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2020 Election Update

By 06/22/2020

2020 Election Update: Six states and Puerto Rico will hold their primary elections over the next couple of weeks. Here’s the rundown: Tomorrow, voters in Kentucky and New York are holding presidential primaries after postponement due to the coronavirus. Delaware, New Jersey, Louisiana, and Puerto Rico will hold theirs throughout July. Connecticut will be the final […]

The Hofeller Files Return, Part 1

By 01/06/2020

The Hofeller Files Return: We received a massive document dump over the weekend with thousands of files to review regarding the deceased GOP-gerrymandering guru Thomas Hofeller and his efforts to help draw districts that favor the Republican party. We’ll have more information to share about what exactly these files contain, but after an initial review, we’ve […]

Investigation Finds Kemp’s 2018 Hacking Allegation Was Bogus

By 03/05/2020

In 2018, a WhoWhatWhy investigation indicated that Georgia’s then-Secretary of State, current Gov. Brian Kemp (R), had baselessly accused state Democrats of attempting to hack the state’s voter registration page. Now it’s official. It’s part of a pattern — playing out once again right now — to attack those who highlight Georgia’s election vulnerabilities.

A Target on Democracy

By 12/28/2017

Powerful forces in the US and abroad are spending a lot of money and effort on undermining democracy. In 2017, we tried to call them out on it when others were silent.

The Five-Alarm Fire

By 10/13/2020

WhoWhatWhy’s Election Integrity Weekly is written by Gabriella Novello, and edited by William Dowell and Sue Rushford. Have a tip or want to suggest a story? Send us an email at ei@whowhatwhy.org. New York Times’ columnist, Thomas Friedman, painted a stark picture on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” this weekend:   “We are seeing something we have […]

Let the horse race (officially) begin

By 02/03/2020

Georgia’s primary election is still a few weeks away, but it looks like it may be another mess in the Peach State. Once again, Georgia’s Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger is under scrutiny for the state’s new touchscreen voting machines. Raffensperger reportedly has repeated that paper ballots would be given “a physical recount,” but […]