Milicent Cranor

Huron River

More Nasty Things in Your Water

Reading Time: 3 minutes For decades, PFAS Chemicals — used in making firefighting foam, non-stick pans, and fabric protectants — have been seeping into groundwater, rivers, lakes, and even into our bodies. Now what?

Justice for Michael Brown

Inside the Ferguson Protests

Reading Time: 17 minutes A close look at what set off the Ferguson riots five years ago, and a closer look at the long-term abuse and predation the police subjected black citizens to every day.

Make Hummus Not Walls, Bethlehem, Palestine

Israel: Settlers and the Two-State Solution

Reading Time: 3 minutes The struggle over every inch of land in Palestine has led to decades of conflict and could ignite the entire region at any time. Two videos explain one aspect of this problem — mainly from the Palestinian viewpoint — and highlight why no solution is in sight.

US tornado averages per month

Tornadoes: Mayhem in the Merry Month of May

Reading Time: 2 minutes Tornadoes are dreadful, destructive things. Worse yet, they have been straying out of their own territory in recent years. But our little report is about their fascinating appearance and behavior, and we present a spellbinding video that shows what the excitement is about.