Jeff Clyburn

Vanquishing the deceivers
Bernie Sanders

Sanders Takes the Sting Out of Wikileaks Revelations

Reading Time: 2 minutes In any other presidential election, the files released by Wikileaks would likely have had a major impact on the race. It’s not necessarily that they directly tied Hillary Clinton to any wrongdoing, but that the inner workings of a campaign must seem odious to any voter still buying into the notion that politics is not Read More

Colin Kaepernick

Expect Much Wider Anthem Protest on NFL Sunday

Reading Time: 2 minutes If flag-draped super patriots thought they could effectively shame NFL players into conformity in the wake of recent national anthem protests, they were sorely mistaken.When the NFL regular season goes into high gear with a full slate of games Sunday afternoon, this uncomfortable issue will be front and center, with players from across the league standing – or kneeling Read More

9/11, President's Emergency Operations Center

9/11’s Known Knowns

Reading Time: 4 minutes While a majority of claims made by skeptics of the official 9/11 story remain highly debatable, it’s important to note some essential truths — and they are disturbing.

Walter Jones Thomas Massie and Stephen Lynch

28 Pages Deadline Passes

Reading Time: 2 minutes Well, June came and went with no official word on the notorious “28 Pages” and whether or not the redacted, 2002 Joint Inquiry chapter into the attacks of 9/11 should ever see the light of day. Two months ago, White House spokesman Josh Earnest (yeah, that’s his name) assured the press the Office of the Director of National Intelligence would Read More

John Brennan with President Barack Obama

CIA’s Bid to Minimize 28 Pages’ Impact Continues

Reading Time: 2 minutes The CIA’s John Brennan continued his best Frank Drebin routine this weekend, essentially telling the world via Saudi Arabian television network Al Arabiya there’s “nothing to see here, please disperse” regarding the redacted 9/11 Joint Inquiry report. While those weren’t the agency director’s exact words, instead that of the clueless detective from The Naked Gun Read More

911 Commission

With pressure mounting, long-silent 9/11 Commissioners going rogue

Reading Time: 2 minutes The official 9/11 narrative is unraveling now at considerable speed. Certainly the part of the 9/11 Commission’s narrative is that wrote in 2004: “We have found no evidence that the Saudi government as an institution or senior Saudi officials individually funded the organization.” Philip Shenon’s piece in the Guardian on Thursday has former Secretary of the Navy and 9/11 Commissioner Read More