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Boston Media Suddenly Unhinged Over Marathon Trial

Some media are all hopped up about the judge’s curious decision to deny them access to the jury from the Boston Marathon Bombing Trial, now that it is long over. Think that means those news organizations are finally showing some initiative and digging into all the holes in the case? Think again.

By 04/11/2015

Boston After-Action Report Raises Still More Questions–Inadvertently

The ‘After Action Report for the Response to the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombings’ was supposed to shine a light on how authorities reacted to one of the worst terrorist attacks on American soil in the past decade. Though it provides some new details, it is notable mostly for its omissions–and how it inadvertently raises still more questions about this baffling saga.

By 11/25/2014

Is One Muslim Man’s Drug-Crazed Rampage Terrorism?

The murder of a Canadian soldier in Ottawa and the subsequent shootings at Canada’s parliament were the work of a drug-crazed man who was Muslim. Yet the government quickly framed it as a terrorist action, and an excuse to boost the state’s powers. Will it send Canada down an American path to reduced rights and increased surveillance?