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Boston Marathon Bombing: U.S. Rep. Keating Demands Answers from New FBI Director

By 08/01/2013

In a scathing letter, Massachusetts Congressman William Keating has demanded “forthright information” about the Boston Marathon bombing from the newly confirmed director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Keating, a Cape Cod Democrat, sent the three-page letter to James Comey on Wednesday afternoon, two days after he was confirmed by the Senate to replace Robert […]

Is US-Russian Spy Intrigue Behind Boston Bombing?

By 05/04/2015

Even after Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s conviction, the story behind the Boston Marathon Bombing has never really been clear. But cumulative evidence points to some kind of complex intrigue on the parts of security apparatuses in both the US and Russia.

Why Investigations of ‘Intelligence’ Failures Go Nowhere

By 12/21/2015

The watchdogs tasked with overseeing the federal government are pushing back against a growing defiance from agencies like the FBI. The agencies’ subtle and not-so- subtle obstruction sheds light on why attempts to fix responsibility for “intelligence failures” — like the probe into the lead-up to the Boston Marathon bombing — typically amount to a whole lot of nothing.

Hijacking Cars, Controlling Weather & Obama’s Libyan Failure‏: Feb. 20, 2015

By 02/20/2015

NOW LIVE ON WhoWhatWhy Car Hacking Report Refuels Concerns About Michael Hastings Crash by Mary Papenfuss A chilling 60 Minutes demonstration of how easy it is for hackers to take over a vehicle’s controls is refueling suspicion about the death of gonzo journalist Michael Hastings. Marathon Bombing Suspect’s Slim Chance of Moving His Trial from […]