WhoWhatWhy’s story on President Donald Trump, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Russian mob and Vladimir Putin has sparked enormous interest. Due to the complexity of the issues we presented and the wide-ranging cast of characters involved, the following video is definitely worth watching.

It will provide a glimpse at Trump’s mob ties and introduces Felix Sater, who plays a key role in our story as well. And you will hear the president in his own words claiming that he hardly knew Sater, even though the pair was involved in multiple business deals.

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Trump is in the pockets of the Russian mob.


So is Billary and her mentor Kissinger.

fred lapides

You continue nonstop to insult a name! Show us evidence of HC being in the pockets of the mob – here and now.

James Robert Coyle



So trump sold some Russian gangsters a few condos and that puts him in bed with them? FAKE NEWS!

Jeff Clyburn

You’d have a point if that’s as far as it went. Unfortunately, the Monday story and this video provides a LOT more than that. … Ah well, there’s people who still insist OJ and MJ were innocent too, despite the glacier of evidence to the contrary.

Confirmation bias is a serious affliction.

Martha Bartha

They want Trump to lift those Sanctions, for the right price.

William Miller

More than one American president has had ties to the mob. Ever hear of Tony Rezco, Bee Bee Rebozo, and John Kennedy’s daddy’s friends?

fred lapides

Ties to the mob are one thing and need to be made public…indebtedness to the mob or to a foreign govt verge on impeachment grounds.


Trump like JFK was/is somewhat mobbed up . However he is certainly less “Putined up” than the DNC/MSM/CIA would have us believe. Billary and friends have just as many business connections to Putin as Trump does, a dangerous game of brinkmanship being played here. .

Martha Bartha

Big Money causes corruption!

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