Explosions At 117th Boston MarathonAs the defining domestic national security event since 9/11, the Boston Marathon Bombing has played a major role in expanding the power of the security state. Although the media quickly accepted the government’s assertions that it had captured the culprits, that the culprits were “lone wolves” and that there was nothing more to the story, an ongoing exclusive investigation by WhoWhatWhy, launched the week of the event, suggests otherwise.

In the course of our inquiries, we have found and documented a veritable mountain of dubious official claims, inconsistencies and outright lies—plus a concerted campaign to prejudice the public regarding the accused, prior to trial. We have also reported on a campaign of harassment against prospective witnesses whose knowledge might cast doubt on the accepted narrative. We have made no judgments or claims about guilt or innocence, but we are certain that the full story has been obscured from the very start. The big question? Why.   

We intend to keep pressing for answers, so stay tuned to WhoWhatWhy for additional exclusive coverage through the trial of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and beyond. In the meantime, you can get up to speed with this hand-picked selection of our most essential stories below. (Here’s the full list of our coverage from the beginning.) 

The FBI’s War on Boston Witnesses: Why has the FBI been harassing, deporting (and, in one case, killing) friends of the Tsarnaev brothers? This makes no sense if, as the government has claimed, the brothers acted alone. Do these people know something the Bureau doesn’t want them to reveal?

Was Tamerlan Tsarnaev a Double Agent Recruited by the FBI? Peter Dale Scott examines the possibility that Tamerlan Tsarnaev was an FBI informant who also worked with the Russians. The documented fact the FBI knew and interacted with him prior to the bombings suggests there’s more to the story.

The Marathon Bombing: What the Media Didn’t Warn You About: Our immensely popular post by Editor-in-Chief Russ Baker, published four days after the bombing, was perhaps the first moment at which anyone raised doubts about the rapidly “concluded” investigation and the media’s coalescence around an official narrative. It remains essential reading for real “media literacy” and healthy skepticism toward institutions that have repeatedly misled the public.

Boston MIT Cop Cover-Up:  Russ Baker chronicles a pattern of dissembling and inconsistencies in the official accounts of the execution of an MIT police officer—an event that was crucial in the public portrayal of the Tsarnaevs as murder-minded men.

Boston Carjacking Unravels: Part 1  and Part 2:  Our exclusive investigation uncovered serious factual discrepancies between various accounts provided by the mysterious “Danny,” the sole witness to Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s purported confession to the bombing and to the MIT cop’s killing. Given this anonymous person’s centrality to the official narrative, these clashing stories call into account the entire bombing story told by the authorities and passed along uncritically by the media. For more, please watch Russ Baker speaking to Boston’s public television station WGBH about our discoveries:

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I still haven’t heard any news citing a precise motive yet other than the Tsarnaevs Uncle Ruslan stating that they were losers when he was asked what their motive may have been – that’s the only explanation thus far, that they were losers….doesn’t explain much.


Uncle Ruslan lives in an area and in a house which resembles those intelligence people I know (and knew before they were such) live in. The minute I saw the interviews with him, it clicked that he was part of an intelligence operation involving Russia and Chechnya, long before the Ukraine thing kicked in, but while Russia was supporting Assad in Syria and the US was supporting ISIS and the rebels. That a real uncle would dismiss a nephew who was a college student as a “loser” stretches belief.


And THE person who married the daughter of Patriarch international spook extraordinaire, Graham Fuller.
What are the goods the CIA has on UNCLE Ruslan worthy of his histrionic 10 minutes of fame, denouncing his nephews?

He is the brother of their father.
The aunt, the sister of their mother, spoke out in support, & against the government..from Canada. She has now been effectively muzzled. No word from her since April 2013.

He reminds me of another following a script of similar overly dramatic video fame: Carlos, “the hero” Arrondondo.

It will not surprise me if “one victim” who can’t tolerate his conscience screaming inside, will go off script either in court or on TV… (If any even testify).


What about the out of character widow of the older Tsarnaev brother? She was hard to place with someone like him.


I believe she was a few months pregnant when they married.

daniel wilson

heya. I hope you don’t mind me asking but did you delete a comment on this page? one that I replied to? I have had comments deleted from this website before but am just wondering if you did yours.


Comments are posted at our discretion, and we have standards, as do many news sites. This is not a bulletin board where anything one wishes to post gets posted.


With apologies.


I was curious to know if anyone has investigated whether one of the brothers or both could have been Manchurian candidates. Also, was that actually the brothers at the marathon? The older one’s face that was pictured at the marathon has a different face structure to Tamerlan’s, a smaller nose, deeper set eyes, fuller cheeks. Who was watching his child while they were at the marathon?

Dzhokhar also retweeted something from “Kavkaz Center”,a known terrorist affiliated website. I am curious as to why the media never reported on that tweet when they were pouring over his twitter account, grasping at straws trying to find something to link him to terrorism, but never mentioning that of all things. Would it be if one goes to that site, one will see that the Americans aided and abetted the Chechans in the 90’s? Or is there some other advantage to suppressing that?

I realize all of this anti-Russian sentiment in the press started right after the marathon, but what would this marathon accomplish on the world stage?

I still believe this is an inside job, but I believe the brothers were apart of it-most likely groomed from a young age, not playing a central part in the planning, and most likely thinking they would take the fall.

daniel wilson

It’s all a “war games” type exercise mixed with the two-for-one benefit of being a psychological operation. The whole Tsarnaevs on the run with the lengthy movie style shoot out scene is an embarrassment to logic. If you would for a moment , picture the scene from the poorly transcribed words of a police officer on the scene , from the youtube account of a one Robin Low (whose background seems sketchy to say the least). So this is a small part of this whole ridiculous Boston operation but I want to simply point out how ludicrous it is if you step back for a very briefly moment and honestly analyze the feasibility of everything that they said happened! So I will continue and copy paste from what took me a good hour or three to type , and bear in mind there will be mistakes and even missing words perhaps but that you can just source it for yourself of course and the incorrect names and spelling still tell the story loud and clear. This isn’t exactly the “Danny” part per se but I’d say a more telling part of the whole thing in that they lie to us by giving us so many details. Sorry. I ramble. here is the official story which does not even seem remotely likely:

“My name is sargeant John MacLellan of the Watertown police department. I am a night patrol supervisor. I work ah , the ah , four to midnight shift and the overnight shifts. Um , I’ve been a police officer in Watertown for twenty four years. I’ve been a street supervisor for five years. I was a patrolman , I was a motorcycle officer for twelve years and I’ve been ah , night patrol supervisor for the last five years.”

guy – “ok , so let , can you describe to me exactly what happened during that night , of the incident.”

“Um , we had a call for a ah , ah a , a MIT officer that was shot and killed in Cambridge and we also (heard that?) a call almost simultaneously for a car jacking in , in Cambridge. Um , at the time they didn’t know it was ah , connected. We do know now that it was. Um , the car that was car-jacked in Cambridge , the gentleman was ah , car-jacked at gunpoint. He was taken hostage…and he was taken around , ah , around for about an hour. He was um , he escaped from the vehicle and they ah , the ah , the bad guys , the two suspects took off in his car and luckily we had ah GPS in the vehicle. The vehicle was tracked , to Watertown. We got a call from Cambridge PD that the vehicle was in Watertown stopped in front of sixty-one Dexter ave. We showed up to sixty-one Dexter ave. um , ah as we’re coming here they updated us and the car was on the move now and it was in front of eighty-nine and it was going to , ah it was going towards ” ” street. Ah , myself and officer Reynolds responded. We came to this intersection and officer Reynolds attempted to pull the Mercedes over ah and one of the , one of the bad guys got out ah , with a handgun and started firing at ah , Officer Reynolds. Ah, officer Reynolds put his ah , vehicle in reverse. Reversed back to this area and as I was coming around the corner we had an office…ah the Tamerlan turned to me and takes a ah , fires a shot at me. Fires a shot through my windshield um , I get glass sprayed at my face. Um , I put my car in , my vehicle in park , um , try to ah , try to get my patrol rifle out. I couldn’t get my patrol rifle , um , my patrol rifle wouldn’t release from the locking mechanism , um , I decided ah , that I could feel I could hear the bullets hittin’ my ah vehicle. I was afraid he was getting too close to me. I put the vehicle in pa.. ah , drive , and I jumped out let the vehicle ah ride down ah ghost what we call ghost , noone in the vehicle. Um , and what I wanted to happen , happened ok he started engaging the vehicle thinking there was a police officer in it , shooting at it. They actually threw a bomb at it , it blew out the windows on one side of the vehicle , um and I took ah I took cover behind this ah tree that we have over here on the left hand side of the road. Um , and I fired all my fire , my rounds (and the?) officer Reynolds was

on scene for approximately three minutes , sargeant Pugliese , officer Menton and officer Malone show up. Ah , they show up here. They join the firefight. It goes on for another ah , five minutes. We get officers (Engel?) , ah , we get officer Cormick whos’ only been on the job for four months , and um…excuse me , ah , officer Cormick , officers Engel show up and ah officer Jon Sakeezen? show up on scene and ah we join the firefight. Ah , the firefight goes on for about seven and a half minutes um , sargeant Pugliese um , draws one of the , one of the bad guys out from behind the car , has a gunfight with him. The ah bad guy comes runnin’ up the middle of the street. We draw down on him. Sargeant Pugliese tackles him. I join in , we try to ah , effect an arrest on the ground. He’d been shot eight times. He’s got eight bullet holes in him , and ah as we’re trying to arreset him I heard sarge “bad guy comin’ bad guy comin’ ” I look up and here comes the vehicle coming towards me it was a Mercedes two thousand thirteen Mercedes comin’ full , full speed at us. We jump up , ah mys..I jump up , Jeff , sargeant Pugliese jumps up and um he runs over the bad guy. At that point I think he thought we were doing CPR to a police officer because we were yelling that there was an officer down. So I believe he thought that um , it was three police officers in the middle of the road and he was gonna try to kill us all. Um , luckily we got up and the only person that got hurt was the bad guy. Ah , the vehicle um took off through this intersection and left um , ah west bound down (Laurel?) street through the , through the intersection. ”

guy- “so from the experience , ah , I mean , what , how do you feel I mean when , when it actually was going down what was in your head?”

“Well when it was goin’ on to tell you the truth I didn’t really have any idea , the only thoughts I had in my head was keeping myself and my guys safe , making sure that we tried to stop this threat. I mean these people were throwin’ bombs , they were , you know firing weapons indiscriminately , you know , I was afraid that people were gonna get hurt , that people were ah , people in their houses were gonna get hurt and that my officers were gonna get hurt so my biggest thought was to , you know , minimize that.” *brief verbal exchange with pedestrian. “Um , to minimize the threat , um , try to , try to do the best we could , try to end this as quickly as possible , um , with the least amount of people getting hurt. Um , the training , ah , my training obviously kicked in , I mean I , I , I was at one time I was may , I was giving ah , information to the control and firing my weapon at the same time , telling , ah , telling officers to stay away from Quimby street which is our backdrop. That’s Quimby street down there , we’re shooting towards there so I’m telling people , you know , keep our officers away from Quimby street. We don’t want any officers down on Quimby street ’cause if they start , they start ending up down there and they’re shooting at the bad guys , every round they miss is coming to us. So you don’t want officers on each side shootin’ at each other. So that um , that helped a lot. That , that was my training. It’s definately training kicked in. I don’t remember thinking it , it just came out , you know , when that’s , that’s , that’s why we train so much as police officers because it becomes like muscle memory and instead of having to think about it you just do it. It’s not , it’s like tying your shoes. You don’t say ok I have to cross the right over the left and I have to make a loop , you just go boom boom boom and do it. You know , you don’t think of it , it just gets done. And that’s the same thing with muscle memory and that’s the same thing with our job.”

guy – “And as for the residents here , I mean were they co-operative , are they like all indoors?”

“They did. They all stayed indoors. We had a couple people you know pokin’ their heads out “are you guys alright do you need help”, I mean I , I didn’t want them doin’ that during the firefight , I mean afterwards , of course and you know , I still worried about ’em ’cause we had unexploded ordinances in the street but everybody was very helpful , I mean everybody in this town and especially in this neighborhood. They went through a lot. I mean these people went through a lot , ah , as civilians. I mean I get paid to do this. That’s my job. These people don’t have to , shouldn’t have to go through this , you know and ah , it was a very hard situation for ’em but I think they did a wonderful job. They , they did a wonderful job.”

guy- “So for , I mean what , what did you learn from this experience? ”

“Well I mean um , one that ah , ah , we had a problem with the ah , me getting the rifle out of the cruiser. That , that was a problem for me because I think it would’ve been a different firefight if I was able to get that rifle out so I think that um , the practise of that. We don’t do it very often. We’re a small town so you’re not reaching for that rifle all the time. ”

guy – “how do you think of the design thing? Like , it , it should be…easier?”

“It could’ve been a design thing because again , you know , right now I push it and it opens right up but you know , so it could’ve been my adrenaline. I , I wouldn’t know , I don’t know. I mean I’m gonna test them a lot more now and if it ever malfunctions I’m gonna tell them we need to get a new one because this needs to work when it has to work. That’s like the same thing with us , you know , police officers don’t get paid for what they do , they get paid for what they might have to do , and you know , and , this is a prime example of that. We’re in a small town , in Watertown Massachusetts and we have one of the worst firefights on American soil , with terrorists throwing bombs at us. You know , you’re never gonna think it’s gonna happen but if it can happen here it can happen everywhere. So like that’s the good with this , about training , you have to stay sharp. You have to stay… you come to work and you gotta wear a bullet-proof vest to work every day you know you’re in a profession where you gotta pay attention.”

guy – “so what lessons would you say for other first responders , I mean what do you say , you know , what is your advice that you would give after having this experience?”

“Well the biggest advice I’d give ’em is to stay sharp and to always pay attention because if it can happen in Watertown , it can happen anywhere. It can happen anywhere , if it happened in this town we’d say , I’d say a thousand times , we , I carry one extra magazine. One in the gun and one extra magazine , and we have guys that carry two extra ones and I’m like “two extra magazines? if you can’t hit the guy in twenty seven rounds , you know , save one for yourself , you know , and I ran out of ammunition and I was saying to myself what an idiot. I can’t believe I even said that. I can’t believe I , you know , but I did , I said it numerous times , I said it many many times but now I know that there are situations out there that you , that you could use a hundred rounds like this situation. I wish I had more , you know , because it would’ve been a different firefight. I ran out of ammunition and um , you know , tactically that’s unacceptable. You know and ah , I’m a little embarassed by it. I wish , I wish I had another clip , you know , but lesson learned. ”

guy – “Well I think that’s about it. Thank you.”

“Great. So nice to meet you.”

steve merritt

thanks for the transcription! This account is ridiculous and anyone actually believes it is a fool. Here are the things that jump out to me:
1) ghost riding his vehicle… just letting a police car go plowing down the street sans driver?
2) Referring to the suspect or perpetrator as a “bad guy”
3) A bullet fired through a windshield wouldn’t “spray glass” in someone face
4) the mention of a gun fight lasting 7 and half minutes
5) a guy they’ve just exchanged gunfire with comes running up the street and they try and tackle him…and he’s been shot 8 times?
and that’s to name a few. This sounds like an exaggerated tale told around a campfire. Folk lore that’s being recorded as history.

daniel wilson

my pleasure! Yes, the whole thing is indeed ludicrous. Thankfully people like you and I are recording history as it actually happened and I have absolutely no doubt that in due time , everyone involved will be simply seen as pawns in what was a massively deceptive and illegal (for what that’s worth) plot.


As Emily says at the beginning of the interview, there are many local journalists, “including some in this building,” who are wedded to the narrative. Equally the public. Kudos to Russ Baker’s investigative achievements, but they’re not going to matter as far as the trial and verdict is concerned.

I would have thought that Justice might have offered a deal: a guilty plea in return for no death penalty, but then there would be no trial. Maybe Justice wants a not guilty plea and a trial; and then, at the sentencing phase, will withdraw any death penalty request Justice may have made. This is Massachusetts where the death penalty doesn’t play well to liberal sensitivities. At least a media trial will provide catharsis for some and entertainment for others. Other deals may be in the works that we’ll never know anything about.

As has been pointed out in the recent brouhahas about accusations of campus rape, the narrative, at all costs, must prevail. From the Amiraults in the 80’s and Louise Woodward in the 90’s to this kid who’s now being scapegoated for the marathon bombing, those who are wrongfully targeted by the narrative are a bit like bystanders who get in the way of drive by shootings and end up paying with their lives.


There are TWO versions of the note that was allegedly scrawled inside the boat – The Feds’ text version and an ABC News photo, and, oddly, they don’t match. The phrase “and that Mohammad is his messenger” is clearly readable in the photo, but nowhere to be found in the Feds’ text.

The NY Times recently published a story about the FBI’s mishandling of evidence. Do they just mishandle it? Or, do they fabricate it, as well?

I sent this info to Russ. I don’t know why he doesn’t view it as important. Here are the links. The Feds’ text is a page or three into the PDF, I think.




One wonders why this kid – as one of the “official” stories go – would take the time to scrawl a “confession” in the boat, knowing he was going to surrender, then pleads guilty to all 30 counts? That makes no sense.

What’s more, why did he happen to have a pen handy? How could he write all of this in the dark, shot and bloody and scared as hell. Plus, it seems there are multiple versions of that “note” he supposedly scrawled on the boat. He was unarmed – and the cops had to have known this – yet that boat was shot to hell. This whole thing reeks to high heaven.

I don’t claim to know what happened but it’s possible he wasn’t expected to live (let alone surrender) in that boat or anywhere else. The “official” account is too much of a slam-dunk to be believed.


Quimby Street and Dexter Ave. parallel each other. So, having cops shooting down Dexter Ave. towards Quimby doesn’t make sense, in the account transcribed below. I thought that eyewitness statements put the gunfight on Laurel St. There was a guy who photographed the whole thing…Andrew Kitzenberg, of Laurel St.


Given that the portrayal of so many injuries long after the winners passed over the finish line, when crowds had to have been thin, I would suggest that any investigator start there.

The second part of the story is very flimsy, as to the identification of the Tsarnaev’s, including the fact that MIT was never locked down after the shooting when there presumably were dangerous fugitives in the area. Even the building next to where it happened had only a random cop or campus patrolman going through asking in nearby offices what they heard or saw. It was not a proper investigation. Then the 7-11 CEO denied his nearby store was even robbed, and denied the photo of the Tsaranaev brother was against a backdrop of any of his merchandise. It just cannot hold up to scrutiny.

dji9424 .

The video “interview” was an excellent example of damage control by the host. Since she did state up front that she (and unnamed others) did not see it the same way as Mr. Baker, some of this is to be expected but she overplayed her role as a news “reporter”. It’s perfectly fine to question Mr. Baker but it is another thing to squelch his findings with her own sidetrack remarks that end up going (intentionally) nowhere.

I would have liked to hear more about Mr. Baker’s findings in this interview, but given her blatant attempt to control the information, I can unequivocally state that I will be certain to follow his coverage as it develops. The official story is not believable on its face and the more effort expended in controlling the narrative only exposes the government’s case to be a poorly conceived fictional account of what transpired.


Court Proceeding Primer:
1. The majority of the 722 filings are sealed.
2. None of the defense’s denied motions have been appealed to a higher court; they simply refile them, with the same result. ( the definition of insanity- who is insane, the defense counsel, the judge or Tsarnaev?)
3. David Bruck, counsel for defendant Tsarnaev has filed a motion to move “groupies” who are skeptical of the Court and its rulings, away from the federal court building, labeling them & their signs “conspiracy theorists with conspiracy theories”.
4.. The male who appeared in court for the status hearing, other than his hair (a wig perhaps?) does not resemble Tsarnaev. He is not as tall or as athletic in frame. His eyes are smaller, his nose a different shape & his lips, very thin. He spoke with a foreign accent.

Tsarnaev, as reported by his friends, has NO FOREIGN ACCENT.
This person was low temperament…suppressed hazy behavior & fidgety.
Tsarnaev is described as very dynamic, charismatic, alert & active.

I am beginning to believe that the defense counsel are paid shills by HOLDER. Judy Clarke is the go-to girl for national terror defendants. She is also representing James Holmes, another suppressed hazy defendant.

“DO as I tell you, and you will be paid well.”

Some might consider the above description of the defendant & his attorneys as “conspiracy theories” ; others, merely consider the overt discrepancies, as PROOF BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT that this proceeding is scripted.

Either way, something is rotten in DENMARK & Boston.

daniel wilson

Seeing as how there is so much to look into involving the marathon scene itself and whatnot , I almost haven’t allowed myself to get into the legal mumbo-jumbo as much but no doubt from the day Tsarnaev was arrested , it was clear , considering the effort that went into this event that the guilt of the accused would be legally pronounced at some point , and only a formality. The interesting questions come in like is that actually Dzokhar , like you said , and considering no doubt the jury will not be left to chance , you wonder about the specifics of the workings of their super secret world and how they manipulate the system from the top down.


I was deleted, not sure why…just my own opinion

A J MacDonald Jr

The Boston bombing really brought out the “crisis actor meme” shills.


It would be interesting to know if the Shell station on Memorial Drive in Cambridge had pumps, at the time of the bombings, without credit card swipes–which seems highly unlikely. This Boston Globe story implies that Dzhokhar had to go inside the Shell station to pay for the gas:


Tamerlan pulled up the car with the gas pumps on the right, next to Danny. Dzhokhar got out with Danny’s credit card to pay for the gas.

It was around 12:15, an hour and a half since he was abducted. Danny realized it was a critical moment: The doors were unlocked. Dzhokhar was in the store. The gun was tucked in the driver’s side door. And Tamerlan was distracted, struggling with the GPS device he had brought with him on the carjacking.


From photos 2011 onwards, they had credit-card swipes. It would be easy to check if that was out of order on the night in question.

The original BOLO for Collier’s killer(s) stated that they would likely have blood on them – enough to be visible to a cop in a cruiser.

On those pictures where the brothers are in the Shell, there is no blood. As far as I know, no time-stamp information for those pictures has been released.

Witnesses at the Shell describe scenes and events that do not match those that LE have told us, and which do not match the pictures.

So ‘Danny’ was able to make a very clean getaway despite being partially blocked in because the passenger-side was closest to the petrol pumps ? And swift enough to evade Tamerlan’s grasp ? Interesting.


Another thing that strikes me as odd from the Boston Globe story mentioned below:

The patrol supervisor, Sergeant John MacLellan, advised caution. “Don’t stop the car until I get there,’’ he told Reynolds, according to Watertown Police Captain Raymond Dupuis. “Wait for help to come.’’

But there was no time. The SUV took a sudden left turn from Dexter Avenue onto Laurel Street and CAME TO AN ABRUPT STOP — RIGHT BEHIND A SECOND VEHICLE, the green Honda Civic that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev HAD RETRIEVED MOMENTS EARLIER. As Reynolds watched, one brother emerged from each car…. [So, Tamerlan followed Dzhokhar after they retrieved the green Honda and Dzhokhar pulled over first, when the cop car was behind the SUV. Were they communicating with each other by traceable cell phones? (If so, LE knew where they were at all times.) Did Tamerlan tell Dzhokhar to pull over? Why did they go back for the Honda, if they’d already removed a pile of stuff from it? The whole thing seems so scripted to me.]


The ‘perimeter’ story is such a HUGE lie. From the same Boston Globe article that I’ve been citing:

Deveau said it is unclear how many homes were searched. Linskey, the Boston chief, said “hundreds’’ but could not be more specific.

“We were trying to do 20 BLOCKS around [Tsarnaev’s] vehicle,’’ Linskey said.

The SUV was found abandoned at the corner of Spruce and Lincoln. Henneberry’s house at the corner of L-shaped Franklin St. is about 2-1/2 blocks away.

A major omission in the boat story is the giant door built into the shrink-wrapping on the boat, which Henneberry pantomimed rolling up, I think, in a TV interview with Ed Harding. Also, besides the boat, which apparently drew no attention, Henneberry has a carriage house in his backyard and the neighbors on either side have detached garages in their backyards.


If anyone in this thread wants to see a list of other problems I have with the official story, you can find a piece I wrote at: http://2vr.org/2014/12/17/false-flags-in-boston-by-jacqueline-brook-research/. It’s followed by a long list of reference links.

If the beginning of the piece seems odd, it’s because 2VR.org–for some unknown reason–edited out my 2nd explanatory paragraph when posting it to their website. 2VR asked for an intro to what I believe is the smoking gun red flag in this case. Rather than writing something new, I dumped in a letter to the editor (constrained to 500 words) that I had written and that my local paper had published shortly after the bombings. I added commentary and information to that letter, as well as my final observation about the 2 versions of the note allegedly scrawled inside the boat. The edited paragraph explained this.

Delta Rodgers

These details are interesting. The videos on Youtube, or “Exposing the Big Three,” or PlasmaBurns or Peekay22 and several others. are more obvious. The fact that the bombing was a staged hoax isn’t a theory. It is impossible to dispute if people would just look at the pictures we have, and they are still there, on youtube and other sites, and still as plain as day. If we had a camera at the Grassy Knoll, we’d know, right? Well, we had them in Boston. From the moment of the explosion, all the participants are faking, and the injuries are Hollywood moulage. Pink Lady, The Beauty Queen, Carlos the Cowboy, the trouser torn man who leaps up then sits down, “the Hulk,” the Brassard family, the two Valverde sisters, Adidas Man and others…some researchers have done videos poking holes in EACH story, one by one, but the general picture is clear as soon as anyone looks, literally. I’m as in love with print as anyone, but even the “still photos” we have are clear. It was a smoke/flash bomb and an exercise. Why the city or the country wants us to still believe it was more is the big question, and one a bit too scary for me to ask on my own, but it simply wasn’t a bomb, and wasn’t a terrorist attack at all.

daniel wilson

dead on.


Those researchers plus others have totally broken the scene down and exposed the Boston “bombing” for the complete fabrication that it was.
I have to question whether Tamerlan is still alive since there is video evidence of him being photographed against a wall and led away by a man in a suit after he was apprehended. (I am assuming that the “naked man” but into the back of a squad car was indeed Tamerlan) I am speculating that the Tsnarnaevs were CIA and knew in advance of the hoax/plot.
I really don’t know what to make of the death of the cop at MIT, though.


It started out in what seems to be a government drill, but did go “live” with at least one real bomb. Tamerlan is dead and the Feds want the young kid dead as well. Two FBI guys who were part of the team at the Boat arrest mysteriously died shortly after by “falling out of a helicopter” in an “training exercise” off the coast of Virginia.
Some of the “crisis actor” stuff, could very well be part of the psy-op itself, but most likely only a few elements know the entire story.


Tell that to all of the people who got their legs blown off. This “crisis actor” BS is clearly disinfo to pollute the well and discourage legitimate questions from being asked.


Not so.


People died and had their legs blown off. Was 8-year-old Martin Richard, who died in one of the explosions, a “crisis actor”? Are all his family members and friends who attended his funeral crisis actors? Is Jeff Bauman, who is now legless, a crisis actor? Are all of the people who knew him before the bombing conspiring to cover up your version of reality – that he was apparently missing both legs before the Marathon? I live in the area. I personally know people – smart, reasonable people – who were eyewitnesses to the explosions and the resulting carnage. This “crisis actor” meme is clearly a very effective disinfo tool to delegitimize all alternative theories of what happened in Boston.


CARLOS is a conman and actor. He was in a film the year before . He was an illegal, set fire to a government van & himself, & made a deal with the Feds, as he was about to be deported.

He now is an “operative” as needed, also a la raza activist to bring in more iilegals.

I don’t believe “martin richard”, an interesting simple name for a Bostonian ever existed.- either did Adam Lanza.

Bauman showed up as guest of honor at a BRUINS game 17 days after the marathon. He is also con man who has defrauded ONE FUND.

You are not going to convince me that the DRILL WASN’T TWEETED OUT 1 min before the blasts by the Globe.

Work on someone else who is made of straw.

Your 3rd hand hearsay is not admitted evidence.

This is Richard Serino’s life-imitates-art baby:
2008 ”


PS. Judy Clarke is selected & paid by the DOJ for notorious cases.
SHE’s a pleader, not a trial lawyer.

Don’t expect a trial.



IMO, the Boston Globe tweeted out the “bomb squad” activity to keep as many people from the area as possible as to control the scene. Also, the fire at the Kennedy Library was probably a diversionary tactic to keep many First Responders away from the scene as well.


You don’t believe that Martin Richard existed. Thank you for confirming that beyond doubt, you either completely deluded or a paid disinformation agent. Think of the hundreds of the “crisis actors” it must have taken to fill St. Ann Church in Neponset, Mass. to “pretend” that “Martin” actually was “killed.”

Tell you what. Go spout word salad on a street corner or cash your cointelpro check somewhere and let the adults discuss these important matters without interference.

“An overflow crowd packed St. Ann Church in Neponset this morning for a
celebration of the life of Martin Richard, a Dorchester boy who would
have turned 9 this weekend if he had not been killed on April 15 by one
of two bombs that exploded at the Boston Marathon.

Seated in the front pew were his family: Parents Bill and Denise Richard, their elder son Henry— who read the second reading at the Liturgy— and Martin’s little sister, Jane, 7, who lost her left leg below the knee in the bomb attack. Jane wheeled herself around in a wheelchair — and won a
standing ovation from the congregation as she pushed herself up St.
Ann’s center aisle alongside her friend, Fr. Sean Connor. The St. Ann’s
pastor con-celebrated the Mass with Bishop Robert Hennessey, Rev. John
Connolly and Fr. Michael Banks, OFM Cap.

The 10:30 a.m. family-oriented Mass at the Neponset Ave. church always draws a large crowd, but this morning there were nearly as many people standing as there were seated. Ushers counted more than 640 people in attendance, according to church officials. Outside, pipers from the Boston Police Gaelic column played a mixture of Irish dirges and more upbeat,
patriotic anthems.”



Insulting me will get you nowhere, Scarecrow:

I am not alone:

Maret tonEyesWideOpen • 2 hours ago
Tamerlan and Dzhokhar were not at that marathon at that day, period. They didnot go to the marathon. They bombed nobody. Why is it so difficult for you to admitt. The member of the defence admitted to the family member that they (defence) know that Dzhokhar is innocent, that they know the boys did nothing. That the defence is pressured from the highest level of your treasonous government to convict Dzhokhar and find him guilty as a terrorist. They (the defence) admitted that these two boys, the Tsarnaevs family became a victim of a durty politics that your government is conducting. They admitted that there are many young innocent boys in the US prisons have been faulsly accused of crimes they have not committed.”


I just received another response, Scarecrow:

“maret to EyesWideOpen • an hour ago
It was said in our home (in Grozny, Chechnya), while looking straight into the eyes of my sister (the aunt of Dzhokhar and Tamerlan). And there were three other people present during that conversation (one of them is a Russian translator), one is a social worker for Dzhokhar (that is how she presented herself), and the third was the person, who spoke openly. At least, they were honest to us at that certain moment. It is one thing, when the family knows, that our boys are innocent, and that they were framed, another thing is, when, those, who are in the defense team know and say openly, that Dzhokhar is innocent, and that there is nothing the defense can do as to work towards his conviction, because they are under annormous pressure from the government, as she named those alphabet agencies up to the president himself. I don’t feel sorry for revealing this person’s statement and acceptance, only for one single reason, that those, who destroyed the lives of our innocent boys, don’t feel sorry for what they had done to our family, only because they have have some kind of agenda to fulfill within their “durty politics” (is it was put blankly). Please, people out there, help us make it public! The pictures, the FBI posted for the public view are faulsified. Those faces on the pictures are not the faces of Dzhokhar and Tamerlan in those days of April 15, 2013.”


You’re mixing apples and oranges. I suspect the brothers were framed. That said, to claim that Martin Richard never existed completely defies reason. I ask you once again – were the hundreds of people that showed up at St. Ann church at Martin Richards’ memorial all “crisis actors”? Yes or no?


Oh. I misunderstood your perspective . Sorry about the “Scarecrow” moniker.
Not sure about the Richards.
Check out: LJ @rebelready (Twitter) has done a photoshopped forensic analysis of all the victims & her discoveries are not pretty: most are frauds with pre-existing amputations from “a step ahead” in NJ. A BIG CLIQUE & extended family members from there:


Here is Martin richard:

She had a terrific website which was deleted by g men..
That entire area at the finish line was vacant before the camouflaged smoke.

The Richard father ran away, he left his daughter behind.
I will try to locate the video.


Here’s the Richard daughter:


& here is a gallery of all the “victims”

“Boston Bombing Hoaxer Rebekah DiMartino Cuts Her Leg Off?
Hoboken NJ crisis actors and her phony husband lives in Maryland. Her very own IRL mother is in the scam. I found all these people including Abbott and Brannock; they all hang out together and charity runs are their thing. You don’t find more than one look-a-like for each individual victim and their families of a suspicious event unless you are looking at actors. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/B2MH_9WCQAAttqa.png:large https://pbs.twimg.com/media/B3OVWxCCAAAGgfj.jpg:large

The event WAS NOT amputee actors; it was photo and video fraud that brought the illusion of amputations and subsequent prosthetics to the American people; they also have mock prosthetics that slide over intact extremities. A Step Ahead helped with the fraud. She had her leg amputated at a hospital that helped to bring the the EBOLA hoax; enough said!

Start at page 30 here https://www.scribd.com/doc/241920308/PROOF-The-United-States-Government-Engaged-Foreign-Actors-to-Terrorize-Defraud-Own-Population Click any videos. Read/view the whole document. ”


I found the video:
It is posted above by me responding to jcbrook


And what has happened with all the “its a hoax and nobody got hurt” nonsense, is that all the good work and analysis that serious sleuths have done has been associated with the “it’s a hoax” crowd, ensuring that the serious questions are obfuscated.


Well, you were certainly correct about not expecting a trial from Judy Clarke!!

Jody Chase

Here are the FOUR MAJOR problems with the Boston Marathon story: 1. Numerous eye witnesses say they clearly saw explosion in trash cans 2. Numerous witnesses right in the blast zone walked away without a scratch. A flimsy plastic tarp between the


So excited that you are going to keep asking the questions and answers thru young Dzhokhar’s trial. I just read an interesting article about the Pyrotechnics (fireworks) that were allegedly involved. The American Pyrotechnics Association says: “We believe it is virtually impossible to create the level of destruction and devastation caused in Boston with legitimate consumer fireworks and suspect that the investigation will ultimately point toward other materials being responsible for the creation of the deadly pressure cooker bombs”.



Something else bothers me about the note allegedly written inside the boat–in pencil, according to the Feds–besides the 2 separate versions. In this digital age, who carries a pencil with them??? Pencils are messy. Where did the pencil come from? Was Dave Henneberry accustomed to writing with a pencil inside his boat? Did he close it up for the winter and leave pencilS inside? Because the note is very long. More than one pencil, or a pencil sharpener, would’ve been required. Kind of funny, when you think about it. Stupid evidence fabrication, really.


A fiberglass interior boat wall does not hold ink. Now they “claim” it was blood, but that wouldn’t last either.
Besides, the leak was revealed weeks later, by flippant glib, smirking John Miller on CBS – RUSS’s “favorite” TV REPORTER.


Russ, thank you for your work on this important story. Can you please shed some light on this ridiculous “crisis actor” meme? This seems to me like blatant disinfo intended to “poison the well” and discourage people from asking legitimate questions about the bombing.


It’s not ridiculous.
NATHAN Folks a movie producer, had CARLOS in his film a year before. Google it.

He exposed CARLOS, the cowboy hat “hero” with no surgical gloves or any blood on his clothing.
Carlos’ agent is the GOODWIN Group in Walpole, Ma.
Richard Serino, FEMA dep, administrator at the time & a Bostonian is the common denominator with GOODWIN.
SERINO was at the finish line the entire time.

This has far deeper tentacles than a recreational reader can ever fathom.


The gig is up. We all know it was FEMA Capstone Drill w? Obsidian Analysis in DC running the show etc. It was a FFO 100% just like Sandy Hook..


Was eight-year-old Martin Richard, who died due to one of the the blasts, a “crisis actor”? Where the hundreds of family members and friends who attended his funeral in on the secret? Did Jeff Bauman “fake” losing his legs at the Boston Marathon? Was he already legless – and his extended family and friends are all covering for him? I live in the region. I personally know people who were eyewitnesses to the blasts – smart, reasonable people. This absurd, ridiculous “crisis actor” meme is a very effective disinformation tool designed to delegitimize all alternative theories of what happened in Boston.


The link for a youtube video related to the series mentioned in the previous comment no longer works, but I think the same information can be found here:


This claims to be UNEDITED coverage of the minutes following the Boston bombings on Fox news. Beginning at 7:02, I can see no evidence of fencing or staging in front of what appears to be the Lenscrafters’ storefront. At 16:03, very brief images of amputee (Jeff Bauman?) appear to show no blood. At 16:34, commentator remarks: “…and people who were injured, who came from behind those glass walls.”

The images shown are WAY different from those on the page below:


How is that possible?


BTW, I’m also puzzled by the difference in appearance between the amputee at the scene of the bombings (Jeff Bauman) and the guy who waved the banner at the hockey game a couple of months later. The guy at the scene has VERY kinky light brown hair. The guy at the hockey game has much straighter and darker hair.


17 days after the BOMBING…


Intense heat from the blast singed his hair – hence the frizzy appearance and odd shape. This can be seen in several victims who were very close to the bombs.


Jeff Bauman appears to be looking for fame to ensure book sales. He also received hundreds of thousands in donations.


FYI. The latest “drill” might be the smoke in the Metro in NYC, killing one person? NTSB is investigating. http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/%E2%80%98arcing%E2%80%99-likely-cause-of-smoke-in-deadly-metro-incident/ar-AA87EcF


Who knew that Boston had turned-into Texas ? — first we give him a trial, then we hang-him-high !


It seems disgusting, but there also seems to have been a (and still ongoing) mass mind control project going on there.

Legalized Torture

“Boston Marathon Bombing: A Primer”

Step 1) Use FBI (or alternatively, the CIA) in order to find low-IQ operatives willing to do stupid things.

Step 2) Bribe, coerce and/or fool said morons into actually doing those stupid things.

Step 3) Provide said dimwits with all necessary training, support and equipment to enable the plan.

Step 4) Shoot the morons down after they’ve carried out the plan and claim they were connected to (choose one) Al Qaida, ISIS, Muslim Brotherhood, and/or the Girl Scouts of America ..hey, whatever it takes.

Step 5) Immediately afterwards use the opportunity to implement Marshall Law, shut down an entire American’t city and force thousands of innocent citizens out of their homes at GUNPOINT while “security forces” conduct illegal searches of everyone’s private property, again at GUNPOINT.

Step 6) Request a BIGGER BUDGET for the FBI/CIA so that NEXT TIME they can be even more ‘efficient’ at disrupting their OWN fooking stupid-azz plans.

Step 7) Rinse, Lather, Repeat.

Voilà! The Police State is served! Bon appetite.

Tom Fontaine

My take is in the 5 + years they followed the families is that Tamerlan didn’t comply with feds wishes, after 5 years of the Feds watching him and his whole family. I also think the uncle was involved in the same manor but he complied and did as they ask and so they dropped the ball on Tamerlan and his family and Ibragim Todachev had that information.

They tried to coerce Ibragim into a confession. He started writing it and waited for the right time to make a break for the door, (so maybe the public will see and hear his pleas for help) where he was shot both in front of his body and in the back of the head, just like an assasination…… to make sure he didn’t talk.

On the 3 Waltham murders….Who besides the feds and the mob can afford to throw weed and money all over corpses, who would never know the money and weed were there seeing they are now deceased?. Tamerlan Dzhokhar and Ibragim were in no way that well to do to waste $6,000.00 in cash and weed on dead corpses but the feds and mob can afford it. They just used Tamerlan Jahar and Ibragim to close the case, . They already knew Tamerlan was a close friend to the victims. before the Marathon bombings…..Jmho.from what is available online.


Russ certainly got it right on how the trial played out.


The problem with the controversy here re the crisis actor meme, those who believe the bombing was a hoax and those who believe there’s no way such a large-scale hoax could have been fielded, including the funeral for Martin Richard, is this:

The US government and its intelligence agencies have no credibility. They have produced one false flag event after another beginning with the first WTC bombing, the OKC bombing and how many more? Anyone who has carefully looked at the evidence for the 9/11 destruction of the WTC towers and the Pentagon (which was never hit by an airplane) knows that the public has been told one lie after another after another. Credibility is stretched to the breaking point.

To date 14 years after the 9/11 event all we have are deceitful stacks of disinformation. How have they gotten by with this? By producing massive contradictory evidence that’s guaranteed to lead nowhere but to keep everyone guessing — hopefully for forever.

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