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Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect’s Alleged Boat Confession May Not Float

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is alleged to have confessed twice to the Boston Marathon bombing. Yet both “confessions”—although widely mentioned in the media—are so fraught with problems that neither may be entered into evidence at the upcoming trial.

“Confession” #1

The problem with the first confession has to do with what’s known in legal jargon as “chain of custody.” According to law enforcement officials, Tsarnaev scrawled a series of self-incriminating notes on View article …

Why the Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect Is Silent

Were accused Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev imprisoned in another country and barred from speaking to the outside world, he’d doubtlessly be described as “being held incommunicado.”

Yet since he’s an accused terrorist being held in the United States, the Justice Department-ordered gag on him has barely been noticed. And were anyone to ask why he’s forcibly been kept silent, they’d be told he’s been subjected to “Special Administrative Measures.”

Don’t be fooled by the innocuous sound of that. The phrase refers to View article …

Boston Marathon Bombing: A Primer

Explosions At 117th Boston MarathonAs the defining domestic national security event since 9/11, the Boston Marathon Bombing has played a major role in expanding the power of the security state. Although the media quickly accepted the government’s assertions that it had captured the culprits, that the culprits were “lone wolves” and that there was nothing more to the story, an ongoing exclusive investigation by WhoWhatWhy, launched the week of the event, suggests otherwise.

In the course of our inquiries, we have found and documented a veritable mountain of dubious official claims, inconsistencies and outright View article …

Boston Marathon Bombing: U.S. Rep. Keating Demands Answers from New FBI Director

In a scathing letter, Massachusetts Congressman William Keating has demanded “forthright information” about the Boston Marathon bombing from the newly confirmed director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Keating, a Cape Cod Democrat, sent the three-page letter to James Comey on Wednesday afternoon, two days after he was confirmed by the Senate to replace Robert Mueller as head of the agency.

“Open questions remain, particularly in regard to inadequate information-sharing, restrictive investigative guidelines/protocols, and an inability to follow up on View article …

Boston Marathon Bombing

Boston Bomber in Court but Full Story Still Muzzled

A court in Boston heard arguments on Thursday from lawyers for convicted Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. His defense team argued that he had not had a fair trial and deserves a new one. Tsarnaev is being held at the federal supermax prison in Florence, CO, where he faces the death penalty.  


The Boston Marathon Bombings were so horrific and egregious that the media pack quickly closed ranks around the narrative put out by the authorities and refused to look further. That’s understandable, but it isn’t good for journalism or for View article …

World Trade Center, 9/11. George W. Bush, Crown Prince Abdullah

Amid Fresh Saudi Royal Family Scrutiny, Remember 9/11

Most everyone, it seems, recently awoke to the fact that the rulers of Saudi Arabia are not exactly the kindest, gentlest of folks.

It took the murder and dismemberment of a Washington Post columnist to get people (and the media) focused on a government that, by most standards, does not deserve the kind of diplomatic favor it has long enjoyed with democratic Western powers.

One might say the same about other countries, but Saudi Arabia is truly extraordinary, by many measures. Its years-long bombing campaign in neighboring Yemen has View article …

Columnist’s Suspension Highlights Boston Globe’s Poor Marathon Bombing Coverage

The Boston Globe recently suspended without pay one of its longest-tenured and most-vaunted columnists, Kevin Cullen, due to inaccuracies uncovered in his reporting on the Boston Marathon Bombing.

Is the Globe finally owning up to its own sensationalist Marathon Bombing coverage that reeked of pro-law enforcement boosterism?


But the paper did inadvertently shine a spotlight on some of its most jingoistic Marathon Bombing reporting by throwing one of its popular columnists under the View article …

Robert F. Kennedy, RFK

Time Is On Our Side — Are You?

Time is unique in its ability to conceal or reveal things. It can bury evidence of ancient civilizations or unearth secrets as new analytical tools are discovered and new perspectives emerge.

One salient example is the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy, which took place 50 years ago this week. For a long time, anybody who questioned the official story — that a lone gunman named Sirhan Sirhan killed Kennedy — was deemed to be nuts. After all, there was no question that Sirhan was there and fired shots.

Now, however, a growing number of View article …

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, Boston Bombing

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Still Gagged As Death Penalty Appeal Grinds On

As the fifth anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing comes and goes, we can’t help but wonder what Dzhokhar Tsarnaev might have to say for himself if he were allowed to speak.

For one thing, we’d like to ask him if he could fill in some details about his brother Tamerlan’s mysterious activities in the years leading up to the bombings much of which the government continues to withhold as “classified.”

Dzhokhar is being held at the maximum-security View article …

Noor Salman, Omar Mateen, Pulse Nightclub

Judges and Juries Increasingly Skeptical of FBI

The wife of the Pulse nightclub shooter was acquitted by a Florida jury on Friday. Is this a sign we have reached peak post-9/11 hysteria against Muslims facing terrorism charges?

Omar Mateen killed 49 and wounded 58 patrons of Orlando’s Pulse nightclub in the early morning hours of June 12, 2016. He was shot and killed by police following a standoff.

Mateen’s wife, Noor Salman, was charged by federal prosecutors with “aiding and abetting” a terrorist act for supposedly assisting her husband in planning the attack against the Orlando nightclub. She was also accused of View article …

Noor Salman, US District Court, Orlando, Florida

Case Against Pulse Nightclub Shooter's Wife Falls Apart

Back in a January 2017 article, we asked: “Did the Feds Indict the Wife of Orlando Shooter for Sins of Her Husband?” It turns out the answer to that question is: probably. It’s either that or the FBI is trying to silence her.

Either way, the case against Noor Salman, wife of Pulse nightclub shooter, Omar Mateen, is falling apart due to prosecutorial misconduct.

In the early morning hours of June 12, 2016, Mateen killed 49 people and wounded 58, at Orlando’s Pulse nightclub in one of the worst mass shooting incidents in the nation’s history. Mateen was View article …

Daniel Morley

Why Is the FBI Ignoring Bomb-Maker Connected to Tsarnaevs?

With few exceptions, most major news outlets faithfully repeat the official account of what led to the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing, despite a number of still-unanswered questions.

The standard version of events pushed by federal agencies is that Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, Muslim immigrants who had fallen on hard times, were disillusioned with America and were “radicalized” on the internet. Acting as co-conspirators and equals, they decided to exact revenge on their adoptive country by blowing up the Boston Marathon, without the involvement of anyone else — full stop. Case closed.

From the beginning, however, WhoWhatWhy has questioned View article …