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We Have Some Exciting News!

By 09/29/2020

WhoWhatWhy’s Election Integrity Weekly is written by Gabriella Novello, and edited by William Dowell and Sue Rushford. Have a tip or want to suggest a story? Send us an email at ei@whowhatwhy.org.   We Have Some Exciting News!   WhoWhatWhy has one mandate: dig relentlessly and reveal what we uncover. There are no gatekeepers. We […]

Can We Trust the New Hampshire Vote Count?

By 02/09/2016

A simple step added to the Election Day routine in New Hampshire would virtually guarantee the integrity of the state’s important primary. But it is not mandatory. And that has vote integrity activists worried.

Did Voter Suppression Cost Democrats a Crucial Victory?

By 06/07/2018

When control of Virginia’s House of Delegates hung in the balance last year, there was talk about the importance of voting. What some overlooked, however, was the impact of voter suppression. Until now. A WhoWhatWhy investigation uncovers incompetence and blatant voter suppression on election day.