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Voter IDs and Roll Purges

By 12/30/2019

No More Voter ID… for Now: A federal court in North Carolina foiled the GOP-majority legislature’s effort to require photo ID for voting last week. The decision comes as the state chapter of the NAACP awaits a trial regarding its December 2018 lawsuit against this law. If successful, the voter ID requirement could be struck down […]

16 States That Want to Electrify USPS Fleet File Lawsuits

By 04/29/2022

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Cyber Armies Are on the March

By 08/02/2019

The current reality may be far more dangerous than past nuclear threats: Richard Clarke, the first White House official placed in charge of US cybersecurity policy, looks at the dangers of cyber warfare today.

The Lonely Fight to Protect Democracy

By , 10/07/2018

Fighting for free and fair elections is not sexy, and those who champion democracy often go unsung. But we know that you care about it, and that’s why we’re focusing so heavily on the integrity of the upcoming elections.