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TVWHO: Obama Admin Bottles JFK Assassination Records

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It’s the 50th anniversary of JFK’s untimely death. So why is the Obama Administration still refusing to release assassination records? Abby Martin, host of RT’s show Breaking the Set, interviews WhoWhatWhy editor Russ Baker about this. Russ also articulates the larger picture surrounding this enduring mystery.

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44 responses to “TVWHO: Obama Admin Bottles JFK Assassination Records”

  1. Susan says:

    Ted Cruz is the son of a Cuban Democratic Front worker from Havana and Bay of Pigs fiasco. hHs predecessor Kay Bailey Hutchison ran for the House of Representatives in Dallas and worked as Texas Treasurer where Kathleen Connolly, daughter of Texas governor John Connelly who rode in the motorcade with President Kennedy worked before she was fatally shot by a 20 guage shotgun allegedly by Bobby Hale, the son of FBI agent I.B. Hale who was riding in the car behind the President’s limousine. Strangely, the Hale boys went to school with Lee Harvey Oswald. Work that out.

  2. Jeff Grotke says:

    Hi Russ, great book. Hey I heard a radio interview with LHOswald, where he gives the new york address of the Fair Play for Cuba Committee as 799 Broadway, NY, NY. I wonder if you have found any information on that address as to who was located there, or who owned the building. I have heard the other stuff about the 644 Camp Street Address, it would be interesting to correlate that with this other address, which comes from his own lips and extensive radio interview. Today it is an Antique Store.. wonder if they have any missing bullets in there…

  3. Someone from Miami says:

    I wonder, are there any trained CIA assassins who were in Dallas on 11/22/1963 still alive today? I don’t know who pulled the trigger, or who took or gave the orders to assassinate Kennedy, but what I do know is, the plot to assassinate Kennedy (originated) out of Miami. As did the plot for Watergate, and ALL six burglars came out of Miami. Five of the six burglars were involved in the Bay of Pigs, six out of six were all involved with Cuba and her problems.
    Other then Lee H. Oswald working in the TSBD there were also six other men who were in Dallas Texas the day President John F. Kennedy was assassinated, Howard Hunt, Frank Sturgis, Gordon Liddy, Barnard Barker, David Morales and Luis Posada. I’m sure there were many more that were there that day, folks such as Gordon Campbell, and perhaps, Orlando Bosch. So! If this wasn’t a conspiracy to assassinate President John F. Kennedy, then can anyone explain to me why they were there?

    • BB says:

      The Zapruder film shows that the killing shot entered JFK’s right forehead, the thrust and velocity of the bullet throwing his head violently backward. That shot came from the front-right side of the limo. Another nearly simultaneous shot hit Connelly from the rear right at close to ground level. Note how Jackie groped behind Kennedy’s head to retrieve brain matter from the car’s surface as a delinquent Secret Service guy jumps onto
      the rear bumper. Autopsy photos reveal JFK’s face was not blown away, negating a bullet wound from the rear.
      Oswald was the classic fall guy.

    • Guest says:

      excellent summary

      now do 9/11

      cuz anyone who doesn’t think it was controlled demolition is brain-F****d

    • BB says:

      I witnessed it live. They were immensely powerful explosions, certainly not collapses. Ridiculous.

    • saturn says:

      dont forget Nixon GHWBush and his Tyler /Parrot alibi which Russ outlines and Hoover the preceding evening at Murchison

  4. Mr. M. says:

    You are THE MAN on this issue, Mr. Baker.

  5. Someone from Miami says:

    Why am I not surprised? I’ve been saying Obama would tie up the JFK Act. I’ve been saying this for the past two years now. And, I’ll also tell you that an offal lot of people in the government are going to get very upset at the information I plan on releasing from certain folks in Miami, that’s all I have to say about that.

  6. Robert_Morrow says:

    Because Obama has made a deal early on in his Administration and covering up the JFK assassination is critically important to the Bushes because GHW Bush was one of the CIA men making it all happen for Lyndon Johnson and Dallas, TX oil interests.

  7. Sarah says:

    I’m sure Obama is afraid of suffering the same fate as JFK so he’s not going to do anything. The intelligence community has succeeded in silencing everyone since JFK about the assassination.

    • BB says:

      There’s no reason to eliminate Obama. He has been a dutiful stooge for his handlers. He reversed every campaign promise he made by 180 degrees, a drastic swivel that escalated the wars, kept Gitmo open, led to
      the NDAA, murders by drone aircraft, protection and bailout of the billionaire bankers without indictments, and so on. They need to keep him alive.

  8. Michael Calder says:

    Sgt Doom: Do you have more information on Valerie Shulte? I need to contact her.

    • sgtdoom says:

      See old comment below on Schulte, please:
      Profile of a Lobbyist

      (A bizarre assassination witness and the corporate consolidation of the U.S. media)

      The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) has played a pivotal role, along with other individuals and several other organizations since the late 1970s, in the overall consolidation of the media. Recently, they filed a legal action against the FCC in federal court to bar the inclusion of data on political advertisements; such data explaining who and what financed said political adverts.

      During the Bush administration, the chief lobbyist at NAB was the son of a senior partner at the conservative law firm, Wiley Rein & Fielding (presently, Rein & Fielding), a major contributor to the Bush-Cheney presidential campaigns, and the law firm which successfully won two separate federal court cases for Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News, whereby the federal ruling allows Fox to fictionalize the news. (Many may ask, “When has Fox not fictionalized the news?”)

      To repeat: two separate federal court rulings establishing the legality of Fox News to fictionalize the news; equally important, a significant portion of the corporate membership of the NAB filed an amicus curiae brief (“friend of the court” brief) on behalf of Fox — that is, they were supporting the right of Fox, and any other news station, to fictionalize the news!

      A senior (married) partner at Wiley, Rein & Fielding was rumored to be having an affair with an attractive young female attorney at the firm, who tragically died aboard one of the four airliners involved on 9/11. Also tragically, the third wife of the Solicitor General at that time, Ted Olson, also died aboard the same flight. Tragic, yet some might suggest convenient for the senior partner and the Solicitor General who, after the insurance settlement, quickly moved on to wife number four, while the senior partner no longer had to worry about divorce from his very wealthy wife. (Ted Olson was last seen prepping Paul Ryan for his VP debate, and before that Olson successfully litigated the Citizens United case before the US Supreme Court.)

      The legal counsel at the NAB, who could also be described as a legal lobbyist, as she filed the legal actions and lawsuits, was for at least thirty years, beginning in 1980, one Valerie Schulte.

      Ms. Schulte, a graduate of George Washington law school, matriculated as an undergrad at the University of California where the only unusual event in her life was her most bizarre appearance as the mystery witness at the Robert F. Kennedy assassination trial — the trial of Sirhan Sirhan.

      Over eleven eyewitnesses, ranging in ages from fourteen to a couple in their seventies, identified a mysterious woman in a polka dot dress, described as an olive-skinned brunette in her late twenties or early thirties, who spoke with a foreign accent.

      The mystery woman the police brought forward as their witness? Valerie Schulte, a fair complected, petite blonde 20-year-old student from UC, who at the time of the assassination was supposed to have her leg in a full cast and used crutches to get around. (She had a photo of herself back then.)

      Nobody recalled seeing Ms. Schulte at the scene of the assassination that night?

      What never came out during that travesty of a trial were some curious facts from Ms. Schulte’s background.

      Ms. Schulte’s aunt and uncle both worked in the same classified area at Lockheed where the part-time security guard on duty at the assassination site, Thane Cesar, also worked. (This is pertinent as Cesar occupied the position of the originating kill shots directed at Bobby Kennedy, according to forensic evidence the police attempted to quash.)

      Ms. Schulte’s father, who worked at the Technicolor Corporation, was involved with a contract with Lockheed; Lockheed worked on spy planes and the Keyhole spy satellite program, with film processing an aspect of the Technicolor Corporation.

      While Ms. Schulte certainly didn’t fit the description of the mystery woman in the polka dot dress, she did fit the “petite blonde” description of a young woman who accompanied a fellow who signed into a target firing range as Sirhan earlier on the day of the assassination of Sen. Bobby Kennedy — a fellow described as an Arabic-looking man of large frame, who stood at 6’2” in height, while Sirhan was of thin stature and was a short 5’2” in height — a considerable variance!

      What also never came out at that trial, but years later during the congressional investigation of the Church Committee into CIA activities, was that Lockheed had a contract with the CIA’s MK ULTRA program (a program of which the mission parameters are still only vaguely known and understood to this very day).

      So the mysterious and most bizarre witness, Valerie Schulte, never seen that night, but perhaps observed earlier that day at a target shooting range, would go on to work at a lobbyist firm pivotal in the consolidation of the corporate media.

      The facts may be obscured, but sooner or later they usually surface.

  9. Suessafluff says:

    Some of the people must still be alive. They will not release them all until everyone is dead and therefore exempt from prosecution. Furthermore, they will never really provide the truth to this story. Ever. How many documents have been destroyed or altered at this point? It is clear enough to most Americans that Kennedy’s death will be just another in a series of lies and cover ups to protect those in power.

    • planckbrandt says:

      not only alive…but replaced in the system…that is how spy networks work…they plant people in as “sleepers” who may wait an entire life time….if they were there in 1963 and 1968…and never got called out…they are still there…replaced in the next generation…or by now…two generations…

    • Someone from Miami says:

      “Some of the people must still be alive.”

      Yea think?

      “Furthermore, they will never really provide the truth to this story.”

      Says who?

      “It is clear enough to most Americans that Kennedy’s death will be just another in a series of lies and cover ups to protect those in power.”

      All it takes is one good Samaritan, one elected government official to come forward and disclosed what documents remain that may otherwise be beneficial towards the case.

      On the other hand, what many believe to be the Holy Grail as far as the remaining documents which as of yet have been released still remain in the Government’s volt. They, after all, may hold the key to all the answers.

      They are considered in regard to their past predecessor of having a detailed account of the possible information leading up to Kennedy’s assassination. A bevy of documents calculated at one percent of some five million pages are still withheld according to some government agencies.

      However, “what is truth”? Their claim is based on (one percent), 50,000 +/- pages are still tucked away according to them, these documents maybe of the highest interest to all considering the fact they are the unrevealed documents the world has been awaiting

      More shockingly then ever before, what if, upon their release, the most unexpected news of all is not discovered and there is NOTHING to report?

      Then what? Will someone say, I told you so.

      Which reminds me, why I’m doing what I’m doing, and why I’m doing it, of course one would have to make his or her own intelligent mindfulness judgement, but hey! Isn’t that what people are doing already?

      (My father has taught me many things in my youth), judge me as you wish on that statement, but the one thing he has always said, aside from the many other cliche’s that rings in my head to this very day. I am often reminded of the way my father would convey information to his son. In his own words he would say,… “Tell the story just as it was. And the truth shall set you free!”

      To this day, I try my best, in up-bringing my sons to be honest, trusting, God fearing good men. No one is perfect, we all have fallen short of His glory, as I tell my children, this is not about me, but rather the example I will set, as It will leave a legacy behind to my grandchildren.

      As my father’s son, I’ve often thought about the meaning, and how I could change that too. (Tell the story just as it was). BECAUSE! The truth shall set you free.

  10. tony bonn says:

    russ – your interview was good as far as it went but i would go farther to state that nelson rockefeller gave instructions to the bush crime syndicate to murder kennedy. it may or may not have been over policy issues. mark shaw has a book due this year which will probably expand on the personal aspect. in any event, rockefeller marshalled a coalition of the willing to murder the president.

    obama is a rockefeller lackey and will do whatever he is told. the cia will not release the papers because they will reveal that far from being a lone nut, oswald was a high level intelligence agent important to the cia and other government agencies.

    on the other hand, it doesn’t matter whether the government releases the papers or not. we have enough information to piece together the factual account.

    • planckbrandt says:

      Rockefellers never get mentioned, only Bushes…or Walkers…or some Hunts…Kochs, etc etc., but never Rockefellers…or any of their law firm or money manager lackeys…weird

  11. Chizzlin' Sam says:

    The Oswald Myth has become so ingrained in the psyche of many Americans that to question it one will be labeled a “conspiracist” or asked what size tin-foil hat they have on. To those, I would reply with the words of Benjamin Franklin who said “It is the first responsibility of every citizen to question authority.”
    The Oswald Myth has been kept standing by the fact that it takes actual study time–perhaps even focus and concentration–to unravel the Myth. Added to this is the slow, drip-by-drip release of intelligence files that assures the Diffusion of Factual Evidence which has taken place for the last 50 years.

    • BB says:

      Oswald shot no one. One proof: A photo of dead JFK shows no exit wound on his face. The killing shot came from front/right of the limousine.

    • Chizzlin' Sam says:

      Exactly why I refer to it as an “Oswald Myth”…

    • Susan says:

      Texas Governor John Connelly slumped in his seat apparently wounded but he had the chance to shoot Kennedy in the neck between the two seats and that shot exited from Kennedy’s skull after exploding inside. The medics at the Navy Hospital said Kennedy had no brain left inside his skull to show the bullet traces.

  12. Chizzlin' Sam says:

    “If the United States ever experiences an attempt at a coup to overthrow the Government it will come from the CIA. The Agency represents a tremendous power and total unaccountability to anyone.” –JFK to Arthur Krock on Front Page of NYT 10-3-63.
    How can those words NOT send shockwaves down your spine?

  13. sgtdoom says:

    Superlative job, Mr. B., superlative!

    Not to in anyway slight your excellent book, Family of Secrets (always in the must-read category), but Lance deHaven-Smith’s recently published book, Conspiracy Theory in America, is an outstanding and scholarly treatise on truly important behind-the-scenes details.

    And should anyone be interested in some other insightful comments, including my own, please see this cross posting of Russ’s awesome video clip at:

    • Itsjustaride says:

      I didn’t realize this book had already been published. Amazon says it will be released April 15th. Either way, I’m looking forward to reading it along with Richard Belzer’s ‘Hit List’ (out on April 8th) and H.P. Albarelli’s new book ‘A Secret Order,’ which should be out mid-April as well.

  14. Itsjustaride says:

    I realize Obama is up against it in dealing with the national security state, but he needs to realize how much this country’s citizens would wake up and take a more active interest in our federal government if they knew the extent of the cabal and the lengths they went to in order to cover up the truth. There is actually a new book coming out April 8th by Richard Belzer about the preponderance of suspicious and untimely deaths, murders, “suicides”of people who knew or saw too much. There is your conspiracy! (in addition to everything else that shows Oswald was a patsy)

    • Orangutan. says:

      Someone needs the courage to come right out and say it. Especially if you have the ear of the nation as much as President Barack Obama does or as Robert F. Kennedy would have.

      James Douglass had it right…

      “So Robert Kennedy was of course biding his time. ‘Until I become president of the United States, I can’t do anything.’ Well, I think that’s an illusion. The best thing possible for him would have been to become Gandhi, but of course, he wasn’t Gandhi, he didn’t believe totally in “truth force”, and if he had, the day after he would have said, ‘The CIA killed the president.’ And we would have had, as [Vincent] Salandria has analyzed, a major civil war on our hands. But it would have been better than the 50 years of millions of people being downed by this process.”

      The amount of mysterious deaths is staggering when viewed from afar.

    • sgtdoom says:

      Shane O’Sullivan’s book on the RFK assassination, Who Killed Bobby?, is really good, excepting that Shane gets psy-opped at some point in his investigation, wasting valuable time and resources chasing down the hit men, instead of concentrating on the substitution of the phony witness, Valerie Schulte (a petite blonde who was in a full leg cast and on crutches at the time, while over 16 witnesses described the mystery witness woman as an olive-skinned brunette who spoke with a slight foreign accent, in hear early ’30s, while Schulte was a young college student at Santa Barbara).

      Even more interesting, Schulte (who would later go on to become a career lobbyist in Washington, D.C.) had an aunt and uncle, both of who worked at the same classified area at Lockheed as the part-time security guard who worked there as his day job, Thane Cesar (who was standing at the point where the medical examiner stated was the origination of the kill shots).

      Also, Valerie Schulte’s father worked at the Technicolor Corporation on a contract with Lockheed for photo/film processing of the spy plane and spy satellite programs.

      Also, at that time, Lockheed officially had a contract with the CIA’s MK ULTRA program (this would later come out in the Church Committee hearings and investigation in congress).

      Perhaps equally as important, the chief of security at Lockheed at the time of the RFK assassination was the former personal US Secret Service bodyguard/agent for Vice President Richard Nixon, who would leave the US Secret Service after Nixon lost the presidential election in 1960 for the security job at Lockheed, and return to Nixon’s 1968 presidential campaign after the assassination of Bobby Kennedy.

      (Still highly recommend Shane’s book, though, as he uncovered a bunch of really important stuff.)

    • Andrew146 says:

      The King Assassination has already lead to nothing, long after the CIA/ FBI’s connections have been found in a court of law. People are too under the control via the corporate media. I do not think anything will wake them up. The drug of consumerism has them, we are forsaken.

  15. Orangutan. says:

    Abby Martin is an excellent journalist. More of her work can be found here:

    Luckily we have foreign press like RT to venture into the territory the American corporate media often refuses to go and cover the topics in a slightly more in depth way.

    You can contact Abby here to say thanks or share thoughts:
    LIKE Breaking the Set @
    FOLLOW Abby Martin @
    Or on her YouTube channel I think.

  16. gregorylent says:

    the government behind the government …

    • Orangutan. says:

      “There exists a shadowy government with its own Air Force, its own Navy, its own fundraising mechanism, and the ability to pursue its own ideas of national interest, free from all checks and balances, and free from the law itself.”
      — Senator Daniel K. Inouye at the Iran Contra Hearings (1987)

  17. Abby is always texting me for insider tips on ONI. I just give her this post and some Google Analytics data. sometimes I give her a little extra but she’s not grateful


    Of course, Obama must hide the truth. Has to or he’s dead.

  19. John Parulis says:

    Great Job Russ. Have you read Peter Janney’s book?