Claire Wang

Applications of Genome Engineering

Gene Editing Tool Tried Out on Mammals

Reading Time: 2 minutes A potentially revolutionary technology that increases the odds of inheritance for specific genes was recently tested on lab mice. Scientists regarded the results with measured optimism.

Kirstjen Nielsen, Donald Trump, Mike Pence

Trump’s U-Turn on Family Separation

Reading Time: 2 minutes Trump’s decision to spare immigrant families the pain and trauma of separation is an insincere, opportunistic method of keeping intact a morally indefensible policy.

Stacey Abrams

Stacey Abrams Shows Democrats the Way Forward

Reading Time: 2 minutes Georgia’s first female African American gubernatorial nominee ran a radically progressive campaign that should have been anathema to voters in a deep-red state. Instead, she may have provided a blueprint for her party to win in the South.

couple, beach

Facebook Dating — Should We Have Trust Issues?

Reading Time: 2 minutes That the most populous social media platform would dabble in the rapidly expanding sphere of online dating is not radical. But to unveil the new initiative just weeks after the company’s biggest data scandal seems like self-sabotage.