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Interview with Criminologist on the FBI: The New Untouchables

Reading Time: 11 minutes America’s leading expert on police accountability says the FBI—once regarded as law enforcement’s standard-setter—has become an outlier outfit that ignores “best-practices” police procedures. In an exclusive Q&A with WhoWhatWhy, Samuel Walker says that a key aspect of the Bureau’s probes of shootings by agents is “just crazy.” His comments hold particular relevance considering the FBI’s long-delayed explanation of how and why its agent killed a witness in the Boston Marathon Bombing case.

Monday Morning Skeptic: Sex, Drugs and Political Heads That Rolled

Reading Time: 14 minutes When Republican Congressman Trey Radel was busted for cocaine in Washington, the Tea Party poster boy from Florida went straight to the political scandal playbook to try to salvage his career: He invoked God, family and forgiveness, then ducked into rehab. Is his career toast? Probably, though Newt Gingrich says Radel might get a do-over if his constituents think his rehab is for real. WhoWhatWhy put together thumbnails of some of the elders of Washington scandals who, over the past 40 years, have paved the path of duplicity for callow dudes like Radel. It turns out his drug denouement was a rarity. When it comes to turpitude in D.C., it’s usually about sex.

In Jailhouse Interview, Alabama Blogger Says He Won’t Budge

Reading Time: 8 minutes In his first press interview since he was jailed a month ago, Alabama journalist Roger Shuler tells WhoWhatWhy that he will stay put behind bars rather than give in to a judge’s “unlawful” order that he scrub his blog of unseemly stories about a former governor’s son. Shuler called the court proceedings “worse than a joke.” A day later, he got indirect support from U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, who wrote in a withering dissent that “Alabama stands alone” with its highly politicized judiciary.

Blogger Sent to Gulag

Reading Time: 8 minutes An Alabama journalist is jailed for contempt of court after revealing an alleged affair involving one of the state’s elite political families. A hand-picked judge takes the unprecedented steps of sealing all records related to a subsequent lawsuit and decreeing that the stories be scrubbed from the Internet. First Amendment advocates are stunned. WhoWhatWhy reports from Alabama.

Hard Time: Prisons Are Packed With More Lifers Than Ever

Reading Time: 5 minutes You’ve heard that prison populations are declining, right? It might be a bait-and-switch trick. A new study reveals that life sentences have risen to an all-time high across the country’s ideological spectrum, in states red, blue and purple. And we’ll pay for that down the line, as our prisons become geriatric care centers for lifers. WhoWhatWhy analyzes this important new criminal justice data.

Report: Hastings Feared Tampering On Rented Mercedes

Reading Time: 3 minutes The coroner’s report ruled the journalist’s car-wreck death an accident. But a new profile suggests that Michael Hastings was terrified that someone had tampered with his car—the very issue that has fueled speculation about the cause of the fiery crash. And WhoWhatWhy adds a biographical note about the “credibility problems” of Dr. James K. Ribe, the pathologist who signed the coroner’s report.