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Year in Review

It’s Not Too Late to Read Our Most Awesome Articles of the Year

With the cavalcade of jaw-dropping events in 2016, we all had a lot to absorb. And some important things might have gotten lost in the noise. Among them, noteworthy stories published here at WhoWhatWhy. As we close out the year, we thought we’d share some favorites with you.


Admittedly, a lot of what we covered won’t make you feel great about the status quo. But we believe that the first step toward fixing the many problems the world is facing is to be aware of them. While we pride ourselves on having recognized many of these issues early on, it View article …

Putin: Russians Were Told to Mind Their Own Business on Tsarnaev

Vladimir Putin said Russian officials were told not to interfere in the US’s domestic affairs after multiple attempts to warn about Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s growing radicalization.


The Russian president’s remarks about the lead-up to the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing were made during a recent address to the Valdai Discussion Club in Sochi, Russia.


Putin’s claim, however, directly refutes the official US stance, which maintains that the FBI repeatedly asked the Russians for more substantive information on Tsarnaev so it could investigate deeper. The Bureau claims its hands were tied because Russia wouldn’t provide more information.


The FBI View article …

NY/NJ Bombing: The Curious Case of the Incurious Security Guards

Two men who were sought as witnesses in the bombing of the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan have been identified as a pair of EgyptAir “in-flight security officers.”


Hassan Ali and Abou Bakr Radwan, both Egyptian nationals whose photo was released by the FBI, are not considered suspects. Instead, we are told, they simply happened upon the travel bag containing the bomb and decided to take the piece of luggage, thereby disabling the bomb. They didn’t know what was in it until later.


Really? Two security officers who work for an airline based in Egypt, had no clue they were looking at View article …

FBI, Lone Wolf

FBI Version of NY/NJ Bombing Story Sounds Very Familiar

There are some striking similarities between the recent New York/New Jersey bombings and the Boston Marathon bombing, including the use of pressure cooker bombs. But the similarity that really should be ringing everyone’s alarm bells — yet apparently has not — is the revelation that the FBI had prior connections with both bombing suspects.


A number of contradictions and discrepancies in the FBI’s account of those contacts prompts troubling questions about whether the FBI is coming clean about its interest in Ahmad Khan Rahami.


And just as the Bureau did with the purported Marathon bombing mastermind Tamerlan Tsarnaev View article …

Another Terrorist, Another Past Connection with the FBI

Another terrorist attack in a major American city, more frightening images and talk of pressure cookers and ball bearings, BBs and pipe bombs, “lone wolves” and Christmas tree lights.


The latest alleged perpetrator is Ahmad Khan Rahami, a young Muslim man who grew up in America and likes souped-up cars. He became “self-radicalized” watching videos on the Internet that inspired him to blow up innocent Americans.


Some experts say the bombs he made show a high level of sophistication and training, but with more than a half a dozen bombs deployed, not a single person was killed. Some saw it coming View article …

Spiral Staircase

Russ Baker Talks Journalism, Bush Clan and Deep Politics

Russ Baker joins comedian Tim Dillon to talk about the (sad) state of journalism, the importance of independent news sources like WhoWhatWhy and his book Family of Secrets.


In this wide-ranging interview Russ is certain to open some eyes about the way the country really works and provides lots of examples from the past 60 years in which an event initially seemed to be one thing (and was covered by the media in that way) only to turn out to be something different altogether.

download View article …

Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck Ordered to Reveal Who Fed Him Boston Bombing Disinfo

In what’s being called “a First Amendment showdown,” a federal judge has ordered conservative radio personality Glenn Beck to reveal two of his sources in a defamation case related to his reporting of the Boston Marathon bombing.


Beck, quoting high-level law enforcement officials, reported that a young Saudi, Abdulrahman Alharbi, was the “money man” and gave the “go order” to the perpetrators of the bombing.


According to authorities, none of it is true.


Alharbi is suing Beck, accusing him of broadcasting the reports which officials had already declared untrue. Beck could face jail time if the judge, Massachusetts US View article …

Barack Obama, Robert Mueller, Boston Marathon bombing

Classic WhoWhatWhy: Was Tamerlan Tsarnaev a Double Agent Recruited by the FBI?

Introduction by WhoWhatWhy


Omar Mateen had been on the FBI’s radar for some time before he opened fire at a nightclub in Florida, killing 49 and wounding 53 people. Now the public is asking why the FBI didn’t do something to prevent the tragedy.


Glenn Greenwald responded with an article in The Washington Post, “The FBI Was Right Not to Arrest Omar Mateen Before the Shooting”. He warned that pressure on the FBI to be more pro-active will inevitably lead to more draconian anti-terror legislation and the loss of even more civil liberties in the name of preventing View article …

Omar Mateen

Russ Baker: Don’t Rush to Judgment in Orlando Shooting

Somewhere between the rush to judgment that is the neatly packaged mainstream version of events in Orlando, and the wilder memes making their way around the Internet resides the truth.


In this week’s podcast, Russ Baker shares  his thoughts about some the questions that he and his team will be raising in the weeks and months ahead.


Talking with WhoWhatWhy’s Jeff Schechtman, Russ ruminates on the FBI’s still murky history with Mateen, about the similarities between the Orlando massacre and the Boston Marathon bombings, and about the links between both events and reported efforts by the Bureau to recruit Muslim informants.


Is View article …

Washington Post, Osama bin Laden

Reasons to Doubt the Official Osama Raid Story — Five Years Later

WhoWhatWhy exists in good part to serve as a kind of reality check. Its goal is to step outside the echo chamber, in which, no matter how improbable the “official” story, the media and the public reflexively accept it.


WhoWhatWhy exists to remind us that the powerful — whether corporations or presidents or national security agencies — often exaggerate, cherry-pick facts, and even construct total falsehoods in service of their agenda.


We see that again and again, with Vietnam, with Watergate, with Iraq, with the claimed reasons for invading Afghanistan, Libya and, through View article …

Boston Marathon Bombing

The Boston Bombing Anniversary: A Legacy of Unanswered Questions

Here we are, on the third Boston Marathon since the one we will never forget. Two powerful bombs ripped through the assembled crowd, killing Krystle Campbell, Lu Lingzi and Martin Richard, and wounding many others. Later, a policeman was shot to death.  We were told he was shot by one of two brothers accused of the bombing, Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.



The images are seared into our memories. So, too, is the extraordinary government response: an American city totally locked down while armored vehicles, helicopters, and police in full combat gear patrolled the streets of greater Boston.


Four days after the View article …

Boston Marathon Bombing 2013

The Curious Timing of the Boston Bombing Documents Release

Journalists refer to a “news dump” when information is revealed at a time that makes it unlikely that much coverage will be devoted to it. That is why administrations often release potentially damaging information on Friday afternoons, for example.

And that makes the timing of the latest information dump in the Boston Marathon bombing case particularly interesting. The newly unsealed court documents were made available the day before the biggest day for Massachusetts journalists this year – Super Tuesday and the primary in their state.

In other words, there is no better day this year to “bury” news in Boston and, View article …