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The Deaths of JFK, RFK—and the Silence of the Lambs

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Which is the real president? And which is the real story?

As the 50th anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy approaches, there is a growing flurry of material about—or even from—the Kennedy clan. This includes “insider” accounts and what are described as exciting, must-read and must-watch revelations.

Yet, for some reason, little of it is truly revelatory, or if it is, it seems, almost by design, very, very small potatoes indeed.

Take for example a new documentary by Bobby Kennedy’s daughter, for HBO. What’s the big revelation? That Bobby feared…are you ready… that someone would throw acid in the face of his children. Who? The mafia. And when was this a threat? In the 1950s. When RFK was a Senate investigator, years before he and his brother ever got near the White House. And years before his brother and then he himself were killed under still-unresolved circumstances.

Got that? Nothing about elements other than “professional criminals.” Threat to his children, not him. And this was before RFK became Attorney General and started really going after the mob, and everyone else.

Oh—and nothing about who…killed him.

That’s Hollywood!


I subscribe to a newsfeed with articles related to JFK. It’s an endless stream of banality: the death of democracy packaged as consumer goods for collectors. For example, you could have bid in a recent auction for the hearse that carried JFK’s body, and of course, there are the requisite collector plates and supposedly valuable limited-edition coins.

Lots of people who “covered” the assassination are featured in interviews and panel discussions, but for some reason none of them seem to have real insight or have done original investigative reporting on what actually took place that day. It’s all surface recollections of emotions and empirical material gleaned from the official story.

Then there are the odd little accidents. Like this that came through Google Alerts:

Filmmaker denies JFK conspiracy theories
Indiana Daily Student
Wednesday, Union Board presented Barbour’s 1992 documentary “The JFK Assassination: The Garrison Tapes,” followed by a question-and-answer session with Barbour. The film features Barbour’s exclusive interviews with late New Orleans District Attorney
See all stories on this topic »

Ok, so this tells us the filmmaker John Barbour “denies” JFK conspiracy theories. But the few who actually might click on this not-so-interesting sounding link come to this headline:

Filmmaker affirms JFK conspiracy theories with ‘The Garrison Tapes’

So let’s go to the dictionary. Does “denies” equal “affirms”? No, it is the opposite. Hmm….


Several major Hollywood productions are supposedly on their way to screens. Jonathan Demme has optioned Stephen King’s not-very-good and certainly irrelevant fantasy about Lee Harvey Oswald. Bold, sir!

Tom Hanks, always looking to take huge risks (er—not!), has optioned Vincent Bugliosi’s endless (1,612-page) and loyal re-confirmation of the widely-discredited Warren Report, again with HBO said to be in the picture.

A third, a book by Lamar Waldron and Thom Hartmann, optioned by Leonardo DiCaprio, at least explores some of the enormous amount of evidence of an organized hit beyond the lone kook. But it settles in nicely with “the mafia did it” despite the other enormous mass of evidence—of a far-ranging cover-up involving high military, intelligence and other officials—none of whom were mafia, last time I checked. Even this slightly bolder approach from DiCaprio comes under attack from a conventional media hack/gossip columnist, who lazily bandies about the term “crackpot conspiracy theories” (honestly, does this woman ever do any background research—or read books?)

In any case, none of the films that Hollywood seems willing to tackle touch on what the great, great mass of careful investigation, research and scholarship has shown over the years—the extremely high likelihood that JFK’s death was a covert operation engineered by exactly the kinds of people whose profession was to displace leaders and carry out military-precision operations under cover. (My own book, Family of Secrets, has four chapters of new, abundantly documented and heavily footnoted material on the Kennedy assassination, including the answer to why George H.W. Bush cannot remember where he was on Nov. 22, 1963—and there are many other fine books, both recent vintage and released over the years, which carefully lay out enough evidence to settle the matter to all but the most closed-minded. Examples here, here, and here.)

Nearly half a century after the death of a president who took bold steps against abuses by the one percent of the one percent, we are still in denial about how and why he died. Our leading institutions and individuals are not only scared to talk about the truth, but glad to cynically profit from tired lies and evasions.

So where are we when it comes to our own boldness and advanced self-awareness? This year, we may be headed toward a presidential general election contest between a wealthy predator and a putative reformer who has made his peace with the most powerful, wealthiest circles in America. If not that wealthy predator, then perhaps a demagogic blowhard of the extreme mercenary variety.

Wonder what Jack and Bobby would have to say?

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55 responses to “The Deaths of JFK, RFK—and the Silence of the Lambs”

  1. Avatar james warren says:

    There is always a difference between facts, evidence and objective data and our own faith and conjectures based on that data. Unfortunately, the differences are embedded in our human DNA. We all have to tread more honestly and carefully as members of the emerging globalism culture.

  2. Avatar From the Shadows says:

    youtube  ~ Final Judgment ~ the 100% best theory

  3. Avatar Dan Garden says:

    Just a note to add here – how many people are aware that Ruby ran guns to Castro for the Mob under the “license” of “The Company”?  (James Douglass’ book is worth the read…) And say, how is that Castro toured the US to raise money?(he did?) Old Fidel, it seems probable, double-crossed the Company – and that explains a bit, does it not? They might not have appreciated the humor of the outcome…

    Many say that the Kennedy hit was a coup, but that’s impossible – here’s why:

    The hit involved a massive operation that couldn’t be concealed from the intelligence services.  Since it went forward it’s obvious that “the coup”  preceded Kennedy. Since the Company was made official in ’47 it looks like the coup took place then, under Truman.

    What the Kennedy hit was, then, speaking logically, must have been the junta acting in self-defense.

    Kinda puts “Barky-the Trained Seal” into perspective, eh?

  4. Avatar Dave says:

    Thank you so much Russ for what you are doing.  At the very least you help those of us who probe a little deeper to see that they are not actually nuts, they are not actually conspiracy theorists, they just don’t give up their right to think freely as easily as their neighbors do.  You’re a good journalist.

  5. Avatar Mivince79 says:

    I must correct myself. The propaganda campaign by the CIA was, I believe, called operation “Mockingbird.” Sorry. I think Artichoke was the mind control operation.

  6. Avatar Mivince79 says:

    As to the silence of the lambs (the mainstream media) I would recommend that people read the October 1977 Rolling Stone article by Carl Bernstein about the CIA’s infiltration of the media. Operation “Artichoke” began early in the cold war. This program recruited journalists and publishers and media moguls in the CIA’s propaganda wars. Perhaps the best book on same was written by Hugh Wilford: “The Mighty Wurlitzer: How the CIA Played America.” I would question the use of the past tense. My speculation is that the CIA still plays us and still has many willing “stooges” in the media. Why else would all the latest revelations about JFK and RFK and MLK be ignored? Why else do we get the same old, same old about Lone Assassins? If you read nothing else this week, this month, please read Hugh Wilford’s book. Then you will understand many things.

  7. I read “Family of Secrets” and would highly recommend it to anyone who thinks that LHO was JFK’s assassin. Great book – painstakingly researched and meticulously footnoted. Thank you, Russ Baker.
    [Edited to add: Would love to see it made into a film.]

  8. Avatar Susan says:

    Some may, after careful reading and logical consideration, find that the life of LBJ, particularly after Dallas, suggests that his involvement, though possibly enthusiastic, was not as a principal. This is to say that if he had stood against the plan it would have gone forward anyway. Under that scenario would LBJ have had a future? Obviously not. This, many people might say, is the test that divides the instigating parties from their co-conspirators.

    Dallas required money as well as planning and insider cooperation…

    Means, motive, opportunity…

    The precise details? Lost in the fogs of the past? Not at all! The on-going cover-up (there’s no statute of limitations on murder) shows who…

    • Avatar James Henry Fetzer says:

      Susan has missed the boat by a mile!  Not only was LBJ a principal, he was the prime motivator and executioner.  He muscled his way onto the ticket in order to ascend to the presidency.  He sent his chief administrative assistant, Cliff Carter, to Dallas to make sure all the arrangements were in place for the assassination.  As Jack Ruby–one of the only conspirators with a conscience–observed, if someone else had been vice president, all of this would not have taken place.  Lyndon was the only one who could control the course of any investigation after the crime had been committed.  Those who wants to understand this case must read Phil Nelson, LBJ: MASTERMIND OF JFK’S ASSASSINATION and books by Madeleine Duncan Brown, Billy Sol Estes, Barr McClelland, “The Last Confessions of E. Howard Hunt”, and much more that substantiates what I am saying. For my most recent public presentation on the death of JFK, see “What happened to JFK–and why it matters today”, YouTube.

    • Avatar Susan says:

      Well, Mr Fetzer, some might say that there’s confusion as to my opinion. To be clear, my opinion is that “some [other(s)] may find…”. I carefully expressed no personal opinion as to the specifics. I would expect, though, that thoughtful people would see that, as the cover-up continues long after LBJ’s passing and in view of the objective fact that, in the American system, pols, to use the colorful language of the man himself, “dance with th’ ones what brought ya”, the objective, factual, evidence (not opinion) might well suggest that LBJ was a willing servant, an ambitious man willingly caught up in  a larger plan. He, many would say, took the best way out when the country refused to follow the dictates of his masters. In fact that’s precisely what many people say.

  9. Curious as to which description you’re matching to Ron Paul. Seems like “wealthy predator” would fit Willard M. Romney, a putative, or self-styled reformer, a “historian for hire,” seems relevant to the serial matrimonialist inhabiting Newt Gingrich’s carapace. “Demagogic blowhard of the extreme mercenary variety,” I suspect, refers to the former Bagman of K-Street in the K-Street Project, collecting money “for the team,” that Pennsylvania guy who is severely challenged in the reading comprehension department (as Jon Stewart pointed out Monday or Tuesday (Feb. 27:  (Samantha Bee’s exposure of Grover Norquist–he said the “no tax pledge” idea came to him as a 12-year-old. Amusing to think of more than half the supposed adults in the Congress are being led by the nose by an adult with a 12-year-old’s savvy. Which suggests that these Congress-folk actually have the thinking capabilities of individuals YOUNGER than 12 years old. That’s Feb. 28’s fake news show…

      But to weightier matters: Evidence of Revision does a pretty good job of showing the links between JFK, RFK, MLKjr. and Jonestown (that one surprised me; never occurred to me that it was a large-scale MK-ULTRA chemical/sociological mind-control experiment on a large population of African Americans, perhaps paralleling the Plum Island experiments, allegedly seeking race-specific epidemic-class bio-weapons, run by a graduate of Operation Paperclip–I think the guy was Doc Mengele’s associate/assistant.  It doesn’t touch on 9/11/2001, wherein demolition experts had to go inside WTC #s 7, 2 and 1 to lay on the explosives. (Meaning that 9/11 was an “inside job” just by definition, pun intended.)

      One can have sympathy for the reticence of anyone to investigate ANYTHING about our gummint, inasmuch as it has demonstrated a willingness to assassinate presidents, presidential candidates, the most powerful civil rights leader then around, some 40 or 50 people associated with possible investigation of the JFK assassination being killed, with a government whose president would put Kennedy’s enemy, Alan Dulles, on the white-wash committee–and that Earl Warren would actually accept the post of chairman; a government willing to sacrifice the deaths of maybe 1 million Iraqi children under 5 (never mind 5 & over) related to 12 to 13 years of embargoes (“sanctions”), and this after 41’s Shock&Awe #1, taking out Iraq’s extensive civilian infrastructure (like “collective punishment,” which the embargoes were/are, destroying civilian facilities like water, sewer, electric generation, is known as a war crime, at least by the international community, from which Bush seceded. (I don’t recall a Senate secession consent vote, d’you?). A government that is willing, to support its “strategic need for ‘hydrocarbons,'” to blow to smithereens about 3,000 New Yorkers (probably, like New Orleans, relatively easy to justify by a Republican government ‘cuz Manhattan’s fairly Democratic–dunno about the Pentagon’s Navy financial auditors, hit by bombs placed in the A and B “tranches” of the pentagram, or the missile-downed UA93, was it?

    And of course, sacrifice 5K to 6K US troops, another 30K or so maimed, probably 95% or more saddled w/ PTSD (DSM IV has as the first example of the kind of “TS” the “D” is “P” (drum roll, please): Combat. (Now all say, on my cue, “Duuuuh”.  Ready? One, Two Three, Cue The Moose. Sorry, too much Exposure to Northern–1,2,3, cue the chorus.

    Aaaand, something like 1 million civilians killed, 2m internally displaced, 2m fled the country.  As someone pointed out, Iraq had no nukes, no powerful military, after 8 yrs fighting Iran, with the US “tilting” towards Iraq, but also helping Iran so the two nations would wipe each other out. But Operation Iraqi Liberation, as it was first called (changed to OIF, ‘cuz the acronym chosen, either intentionally or a paralepsis, was just too obvious to remain in use), was all about the SOFA–status of forces agreement, the 14 “enduring” bases Bush II wanted, along with Vatican Baghdad, or Castle Baghdad, call the world’s largest “embassy” what you will, the Hydrocarbon Act (first pass gave foreigners 87.5% share, Iraq, for its own oil, a generous 12.5%, to divvy among Shia, Kurd and Sunni populations–and if you added a paragraph-full of 1, 2 and 3-year “incremental leases,” you end up with 37-year leases, which I think is pretty standard in contracts for Texas Tea. Which is no surprise, given that a Texas Tea Contract Writer typed the first draft(s).   And Afghanistan? True, as Rummy complained, no really good targets to get that “I’m the Most Powerful Nation In TheWorld” rush from–but Afghanistan had the global position, if you will (love how Rummy and Cheney used that locution all the time. Were they bunk mates in summer camp, ‘er wot?), over which our oil guys wanted the right-of-way (and I suppose a “save-harmless” agreement, too) for that little “hydrocarbon transit” pipeline. (I don’t remember if it was going to go to Enron’s natural-gas-fired electric plant in India. Anyone?)

     And the pipeline deal was supposedly signed, sealed &c. four or five days after Karzai was installed in his US diapers (after a US regime change, those affected always need to wear diapers, to help sop up the ineluctable exudate(s) that accompany such US efforts–that is, it’s always bloody when the US flip-flops its alliances overnight. (Today’s Taliban were yesterday’s US Freedom Fighters; today’s Usama and Al Qaeda, “the database,” was yesterday’s Microsoft Excel personnel spreadsheet that Usama used  as CIA paymaster of the “Jihadis” against Russia. And of course poor ol’ Saddam, supported by Rumsfeld (as a special agent of [which pres?]) and the US CBR teams (chemical, biological and radiological–think nukes, or all three as “weapons of mass destruction”), given by the US satellite intel (that’s from the outfit that, on 9/11/2001, was practicing “an airplane flew into our headquarters” drill) to Saddam. And of course the US gave permission (April Glaspie) to Saddam to invade Kuwait over oil and war debts (at the same time the US was goading Kuwait to demand immediate repayment of the debt, and probably Halliburton was giving them “sidewinder” drilling tools, so they could tap Iraq’s oil fields–and the US was also urging Kuwait to boost oil sales beyond their OPEC limits, to drive down the price of oil, so Iraq could NOT recover.  In short, the US suckered Saddam into Kuwait, and Kuwait’s sobbing ambassador’s daughter suckered the US into OIL #1–so Herbie Bush could bomb Iraq back to the stone age, then starve ’em for 13 years, and then bomb them from the stone age back to the Pleistocene era (this is earlier than the stone age, I hope). And people still drive Hummers. Amazing.

  10. Avatar RickrobertsonA2 says:

    Did anyone ever read a Rolling Stone article during the Nixon years about the OSS and the beginnings of the Mob connections to the CIA? I don’t how to get a reprint but looking back it shed a light on how the Mob and the Intelligence community got intertwined.

    • Avatar jlamkin says:

      That history is well recounted in “Legacy of Ashes,” by Tim Weiner.  If you can’t find the RS article, check out that book.  Comprehensive, depressing history of the CIA.

  11. Avatar james warren says:

    I’d be interested in knowing what Russ thinks of Wim Dankbarr’s work–especially his video interviews and information on James Files and the “tramp” at Dealy. As soon as Dankbarr’s findings were made public, the usual gangs showed up and began their own interpretations  of both Dankbarr and his sources.  I’ve also wondered about how serious we should take the claims of Waldron and Hartmann in regard to the FBI informant’s report on Carlos Marcello and the mafia.

    Information is essential; disinformation wastes our valuable time as citizens…

  12. Avatar Russ Baker says:

    We know that a percentage of the comments on our articles are from “trolls” or “quasi-trolls” who deliberately or inadvertently sidetrack the discussion from what each article is actually about. If you’re one of those people who thinks this is your opportunity to endlessly bring up 9/11 or your various beliefs on Israel, we’d ask you to find another more appropriate venue.

    And if you have some thoughtful, relevant comment, but hesitate to post, we would love to hear from you.

    • Avatar Edward Rynearson says:

      Russ, are you aware of  Arnon Milchan’s connection to Oliver Stone’s “JFK”? 

      [“Confidential: The Life of Secret Agent Turned Hollywood Tycoon Arnon Milchan,” written by Meir Doron and Joseph Gelman, and set for publication on July 30 by Gefen Books, now holds that Mr. Milchan — whose credits include “Love and Other Drugs” and “Knight and Day” — at least through the mid-1980s was a full-fledged operative for Israel’s top-secret intelligence agency, Lakam. (The acronym is from the Hebrew for the blandly named Science Liaison Bureau.) ] 

  13. Avatar Sgt_doom says:

    Excellent column post, sir, and thanks for mentioning that seriously pathetic book by Hartmann and Waldron.  As one of the volunteer researchers on the House Select Committee on Assassinations (the JFK side, not the Rev. MLK section), the endless and mindless circumlocutions in that book are insane!

    I always recommend your book, Family Secrets, as well as Douglass’ JFK and the Unspeakable, David Talbot’s Brothers: The Hidden History of the Kennedy Years   , and HP Albanelli, Jr.’s A Terrible Mistake (which has corollary information in it).

    These four will explain and convince everyone!

    But essentially: President Kennedy, the Rev. Martin Luther King, Bobby Kennedy and Sen. Paul Wellstone were strong supporters of workers’ rights — and not to take anything away from any of these outstanding men, but the powers-that-be will not tolerate workers’ rights, just observe what exists today!

    Re: Sen. Wellstone,

    Senator Paul Wellstone has introduced legislation which would reform the National Labor Relations Act in order to level this playing field. The AFL-CIO, which has had a long-term, go-slow policy on labor law reform, should jump on the Wellstone bill and push it with all its might, because the way things are going, in the long term, there may no unions left to organize workers, let along promote labor law reform.

  14. Avatar WarDepartment says:

    Very interesting editorial accident where the Google News alert headline completely twisted the meaning of the Indiana University student newspaper’s headline. The article itself is worth reading, especially the part about how the filmmaker’s show business career suffered, apparently because he sympathized with critics of the Warren Commission. For the record: There is a Google Israel R&D Center, with offices in Tel Aviv and Jaifa. It would be interesting to know if it had a hand in this “accident.” No foreign country has a bigger stake in squelching JFK “conspiracy theories”‘ than Israel.

    • Avatar russwnyc says:

      May I say that  I am truly getting sick of all the comments ascribing every nefarious thing to Israel. It is unfortunate that the comments are dominated by a tiny percentage of our readers, a subset that includes individuals who seem to be hard-wired for pushing the Israel button in all instances. If there is no Israel content in an article, please dont feel obligated to gratuitously append it.

    • Avatar WarDepartment says:

      Russ, there are precious few articles on this site with “Israel content” to comment on.  Even your piece on the push for war with Iran barely mentions it.

      Since you rejected out of hand my tentative hypothesis about who might have the means, motive, and opportunity to alter the online newspaper headline about the JFK conspiracy, do you have any thoughts of your own about the possible origins of this bizarre editorial “accident” in cyberspace?

      Finding that curiously morphing newspaper headline was a great catch on your part — you’re a terrific investigative reporter and insightful thinker — so why not ask “Who, What, Why”?

    • Avatar Avenging World says:

      CointelPro in Firsties with the requisite ‘people who question deep events are anti-semitic’ posting.

    • Avatar Russ Baker says:

       Can we hear from readers please as to whether they want us to start editing comments like most publications/sites do?

       These commenters have trouble completing sentences. It is impossible to understand their points, raising real doubts about them overall. They write things quickly, in anger and in incomprehensibility, rarely document their assertions, and conflate whatever the heck is their obsession to articles on unrelated material.

      There’s nothing in this article about Israel, or anti-semitism, either way, and just throwing in allegations against Israel for every malign act is extremely irresponsible–and worst of all it is discourteous to serious discussants of the topic at hand.

    • Avatar CD67 says:

      Please do Russ. We don’t need this site to be contaminated like so many others have… Thanks.

    • Avatar Eric Saunders says:

      Yes, moderate the comments!  Get rid of the people who insert Israel into every discussion…  Or 9/11… Or the Morrow guy who won’t shut up about LBJ.

      And I have great disdain for the gangsterish actions of the Israeli state, but c’mon!  Ditto for 9/11 which falls apart with serious investigation or any honest understanding of the Anthrax attacks, as Glenn Greenwald writes about.

      One thing that I would like to know (but never will) is whether all the screwball comments come from actual screwballs or if some part of Top Secret America is actually charged with spamming mainstream, alternative and faux alternative websites.

    • Avatar Guest says:

      In regard to your last question, what you have to keep in mind is that there have been trolls since the early days of Usenet, long before the internet was enough of a force to justify a government program to influence public opinion. Unfortunately, there are a lot of folks out there who believe the official line simply because it IS the official line. This kind of authoritarian personality has been with us for centuries, if not millennia. I am sure there were folks who justified Nero’s actions simply because he was emperor.

      Do I think they should be “moderated”? Not if they just post something and leave it at that. I think we all need to be reminded occasionally what the current talking points are. Where we need to draw the line is when the offending parties engage in what used to be called a flame war, with the ultimate goal of getting in the last word.

    • Avatar Bryce says:

      I say do what you need to do to avoid damage to credibility. Having said that, it doesn’t mean that everything these individuals are saying is incorrect. And realize that it is a form of censorship. But you have to draw the line where you need to. Proper spelling, grammar, and complete coherent sentences should be the mark though of some intelligent thought.

  15. Avatar richardbraverman says:

    please also see Final  Judgement by Michael Collins Piper, who provides solid evidence to indicate that “the syndicate”, i.e. organized crime run by Meyer Lansky, the Mossad, the CIA, LBJ and the Israeli leadership wanted and made sure that JFK was killed.  JFK was opposed to Israels nuclear ambitions.  David  Ben Gurion described his opposition as an existentialist threat (when have we heard that before) to the survival of Israel and called on the nation to take action.  also note that srael planned to murder George Herbet Walker Bush in 1991 and has even talked about taking out President Obama today.

  16. Avatar Bozgsx1400 says:

    10 things that any idiot should know, but probably dosen’t!
    1.  jfk was murdered by lbj and his cia cronies (ghw bush was involved)
    2. bobby kennedy was a victim of the cia
    3. martin luther king was killed by the cia
    4. muamar gadaffi was murdered by nato troops in company of the cia
    5. the cia run drugs into america
    6. the cia and mossad perpertrated 911
    7. the cia are behind the iranian scientists assassinations
    8. the cia are stirring the pot in syria to facilitate “regime change”
    9. the cia lied about iraqs wmd’s
    10. the cia are a collective of murders and liars.
    get rid of this pack of mongrels and the world will be a better place. if you dont then we will keep sliding down the slippery slope that the cia has made for us. even though they are only the puppets, you must remember that the puppeteers are to gutless to do it themselves.

    • Avatar russwnyc says:

      Boz, see my response to comment above. Enough already. You add nothing useful to the conversation, and your style is extremely crude and simplistic.

    • Avatar Guest says:

      You seem to get a lot of these folks here, folks who see the assassination through the lens of their own prejudices and preconceptions. Even Jim Fetzer, who postulates a particle beam weapon in the case of Senator Wellstone when a wrench and a screwdriver would have been sufficient, tends to run off into the land of bizarre speculation, even hosting birthers and holocaust deniers on his podcast. From my vantage point, having been interested in this case since I first read Oswald, Assassin or Fallguy? but never having devoted the incredible amount of time and energy that some have devoted to this case, I find the damning part of the charge of “conspiracy theory” not the conspiracy part but the theory part. There is entirely too much theorizing and not enough laying out of the logical implications of the evidence.

      For example, there were fragments of lead in John Connolly’s body when he died and was buried which could not possibly have come from the so-called magic bullet. That should be part of a list of facts and their implications that could be assembled in a clear and concise format that could be used to determine exactly what happened that day. John Costella has gone partway in this direction by assembling a list of reports of witnesses that are supported by multiple sources, but there doesn’t seem to be any attempt to draw consistent conclusions from this evidence.

      Again, from my vantage point, I find this disturbing. It’s almost as if these folks don’t really want to get at the truth, because getting at the truth would tend to support a particular worldview which would not necessarily be consistent with their own. Note the tendency of some to try to blame it all on the Jews/Israelis/Zionists/Mossad. The common denominator here, which looks to me as if it extends to the “lone nut” crew as well, is personal ego. There is even a poster here who stated, “what i wrote is 100% accurate.” Hey, nobody is 100% accurate. Even I am not 100% accurate, which is why I post my current conclusions about the (ancient) historical subjects I investigate and then modify them as I gather new evidence. I really don’t understand the inability of some people to admit that they screwed up and then correct the error. This leads to advancement and new knowledge.

      I would take the bull by the horns myself and do the same with the Kennedy matter if it weren’t for this other ongoing research. Perhaps later, when I get done. For now, keep up the good work and don’t be distracted by the loonies. They are the most important threat to serious research, even beyond the bone dry tomes of the lone nutters.

      Remember, there is balm in Gilead. ;-)


    • Avatar James Henry Fetzer says:

      When you study the evidence, the use of an electro-magnetic device of some kind–not a “particle beam weapon”–turns out to be the most probable cause of the crash, which I have discussed many places, including “The Senator Wellstone Assassination” (YouTube), “The NTSB Failed Wellstone” (with John P. Costella, a Ph.D. in electromagnetism), which has been confirmed by snoeshoefilms document, “Wellstone: They Killed Him”. I don’t understand why so many post without doing any research. My latest article (with Dennis Ciminio, a military electronics expert), “Sen. Paul Wellstone: More Proof of Assassination”, at Veterans Today.

  17. Avatar Truthman says:

    I believe that if we would all cease calling it an “assassination” and start calling it what it really was, an “execution,” that it would help us to begin peeling the layers of the onion away.  LHO was clearly standing in the doorway of the building, as he testified, and therefore could NOT have been on the 6th floor.  JFK’s brains were blown out with a gunshot from his front right, from a powerful, high velocity weapon.  The SS was on a stand-down.    The media was as well.  This is a sad but true commentary that many do not want to face.  The media has been lying to us from day one.  So please stop saying that Cronkite, Huntley and Brinkley were “the good old days.”  Bull biscuits.  And if it weren’t for the WWW, we would all be tripping along to the light fantastic right now.  Peace, but first, revolution!

  18. Avatar JimFetzer says:

    Good books, all, Russ.  And might I add MURDER IN DEALEY PLAZA to your list?  This is one of the three books I edited that brought together the best experts on different aspects, which even Vince Bugliosi admitted are the only three exclusively scientific studies of the case.  Some articles that readers of this blog might find of interest include “Framing the Patsy: The Case of Lee Harvey Oswald”, “JFK: Who’s telling the truth: Clint Hill or the Zapruder film?”, and, published yesterday, “JFK Special: Oswald was in the Doorway, after all!”, with Dr. Ralph Cinque.  Keep up the terrific work!

  19. Avatar Dmsutton53 says:

    How lazy these people are.  With no serious research under their belts they wave the “Conpsiracy Theory” flag.   Here’s an example of someone who knew less about the case than most researchers –  John Connolly himself !  He always maintained being hit by a separate shot than one that hit JFK yet be endorsed the Warren Report.   You can’t have it both ways.
    And of all the many books I’ve read on the case, the Douglass book  cited in the previous post is perhaps the most important and accurate.

  20. Avatar restoretheconstitution says:

    After I read  JFK and the Unspeakable by James Douglass, I understood why elements of the MIlitary-Industrial-Complex offed him.

    He had just signed an order to end our involvement in Vietnam, which would have saved some 50,000 American lives and billions in taxpayer dollars.

    After the Cuban Missile Crisis he and Khrushchev were communicating secretly outside diplomatic channels (both leaders mistrusted the military at that point) to wind down the nuclear arms race, which would have saved trillions.

    He was also setting his sights on the CIA which had grown in power far beyond the scope of anything envisioned by Truman when it was formed.  (He fired Dulles, the director.) This would have pulled our government back from the secret national security state we now have.

    All of these moves would have cost the MIC a LOT of money. Johnson reversed all of them.

    At the age of fifty, I finally figured out the political reality that has existed for my entire life. Eisenhower, in his farewell address, warned us that he was losing control of the Military. JFK was killed for trying to reign it in. He was the last President to be his own man. The rest of them knew who was calling the shots, and anyone who did not play ball would be shot: RFK,  MLK. And most recently, Senator Paul Wellstone’s plane was brought down. He was speaking out against the upcoming invasion of Iraq and he was asking real questions about what happened on 9/11. He had to go. Did any other Senators want to speak out after that?

    Assassination and the threat of assassination are a key to understanding our current American government. Presidential elections are now just for show. All the real contenders are on board with MIC. Look at Obama.

    • Avatar Dawn Owens says:

       They killed JFK, Jr. also.  He had recently come into possession of proof of  Bush Sr’s involvement in his father’s death, and was thinking of running for office.  We all know that JFK Jr. would win any office he ran for, hands down.  His plane very mysteriously went down just off the coast of his family’s island estate, with his wife and her sister on board, while meanwhile GWB was not available even to his own campaign staff.  It’s the Bush way; kill somebody off in the opposing party and then take office, including by vote fraud if necessary. 

  21. Avatar Randy Owen says:

    Nice observations…spot on.  Saw a UK story about the newly released JFK tapes claiming he was worried about the upcoming trip to Dallas and cited JFK’s comment about Monday, the day of his funeral, shaping up to be a hell of a day.  But, he wasn’t scheduled to be in Dallas on Monday.  The comment was about his schedule back in Washington, not about any “foreboding” about Dallas.  What a crock!

  22. Avatar WarDepartment says:

    The White House tapes released this week by the JFK presidential library give special resonance to your comments about wealth and power.  In discussing re-election strategy with political advisers, President Kennedy says, “The people who really are well off hate our guts.”   It’s outrageous that 30 minutes of  this newest batch of Oval Office tapes are being withheld for so-called  “national security” reasons.

  23. Avatar Hal Womack says:

    Eddie Leaks below is right on track, pointing out the link between Dimona in
    the Spring and Dealey Plaza in the Fall of 1963. Michael Collins Piper
    was the first to reveal this crucial connection with his epochal book
    FINAL JUDGMENT, first ed 1994, which solved the JFK assassination case.

         The best thing about the 9/11 Stunt was that it at last woke up
    many of us to the truth that Piper had revealed 9 years earlier. HenKi
    & Aerial Shaboom did for the WTC what their predecessors Bernard
    Baruch and David Ben Gurion had done for the 35th President of the
    United States. This latter was the biggest Jewish coup d’etat in all history.

         Four years later, HenKi & Levi Eshkol ordered their tool LBJ to
    sacrifice the USS LIBERTY to the idol of international Jewish despotism. By this move
    the Gross Kabal clued  in the formerly dominant brass ASP’s as to who
    was now running the show. WAR aka the WAshington Regime has religiously
    paid increasing tribute to Israel ever since.

         Now 7 billion normal people alias “gentiles” are struggling for our
    very lives against the tiny minority at the master switch of the
    Jewish-American Planetary Empire or “JAPE”. Hu Jintao, Vladimir Putin,
    Hugo Chavez, Hassan Nasrallah and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad are some of the
    world leaders on our side in this kozmic tussle.

         Will righteous leaders emerge here  in BOB –“Belly Of the Beast”?

  24. Avatar Sick of It says:

    Does anyone find it puzzling that Errol Morris, who after all just released the lone assassin myth propaganda “Umbrella Man” in concert with the NYT was assigned to review King’s lone assasin myth doorstop? And that it’s a gushing review? Has the Times ever panned a pro lone assassin book?

    • Avatar russwnyc says:

      Don’t think so… but then there havent been that many. Most books say the opposite, and get the cold shoulder

    • Avatar MH says:

      I think Brothers was the only conspiracy analysis type book that they reviewed warmly in modern memory. (John Leonard gave a nice one to Heritage of Stone in 1970.) But in that very same NYTBR issue they devoted a much longer and warmer review to a Kennedy book that toed the consensus line. If I remember correctly the reviews had dueling headlines like “Conspiracy?” and then “Or Not.”

      Also: @ Eddie Leaks. You guys always come out of the woodwork.

    • Avatar Eddieleaks says:

      what i wrote is 100% accurate and you can verify it by a rudimentary google search.  guys like you always resort to ad hominems.

  25. Avatar Eddie Leaks says:

    JFK was also trying to stop Israel’s nuclear weapons program at the time of us death.  Readers may find it interesting that the man who bankrolled/produced Oliver Stone’s “JFK” was Arnon Milchan who was recently exposed in a book reviewed by the New York Times as an Israeli spy responsible for the transfer of nuclear weapons technology to Israel.

    • Avatar javajock says:

      eddie Leaks
      That’s a very interesting connection Eddie! I saw the Silkwood movie many years ago and was very moved at the bravery of karen Silkwood who stood defiantly against the corrupt and evil behaviour of her employers. Then I chanced upon a tatty old paperback edition of Silkwood’s story with incredible details of extreme laxity in handling the radioctive material.And. how they were using flawed rods and employed student during the holidays without any training or induction,The book also mentioned that when the nuclear authority personnel arrived for their inspection of the premises they were taken out and plied with food and drink..Large amounts of plutonium were unaccounted for on a regular basis. It struck me that this could be possibly where israel got it’s nuclear material from. What do you think?

  26. Avatar Robert B. Livingston says:

    Google is like Minitrue, Mr. Baker.

    Imagine a Google Doodle illustrating the NDAA.

    The freedom that matters most is our freedom to consume.

    The truth that matters most is whatever sells.

    “…with liberty and justice for all!” 


    • Avatar James Henry Fetzer says:

      Just for the record, the Robert B. Livingston, M.D., who was a world-authority on the human brain, an expert on wound ballistics and a contributor to ASSASSINATION SCIENCE (1998), died in 2002, lest there be confusion over the identity of the author of this recent comment.

  27. Avatar Oso Xiong McBear says:

    Was a U.S. president slain with impunity?  If so, would that not be defined as a  coup d’etat?  Would that not also mean that any elected official could be slain just as easily?  Speculation into the past is important, but discovering its implications on our current political landscape is most critical, no matter how ugly those answers may be.

    By the way, what is the first known use of the term “conspiracy theory”?  The term takes advantage of neurolinguistic programming, whether or not that was the intent of whomever coined the phrase.

    • Avatar russwnyc says:

      We are fascinated with “CT” and NLP. If you know a lot about this, please email us via the site. Thanks.

    • Avatar Eddie Leaks says:

      those who believed there were multiple shooters in Dallas were called “conspiracy theorists”

    • Avatar WarDepartment says:

      Based on a  quick search of the Mary Ferrell Foundation’s online archive of government documents and other assassination source materials, the earliest mention of “conspiracy theory” in connection with the JFK assassination seems to be in the infamous  November 25, 1963, “Katzenbach memo.”

      Writing  to LBJ aide Bill Moyers, Deputy Attorney General Nicholas Katzenbach complained that Dallas police were irresponsibly speculating publicly about  a “Communist conspiracy theory.”  He seems to be using “conspiracy theory” in a neutral, straightforward way,  not as a label to bad-mouth skeptics and truth seekers.  The Warren Commission was still in the future.

      What’s chilling in this memo — written just three days after the JFK assassination — is Katzenbach’s insistence that “the public must be satisfied that Oswald was the assassin; that he did not have confederates who are still at large; and that the evidence was such that he would have been convicted at trial.”

  28. Avatar Bamftiger says:

    Evidence of Revision solved it. All of it.

    • …but didn’t touch (sorry, Russ) 9/11, JFK jr. Mebbee if we were all “corporations, too”, we could starve Grover Norquist’s pals–no more income tax, only corporate tax. see