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New Cover-up in Boston Bombing Saga—Blaming Moscow

CaptureMaybe you heard: the Russians are responsible for the Boston Marathon Bombing. At least indirectly.

That’s what the New York Times says. Had the Russians told the Americans everything they knew about Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the bombing might have been averted by the FBI. The Times knows this because it was told so by an anonymous “senior American official” who got an advance look at a report from the “intelligence community.”


Anyone who still entertains the fantasy that America is a vigorous, healthy democracy with an honest and reliable security View article …

BOSTON UPDATE: FBI War on Marathon Bombing Witnesses Continues

The Boston Marathon bombing is much more important than has been acknowledged, principally because it is the major domestic national security event since 9-11 and has played a major role in expanding the power of the security state. For that reason, WhoWhatWhy is continuing to investigate troubling aspects of this story and the establishment media treatment of it. So even as it slips from the headlines, we will be exploring new View article …

FBI, Lone Wolf

FBI Version of NY/NJ Bombing Story Sounds Very Familiar

There are some striking similarities between the recent New York/New Jersey bombings and the Boston Marathon bombing, including the use of pressure cooker bombs. But the similarity that really should be ringing everyone’s alarm bells — yet apparently has not — is the revelation that the FBI had prior connections with both bombing suspects.


A number of contradictions and discrepancies in the FBI’s account of those contacts prompts troubling questions about whether the FBI is coming clean about its interest in Ahmad Khan Rahami.


And just as the Bureau did with the purported Marathon bombing mastermind Tamerlan Tsarnaev View article …

Why the Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect Is Silent

Were accused Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev imprisoned in another country and barred from speaking to the outside world, he’d doubtlessly be described as “being held incommunicado.”

Yet since he’s an accused terrorist being held in the United States, the Justice Department-ordered gag on him has barely been noticed. And were anyone to ask why he’s forcibly been kept silent, they’d be told he’s been subjected to “Special Administrative Measures.”

Don’t be fooled by the innocuous sound of that. The phrase refers to View article …

MEDIA FAIL: ABC’s “Secret Online Life” Story Leads to Secret Edits

ABC News started Tuesday with what the editors no doubt thought was a scoop. By the lunch hour, the prosecution-sourced story on the Boston marathon bombing was an embarrassment. And by the end of the day, a cover-up was in place.

At 9:32am EST—timed to mesh with the start of Tuesday’s trial proceedings—ABC News posted “Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s Secret Online Life,” a story entirely sourced to prosecution and/or FBI leaks. As such, it previewed View article …

BOSTON WRONGED: Hollywood Twists Boston

The story of the Boston Marathon Bombing is rife with contradictions, canards, misconceptions and blatant untruths. Boston Wronged is part of WhoWhatWhy’s attempt to set the record straight. This is an occasional series of articles debunking the faulty stories and “facts” which persist, despite evidence to the contrary.


Want to see the made-for-TV movie about the capture of Boston Marathon Bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev? No View article …

Four in Ten Bostonians Skeptical of Official Marathon Bombing Account

A recent poll conducted by Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s defense team, part of an effort to force a change of venue for his trial, found that a majority of Bostonians—58 percent—are already convinced the accused Marathon bomber is “definitely guilty.”

That may be persuasive to the presiding judge. But what’s perhaps more interesting is that the poll found a sizable number of Boston residents—42 percent—are still “unsure,” indicating that even the population with the closest proximity to the April 15, View article …

Making Sense of Boston

FBI’s ‘Smoking Gun’ Video of Boston Marathon Bombing Doesn’t Exist

What do former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick, an appeals court justice, several potential members of the Boston Marathon bombing jury and thousands of regular Americans have in common?

They all believe that they’ve seen a video of accused bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev dropping a deadly backpack behind victims at the marathon on April 15, 2013—a video his defense said “does NOT actually exist.”

In a pre-trial hearing yesterday, Tsarnaev View article …

Boston Media Suddenly Unhinged Over Marathon Trial

The Boston media are furious at information being withheld about the Boston Marathon bombing. But wait — it isn’t what you think. No, they have not suddenly gotten curious about the sorts of inconsistencies, anomalies and outright lies that WhoWhatWhy has documented in approximately 80 articles now.


No, they just want access to jurors, presumably to tease out still more maudlin “human interest” stories rather than probe for the truth that appears to be hiding in plain sight.


What are they in a huff about? In yet another example of the unprecedented secrecy surrounding the Boston Marathon bombing View article …

No “Eureka” Moment in Boston Bombing Videos or Images

Grainy, dark, faded and inconclusive.

The state of the evidence thus far presented against Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev can be summed up in those four words.

From the first moments after the FBI’s April 18, 2013 press conference naming “White Hat” and “Black Hat” as the prime suspects, law enforcement has contended they had video that conclusively showed Tsarnaev dropping a backpack bomb at View article …

New York Times Warning: Trust Authorities on Boston Bombing, or You’re Nuts

CaptureA huge story can set off alarm bells everywhere, but somehow, with ever increasing frequency, we note the silence of the mainstream media. Having avoided doing its job, it then protects its flank by denigrating those who call for inquiries.

This Is Your Brain on CT

A recent example is this Times article : “Why Rational People Buy Into Conspiracy Theories.”  It is illustrated with a Victorian diagram of the brain, updated to show the conspiracy theorist’s brain–with a flying saucer inside.  The message is unmistakable: if you View article …