Robert S. Mueller
Special counsel Robert S. Mueller. Photo credit: FBI.

Ever since the early days of the Boston Marathon bombing investigation, it’s been commonly understood that Tamerlan Tsarnaev first came to the attention of the FBI thanks to a March 2011 “warning” from the FSB, Russia’s security services.

We now know this to be false. In a little-noticed exchange during congressional testimony, the FBI’s then-director Robert Mueller admitted that the Bureau had an interest in the elder Tsarnaev before Russia’s warning. That crucial admission has somehow become buried over time, and the government has been only too happy to leave it out of sight.

What else is the Bureau hiding—and what is the truth behind this subterfuge?

Implausible Deniability

The record shows that the FBI has repeatedly flip-flopped on this matter, but the significance of this curious behavior has escaped the scrutiny of the traditional media.

In fact, it turns out that Tamerlan Tsarnaev came to the FBI’s attention at least twice prior to Russia’s March 2011 warnings.

Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa), while questioning Mueller about Russia’s warning to the FBI regarding Tamerlan asked: “Did you have domestic information on Tamerlan prior to that—prior to that [March 2011] date?”

“ I don’t believe so,” Mueller responded.

“Pardon me?” King pressed.

“Wait, wait, wait,” Mueller stammered, “His name had come up in two other cases.” He went on to say that Tamerlan’s name came up regarding cases of other individuals which were subsequently closed.

“So it’s reasonable that the letter of March 4, 2011 refocused the FBI on Tamerlan?” King continued.

“Absolutely,” Mueller admitted.

That exchange came during testimony in June 2013, before the House Judiciary Committee. What’s particularly notable about the exchange, besides Mueller’s apparent shift in demeanor, is that King had just returned from Russia where he was briefed extensively on what the Russians knew about Tamerlan Tsarnaev back in 2011.

Even more notable, as King points out in the exchange with Mueller, was the extensive amount of information Russia gathered on Tsarnaev, an individual living in the US. And yet, as was made obvious by King’s line of questioning, the FBI missed Tamerlan’s “radicalization,” despite already having him on their radar, something Russia was able to do from afar.

An anonymous FBI source told Politico’s Josh Gerstein, one of the only mainstream journalists to pick up on the notable exchange, that the prior contacts were benign—and not about terrorism. But that leak, possibly authorized, may have been calculated damage control to minimize the prior contact.

While Tamerlan’s name apparently came up during investigations of other individuals, the fact that it wasn’t Russia that first brought him to the FBI’s attention calls into doubt key government statements about the entire case. And regardless of whether the investigations ostensibly unrelated to Tamerlan involved terrorism or otherwise, Mueller’s admission stands as yet another instance of potential contact between the Bureau and Tamerlan, something they’ve been all too eager to minimize.

Among the topics addressed in Mueller’s testimony were the Boston Marathon bombings, the then-recent disclosures about NSA surveillance from Edward Snowden, and the impact of sequestration budget cuts on the Bureau.

Considering the contentious subject matter discussed at the hearing, it’s not surprising that the revelation about the FBI’s interest in Tamerlan Tsarnaev was missed by most of the media.

Soon after the bombing, though, with intense media scrutiny, the FBI’s reluctant admission that they had indeed contacted Tsarnaev prior to the bombing raised more than a few eyebrows.

Quantico, We Have a Problem

When the FBI went public with photos of the Tsarnaev brothers, asking for help in identifying them, the Bureau denied ever having had previous contact with them. This was redacted just a few days later. Photo credit: Wikimedia Foundation

When the FBI went public with photos of the Tsarnaev brothers, asking for help in identifying them, the Bureau denied ever having had previous contact with them. This was redacted just a few days later. Photo credit: Wikimedia Foundation

Recall that three days after the Marathon bombings the Bureau went public with photos of the Tsarnaevs, and asked for public help in identifying them. When they were first publicly named the following day, the Bureau stated that it had not had any previous contact with the brothers. That story held for a few hours—until CBS’s Bob Orr broke the news that the FBI had in fact interviewed Tamerlan years before the bombing. The CBS report made reference to Russia’s RT news network which had released a story quoting the Tsarnaevs’ mother, then living in Russia, who said the FBI had met with Tamerlan and family members numerous times. She also said the Bureau was “controlling him [Tamerlan], they were controlling his every step.”

That same day, likely under the growing media scrutiny, the FBI reversed itself, putting out a press release stating that agents had indeed investigated Tamerlan Tsarnaev. The statement claimed that the probe came about because “a foreign government asked the FBI for information” about him back in March 2011. It also stated that the FBI conducted an “assessment” of Tsarnaev, which was subsequently closed within months because the Bureau “did not find any terrorism activity.”

As WhoWhatWhy pointed out before during the course of our now two-years-long investigation, the “assessment” of Tamerlan was mind-boggling in its superficiality. The agent conducting the investigation never even interviewed Tsarnaev’s wife, a former girlfriend he had assaulted, nor any members of the mosque he attended. These probe errors were later dismissed as ‘missteps.’


The day after the FBI press release, The New York Times, almost in passing, quoted a “senior law enforcement official” who told Times reporters: “In January 2011, two counterterrorism agents from the Boston [FBI] field office interviewed Tamerlan and family members.” That’s two months earlier than the first contact date in March the FBI had admitted to only the day before. (Please go here and here to see our first reports on this anomaly.) Oddly, the Times has never focused on this seemingly accidental scoop.

And although the Times report was based on anonymous sources, Director Mueller’s testimony during a House Judiciary Committee hearing six months later—that Tamerlan was known to the Bureau before Russia’s warning—certainly adds to the credibility of the assertion.

Who’s Really to Blame?

This evidence, which has grown over time, of FBI association with and awareness of a man accused of—along with his younger brother—executing the largest terror attack in the United States since 9/11, is of course very big news. But it also stands out because of the government’s relentless propaganda effort to shift blame to anyone else for its failure to avert the Boston bombings.

In one recent example among many, federal prosecutors sought to saddle a friend of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev with responsibility for the death of MIT officer Sean Collier. The prosecution argued improbably that the college student could have prevented the officer’s mysterious death if he had identified his friend from the FBI photos.

Keeping an eye on the ball being constantly moved by the feds, one inevitably focuses back on Mueller’s remarkable if unnoticed admission, which raises these questions:

•  Considering all of the previous contact, if the FBI had publicly admitted it knew the Tsarnaev brothers right from the get-go, wouldn’t that have averted not only Collier’s death—but also that remarkable sequence of post-bombing events in Boston, including the unprecedented lockdown of a major American city, a carjacking, shootings and bomb tossing, the serious injury of another police officer, and Tamerlan Tsarnaev dead and his younger brother Dzhokhar badly injured?

•  If the FBI and CIA had acted on their knowledge of the Tsarnaevs, could they have prevented the bombing itself? (Russia’s FSB also sent a “warning” to the CIA.)

•  Why wasn’t the FBI able to recognize either brother after the bombing despite being in possession of a trove of photos of them at the Marathon? And didn’t they look familiar to the FBI counterterrorism agent who, by the Bureau’s own admission, had interacted repeatedly with Tamerlan Tsarnaev and his family?

Preventing or Provoking?

Where is all this going? The relevant pattern, and perhaps the underlying story here, is clear. The FBI has a well-documented history of interacting with vulnerable young Muslims, including recruiting them to stir up potential troublemakers in their community—something even Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s super-cautious defense team brought up in court.

His lawyers filed court papers that declared the FBI’s interactions with Tamerlan “were among the precipitating events for Tamerlan’s actions during the week of April 15 2013.” This was because family members and “other sources” told the defense team that the FBI pressured Tamerlan into becoming an informant on the local Chechen and Muslim community.

Is the Boston Bombing story really about yet another government operation where something went terribly wrong? So wrong that, for government operatives accustomed to covering up errors large and small, it was time to bring out the usual smoke and mirrors—and for the media to pass the official version along to the public without showing the slightest skepticism or investigative initiative?

Panorama credits:

Street Scene—Wikimedia

Dzhokar Tsarnaev—Wikimedia

White House meeting—Wikimedia

Vigil—Flickr/Mark Zastrow

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The US government role in this story is most tantalizing. What Eric Holder and Barack Obama are hiding with respect to the Boston Marathon bombing — or non-bombing, as the case may be, is essential to understanding why this judicial travesty was allowed. Boston should be thoroughly ashamed for allowing such a kangaroo court to disgrace its city and its people.

We, elsewhere in the country, always thought of Boston as the locus of a lot of smart people; now it’s hard not to escape the conclusion that Boston harbors a lot of first-class hoodlums. Boston Strong, as one onlooker put it, is a cover-up for Boston Wrong.

And someone should bring in a stretcher and muzzle that lame-brained woman on WGBH (Public Radio?) who hasn’t the sense apparently to even pretend to some kind of objectivity as regards the trial and the death penalty verdict.

What really happened in Boston during the 2013 Marathon and the subsequent trial is something you will certainly never learn by listening to Boston Public Radio — or anything else, it seems, coming out of Boston. It’s fitting that it’s not too far from Salem.


Look up Sacco and Vanzetti. They were lynched by a jury of Smart Citizens of Boston, as Foreign Anarchists terrorizing the City of Boston in the 1920’s. Same town, same scenario – different immigrants: Italian Socialists instead of Russian Muslims. Same threat tho – Different turns out to be just plain scarey!


A little off topic, but: Surprised to hear “Jim & Margery” on BPR, at the end of last week, questioning why Usaama Rahim, (latest Boston “terror” suspect), needed to end up dead. Don’t imagine for one minute that their curiosity will continue but was momentarily refreshing!


I like that. Boston Wrong.


Anyone from Boston is amply familiar with the density of “hoodlums”. People and media from Boston are no different than any other city. How did Dallas media react to their moment of infamy? How did Memphis media react? LA? NY? Etc., ad infinitum. As WhoWhatWhy has noted before, Bostonians of all people and media are all-too-familiar with FBI corruption, organized crime, and influential families. Now we have our Marky Marks who have found a niche, capitalizing on anabolic culture, perpetuating lies. While it is true that public radio in Boston succumbed like every other mainstream, to imply that there was no bombing and attempt to cast shame on the people who suffered the bombing is a ticket to hot summer nights alone with the crickets. The role of the media that needs to be evaluated is the delivery of information that is socially in-actionable, a pernicious effect in which “alternative” media sites are as much, if not more, complicit. No one is getting anywhere. If your image of Boston was burst, that’s on you. What are you going to do about it?

News Nag

It’s getting more difficult for me to believe the brothers weren’t patsies, with the older brother asked to ‘test’ the security of the day’s event and the younger joining in an ostensibly minor charade.

Given the patsy scenario, that the FBI withheld their identification, which could have led to less citywide trauma and fewer casualties, says to me that the FBI intended to hunt them down and kill them before they could tell their side. In that light, that the boat where the younger brother was hiding was riddled with I don’t know how many rounds would be very Jack Rubyesque in its nature.

If they were patsies, they’d have clearly understood their deaths would have to have been a central goal of the manhunt. And the photo of Dzhokhar’s giving-the-finger makes the most sense in the light of their having been unwilling pawns.

Sniper Kitty

That’s my take on the finger episode too…not given to the US public, but the the corrupt bastards who set them up.


I believe that not even Dzhokhar knows what happen that day. He is just repeating what his brother may have told him.


Dzokhar was reported to have had his throat slit when he was captured in or near the boat. All the stories we were told about that boat leave us with a trail of corrupted evidence –suspicions that Dzokhar is being subjected to mind control and that he has been threatened with death if he so much as says anything in his defense — the slit throat may have been the initial warning.

What this trial, what this entire event (The Boston Marathon Bombing hoax) says about the extent of corruption in the justice system in America, what it says about the last days of a country that’s been brought to ruin with shocking speed should awaken every slumbering American — but unfortunately, probably won’t. And soon, very soon, it will be too late.

I, too, believe that Dzokhar is completely innocent — but when you have a country that can pull off a 9/11 and then go out and torture people, with cold-blooded intent, for crimes the torturers know their victims cannot possibly have committed, what’s left of this country is not even a pile of ashes.


Yes, the American people have to scream at this unjust trial. Only we can raise our voices to stop this awful American experience. if we expose this maybe it will stop. If not it will happen over and over again.

Tom Fontaine

You are so right friend


When is the sentencing. It is the last chance for Jahar to speak. Though I think he won’t. Even though it is his right I am sure he is getting the message loud and clear he better not. Shame at the attorney’s for such a lousy job defending him. Do you think now the jurors are reading up on material and saying, oh my god what did I do?

Tom Fontaine

Sentencing June 24 It’s all a govt play. and Jahar was set up to take the fall. The only way the jurors will see the truth is by reading Jahar’s support groups words. and I don’t see that happening anytime soon sad to say

Tom Fontaine

Sad to say we have a whispers power against the feds. We’d need 10’s of 1000’s of supporters raising their voices to be heard and noticed. Only a handful doesn’t have any noticeable impact.


Sad, but you are right.

Jacinta Rizzo Kavanaugh

If the boys’ uncle had been married to the daughter of someone high up in the FBI, I think during his vetting they would come across them. They might have been very young at that time, but it might have put them on the radar originally.

Sniper Kitty

The high up person u mention is Graham Fuller, ex CIA….

Jacinta Rizzo Kavanaugh

Thank you.


And why did he not call? Interesting, I am sure he was glued to the news like anyone else.


Why on earth didn’t the FBI arrest them at home? The brothers had the same address for 10 years and, by all accounts, went back to their normal routine after the bombing.
Even if you entertain the implausible and accept the FBI did not know Tamerlan & Dzhokhar, numerous people called the FBI to ID the Tsarnaevs when the photos were made public. I have to think those calls were top priority and immediately acted on. They couldn’t get over there in 7 hours?


We have become a country of third-rate shysters and hoodlums. Why are we letting this happen?


In Third Reich Germany (I understand the tendency to compare all evil in government to the Nazi’s, but the U.S. has made a right turn toward authoritarianism since 9/11. It seems wise to look at the exemplar in times like these.) the death trains were troublesome to the citizenry…because of the odor.
They complained to authorities constantly about the smell, but no one wondered why.
They had been so heavily propagandized they lost the ability to connect the dots.
Sound familiar?


They likely wanted to draw them out so they could instigate a confrontation; they wanted them dead.
Dzhokhar is taking the entire burden of this crime. There is no way he can possibly get a fair appeal and people need to stop thinking he can. They will fast track him to the chair. Nothing anyone can do unless more people wake up, but we know that isn’t possible at this late hour in U.S. history.
Isn’t it how there is nothing we can do? That was not suppose to be the case for our system. We were suppose to have checks and balances.


Where is the rest of the story? I remember reading about the FBI’s involvement over 2 years ago when a friend of Tamerlan’s was arrested in Florida, in connection with the bombing – he was supposedly a witness or had some knowledge of the plot. At any rate, instead of taking him to a cop-shop for interrogation, the FBI conducted the interview at the man’s apartment. Against all rules and regulations, the Local Cop leaves, and the Lead FBI Agent sent his assistant out of the apartment, while he continued the questioning.

Somehow, an hour or two later, the ‘witness’ was shot several times in the back, trying to escape from the apartment. No recording of the interrogation was ever released or put into evidence. The death was ruled justified, of course, even tho there were bruises and other marks from a physical confrontation on the body.

I am operating on memory only here, but the dead man may have been one of the Russian Muslims the FBI were investigating when they first noticed Tamerlan. Somehow this murder in Florida of a possible fellow conspirator in Florida was all swept under the rug along with all the other glaring inconsistencies in this case.

Like 9/11, there are more questions than answers in the Boston Marathon Bombing and the investigation. Or could it all be a white-wash’ of a false-flag plot that got away from the FBI Handler’s?


For “the rest of the story” –the more than 70 articles we’ve previously written on the Boston bombing, including the referenced one about the Florida shooting, click the red box at the top of page that says “Boston Bombing Investigation”


Write you do. but only a few read, or believe. It has to get out more what happened here. Talk shows and radio shows the public is accustom to getting their news from is where the story has to be told.


Unfortunately, the whole country is on lockdown. The MSM and their gutless cousins don’t have the courage to step out of line — I saw a video of Carlos the cowboy-hatted phony who apparently saved Jeff Bauman—a feat that would have required the help of God— and yet no one, not even all of those smart doctors in Boston seemed to find anything wrong with a guy who had just had his legs blown off being wheeled, sitting up no less, down through the streets of Boston for all the world to see. Carlos is/was a total fraud but Amy Goodman couldn’t see through him, interviewed him about his courage, etc, etc. What does this say about the journalistic standards of Democracy Now?

What we need is for some clever person to draw a clear picture of all the wounded (and non-wounded) and put this squarely at Uncle Sam’s door… with some annotation reading: The guy to whom you pay all those taxes: He does things like this: Keep paying your taxes so he can do more — maybe you’ll be his next victim…

And lastly: A new and very expensive rehabilitation center opened in Boston just a few days after the Marathon hoax — Something more needs to be written about that hospital, who funded it, and what its connection may or may not have been to the second (or third?) biggest hoax perpetrated on American soil after 9/11.


I would like to think it is not over until its over. It is up to a very few to keep this alive until there are real answers. There is a lot to be written about but it has to get to the masses. What can be put in front of Americans to make them face up that they have been duped. What will it take. Possibly Russia knows more and should release it. I appreciate that Who What Why Where and Truth Dig are trying to put articles out that stimulate us to question but it has to go further. These government acts cannot continue. The American people have to take back our country. “We the People”.


In these intelligence operations, all the MSM falls into line. Many of them have intelligence “backgrounds” or are even still employed as such.

Preamble Project

Has anyone ever published what the late Frank Wisner, a high guy in the CAI (a-i transposed for the sake of rhyme, not reason), who set up and could invoke what he called “My Mighty Wurlitzer,” a reference to Radio City Music Hall’s mammoth dual console theater organ? As I recall, it was a list of some 600 people who were reporters, editors, publishers of magazines, publishers of books, wire service folks, TV reporters, anchors and executives. Both foreign and domestic. Joe Alsop was one of the pipes (or even full stops) on Wisner’s “Wurlitzer.” Top execs at CBS (e.g. Frank Stanton), ABC and NBC TV and radio were also among that number, along with NYTimes execs, WaPo execs. In other words, TheMainStreamMedia (in camel-case) served as the CIA’s instrument. I can’t imagine that the organ has been de-commissioned. Only the pipes and stops have changed, to keep up with the Grim Reaper–meaning, as the captive media members die off, they’re replaced by others. I think Frank Stanton’s successor stated as much in a long-ago video interview.

Here’s a link to Carl Bernstein’s “The CIA and the Media”:

Carl sizes the Wisner Wurlitzer at 400 paid or volunteered “pipes.”

Elderly R. Staff

Will we now see that “America” had to long ago respond to “Elijah” Armstrong but it chose Baal and the Tsarnaev boys were the sacrifice the idol of “Americanism” demanded?

Jared Baker

where is the “video” of the brothers dropping off the backpack? and why can’t it be released? why were the brothers dressed like the craft international guys that were swarming the place?
IF the gov listens to EVERY phone call and reads/stores every email…why couldn’t they stop this? does the FBI ever do anything right or is it just always justifying its existence for tax dollars?


They DID release the video. It turns out, what they tell you that you see, is not really what you see, because we have all proven that Jahar’s backpack was not black, like the one they showed to the jury.

They did the same thing with Rahim, the guy the FBI just murdered up in Boston. The video actually shows the FBI lunging at the Rahim. You never see him holding a knife or coming at the FBI. But the FBI came out the same day they murdered him with a statement “we have a video that will prove he was coming after the FBI guys with a knife”.

They are just playing with ya.


I agree. The campaign is to get the public on board with their stories, and then to present evidence where it’s “Who do you believe – me or your lying eyes?” The idea that Russia informed the US about the Tsarnaev’s long after the FBI was said to have them in its view strikes me as an example of having fed the story to Russia by some means they were testing to see if it worked. Garbage in, garbage out. Russia played the part of authenticating what was in fact their own deception, I would imagine. What greater authority could you want that these were bad guys than that Russia had identified them as such? I don’t believe any of the so-called underlying facts except the part about fooling Russia. In fact, when the bombing was reported I had the suspicion that the real mark was Russia, to make it believe we too were serious about dealing with dangerous Chechens. With friends like us …. It seemed premature at the time, although just recently in Cambridge, MA, a nest of Russian sleeper spies had been unearthed and the US also had problems with Russia about both Syria and Ukraine, not to speak of its good relations with Iran. So when I brought this up, this was treated as a far out idea. Even I felt it was too speculative but needed saying. Now I look at our relations with Russia and I imagine the next time they are attacked by Chechens, we’ll have some cover since we were too (yeah, right).


Ya, I think you’re right, especially in terms of Russia and the larger picture. But, the FBI/Gov/CIA, et al, are not the gods they like to emulate to the masses and they do fall short in their overall conspiracies in covering all their tracks.

The FBI admits they knew Tamerlan at least 2 years before the Russians called them. So then, the next question Congress should have asked is “why is he not on a no fly list”? If it was all true that Tamerlan was radicalized and attempting to fly back and forth from Chechnya to the U.S. he’d be immediately arrested or at the least put on No Fly list. So, unfortunately for the FBI, we now know that Tamerlan had to be an informant, because he was never arrested or put on any no fly list. There is simply no other explanation.

The entire trial, conviction, death sentence, and even Dzhokhar’s “confession” yesterday, is part of the framework to prevent the public from knowing the FBI’s participation in this crime. Sadly, we have a compartmentalized government which enables rogue elements within the government to carry out terrible crimes and get away with it.

laughing fool

All I can say is… This is a ‘Diocletian crisis’ just like all of the other ‘crisis events’ in the past recent years.

Meaning: Emotion-driven network reporting on [insert convenient ‘crisis’ here, doesn’t even matter if it’s actually true or not] shoved directly at the public to manufacture a consensus for a pre-ordained solution, riddled with poisoned wells and red herrings for good measure.. So even if you DO manage to get to the glorious “Truth” of the matter… Getting a clear true consensus from anybody else is another gauntlet of attrition altogether, let alone taking decisive action on that consensus…

..And this is besides the idea that people need to wake up and smell the smelling salts; That gov and network media have been caught enough times in a lie with the #honestmistake because they #hadnoclue due to #badintelligence memes, that to NOT understand that it is all bullshitsauce.. is insane.. It really is that simple.

…Or maybe it’s because they’re #inbedtogether and #moneytalks because the #serveratemyemails… Again!

…Then again, what do I know…

Man on the street

If I spent all my life believing that my mother was a nice lady, loving her for the great things that I have seen her do? A peradime shift of position based on newly discovered evidences is very difficult to dissuade me to change my mind? Regardless how the evidences are clear and indisputable. Today, there is no one who claims that they have seen God, yet billions believe in such a myth, and if you grew up believing in god, it is very likely to stay believing in God regardless of evidences that can make you change your mind. The average American citizen salute the flag, and repeats the aligience, and is told by our media that our government is a force of good; and it is traumatic to think that the government in order of getting us into wars, or controlling hand guns, or increasing surveillance on the citizens can plot destructions to get such public supports?

laughing fool

How about this:

What if some group took your mother, a good woman and protective of things important to you in your memory, and put her in prison with her death being the final goal…. And then replaced her with someone that looks almost identical to her in every way, except for her wisdom and actions, just pretending to be your mother until your real mother is killed.. Only now, you’ve been presented with clear evidence of this…

Wouldn’t that make you feel VERY creeped out and uncomfortable? Wouldn’t it make you angry?

…And wanting to DO SOMETHING to save her, before she’s murdered?

Or would you forsake her, not believing what’s right in front of you?

Lady Liberty IS your mother, in that sense.. And she’s running out of time.

Tom Fontaine

I agree Corruption is the acceptable norm now.

Tom Fontaine

The brothers were set up no doubt in my mind
See my findings in the 2 links in above post


One of, if not the best article I’ve read outlining why we have every reason to believe that Tamerlan Tsarnaev was well known to the FBI long before the bombings in Boston! It stretches credibility to suggest that the FBI needed the public’s help in identifying the older Tsarnaev brother and smacks of pure theatrics. Notable that all but the most superficial evidence/testimony in regard to Tamerlan Tsarnaev was excluded from Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s trial, as per the presiding judge. The effort to conceal is simply staggering.

Richard Demma

Puts into shocking perspective the recent sentencing of Jahar’s three college friends for not ‘informing;’ the FBI. Chilling.


Certainly does and absolutely chilling! Three more sacrificed to further the USG’s political agenda and the judge obviously in on this.


How do we get a judge like this removed from his position?


To the best of my knowledge, would be unprecedented in the case of “we.” Judicial misconduct would have to be proven and another member of the judiciary would have to be convinced of this. The prosecution could have requested the removal of the judge, (but we know they wouldn’t have wanted this to happen), as could the defense. (But they didn’t.) Imo O’T is just one factor in a wholly corrupt system.


What is O’T??


Sorry! Judge O’Toole.


“US Government Notifies American Muslims, Who Refused to Be FBI Informants, of Removal from No Fly List”

This latest from the Gov shows just how serious this is. This is just about 4 guys (in article) but this is going on all the time.

All these people who selectively choose not to hear the facts about Tamerlan, need to read this article about the Men who are denied their Constitutional rights of “Liberty” via mobility just because they refuse the FBI in becoming informants.

How do you get people to wake up?


I think you mean “Addition” to No Fly List.


You need to read the article. “Removal” is the correct term, as they were all removed from the no fly list for originally being added to it for refusing to be FBI informants.

Randy Hitt

Hello? Yeah I’m not a spy or nuthin, but why does every news outlet ignore the CIA link to the Tsarnaev’s? Hello the Tsarnaev’s great uncle was a head of the CIA and the MASTERMIND OF THE IRAN/CONTRA AFFAIR-GRAHAM FULLER!



Man on the street

Many years ago, an expose of an Egyptian military secret service guy, who have been hired by the FBI to do clandestine work? During the court testimony of him, and other Muslims who worked together to blow up the WTC in 1993? This Egyptian double agent was quoted as saying ” I don’t believe that you went through with the plan until you really exploded the stuff”? As if he was simply playing along to entrap or to capture radical Muslims? So, without knowing enough about either case, I am speculating that the FBI wanted to filter out the radical terrorists, who live in Jersey City (who formerly were our friends in Afghanistan), and suddenly changed the mission to full explosion to create an urgent need for security intrusion legislations?

Here with the Chechen guys? We supported their fight against Russia, calling them separateists? Then, in Boston, perhaps entrapped them to do it for Allah and or for creating a panic that makes the police state palatable by the fearful sheeple?

Tom Fontaine

Some info on the 1993 WTC bombing He was set up just like the Tsarnaevs were. Same m o, same tactics

Rupert Chappelle

The FBI has a track record of recruiting suckers to become patsies.

“Hey, we are having a bomb drill down at the Marathon, we would really appreciate your participation. We have some backpacks for you to carry. Don’t be late!”


Well said. Tamerlin Tsarnaev was unquestionably under surveillance in Boston prior to the bombings. The notion that an identified & previously FBI-interrogated “extremist” would go “unmonitored” by the big 3 agencies is ludicrous. Tamerlin’s phones & other electronic communication, actions (the purchase of gun powder & bomb-making paraphinalia) & intentions to bomb the marathon were undoubtedly known or surmised. The NSA’s boasts of data-mining, the FBI’s initial fabrications to congress & the CIA’s previous knowledge of Tsarnaev as well–are indicative of at least a partially orchestrated incident. Moreover, the questionable & possibly illegal federal investigation of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the prosecutorial zeal & the specially impanneled jury (all pro- death penalty) again suggest an agenda on the part of the US Federal government. Part of that agenda was doubtlessly intended to rehab the image of our secret but largely ineffectual surveillance agencies. But ultimately it was to satisfy the lucrative defense contracts awarded to our bloated defence industry–and to maintain the agitprop & fear of terrorism in the minds of Americans. What the Tsarnaevs did is horrific. But how the US responded– from the above mentioned methods to the introduction of the ridiculous extrajudicial “boat confession” written in perfect english by a semi-conscious perp–are in insult to Americans. And the imposition of a death sentence on a then brainwashed adolescent (which ignored the introduction of established neuroscience as mitigation) is a national opprobrium. Over 100 plus nations have abolished the death penalty; when, exactly will this nation catch up?


Take a look at this Facebook page- Whdh Boston -It’s the page with the profile picture that says breaking news, lists only about 17 friends and has a description as “journalists”. The short friends lists includes some of the marathon bombing victims, Imam Rahim formerly of Boston, the mother of the guy/student that launched the Boston Strong logo and a long lists of likes that includes a number of victims and various police departments, etc..

Tom Fontaine

Hello friends. I need some expert help on this matter if at all possible Thank you


It’s heart-breaking when you try to grasp the enormous percentage of idiots/lackeys who continue supporting this (according to Princeton), brand new oligarchy. As Carlin said; “It’s a club and you ain’t in it!”. Comically, virtually all corruption in this sewer can be traced to “Woody” Wilson’s selling out his country in 1913 to the parasites who “partied” on Jekyll Island. Please. parents! Love your children enough to ingrain in them the importance of questioning the “orthodox”. Thanks to the true evil empire of the U.S./”great” Britain Central banks now feed off of virtually all mankind. What a sad, sad, epitaph. The tens of millions they and their western “Christian” leaders have annihilated is incomprehensible, but their blood cries out from the ground for justice. Frightening when one considers the enormous number of “heroes” spawned within our own borders who will gladly cut our throats to curry favor, a paycheck and kick-ass benefits, no?


Funny how the Toronto auntie, who had lots to say in the first couple of days about the FBI role and how they were being “handled” (and lots more locally… it was huge story here in TO), never gets a mention, and I haven’t heard a word about her since they came up with the uncle, who was 100% CIA and had lots of nasty things to say about the brothers.

The media ate it all up, and the aunt was history… hope she ‘s OK!


Some things bother me about the official story. Why would the suspects remain in Boston for 4 days subsequent to the bombings? Why would these suspects, clearly needing to keep a low profile, walk up to a police car and shoot a cop “because they needed a gun”, when clearly they had one already? And if they needed a gun, they could have found ways of getting one that were much less attention grabbing. They were able to acquire bomb making materials with remote detonators, but they couldn’t buy a gun? Where did they get those materials from? Why would they not already have an escape plan in place if they’re planning was so sophisticated? What were their motives? We have never once heard a single reason for what they did.

Also the movie about this incident clearly attributes character and mindsets equal to American patriots to these terrorists. That to me is a way of brainwashing the population to see American patriots and anyone who questions the official story of 911 as terrorists. For example, when they hijacked the Mercedes Benz with the Chinese guy, they clearly state “the United States government did 911”. So now anyone who says that is going to be lumped in with the Boston bombers.

koyo koyo

Don’t expect any answers to your questions. There were just as many questions about the Sandy Hook shooting as well. Seems none of these people ever have motives. Even looking at 9/11, Bin Ladin’s motive was nonexistent unless one was to believe that a cave-dwelling man attacked us because he “hates our freedom.” It is unbelievable to me how many people fall for these narratives hook, line, and sinker. But hey, as long as the talking heads on TV say it, it must be real, right?