Gabriella Novello

Gerrymandering Prisoners

Reading Time: 3 minutes Earlier this year, a federal court in Connecticut allowed the NAACP to proceed in a first-of-its-kind lawsuit to challenge a widely overlooked population impacted by gerrymandering: inmates. The plaintiffs in the case allege that prison gerrymandering — counting inmates in districts with prisons during the census instead of where that person last lived —particularly disenfranchises low-income and Read More

Campaign Finance Reform News

Reading Time: 3 minutes It all started with an effort to get big money out of politics. Now, lawmakers and campaign finance reform advocates might end up right back where they started. Last week, the Supreme Court remanded a Ninth Circuit Court ruling that upheld Alaska’s strict campaign finance laws for further review. The legislature passed a $500 contribution Read More

Yang’s Plan to Reform US Elections

Reading Time: 3 minutes Ahead of the fifth Democratic presidential primary debate in Georgia, a state that has been mired in election security concerns and faced allegations of voter suppression, 2020 candidate Andrew Yang revealed his plan to reform US elections and increase participation. Yang’s plan is four-pronged: Combat voter suppression by restoring key parts of the Voting Rights Read More

Louisiana Dem Governor Re-elected

Reading Time: 3 minutes Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards will return to the governor’s mansion for another four years in what is being considered pushback against President Donald Trump, who stumped for his Republican challenger. Now, with just months before the 2020 presidential primary election, Edwards will need to work with state lawmakers and election officials to upgrade Louisiana’s Read More

Critical Local & State Election Results

Reading Time: 3 minutes Local and state elections were held this week, and although Democrats had historic victories, they would have had a much harder time winning had it not been for grassroots organizing to level the playing field and judicial wins. In Virginia… Democrats overcame years of gerrymandered districts to flip the state house. The Supreme Court upheld a lower court ruling Read More

Election Integrity Weekly’s Launch Issue

Reading Time: 3 minutes With the 2020 presidential election a year away, adversaries of US democracy will spend that time finding new ways to gain improper advantages. WhoWhatWhy dedicates a significant amount of original reporting to election integrity and covers related topics that national outlets often overlook or neglect. By launching this weekly newsletter, we aim to keep you Read More