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RFK Assassination Legal Case Update

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284869-sirhan-sirhanRecent legal filings on behalf of Sirhan Sirhan, jailed 45 years ago in the death of Robert F. Kennedy, reveal new evidence suggestive of a larger conspiracy. The filings also enumerate examples of obstructive tactics by a government representative—contortions reminiscent of the Warren Commission’s incredible, acrobatic magic bullet that was essential in creating consensus for a lone wolf assassin in the death of RFK’s elder brother, John. (If you’d like to read those filings, we’ve posted them here and here.)

Another “Patsy”?

Sirhan, the man almost everyone believes killed Robert F. Kennedy (and did so alone), is seeking a new trial. Sirhan’s current attorney, William Pepper, who also served as James Earl Ray’s final lawyer and believed that Ray had been set up, is seeking to convince the US District Court for the Central District of California not to accept a report from a magistrate judge, Andrew J. Wistrich, advising that the new trial request be dismissed. It’s up to the district court to decide whether to proceed.

Although Sirhan pled guilty at his original trial in 1969, Pepper contends that Sirhan was betrayed by a lead member of his original legal team, Grant Cooper, who Pepper notes was himself under federal indictment at the time for illegally possessing grand jury proceedings in another famous case, involving card cheating at the Beverly Hills Friar’s Club. Cooper, who faced possible jail time for that, ended up being let off with a $1000 fine. Intriguingly, his client in the Friar’s affair, John Roselli, was an organized crime figure with CIA ties often named as a possible conspirator in the death of President John F. Kennedy.

The defense had Sirhan admit guilt and sought to portray him as both mentally deficient and acting on impulse. Pepper notes that the attorney’s personal vulnerability was known to the judge and prosecution, and that they nevertheless said nothing while Sirhan’s real interests were not represented, and exculpatory evidence was suppressed.  Although Sirhan confessed to shooting at Robert Kennedy, he later said that he could remember nothing at all of that tragic day.

Now, Pepper is requesting a chance to come to court and offer two kinds of evidence – facts known at the time but not presented to Sirhan’s jury, and facts that have come to light since the trial. The fundamental claim is that Sirhan was genuinely unaware of his actions on June 5, 1968 —when he did, in fact, bring a gun to the pantry of the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles and shortly after midnight fire at Kennedy from the front. Pepper wants to introduce expert testimony that Sirhan was a guinea pig in a super-secret program to hypnotize people and turn them into unwitting killers. As crazy as this may sound at first blush, the United States government is on record as admitting to research in broad areas of mind control, particularly with regard to the CIA’s MKULTRA program, which among other things wanted to determine whether people could be made into killing machines. (For more on MKULTRA historically, see this, and more recently, including threats to Obama’s safety, see this.)

Pepper and his experts believe that Sirhan was selected to be the patsy in RFK’s death, distracting everyone while a professional assassin fired the fatal shots unobtrusively from inches behind Kennedy—from a crouched position in the crush of people so his actions would not be noticed, milliseconds after Sirhan shot and missed and was immobilized.

Pepper’s key argument is that Sirhan, by all accounts, was positioned several feet in front of Kennedy (who was moving toward him), while forensic evidence and extensive eyewitness testimony shows that Kennedy was actually hit in the back from just inches away.


In his filing, Pepper writes:

Inadvertantly [sic], the Report begins by actually supporting Petitioner’s claim of actual innocence. It states: “As Senator Kennedy stopped to shake hands with hotel employees, Petitioner walked toward him extending his arm. Instead of shaking Senator Kennedy’s hand, Petitioner shot him.”(CD 199 at p.1)

This recitation of the activity leading up to the shooting is a virtual admission of Petitioner’s innocence since Senator Kennedy was hit by three bullets, fired in an upward angle (indicating that the shooter may have been kneeling behind the Senator) from behind him, by a weapon pressed up against his back with the fatal shot fired about an inch behind his right ear. All shots left powder burns on the back of his jacket and on his skin behind his right ear.

The Report explicitly acknowledges, along with the statements of twelve eye witnesses, that Petitioner was, at all times, in front of the Senator, where, as the Report confirms, the Petitioner could have shaken hands with him.

Petitioner questions whether further comment is necessary in light of this embarrassingly absurd factual foundation for the recommendation that the Petition be dismissed.

Pepper contends that the magistrate, in arguing against a new trial, totally ignored the factual material while focusing on procedural issues. In essence, the dispute comes down to whether those procedural issues can or should trump the notion of “actual innocence.”


In support of their contention, Sirhan’s team wants to present an audio recording made by a freelance journalist, Stanislaw Pruszynski, in the Ambassador Hotel’s pantry at the time of the shooting:

The sounds on that tape, when analyzed with a computerized technology not available at the time of the assassination, clearly reveal that thirteen shots were fired, coming from two different directions –west to east and east to west.

The magistrate has criticized Sirhan’s team for not bringing the tape forward earlier, since it has been available since 1988. But Pepper says that this is an absurd objection since the technology to analyze the sounds on the tape only became available in 2005. In arguing against a new trial for Sirhan, the magistrate cites competing “naked ear” analyses of the tape by “experts” who did not have access to the computer program. Pepper, in turn, casts doubt on the ability, motive and track record of one of those “experts”.

Not the Ideal Attorney

The fact that at this late date we still can’t agree on what happened on June 5 goes back to the very beginnings of the case. If Sirhan had been represented by capable attorneys determined to learn the truth about the politically fraught second murder of a Kennedy brother in five years, things might have turned out differently. Instead, his attorneys persuaded Sirhan to plead guilty in hopes of avoiding the death penalty; Sirhan put up no resistance to this strategy since, as he would later reveal, he had zero recall of what happened on the night of the shooting. He was sentenced to the death penalty anyway, though several years later the sentence was commuted to life in prison after California abolished the death penalty.

Pepper, in his recent filing, directs much of his outrage at attorney Grant Cooper:

As a matter of record he accepted, without even the most perfunctory examination or challenge, all of the State’s ballistic evidence…. As a result, defense Counsel Cooper’s indictment [for illegally possessing grand jury proceedings in another case] went away. He was rewarded for obtaining the guilty plea and death penalty sentence….

Indeed, here’s what Cooper said in his closing remarks:

“Now, let me state at the outset that I want this to sink in if anything sinks in—we are not here to free a guilty man. We tell you as we always have, that he is guilty of having killed Senator Kennedy….we expect that under the evidence in this case, whether Mr. Sirhan likes it or not, under the facts of this case, he deserves to spend the rest of his life in the penitentiary….Don’t we know from dozens and dozens of witnesses that this defendant pulled the trigger that killed Senator Kennedy?…there is no question about that.”…“I wouldn’t want Sirhan Sirhan to be turned loose as he is dangerous, especially when the psychiatrists tell us that he is going to get worse and he is getting worse. There is a good Sirhan and a bad Sirhan and the bad Sirhan is nasty… we as lawyers owe the obligation to do what we think is right to the fullest extent of our ability but we also owe an obligation to society. And, I, for one, am not going to ask you to do otherwise than to bring in a verdict of guilty in the second degree.”

It takes a moment to realize that this is not the prosecutor, but the defense lawyer. No wonder most of us take for granted that Sirhan Sirhan killed Robert Kennedy—and acted alone.

Pepper again:

Throughout his closing argument, Petitioner’s Trial Counsel never lost an opportunity to praise the prosecution’s case and the prosecutors themselves. He, continually, strangely, elevated them, and the prosecution’s case in the jury’s eyes.

Frontal Assault—From the Back

Pepper, who first filed for a new trial in 2011, wants the chance to present a court with his new evidence: the Pruszyinski tape, impartial eyewitness accounts, (i.e., all twelve witnesses who say Sirhan always was in front of the Senator), and other evidence, including testimony from Dr. Daniel Brown of Harvard, a specialist in hypnosis and trauma memory, who has spent more than 70 hours examining Sirhan since 2008.

Among the intriguing elements the magistrate did not mention in his report: some question exists about the original trial evidence—which is crucial to establishing whether Sirhan was the assassin or whether someone else killed Kennedy. Indeed, Sirhan’s trial counsel did not ask the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner to confirm that the bullet slug presented as evidence was the same one he removed from Senator Kennedy’s neck. At the time of the autopsy, the examiner had marked the slug “TN31.” In the intervening years, Pepper says, Sirhan’s defense has learned that the slug introduced during the trial appears to have had the mark “DWTN”—suggesting it was not from the same gun.

If forensic evidence does indicate that Kennedy was killed by shots from behind, how can that be squared with the sworn statements of 12 witnesses who assert that they saw Sirhan in front of the senator, with the senator facing in his direction. In addition, one of the bullets that went into Kennedy’s head was fired from just inches behind his right ear, but no witnesses saw Sirhan behind Kennedy, much less close enough to have fired at that range. (All five witnesses who testified at Sirhan’s trial stated that he was in front of Kennedy.)

One witness, Karl Uecker, a maître d’ at the hotel, was leading Kennedy by the hand through the crowded pantry. After Kennedy stopped to shake hands with a dishwasher, Uecker again took him by the hand and began moving forward. It was while they were on the move that Uecker heard a shot, saw Sirhan in front of him, grabbed for the gun and forced Sirhan onto a steam table.

Even the magistrate who opposes giving Sirhan a new trial accepts that Sirhan was in front of Kennedy. His explanation of the discrepancy is that Kennedy turned his head at the last minute to shake hands with people in the crowd, making it possible for Sirhan’s bullets to enter the back of his head. Two of the other three shots that hit Kennedy entered his back at powder-burn range from less than an inch away. (The bullets in the back appear to have been fired before the head shot, since that one brought Kennedy instantly to the floor.)

So, according to the magistrate’s Report, Sirhan somehow got several bullets into Kennedy’s back from close range and the fatal bullet into the back of his head—even though Uecker himself was between Kennedy and Sirhan, and Uecker asserts that at no point could Sirhan’s gun have been closer than a foot-and-a-half from Kennedy.  The magistrate, having accepted that Sirhan’s hand was pinned to a table soon after several frontal shots missed, asserts that he nonetheless was able to get off the successful rounds from that position.

Pepper minces no words in expressing his outrage at the magistrate’s narrative of the assassination:

The scenario put forward by the Report is errant nonsense. It is embarrassing to say the least and though it may have been due to the Magistrate’s reliance upon uninformed Clerks, it should not see the light of day, much less be submitted to the habeas Judge.

But if that long-accepted scenario makes no sense, the implication is clear:

The question remains as to who fired the other three previous shots at close range from the rear. Once again, the Report ignores this critical fact.

Significantly, Pepper brings in the recent testimony of Nina Rhodes-Hughes, who says that Kennedy was not turned around, but was facing forward, when the shots were fired. Rhodes-Hughes is certain there was a second shooter.

I’ve discussed the case on several occasions with Pepper, as well as with former union official Paul Schrade, who was walking six to eight feet behind Kennedy and was himself wounded by a stray bullet. Schrade insists, and told the FBI at the time, that Kennedy was facing Sirhan when the shooting began.

Hypno Programming and a Second Shooter

The Sirhan case was always, on the surface at least, open-and-shut. As if being apprehended with a gun at the scene wasn’t enough, police found Sirhan’s highly incriminating diaries, replete with declarations that RFK should die.

But some wondered whether he wasn’t too textbook-perfect a culprit.

Indeed, the cumulative evidence that has come out over the years suggests that things were far more complicated. Witnesses saw Sirhan with a woman in a polka-dotted dress; she was seen fleeing the scene, and heard to brag about having participated in the Kennedy hit. A man also was seen fleeing, gun in hand. And of course there was all that evidence that Sirhan could not have fired the fatal shots.

The clincher was Sirhan’s amnesia. What could that be about? As for Sirhan’s ranting in several spiral notebooks, some experts came to wonder if he had produced them while in a hypnotic state. In 1969, in the presence of several experts/witnesses, Sirhan, under hypnosis, engaged in “automatic writing.” After he was awakened, he remembered none of it.

This leads us to the recent work of Daniel Brown, a Harvard psychologist. Based on having spent more than 70 hours interviewing Sirhan at Pleasant Valley State Prison in California, Dr. Brown has concluded that, for some time prior to the events at the Ambassador Hotel, Sirhan had been hypnotized—and not just hypnotized but “hypno-programmed”.

In his filing with the district court, Pepper notes that both Brown and a collaborator, former Georgetown Law Professor Alan Scheflin, are specialists in the fields of brainwashing, mind control, coercive persuasion and the anti-social uses of hypnosis. Brown, also an expert on memory and trauma, has testified before the Hague Tribunal on war crimes.  Brown and Scheflin have studied the use of hypnosis by the CIA and other government agencies. Their conclusion: hypnosis can be, and indeed has been, used to induce anti-social behavior. Even the hypnosis researcher cited by the magistrate in opposition to Sirhan getting a new trial, says that “participants, regardless of whether hypnosis is used, are highly motivated to respond to the demands of the particular context…and will readily perform what appear to be dangerous and antisocial acts if required to do so.”

Brown concludes that the widely believed assertion that Sirhan was schizophrenic is incorrect—and two prison psychologists concur with that opinion. Instead, Brown has identified Sirhan as uniquely suited to mind control, one of the very small minority of the public deeply susceptible to programming. Brown further suspects that Sirhan was subjected to a combination of drugs, hypnosis, sensory deprivation, and suggestive influence. It’s interesting to note that two years before the Kennedy killing, Sirhan had fallen from a horse, and saw at least nine doctors over the next 15 months. Much of Sirhan’s activity in the year before the assassination remains murky to this day. Under hypnosis by Dr. Brown several years ago, Sirhan recalled a sort of handler with a distinctive mustache who spoke with a foreign accent. He also remembered going to a gun range to learn to shoot at vital human organs. A police report actually corroborates Sirhan being at that same gun range with a man of exactly that description.

Although it would seem to Sirhan’s advantage to provide Brown with the recollections he produced, clinical hypnosis doesn’t work that way.

In recent years, Dr. Brown was able to repeat the experiment with “automatic writing” and go much further with this research. Among other things, Brown learned that Sirhan had been a ham radio enthusiast, going on air nearly every evening prior to the assassination—and would often enter a hypnotic state while doing so. This gave rise to the possibility that Sirhan received hypnotic suggestions via short wave radio. In a test, Brown was able to get Sirhan, while in a trance, to write incriminating things—which he denied writing when out of the trance.


Writes Pepper in his most recent submission:

Will the [district court] accept the magistrate’s report and quash the request for a new trial? Or will we see a break in the case? As my French colleagues, who have reviewed this file say—Les jeux sont faites. The game is up.

But is it?  The judge handling the case will presumably be under intense pressure not to permit a new trial. Consider the Pandora’s box that could open. If the public were to learn to distrust the official version of yet another assassination that changed the course of American history, where would this all end? Before long, people might wonder what happened to Martin Luther King, to labor leader Walter Reuther, to all of the leading lights that were extinguished one after another in the last century.

It will take the active interest of the public and the media—and some improbable heroism on the part of the latter—to keep up the pressure until “justice” becomes more than just another word for blind acceptance of the government-sanctioned status quo.

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62 responses to “RFK Assassination Legal Case Update”

  1. Avatar Matt says:

    Who in Government approved sirhan sirhan & his family to immigrate to America it was a tough immigration at that time —any answers to this ?

  2. Avatar Elisabeth Ritter-Blaser says:

    Sirhan Sirhan is still a patsy misused and indoctrinated by the american Government. That Sirhan Sirhan has no knowledge about what had happened during the crime indicates that he surely was under mind control. Mind control does exist and indeed it is very dangerous. Now how do we deal with people who, under mind control, do horrible things as a result ? In Sirhan Sirhan’s case there is even the question wether he actually did shoot or not. But the new evidence points towards Sirhan Sirhan’s innocence rather than to his guilt. I surely wish for Sirhan Sirhan that the whole truth will come to light over this. Why are the American people so afraid of the truth coming to light. Speaking of the Pandora’s Box here, what is so scary about pushing down all those cover ups and lies?? That the CIA was and still is involved in mind control is no secret any more. Fear is something that can cripple a whole nation. The American people may ask themselves ‘are we prepared for the truth and if the whole truth is coming to the surface how do we deal with it?’

  3. Avatar RaelRaven says:

    The one witness most often pointed to by those who believe in a second gun is Don Schulman, but his first story told in a live interview minutes after the shooting is inconsistent with basic facts. For example, Schulman claimed that he saw Sirhan wounded by a security guard who supposedly returned fire. And yet we know Sirhan was not shot. He also claims that he saw Kennedy being immediately removed to the kitchen after the shooting, when in fact he lay on the floor of the pantry for about 15 minutes before being taken directly to the hospital. After that, he kept changing the details of his story over time. In that sense Schulman is like Sirhan–both have changed their stories multiple times over the years.

  4. Avatar HughO says:

    Australian journalist John Pilger was also a witness and he spoke on Democracy Now about many shots being fired after Sirhan was on the floor. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZ27B4bSqEw

  5. Avatar SO says:

    It was a conspiracy, but Sirhan knows more than he’s ever said. I don’t think we should feel sorry for him. I think he could clarify things, if he dared…but he probably wouldn’t live very long.

  6. Avatar Chizzlin' Sam says:

    So did ANYONE call for the release of RFK’s files this week???
    (45 years later)…

  7. Avatar Cebes says:

    Interesting how this article mentions nothing of a follow-up with RFK’s body guard — Rosey Grier. It was Rosey Greir who took control of Sirhan and the gun. Naturally Rosey was interviewed by
    the local Los Angeles news networks. When Rosey was asked what he saw that night, Rosey replied the country is not ready to hear what happened. Maybe Russ Baker can contact Rosey and interview Rosey and see if Rosey thinks the country is now prepared to hear what really happened that night. Rosey is now a Minister.

    • Avatar George Washington says:

      Interesting. I have been told (by talk show host Norman Goldman) that Grier insists that Sirhan alone killed RFK. Goldman says he rode an elevator with Grier once a few years ago, and he asked him about the RFK killing. Goldman says Grier told him flat out that Sirhan did it.

    • Avatar Hollywood Mark says:

      Rafer Johnson took control of the gun. Later turned it over to police.

  8. Avatar Trish says:

    The route that RFK took to leave the hotel was changed at the last moment. The person that changed how RFK was to leave is the guilty party I believe. It was a set up. Sirhan Sirhan could not have had any idea that RFK would decide to walk through the kitchen area.

    • Avatar George Washington says:

      It is also possible that more than one assassination team was lying in wait, each at a different point where Bobby might have walked on his way to the press conference.

    • Avatar Jeremiah Green says:

      But sirhan, wasn’t part of murdering bobby, he was innocent!

    • Avatar Elisabeth Ritter-Blaser says:

      Good point of view because they always make sure that they do have so called “back up systems”in case something goes wrong.

    • Avatar Hollywood Mark says:

      In fact he was there on Sunday when RFK took the same route. He also took the same route when going to give the speech at the podium. it was the route to the press room for print reporters.

  9. Avatar MaatMenNefer says:

    A very interesting book written by Sam ‘Mooney’ Giancano’s half-brother about a decade ago ‘Double Cross’ I think it was called, has Giancano bragging that he had RFK murdered in plain sight on TV. The use of Sirhan Sirhan was much like the magician’s trick of having the ‘audience’ look one way while the actual magic is produced in the other hand…in this case perhaps by Eugene Thane Caesar who was a just hired guy with a private security agency, hired that day…with all the look of a Mafia ‘button man’..who conveniently was last known to reside in the Philippines! Interestingly, the night before Giancano was supposed to testify at the Select Committee on Assassinations of the US Congress, he was cooking peppers at his stove at home when someone came in and shot him dead in the back of the head. Coincidence after coincidence after coincidence…..

    • Avatar j45 says:

      Actually the book was originally published in ’92 I borrowed a copy from a friend. I remember not buying all of that book. If this is the same book, they have Sam G directing the proceedings in Dealy Plaza 2 blocks away with a handi talkie. Dont think a major mobster gets that hands on in anything. But someone was on a talkie directing, both Dark Complected Man and another had walkie talkies in their pockets.

      Then how about the “revelation” by actor Robert Vaughn, a close friend of RFK, who claims that Aristotle Onassis paid Arabs to have RFK whacked fighting over Jackie.
      Who do you believe? Cesar admitted drawing his gun, was right behind RFK, Cesars breakaway security necktie was found in RFKs hand, the wound behind the ear was done from 0 to 3 inches, putting Cesar in the cat birds seat. How much more do you want. And he was never hassled about this. Did he ACCIDENTLY shoot RFK? Good chance of that. Do you think that the Kennedy family knowing that, sought to cover it up?
      Then there was a discussion on one of the forums (I think the Education Forum) about the identity of three men in photographs at the hotel the night RFK was shot. Once again we have ringers for three CIA guys against identities revealed as just men from some corporation — just about the same as the three tramps controversy at Dealy Plaza.
      Like Dealy Plaza, I think someone ought there knows about the RFK shooting and isn’t saying. After all this time i think we deserve to know. The Kennedy Family will survive.

    • Avatar MaatMenNefer says:

      I am sure the Kennedy family would like to know the truth. There were a lot of factions that had an interest in killing RFK and JFK. I doubt we would have had a country that is perpetually at war if they had been allowed to become or continue being president…’Reality’ is fiction.

  10. Avatar Zack B says:

    Andrew J. Wistrich was appointed as a Magistrate Judge in 1994. Prior to his appointment, he practiced law at McCutchen, Doyle, Brown & Enersen in San Francisco, and Brown and Bain in Palo Alto, concentrating in intellectual property litigation.

  11. Avatar edwardrynearson says:

    Here is the MSNBC report of the audio analysis revealing the true number of shots fired:

  12. Avatar jamie says:

    Interesting article. UK TV hypnotist Derren Brown (not to be confused with Dr Daniel Brown of Harvard mentioned in the above article) made a fascinating television documentary program that tested the hypnotised assassin theory. It was shown on UK television Channel Four and confirmed that it was indeed possible to hypnotise a person into murdering someone. I cannot recommend watching this documentary enough. It was called, Derren Brown: The Assassin. Below are a couple of links to it on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2BF352953A7C09EE


    • Avatar edwardrynearson says:

      They just need to hypnotize someone into standing in place

    • Avatar Kemila Zsange says:

      I was also brought to this site after watching Derren Brown’s video and searching Sirhan Sirhan.

      Normally people in trance CAN remember things they don’t normally remember. I’m surprised why we don’t do that more with Sirhan.

      It feels so liking the movie The Manchurian Candidate which was made before the assassination.

  13. Avatar Jamie says:

    Interesting article. UK TV hypnotist Derren Brown (not to be confused with Dr Daniel Brown of Harvard mentioned in the above article) made a fascinating television documentary program that tested the hypnotised assassin theory. It was shown on UK television station Channel Four and confirmed that it was indeed possible to hypnotise a person into murdering someone. I cannot recommend watching this documentary enough. It was called, Derren Brown: The Assassin. Below is a link to it on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2BF352953A7C09EE

  14. Avatar Dave Fryett says:

    Nice piece. Good work.

  15. Avatar ICFubar says:

    incredible… if these facts and new evidence have validity then a new trial is the only plausible recourse. Another “deep state” action?

  16. Avatar MartinTimothy says:

    The Los Angeles coroner said the shots that killed Robert Kennedy, were fired from a distance of between one and three inches, into his head from behind and below his right ear!

    Sirhan Sirhan who was convicted for the killing was several feet to his front, the film has footage of the LA DA simply brushing that aside, Security Guard Thane Eugene Cesar is thought to have fired the fatal shots! http://archive.org/details/Evidence_of_Revision_4

  17. Avatar tony bonn says:

    god bless russ baker and william pepper for speaking the truth…..rfk was murdered the old fashioned way – by the cia and its mk ultra subject….see naomi klein for more details on this gruesome vile practice….
    the forensic evidence completely exonerates sirhan sirhan….but the cia controlled criminal justice system of california will continue to perpetrate a fraud and a hoax upon the people of this land….

  18. Avatar sgtdoom says:

    And Thane Cesar, the part-time security guard, worked at Lockheed during the day in their classified area (which had a contract with the CIA’s MK ULTRA project at the time, which was uncovered during the Church Committee congressional investigations), as did the aunt and uncle of “mystery witness” who didn’t fit the mystery witness description, Valerie Schulte. Ms. Schulte’s father, was also employed at Technicolor Corporation, working on a classified contract with Lockheed regarding satellite and spy plane film processing.

    Ms. Schulte would later graduate college and law school, becoming a counsel for the lobbyist group for national broadcasters, who would later sign an amicus curiae brief (or friend of the court brief) on behalf of Fox News in the federal lawsuit (they won both of them, one on appeal) for their “right” to fictionalize the news.

    Shane O’Sullivan wrote a great book on the RFK assassination, getting psy op’d in a misdirection where he spent more time attempting to identify the wrong assassins (those who may have been tangentially involved with the JFK assassination), instead of looking more closely into the background of “mystery witness” Valerie Schulte” as he really should have — still a great book, though.

    Oh, and BTW, the name of the presiding judge on that legal travesty called the Sirhan trial: Herbert Walker (sound familiar???).

    • Avatar H.P. Loathecraft says:

      “Ms. Schulte’s father, was also employed at Technicolor Corporation, working on a classified contract with Lockheed regarding satellite and spy plane film processing.”

      Coincidentally a related line of work to that Oswald found himself employed in prior to “defecting” to the USSR.

  19. Avatar joe says:

    in successful con game the ringer can’t look empty. in case at hand the ringer (sirhan) is definitely empty. ergo con failed. thus Pepper’s position is solid. a trial on appeal is merely a public and official venue to demonstrate the failure of the con. – a political demonstration of an obvious fact.

  20. Avatar biff777 says:

    Manchurian Candidate McCain.

    • Avatar Russ says:

      this kind of comment is, er, “not very helpful”. Please try and complete the thought, be responsible, and provide some proof of whatever you’re asserting.

  21. Avatar jivedadson says:

    There is a drug, called scopolamine, that purportedly renders a person highly suggestible to commit unwise acts. It also induces amnesia. The CIA investigated its usefulness as a truth-serum in conjunction with MKULTRA. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scopolamine http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ToQ8PWYnu04

    • Avatar Matt Prather says:

      yeah, I learned all about scopolamine as an amnesiac voodoo puppet drug from The X-Files in, oh, ~1995

      …but don’t believe Vice’s little mini-doc production in and of itself…

      …and notice that the wikipedia link you gave doesn’t actually purport that scopolamine renders a person suggestible to committing unwise acts, nor does it link to sources that do purport such.

      * * *

      The Vice production may just be a piece of “conspira-tainment” or Junk Food TV that uses standard editing techniques and interviews with only people who feed into the 30/35-minute running premise that scopolamine and its plant source has a great power to make people do things completely against their will, usually with amnesia to boot!

    • Avatar sgtdoom says:

      A great link on MK ULTRA, via Canada, concerned a documentary they did which was viewed in Canada and Europe, but apparently banned in the USA?





    • Avatar Frank von Winkhorst says:

      You mean the alkaloid that was contained in a popular over the counter sleep aid at the time? Scopolamine is actually more of a hallucinogen than a truth serum.

  22. Avatar Rob says:

    I’ve heard William Pepper speak on this case, and he figures it is a much easier case than MLK. I’m assuming this is due to the fatal head shot from behind at point blank range when it is clear as a bell that Sirhan Sirhan never got closer than about 6 feet approaching from the front.

    I had a chance to read his book Act of State a couple of years ago, and he is painstaking in his work. One reason he didn’t get much attention after the verdict went his way in the MLK case was that the King family wasn’t interested in using this for publicity. They felt it was now time to move on. ( This was 1999 ) Of course the MSM completely ignored it except to trot out one “expert” to denounce the verdict. Most likely they will try to do the same regardless of what happens in this case.

    The major difference here is that Sirhan Sirhan is still alive, whereas James Earl Ray died before the MLK trial was completed. If Pepper can somehow get this thing to court, and a miracle happens where Sirhan is freed, that might change things. Of course this is a very big IF.

    Thanks for bringing attention to this case Russ!

  23. Avatar Richard Raznikov says:

    A factual account of this conspiracy in the form of a novel. See all amazon reviews, five stars. Pepper is right. Sirhan was framed.

    • Avatar Elisabeth Ritter-Blaser says:

      Sirhan Sirhan was framed by the very people in power,the Illuminati who do shake hands with mobsters to do the dirty work,they are assigned for.The CIA is the work of the Illuminati.They are not coincidental called the “net”!

  24. Good article except 1) the Harvard Psychplogist’s name is Derren Brown (here he performs his hypnosis assassination experiment http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=90xfZJQzAhc)
    and 2) in 1999 the courts already ruled the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. a conspiracy of the United States Government. http://www.globalresearch.ca/court-decision-u-s-government-agencies-found-guilty-in-martin-luther-kings-assassination/5320024

    • Avatar JED says:

      Regarding the King case, I’m sure Russ is aware of the civil case brought by the King family and argued successfully by Bill Pepper – criminally ignored by the MSM!
      Pretty sure it was a rhetorical point about how one case can open up questions in other cases.

      re: second gunmen – Mary Ferrell.org
      “Many researchers have cast suspicion on Thane Eugene Cesar, a security guard with right-wing views on race who was escorting Kennedy by the arm through the pantry, was seen drawing his gun and possibly firing it, and told false stories about a .22 he owned (that he had sold it before the assassination, rather than after). But at least one witness claimed to see a different gunman to the rear of Kennedy firing the fatal shots.”

    • Avatar edwardrynearson says:

      December 9, 1999- National Public Radio

      NPR’s Debbie Elliott reports that yesterday a Tennessee jury found that the 1968 assassination of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. was the result of a murder conspiracy, and not the act of a lone gunman. The king family sued Loyd Jowers, a retired Memphis businessman who claimed six years ago that he paid someone other than confessed killer James Earl Ray to kill civil rights leader.


    • Avatar Russ says:

      Don’t you love Web corrections that actually introduce INCORRECT info? Derren Brown is a UK entertainer. He has nothing to do with Daniel Brown, although he has performed an act that claims to prove that people may be hypnotized to become killers.

    • Avatar Frank von Winkhorst says:

      From what I understand of the Sirhan hypnosis, he was convinced he was at a shooting range firing at a paper target. Whether one can be “hypnotized to become [a] killer” is irrelevant. All that is necessary is that one can be hynotized into firing a gun at what one believes to be something other than a human being.

  25. Avatar dutch says:

    The hypnosis/programming speculation reduces the credibility of the theory, and it is not necessary for arriving at the conclusion that someone else shot RFK. The ballistics evidence is determinative in itself. Add the eye witness accounts, audio evidence and the fact of the defense attorney’s being compromised and the nails are in the coffin of the State’s case against Sirhan.

    • Avatar Eric_Saunders says:

      I think that the work of Harvard psychologist Daniel Brown is perfectly credible. Sirhan was no kind of conspirator. He had no motive. The apparent nuttiness of the whole thing is what makes it effective from the point of view of the guilty.

    • Avatar tamjohn3858 says:

      Read the book The CIA Doctors. There is a lot of evidence that our government actively pursued the “Manchurian Candidate” programming to create assassins,

    • Avatar sgtdoom says:

      And please don’t forget the book by Gerard Colby with Charlotte Dennett, Thy Will Be Done, and Battling Wall Street: the Kennedy presidency, by Donald Gibson. (An author named Markoff had an excellent book on MK ULTRA, but it was some time back and I have forgotten its title.)

    • Avatar Frank von Winkhorst says:

      Don’t forget the photographs of the event that were seized, stored at the state archives, and then stolen from the car of the photographer after they had been retrieved 10 years later.

  26. Avatar Fences says:

    As it did not make sense that Oswald was the (lone?) assassin of JFK, it never made sense that Sirhan Sirhan would have had a reason to assassinate Robert Kennedy. Thus were the murders of MLK and Walter Reuther suspect: CIA, FBI and their allies/instigators instead suspect now and forever.

    • Avatar concerned says:

      great reporting, russ. another interesting development in the last several years has been the photo identification of 3 top level CIA operatives at the Ambassador hotel on the night of nov. 6, one of whom was david sanchez morales, who played a role in jfk’s assassination. what would morales and his colleagues have been doing there? the question answers itself.

    • Avatar concerned says:

      anyone interested in the photo i.d mentioned above can can access the BBC documentary discussing it on YouTube. Type in “CIA Agents Killed Robert Kennedy Part 1”

    • Avatar Guest says:

      That was an interesting documentary, but it has since been debunked. By matching up the footage with other footage, researchers were able to rule out two of the purported suspects. The third died before RFK was shot.

    • Avatar concerned says:

      Really? That’s interesting. Can you tell us who these reseachers were and where/how they published their findings? CIA disinformation teams, working from their little disinformation cubicles, are in the debunking business 24/7, so it’s important to know precisely who is doing the debunking……

    • Avatar concerned says:

      anyone interested in the above thread should read an online article written by jfk assassination expert james fetzer, entitled “RFK: Outing the CIA at the Ambassador”. (just google to find). fetzer painstakingly and (to my mind at least) convincingly debunks the debunkers.

    • Avatar Frank von Winkhorst says:

      Fetzer, i’m afraid, can climb so far out on a limb sometimes that one wonders about his true affiliation. He has, on occasion, supported holocaust deniers, and other far fringe elements, as well as concocting complex conspiratorial scenarios like particle beam or electromagnetic weaponry in the Wellstone plane crash when a simple wrench and a screwdriver would have done just as well.

    • Avatar sgtdoom says:

      This was the psy op which threw Shane O’Sullivan and caused him to waste precious time with his book on a wild goose chase. You are incorrect, so please stick to the facts., concerned.

    • Avatar concerned says:

      what, exactly, am i incorrect about sgt? jim fetzer, at least, thinks o’sullivan got it right the first time, and then backed away out of fear. read his blog (cited above in my post) and then tell me specifically what facts i haven’t stuck to. vague charges of “you are incorrect” are unhelpful.

    • Avatar sgtdoom says:

      I’m not suggesting that elements of the CIA weren’t involved, most definitely the same involved with the original hit on President Kennedy (although the assassins were most likely new or different), but that the statement by one of those connected guys in Shane’s book, that they (those individuals Shane was wasting precious time in verifying) wouldn’t be within a thousand miles of the murder of Bobby Kennedy, was correct.

      Had Shane not wasted valuable time and limited resources on this, he might have logically pursued the background of the “mystery witness,” Valerie Schulte, and noted the connections between her aunt and uncle, and father’s place of employment, and Thane Cesar. Then, had he looked at the chief of security at Lockheed back then (Lockheed being the connecting point between everyone), Shane might also have noted that Lockheed’s chief of security was the former personal bodyguard/Secret Service agent to Vice President Nixon, who left the employ of the US Secret Service when Nixon lost the 1960 presidential election, and began working for Lockheed, only later to leave Lockheed and return to Nixon’s 1968 presidential campaign, after the assassination of Bobby Kennedy. (These were all the most salient of points which Shane, however excellent his book was, missed completely!) Please see my further comments on Valerie Schulte’s relatives’ backgrounds below.

    • Avatar sgtdoom says:

      And that first “lone gunman” hit, on England’s PM, Spencer Percival, has found to have incongruities involved with the uncovering of financial records hundreds of years later which detail payments over a monthly period from specific banks to the hitman of that country’s president (who was working against the banks/shipping companies in his anti-slavery platform).

  27. Avatar cstahnke says:

    Well, the number of shots and the fact RFK was shot from the back at point-blank range certainly makes the lone-gunman case impossible to support. But the judge cannot do anything but deny the request as everyone reading this knows. How could it possibly be that the authorities who have falsified every single major event in recent U.S. history would all of a sudden change direction?

    The case would unravel everything from JFK to 9/11–no way, no way the gov’t allows anything like this to go forward. The judge in the case will be visited by some serious people who will make him an offer he cannot refuse and such is the nature of the U.S. justice system at this time. Still, kudos to William Pepper one of those rare heroes still among us.

    • Avatar Doubter says:

      I’m hopeful that it will go forward, but I tend to agree with you that considering the pandora’s box the case would open up, some disingenuous legal argument will be used to quash this it. I’m just wondering what it will be.

      If it’s a National Security excuse, that would not be disingenuous.