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Key Figure in Trump-Russia Saga Dodges Legal Bullet

By 09/28/2017

One of President Donald Trump’s associates had some good news yesterday. Felix Sater, the subject of a recent in-depth piece by WhoWhatWhy, had a tax fraud claim against him tossed out of court.   Following a brief oral argument, Manhattan state court judge Justice Charles E. Ramos dismissed the $70-million tax fraud claim against Sater. […]

Curious Coincidences in IRS Trump Audit

By 09/25/2017

Donald Trump’s refusal to release his tax returns has long been a subject of conjecture. To that, we’d like to add a related mystery: Why did the IRS begin auditing Donald Trump in 2002? Why that year in particular? Donald Trump’s finances were always complicated and fertile ground for the IRS, yet, it only began […]

Michael Cohen in Prague?

By 12/31/2018

The notorious Steele Dossier claimed Michael Cohen, Trump’s ex-personal lawyer and soon to be convict, was in Prague in summer 2016 meeting Russians — allegations he denies. But new reports concerning his cell phone geolocation metadata may substantiate the dossier.

Mobbed Up: Is Trump as Clean as He Claims?

By 03/30/2017

Here is a primer on Donald Trump’s relationship with Felix Sater and others with connections to the mob. The perfect video to watch before or after reading the WhoWhatWhy exposé on the president’s Russia connections.