alweays been & there will always be (“deep”) schisms and disagreements over how a country should be run and ruled. One can simply look to the Bible, or any similar religious tome or even any set of encyclopedias and see that any
    planned war, invasion, battle, murder, usurpation (from within or
    without) is planned in secret. When it comes to the (literal)  lives of
    armies, nations and kings or queens, advertising your intentions for
    or to mortal enemies is not advised. This was as true for those planning Julius Ceasar’s murder, the intricate planning of the Pearl Harbor attack by the Japanese military and their corporate allies
    in the 1930’s and 1940’s, and the simutaneous covert and overt
    agenda of destruction of the Japanese Parliment, labor leaders,
    anti-war politicians, journalists, etc….the same tools would be applied
    by Hitler and his henchmen in Germany and Stalin and his henchmen
    against the fragile Weimar republic and The equally fragile Kerenski
    Regime. The eco/ financial climate was ripe and ominous and certainly was a factor. Events shape man and man shapes events.
    For those for display nausua and some bizarre phobia toward hi-levels of corruption, collusion, graft, bribery, extortion and muder
    eminating to and/or from/ between competing counter power
    blocs (blocs or enclaves usually have inter or intra -dedependent   
    interests who have formed  some type of consensus or “understanding”) ask those who lived, suvived or their offsrping
    of those who lived or perished within the hell of Nazism or
    Stalinism. There’s a reason Stalin purged his army at least 3 times.
    Hitler hesitated, and almost paid with his life, several times, the
    last being on 7/20/44 at apprx. 12:30. Dozens field marshals were
    involved as well as theologians, social activists, business leaders,
    clergy and many, many others of slight and lesser rank within
    these and other sectors who tried in vain to kill a monster
    and most/some of his top advisors.  Something similar applied to Mao in China against Lin Bao from apprx 1967 to late 1971. Large elements of Chinese Army officers and like minded anti-Maoists in the Party
    allied with Lin Bao and many other generals against Mao.
    Let’s no forget, one premier example of Stalin’s masterful stroke
    of preserving his power by having one of his greatest party rivals
    Sergie Kirov murdered by the KGG (NKVD) and Stalin ingeniously
    blaming his own/other enemies of Kirov’s and giving Kirov a state
    funeral.  Hitler did the same thing to Gen. Rommel !  He him killed
    and like Stalin, for domestic consumption and propaganda gave him
    also a 5 star state funeral. At JFK’s funeral, the secret service was
    terrified that a anti-Gaullist assassin, part of the large network  (at the time) might kill the French President as he was saying farwell to JFK.

    The thirst for power between competing power bloc operating under the “surface” of the day to day politics doesn’t appear to stop at the
    “waters edge” or borders of any nation.  2 final thoughts:
    1)If the whole  aspect of CONSPIRACY is so outlandish and treated as
    some phobia to be ignored, why is it such major catagory and  cardinal rule in criminal investigation??? Then is it a such a major
    commandment in criminal law???
    2) How does one think all of the Founding Fathers and their supportors, allies, and Colonial Militia/Military counter-parts
    were viewed and portrayed by the powers-that-be in England,
    A truly powerful  country, a true empire.  THEY WERE VIEWED AS
    (rights of man vs divine right of kings!!!! this was radical stuff
    that GB had wipe out!!! They didn’t give up until the War of 1812…

    David T. Krall

  6. david t. krall says:

    great article !!! I have & read your book, “Family Of Secrets” regarding
    the “deep” connections of the Bush Family….Added it to my research
    library.  I put “lone-nutters” in the same catagory as those who one
    believed the world was flat ! Remeber Coperncus and Gallileo were
    ridiculed and condemned, even when the truth was there, right in front of their accussors, persecutors and “state-establishment”
    prosecutors and their sponsors and backers. The Wright Brothers
    and others like them were once ridiculed (Edison, Graham Bell, etc..)
    Let’s not forget the Dreyfuss Affair in France. There are people who
    actually & truly belived that Hitler and/or Stalin were good leaders
    of their countries’ . Lone-nut theorist are like ancient religious
    absolutists.  They will never-ever  deviate from their deeply held /self
    invested perspectives. They have chosen to stay intellectually and
    coginatively blind and ignorant of any new information and scientific
    data. I once witnessed Arlen Spector brag at a town hall meeting here
    once on Phila. that he used to bring a copy of the Warren Report
    with him at Eagles, Phillies or 76’ers games to answer/respond/retort
    to any questions someone would have about the JFK murder. I don’t
    know if this was just to impress/”psychologically digging his heals” in
    anticipation of the questions from the audience.   Regardless, the
    fact that he stated that he repeatedly would do this, allows
    me to envision / imagine him wearing Puritan Clothing  or
    or akin to some anceint prophet / sage or “Absolutist”, flaing a holy
    script or  scroll, and ignoring any current facts. “Here no evil,
    see no evil…) Ignoring truth is not couragous…neither is switching
    political parties near or in the middle of a primary campaign, instead of facing defeat in his own party, inorder to attempt to maintain his Senate Seat. Such an attempt at politcal cannabalism shows nothing more than man with no respect for the electorate and an insult to
    the the men he was going to run against and who he (justifiably)
    lost to…I wonder If he mentioned himself in his own book as a cannibal-wanna be…(excuse my spelling !), who tried to ‘play’ the voters, his opponents and the poltical system. No Scruples, “No
    Conspiracy” and No Modesty….

    David T. Krall

  7. DanM says:

    Did GHWB ever show His birth papers?  My understanding is that he is not even legal.  Curious, George?

  8. Danlcollett says:

    Oh yeah, take it further! Open up the Bush family’s wealth and money spent and imprison these folks for crimes against humanity!

  9. Getkin says:

    Have we come full circle?
    “…these are people who feel that their greatest enemy is not the Soviet Union or Communist China, but the government of the United States.”
    “…They feel that their worst enemies are other americans who disagree with them. They are not equipped to deal with contradictory evidence, when it appears, they boo and hiss to make it go away.”
    Warren Leslie, describing the extreme right wing tendencies of many prominent and powerful figures in the city of Dallas, in his book on same city, published four months after the assassination of President Kennedy. 

  10. Fitzlight says:

    We all really know that JFK was killed by those wanted the Vietnam war to continue and even become bigger and the only way that could happen is for JFK to be taken out of the picture. The sad thing is that those who are guilty of his murder, such as George W. Bush Sr. will never be made to pay for JFK’s death.

  11. Tcw says:

    You believers in conspiracy are living in a fantasy of tantalizing intangibles  

    • Jmlicari says:

      Would you care to elaborate?

    • Guest says:

      He doesn’t need to elaborate. He’s the Great Oz. His pronouncements are law.

    • Guest says:

      You mean the intangible magic bullet that left intangible fragments inside of Connelly while remaining intangibly pristine? Or perhaps you mean the intangible 6 unsilenced shots recorded on the intangible dictaphone tape? Or perhaps you mean the supposedly intangible behavior of Oswald in only filling his clip half full and not bothering to shoot at Kennedy as he came down Houston St directly towards him? Or perhaps you mean the intangible limousine stop seen by every witness who was paying attention and not running for their lives. Or perhaps you mean the intangible witnesses who saw Oswald on the 2nd Floor when he was supposedly shooting the president? Then again, you may mean the intangible witnesses who came down the stairs after Oswald supposedly shot the president and, intangibly, saw nothing out of the ordinary. I could go on, but it’s clear that you are either willfully ignorant or you are a stooge. Tangibly so.

    • therealjeaniebeanie says:

      I advise you to read Family of Secrets before you make assumptions about this issue.

  12. Jbrown says:

    I was a TDC guard in 1978 and working on Death Row.  I was told Nelson Onate was the second shooter on both Kennedy Boys sent by Castro…he was the only passenger on the plane going to Cuba within 48 hours of the first killing.  Who is he?  He was in the top ten finishers in the the Mexico Olympics in the free style pistol shoot…A mafiaso hitman told me this.  I wrote Senator Ted Kennedy twice about this and never got a reply…you can try but Cuba’s door is closed on the matter…

    • Jbrown says:

      I also talked to a US Customs Agent who talked to Lee Harvery Oswald as he walked out of the Mexican Desert and into a US Customs Warehouse at El Paso Texas malnurished and dehydrated….he then went his own way…and into the history books

    • Randolphpolasek says:

      You maybe on to something there…but the shooters were only pawns to those behind the assassination and taking back control of America as they had before President FDR. READ: Powers Behind JFK Assassination Expanded Edition to know the entire truth of JFK’s assassination.

    • therealjeaniebeanie says:

      I agree. The exact identity of the shooters is of little real importance, just interesting details.

  13. Beastnow2010 says:

    LBJ killed JFK

    • Randolphpolasek says:

      LBJ knew about it and went along with it, but LBJ had no experience of setting up assassins.  By knowing about the “hit,” LBJ would be involved, but a far bigger motive and details to the assassination is in the best selling book: Powers Behind JFK Assassination Expanded Edition.

  14. tom mcdonald says:

    former us district attorney jim garrison probably summarized it best in his excellent book … ‘on the trail of the assassins’ …

    as i read it … the assassination of jfk was a coup de etat …
    plotted and carried out by the cia …
    facilitated by the secret service …
    and covered up by the fbi …

    we may never know ‘who’ shot jfk …
    but, based upon the evidence the late mr garrison presents …
    lee harvey oswald did not …

    and, remembering my initial negative reaction to attorney garrison’s pursuit of the truth … and now having read his account of that pursuit …
    the fbi does many things well … but one thing it does very well to anyone with an opposing view is … character assassination …

    • Randolphpolasek says:

      I agree with the summary of Garrison, but the people who had influence over all three agencies where the people who authorized and ordered the “hit” as explained in historical detail in a bbest selling book now sold in over 25 countries in English, German and Spanish entitled: Powers Behind JFK Assassination Expanded Edition.

  15. Guest says:

    First time visiting the site, this is an excellent piece. Full and succinct, just my kind of writing.

    • Randolphpolasek says:

      …but the shooters were only pawns to those behind the assassination and taking back control of America as they had before President FDR. READ: Powers Behind JFK Assassination Expanded Edition to know the entire truth of JFK’s assassination.     

  16. Guraday says:

    you attenuate your credibility by being plugged by any of LBJ’s people (e.g. Bill Moyers).

    • Randolphpolasek says:

      …but the shooters were only pawns to those behind the assassination and taking back control of America as they had before President FDR. READ: Powers Behind JFK Assassination Expanded Edition to know the entire truth of JFK’s assassination.     

  17. jessehemingway says:

    Executive Order 11130:“The purpose of the commission was to examine evidence developed by the FEDERAL BUREAU of INVESTIGATION (FBI) and any other additional evidence that may hereafter come to light or be uncovered by Federal or State authorities, to make such further investigation as the commission finds desirable, to evaluate all facts and circumstances surrounding such assassination, including the subsequent violent death of the man charged with the assassination, and report to me the findings and conclusions”

    See how easy it is to murder the President of the United States Executive Order 11130 was the directive to create the Warren Commission. This sentence sealed the deal for me “evidence developed by the FEDERAL BUREAU of INVESTIGATION (FBI)”Now you know how they got away with the murder of John F, Kennedy!!!!

    The book “Friendly on Holy Grounds: the Stockpile Conspiracy” is a non-fiction fact based road map of key United States politicians that were behind JFK’s murder.

    The link below is the 22nd Presidential news conference on January 31, 1962 JFK ordering the Senate investigation into a 3 billion dollar scam on the American taxpayers.
    Or google: Youtube
    “the 22nd Presidential news conference on January 31, 1962 JFK”


    • Randolphpolasek says:

      $3 billion is nothing conpared to what JFK was doing to some of the wealthiest people in the world, who ordered and paid for the “hit” on JFK, as explained in great detail in the best selling book now being sold in over 25 countries in English, German and Spanish entitled:  Powers Behind JFK Assassination Expanded Edition.

  18. srmark says:

    Agree 100%’s infuriating & disgusting the NY Times & nearly all MSM after 48 years and countless credible investigations STILL knowtowes to the MIC ‘powers that be’ and peddles the ‘lone nut’ narrative BS.  But thankfully, most folks, at least in terms of the JFK assassination, don’t buy our gov’t’s lies.  

    • Randolphpolasek says:

      …but the shooters were only pawns to those behind the assassination and taking back control of America as they had before President FDR. READ: Powers Behind JFK Assassination Expanded Edition to know the entire truth of JFK’s assassination.     

  19. Randolph Polasek says:

    very good point Suzan, which is covered in…to know the truth about the JFK Assassination, read: Powers Behind JFK Assassination Expanded Edition… the truth is shocking…now being sold in over 20 countries in English, Spanish and German.

  20. Jimbo says:

    One could easily substitute 911 for the JFK assassination in Russ’ article. Even where there is clear cut proof that 911 did not happen the way the government says it did, NYT reporters – and many others – assiduously avoid reporting it.   

    • tom mcdonald says:


      excellent analogy … JFK … WTC …

      same scenario … different day …

      3 lives lost the weekend of 11/22 …

      nearly 3,000 lost on 9/11 …

    • FishingAlot says:

      The comparison was that the goverment had something to do with both JFK and 911

  21. Gerrit Hendrik Schorel-Hlavka says:

    When I grew up as a child in The Netherlands and while I didn’t understand English then,  I was devastated to hear JFK was assessinbated. I knew nothing about USA politics but simply liked JFK. No USA president since ever gained my respect as such.  As an outsider I viewed the assessination was a planned one and stuill belieff this to be so and Oswald was the fall guy for it. If Americans stiull cannot face the gtruth and reality then no wonder so much is going wrong.

    • Randolphpolasek says:

      Good point Gerrit…to know the truth about the JFK Assassination, read: Powers Behind JFK Assassination Expanded Edition… the truth is shocking…now being sold in over 20 countries in English, Spanish and German.

  22. English_D says:

    GHWB was involved with JFK intervention as Sen McCain refers to Nov 22 1963. Historical  jobs creation strategy by the Clintons… create job openings and more work for the undertakers.  

    Suicides around the time of a testimony are consistent with puppet masters MO.  LBJ’s mistress  afraid of suicide as many of her friends allegedly committed suicide with 5 bullet holes to the head. The next time that you hear some key witness  died of a heart attack check this. 

    • Randolphpolasek says:

      You are right about the Bush crime family, for more on them in detail……but the shooters were only pawns to those behind the assassination and taking back control of America as they had before President FDR. READ: Powers Behind JFK Assassination Expanded Edition to know the entire truth of JFK’s assassination.     

    • FishingAlot says:

      dude you keep plugging that JFK book did you right it? English_D didn’t mention the shooters, he’s talking about people behind the pawns. 

  23. Alex_S says:

    Hey Russ, shouldn’t that be G.d.M.’s “ALLEGED suicide”? ;-)

    In another recent example, in the NYT and AP’s obits (the latter which at least made it into WaPo) of Parkland Hospital’s Dr. Malcolm Perry misquoted and distorted his testimony to cover the fact that ALL Parkland personnel who worked on JFK believed the neck wound to be a wound of entry. If I remember correctly, Perry briefly misspoke to the Warren Commission stating it was an exit wound but quickly corrected himself; apparently the NYT decided this misstatement was all they needed to secure his position in history as an anti-conspiracy witness, while the AP simply denied that he had an opinion on the source of the wound.

    • Randolphpolasek says:

      Good point Alex…to know the truth about the JFK Assassination, read: Powers Behind JFK Assassination Expanded Edition… the truth is shocking…now being sold in over 20 countries in English, Spanish and German.

  24. idealist707 says:

    OK, I haven’t read all the 100 books, nor  am I a specialist, nor obsessed by JFK.

    But looking at the lead phote showing the shooting of Oswald, it occurred
    to me that his killing was staged also.  He wasn’t shot, the blood bag was what
    oozed, his “corpse” was removed rapidly, a false autopsy performed, and a
    convenient body cremated according to his wife’s request—–or whatever.
    Sure he was a CIA tool, since before his time in USSR, and since his time in
    Mexico City with the CIA, etc.

    Who killed him?  Cross off the maffia et al  and Castro.
    It’s obvious: Military-industrial complex decision, coupled to the Fed, jointly
    done by CIA, FBI and Secret Service. 

    Reasons: retreat JFK proposed from Vietnam, JFK executive order 110 authorizing Treasury to start printing money which would put the Fed out of business,
    and of course his dislike for Pentagon-CIA complex after Bay of Pigs debacle.
    Lemnitzer’s Operation Northwood showed they were nuts at the Pentagon,
    and the FBI’s and CIA’s monolithic pushback and obstructionish had made him furious. 
    All speculation, but reasonable.

    • Thomprentice says:

      There is no fact or evidence let alone sources whatsoever cited or included in this post, which makes its central assertion not reasonable.

    • Claudius says:

      Except when they exhumed Oswald’s body, the dental patterns didn’t match the x-rays on record.

    • Claudius says:

      Correction, the X-rays did match, but the coffin had been broken in to, and it appeared the head had been substituted.

    • Randolphpolasek says:

      the facts are in the book……READ: Powers Behind JFK Assassination Expanded Edition to know the entire truth of JFK’s assassination.     

    • hankgeorge says:

      You are absolutely right. There were elements in the CIA and military that wanted Kennedy dead. Operation Northwood was their false-flag dream and Kennedy nixed it. Funny how whenever it is so obvious who stood to benefit most from Kennedy’s death, it winds up being the “lone gunman” ruse.

    • Randolphpolasek says:

      good points idealist707…to know the truth about the JFK Assassination, read: Powers Behind JFK Assassination Expanded Edition… the truth is shocking…now being sold in over 20 countries in English, Spanish and German.

    • Midwestern says:

      Dear @Randolphpolasek, PLEASE STOP reposting your dang book – it’s annoying and makes me NOT want to read it.  Jeez, give it a break, will’ya?  Please add commentary if need be, but not continuous book-plugging.  Thank you.

  25. paul says:

    Detective school 101: Who Benefits?, Motive, means…..

    One might look to then CIA director Allen Dulles….. Kennedy and Dulles hated each other…Kennedy has been reported as saying “I want to break up the CIA into a million splinters”…. 

    Now the means…. The proceeding decade the CIA was assassinating Government leaders world wide… What’s just one more??

    • Randolphpolasek says:

      Godd points Paul…to know the truth about the JFK Assassination, read: Powers Behind JFK Assassination Expanded Edition… the truth is shocking…now being sold in over 20 countries in English, Spanish and German.

  26. richardgrabman says:

    The thing that puzzles me is the attitude that says, all this has been investigated and there´s nothing more to investigate and people who keep investigating are all crackpots. Well, there obviously are a lot of crackpots but there are also serious investigators, too. What´s wrong with allowing them to keep looking? There is good reason to believe that the Warren Commission’s investigation was flawed and the congressional investigation in the 70s was cut short. As Jefferson Morley has noted, the public was immediately skeptical of the official version of events. That skepticism remains, even now.

    • Randolphpolasek says:

      Very true John…to know the truth about the JFK Assassination, read: Powers Behind JFK Assassination Expanded Edition… the truth is shocking…now being sold in over 20 countries in English, Spanish and German.

  27. WarDepartment says:

    Russ, I think one of the reason’s you’ve been so vilified for your outstanding book on the Bushes, “Family of Secrets,” is that you got too close to the thermonuclear truth that lies at the core of the JFK coverup: the role of the Israeli Mossad, America’s criminal Zionist underground, and prominent Zionist Jewish families  in Kennedy’s demise — in league with Christian Zionist ideologues and corrupt gentile opportunists like Lyndon Johnson and George H.W. Bush. (Similar to the “neocon” alliance that has brought nothing but misery to Americans in recent years.) Your pointing out that Oswald-handler George de Mohrenschildt believed that he was being threatened by the Jewish mafia must have caused acid reflux in halls of Zionist pressure groups like the Anti-Defamation League.   It is a historical fact that Kennedy did not want to see a nuclear armed Israel, and with Kennedy out of the way, Israel got its wishes.  Johnson also directed the coverup of the intentional Israeli attack on the U.S.S. Liberty during Israel’s “Six Day War.  War profiteers like the organized-crime-spawned, uber-Zionist Crown (nee Krinsky) family of Chicago  and their General Dynamics armaments company have benefited greatly from America’s endless interventionist wars against “communism” one minute, “Islamic terrorism” the next.  The Crown family’s favorite attorney, Albert Jenner, was appointed as an investigative counsel to the Warren Commission, charged with looking into conspiracies.  Guess what? He didn’t find any. Jenner later served as criminal defense counsel to the ruthless and powerful  Chicago Jewish mobster Irwin S. Weiner, an associate of . . . Jack Ruby!  Another longtime friend of Israel was Warren Commission attorney and later U.S. senator Arlen “Magic Bullet”  Specter.  The list goes on.

    • Lexy677 says:

      It appears very few people know about the Israeli involvement in the murder of JFK and his brother Robert.  Most conspiracy theorists think its the “mafia”, “cuban exiles” “Fidel Castro” etc.,.  You have to admit that as an “assassination agency”, the Mossad has no parallel in the whole world.

    • idealist707 says:

      Nope, the messes in Norway and Argentina were amateurish.
      My vote is CIA versus KGB.  Although the mob was fun in leaving their signature.

    • Randolphpolasek says:

      Close Lexy677…to know the truth about the JFK Assassination, read: Powers Behind JFK Assassination Expanded Edition… the truth is shocking…now being sold in over 20 countries in English, Spanish and German.

    • WarDepartment says:

      The reaction of the foreign press to JFK’s assassination  is worth examining.  Specifically, a November, 26, 1963, CIA document, “Daily Report Supplement World Reaction Series: Foreign Radio and Press Reaction to the Death of President Kennedy and the Accession of President Johnson.”

      The report from the CIA’s Foreign Broadcast Information Service was released in 1998. It shows that the Egyptian public got a more realistic assessment of the Dallas coup d’etat from its media than readers of  The New York Times ever have.

      According to the CIA’s monitoring report:

      “The editor of AL-JUMHURIYAH, whose article is broadcast by Cairo radio, hints that the assassination of President Kennedy may have been the work of  ‘an unknown American Zionist rightwing fanatic gang.’  The editor notes that Lee Oswald was killed by an ‘American Jew,’ and adds that there is ‘a center of world Zionism in Dallas.'”

      While the first assertion is open to debate, the second and third are not.

      Meanwhile, Israeli media embraced JFK’s successor.  From the CIA report:

      “An Israel radio background feature on President Johnson notes that he has often shown his friendship for Israel, and that when sanctions against Israel were proposed in the U.S. Senate following the Sinai campaign, Johnson, ‘successfully opposed this idea.'”

      The clear-cut foreign beneficiary of JFK’s removal was Israel.  The anti-Castro Cubans never got their hoped-for US invasion.

    • Randolphpolasek says:

      Rothschild, Warburg, Goldman Saches, Kuhn, Loeb, Lazard, Lehman and J.P. Morgan financial backer the Rothschilds who owned 64% of Morgan’s holdings are all Jewish families and stockholders directly and indirectly of the U.S. Federal Reserve…but it was Kennedy trying to take their control of the Federal Reserve that was their motive.  READ: Powers Behind JFK Assasination Expanded Edition  … for details of the Federal Reserve’s owners.

    • Russ says:

      Your comment is misleading as I personally never found any evidence to back up that Mossad theory. Most of that stuff strikes me as uninformed claptrap, with an anti-semitic core to it.

    • WarDepartment says:

      How hard did you look for any evidence, Russ?  Weren’t you curious as to why  George de Mohrenschildt thought a “Jewish” mafia was after him, as you disclosed in “Family of Secrets”?  Consider that when Jack Ruby was flipping out in jail, he wrote to his brother that because of what he (Jack) had done, Jews were being rounded up and tortured in Dallas and that it would be the end of Israel because  Lyndon Johnson had double-crossed those who had helped him get into office.  What prompted that, of all things? At the time, Ruby looked like a national hero for having dispatched the allegedly left-wing lone nut Oswald on national television.  It was Ruby who brought up the subject of Jews and Israel.  Why?  What did he know about the larger scenario?  Who were the Israeli “journalists” (a common intelligence cover) that Ruby was assisting  in Dallas after the JFK assassination but before he killed Oswald? There’s a declassified memo (FBI, if I recall correctly) that reported that Ruby had visited Israel with a group of “trade unionists” — most likely a euphemism for labor racketeers, if Ruby was associated with them. There’s also an intriguing late- 1963 declassified memo from the Chicago office of the Secret Service which quotes someone referred to as a usually reliable source who reported that he overheard, prior to the JFK assassination, an anti-Castro Cuban exile gun-runner named Homer  Echevarria, then living in  Chicago,  predicting that once Kennedy was out of the way,  the Cuban counterrevolutionaries would mount an offensive against Castro and that “we now have plenty of money – our new backers are Jews.”   I loved your “Family of  Secrets” — riveting and absolutely essential reading —  and I promote it to almost everyone I meet.  So it’s  deeply disappointing that you’ve chosen to play the antisemitism card rather than confront certain inconvenient  and politically incorrect  facts.

    • idealist707 says:

      All investigating journalists have one requirement greater than truth itself—–that is to survive and live another day.

      Russ is facing that fact.  Don’t screw the j–s, or your time
      is up.  And I love ’em, so I can say that without being
      anti-semitic.  All they’ve given the world is fantastic.

      As for semites, including the arabs, why we’ve got them all around us now is very simple:
      There’s never been enough water in  their countries. So blame God for that. 

    • rpmccosker says:

      I think the most reasonable scenario is that the CIA, and the power elites which ultimately control the CIA, knew that they needed to create a variety of red herrings to confuse future analysts. So they got involved a variety of groups who despised JFK: Mossad and militant Zionists; Italian-American mobsters; Cuban exiles.

      The assassination couldn’t have worked and still remained a great mystery generations later without organization and elaborate coverup by the CIA. The very fact that books keep being written attributing the assassination to specialty groups shows how effective this strategy has been in deflecting attention away from the CIA.

      As for the NYT, the CIA has a longstanding program of controlling and directing mainstream media, known as Operation Mockingbird. Exhibit #1: that Mockingbird “Newspaper of Record” for the regime, the NYT.

    • Randolphpolasek says:

      You are close…to know the truth about the JFK Assassination, read: Powers Behind JFK Assassination Expanded Edition… the truth is shocking…now being sold in over 20 countries in English, Spanish and German.

  28. T.G. says:

         What wrong with the idea that Lee Harvey Oswald was an ardent leftist with communist sympathies? In fact, this aspect of his life, although not well known to general public, is well documented. So much so that anyone with the faintest amount of interest in who Oswald really was would learn that from an early age he had no connections to anyone and was often left alone by his mother for long periods of time.  (And this was because his mother was widowed by her first marriage and then divorced by her second). And so, with this background, he experienced what would be called a formative moment in his life at age 12 or 13, when on the streets of New York City someone handed him a flyer about the Rosenberg case, who were scheduled for execution (for betraying government secrets.) Which was when, as some authors have pointed out, that this came to represent to him such a terrible injustice against two people by so large an entity as the government, that he took this as another betrayal in his own personal life. Apparently enough, they say, to motivate him into opposing the American government by becoming a communist sympathiser.
         So again, does any particular political philosophy matter as long as it’s in direct opposition to that which you despise? Especially when it gives you chance to oppose society for all the wrongs it has done to you? 
         And furthermore, do things always tie themselves up into neat bundles so that CIA operatives like De Morenschildt can’t possibly  associate with people like Oswald? I mean, isn’t that the purpose of spying? To gain knowledge by befriending someone?
         And also, even in the hotbed of right-winged Dallas, where signs of  treason with Kennedy’s face were being posted as a communist sympathiser, what would it really matter to Oswald? The president was still the figure head for all that had wronged him. Which was society at large, as represented to him by the American government.
         Well, I would like to end by agreeing with the author that the surface image of Oswald as the lone nut assassin has been the official line for so long that it now rings hollow and empty.  And perhaps purposely so, since the truth of Oswald’s CIA connections has always been painted as some kind of fantasy beyond reality. And finally, as the author seems to say, there’s more to Oswald than those in the media would ever venture to say. But also. that his real story must be approached as one as prosaic as a day with sunshine casting shadows on a lawn, just as in the photo taken of him with the mannlicher carcano by his side.


    • Claudius says:

      Oswald went out of his way to create an image as a Marxist pro-Castro sympathizer while simultaneously being on the FBI payroll. His apparent ties to the CIA, including fluent knowledge of the Russian language, being stationed at a U-2 base, and being sent into the Soviet Union all indicate someone who thought he was serving his country. The Marxist angle was an obvious cover story.

    • Randolphpolasek says:

      Good points TG…to know the truth about the JFK Assassination, read: Powers Behind JFK Assassination Expanded Edition… the truth is shocking…now being sold in over 20 countries in English, Spanish and German.

  29. Planck says:

    and the next thing the Times  needs to be taken to task for is the blackout of the Loyd Jowers jury verdict in Memphis re: conspiracy judged real by a jury of our peers in 1998! Of course, Clinton White House mum too but we know what to expect under a Rehnquist and now Roberts campaign finance regime. And media ownership regime. There is hell to pay by all these players in the Truth and Reconciliation when we get there!

  30. Sam says:

    On the JFK Assassination, it is worthwhile for interested persons to read the early Harold Weisberg “Whitewash” books self-published  c.1966. No publisher would dare touch his work. No wild theories,  just proof of obfuscation and cover-up by the FBI and the Warren Commission. His contributions will never be forgotten.

  31. Orangutan. says:

    Russ.  What are your viewpoints on the 9/11 story and the demolition of World Trade Center Building 7?  We need to get it right on the big stories like you say.  The Anthrax would be another example of the need to get it right.  Thanks for your work.

  32. R. Anderson says:

    And today, what does the Times keep off limits to any real reporting of the facts? I suspect there are many stories but still the biggest is the story of WTC 7 the third skyscraper to drop on 911. Check it out yourself; the Times will NOT even mention it, or the fraudulent report that NIST took seven years to generate explaining how a small office fire caused a single column to fail suddenly bringing down a 610 foot building at free fall acceleration. What a story! Especially when one considers the video taken in the Manhattan streets with the countdown to its destruction recorded for all to hear. They use the label “conspiracy theorist” to ridicule those who would ask questions. The term was first used to discredit those in the mid-60s who began questioning the Warren Commission’s report.

  33. Cathy Koch says:

    Are you related to Russell Baker?

    He writes much better than you do

  34. hallucigenia says:

    Thanks, Mr. Baker.  Excellent as always.  The NYTimes is typically pathetic on
    this topic, and others that involve deep state crimes.  Sadly, the left media is equally
    shameful.  Thank you for your REAL investigative work.

  35. bigdog1951 says:

    Another fruitcake conspiracy monger with no evidence to support his wacky beliefs.

  36. Red34birds says:

    This should at least be pasted  everywhere

  37. Mooninjoon says:

    I likely read this somewheres in y own long research history on this, (Chomsky? Marrs? Hersh?) but doesn’t the Times have a long time connection with the Agency, such that they get insider info for stories from them and in order to keep that pipeline open they keep up the show of major denial stuff?
    Have they, for example, ever printed articles on the Agency’s heroin smuggling in the Vietnam Years, as uncovered in ” The Politics Of Heroin In South East Asia” by John McCloy (1972?) (Hope I got that name right)

    • Eric_Saunders says:

      You got the name totally wrong!  :)  John McCloy was the Rockefeller right-hand man who helped cover up the murder of JFK while serving on the Warren Commission.  The politics of Heroin was written by Alfred McCoy, now a history professor at the University of Wisconsin.

    • Randolph Polasek says:

      You are right about McCloy, Eric. as written in detail in the book Powers Behind JFK Assassination Expanded Edition…a must read for those that want the entire true of JFK Assassination.

  38. Sandy says:

    Russ Baker is living in an Oliver Stone movie, not reality. Anything for an exciting blog post! He needs to read Bugliosi and sober up. For example: The House committee did not conclude there was an “elaborate” conspiracy; the eleventh-hour conclusion that there was a second gunman, based *solely* on the by-now thoroughly debunked “acoustic evidence,”  indicated nothing about the size or complexity of the alleged conspiracy.

    • Fictivedreamer says:

      Wow Sandy! You read ONE BOOK and you know everything!  I wish I was as smart as you!

    • Randolph Polasek says:

      to know the truth about the JFK Assassination, read: Powers Behind JFK Assassination Expanded Edition… the truth is shocking…now being sold in over 20 countries in English, Spanish and German.

    • EJK says:

      First, thank you, Mr. Baker, for another fine piece. And for your very necessary website.Now to the gobble-gobble turkey. Or in this case,  dancing chicken.
      As Mr. Baker says, this is a no-brainer, and we should stop wasting our time on
      conspiracy or not gibberish. Of course, there are thousands of facts —
      opposed to the “factoids” we get from the Bugliosi/Posner wad — which
      cinch the conspiracy case. But for me there has always been a small
      sample size that is irrefutable (throw this short list at a Warrenista
      and watch him/her dance, like one of those chickens at a carnival who
      stand on a hot-plate):
      1. Phony SS agents on the knoll immediately after the shooting, armed
      with SS ID with the correct colors for that trip, when all real SS
      agents went immediately to Parkland.
      2. The police car that stopped in front of Oswald’s rooming-house at
      1:00pm, honked its horn, then drove away. Right there is enough, but
      what is rarely mentioned is the timing — the car appeared during the
      few minutes Oswald just happened to be inside??? Clearly, he was being
      followed from the TSBD. Or his rooming house was being watched.
      3. The country was seething with plots. November 2nd in Chicago.
      November 17th in Tampa. November 19th in Miami. All instances of
      trips/motorcades cancelled due to “security threats”. This man was not
      to see 1964.
      4. The Mexico City frame — organized and run by David Atlee Phillips
      — that created a wholly false trail linking “Oswald” to Valerie
      Kostikov, KGB Head of “Wet Operations” for the Western Hemisphere, a
      trail made up of phony phone calls, visits by men pretending to be
      Oswald, and fake witnesses. All accomplished ONE MONTH BEFORE Dallas.
      5. The phone calls made by McGeorge Bundy (another conspirator, IMHO)
      from the WH Situation Room to Air Force One and the Cabinet plane over
      the Pacific that no conspiracy was involved, less than one hour after
      Oswald’s arrest. Now how the fuck would Bundy know that?
      Congrats to Russ Baker in his war against the Greasy Pole Climbers and lying stenographers of the corporate media. (And the dancing chickens.)

    • Doctor Barrister says:

      I wonder who the Miami Oswald was supposed to be ?

    • Guest says:

      Well, we know who the Chicago Oswald was supposed to be: Thomas Vallee. There does seem to be a pattern here that only the willfully ignorant could miss.

    • Randolph Polasek says:

      You raise some very good questions, EJK…to know the truth about the JFK Assassination, read: Powers Behind JFK Assassination Expanded Edition… the truth is shocking…now being sold in over 20 countries in English, Spanish and German.

    • Eric_Saunders says:

      No one read Bugliosi’s 1,000 page book.  If you don’t believe in a plot behind Dallas, the subject is way too boring to read such a big book about.  You are a phony.

    • Guest says:

      Jim DiEugenio read the entire book, and wrote a devastating review of it, including the realization that much of it was ghost written.

    • Claudius says:

      If you knew anything about the House Assassinations investigation, you would know that their efforts to obtain evidence were consistently blocked by the CIA and others in the government. It was this, more than anything else, that left them with little to base their conclusions on. In my opinion, this alone is compelling evidence of a conspiracy. Whenever there’s a cover-up, there’s fire, so to speak. Same thing goes for the 9/11 “investigation.”

    • Randolph Polasek says:

      You are correct Claudius…to know the truth about the JFK Assassination, read: Powers Behind JFK Assassination Expanded Edition… the truth is shocking…now being sold in over 20 countries in English, Spanish and German.

    • Randolph Polasek says:

      Sandy, they didn’t look innto the conspiracy because they had limited funds and time… to know the truth about the JFK Assassination, read: Powers Behind JFK Assassination Expanded Edition… the truth is shocking…now being sold in over 20 countries in English, Spanish and German.

    • Guest says:

      No, sonny, you need to read Jim DiEugenio’s multipart review of the lies, half-truths, and distortions in Bugliosi’s mostly ghost written door stop:
      DiEugenio is probably the most knowledgeable living person on the JFK assassination and the evidence.

  39. Screech101 says:

    The fact that Oswald spoke perfect Russian has never been adequately explained to this day. I can’t remember which one of Peter Levenda’s books talk about the Oswald-Kennedy connection but I encourage this authour to follow up. Levenda has alot of documentation dealing with the assassination. 

    • Randolph Polasek says:

      to know the truth about the JFK Assassination, read: Powers Behind JFK Assassination Expanded Edition… the truth is shocking…now being sold in over 20 countries in English, Spanish and German.

  40. Glenn says:

    Re: Robert B. Livingston’s comment
           As to Noam Chomsky’s “bizarre non-sequiters” – I’d feel more convinced that the accusation were true if the commenter’s author would please give an example and cite source(s) that afford accuracy.

  41. Robert B. Livingston says:

    How the New York Times explodes important facts with misdirections placed as carefully as landmines, reminds me of the “bizarre non-sequiters” relied on by the highly regarded anti-establishment icon Noam Chomsky.

    We cannot afford to trust these sources who routinely deny reality with their fictions and diversions.

  42. Travis12 says:

    The Times is covering its sacred institutional ass, having notoriously published the Warren Commission Report for mass distribution, with its raving, unquestioning endorsement. Operation Mockingbird (the CIA in bed with the major media) is still a factor. Got to keep the rabble bamboozled.

    • Randolph Polasek says:

      Good point Travis…to know the truth about the JFK Assassination, read: Powers Behind JFK Assassination Expanded Edition… the truth is shocking…now being sold in over 20 countries in English, Spanish and German.

  43. edwardrynearson says:

    go to youtube and search for “bill o’reilly jfk” > name of the clip is “Bill O’Reilly Reports On CIA Connection to JFK Assassination”

    • Randolph Polasek says:

      Good one Edward…to know the truth about the JFK Assassination, read: Powers Behind JFK Assassination Expanded Edition… the truth is shocking…now being sold in over 20 countries in English, Spanish and German.

  44. Howard Beale says:

    Thanks for leading us towards the light, Russ.

    • Randolph Polasek says:

      Howard…to know the truth about the JFK Assassination, read: Powers Behind JFK Assassination Expanded Edition… the truth is shocking…now being sold in over 20 countries in English, Spanish and German.

  45. PS:  sorry…I did a cut & paste from textedit and DISQUS or WordPress s/w wiped out the link:

  46. OK, looked up the House Select Committee on Assassinations that Russ noted, above. Their conclusion, p 225 (the last page) of the online version:


    Based on the committee’s entire investigation, it concluded that the Secret Service, FBI and CIA were not involved in the assassination. The committee concluded that it is probable that the President was assassinated as a result of a conspiracy. Nothing in the committee’s investigation pointed to official involvement in that conspiracy. While the committee frankly acknowledged that its investigation was not able to identify the members of the conspiracy besides Oswald, or the extent of the conspiracy, the committee believed that it did not include the Secret Service, Federal Bureau of Investigation, or Central Intelligence Agency. 

    URL: Here’s the link to the House Select Committee “Conclusions” page (hit “end page” button when you get there).

         This was after the Zapruder film was made public. Next wave of demand for “the rest of the story,” occurred after Ollie Stone’s JFK movie came out, w/ an Assassination records unit (of civilians), that re-examined stuff (audio tape: possible five (5) shots fired; coup de grace was from the “Grassy Knoll”. 

       The committee’s summary of findings was made public Jan 2, 1979; full report, March 29, 1979.

     If you’re alive in 2017, all the records are scheduled to be released to We the People of the…well, you should know the rest of it by now.


    • Randolph Polasek says:

      Good post Bill…to know the truth about the JFK Assassination, read: Powers Behind JFK Assassination Expanded Edition… the truth is shocking…now being sold in over 20 countries in English, Spanish and German.

    • Guest says:

      You need to keep in mind that this is all based on the dictaphone tape, which only includes evidence of UNsilenced shots. How many silenced shots is unknown.

  47. Hmmm. Didn’t know Dennis Hevisi was doing obits for the Times. I think former Newsday-er Chuck Strum is now or did head up the department. And I can’t remember if it was his brother Alan (who was recently sentenced to 1 to 4 years–on Tax Day, 2011) who regularly palled around with Newsday’s night copy desk at our after-hours beer joint in Garden City.  Interesting.

    But also, was there not an ex post facto House investigation, or “re” investigation, of the JFK assassination after the Zapruder film was released to the public? If my memory, and not my research–have an appointment to keep–serves, the august sub-body concluded that there was “probably” a conspiracy to kill JFK.

        On another note, I’m thinking that we should all embrace the “Lone Gunman” theory in all our malodorous government activities, as the Lone Gunman is “echt American,” independent, entrepreneurial, pioneer-spirited, Don’t Tread On Me, I don’t need no stinkin’ sidekicks, I’m a do-it-yourselfer, etc.  Thus, 9/11, done by a Lone Gunman (probably Cheney, who had means, motive, connections, power, etc.); Kennedy (john), Kennedy (bobby), Kennedy (John Jr.), MLK, Medgar Evers, Malcolm X, Waco, Oklahoma City Fed. Bldg., Ruby Ridge, Gulf of Tonkin, Paul Wellstone, that SecCommerce I can’t remember–another plane crash), etc.

       In this way, we can distinguish accurately between those who are really “conspiracy theorists” (“two or more people who form a criminal plan and take one provable action in furtherance thereof”) vs. the Lone Gunman Theorists.  Of course, as Philip Zelikow’s novel makes clear (“The 9/11 Omission Report” I think it was titled), his fictional US gummint had itself fallen in with the “conspiracy theory” crazies on 9/11, claiming that waaay more than a Lone Gunman (or Lone Demolition Expert, to update the image) were involved.

  48. soularddave says:

    There always seems to be a way to insert opinion into an article of facts. This gratuitous insertion would seem to be *unprofessional*, at best. Why is this so consistent with some papers, but not others? If they’re going to say that it adds “balance”, then why write the article in the first place?