Police Perimeter near MIT in Cambridge, photo: Joe Spurr

Police Perimeter near MIT in Cambridge, photo: Joe Spurr

In part I, we reported significant discrepancies in the story of the key witness in the Boston Marathon bombing-MIT police officer killing. These discrepancies cast doubt on his credibility—and therefore on the entire public narrative around those events.

We have been told that the witness was carjacked by the brothers Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, and that Tamerlan confessed to him their guilt in both crimes.

Here, in Part II, we take a closer look at that witness, who has publicly remained anonymous, known only by the pseudonym “Danny.”

Why “Danny” Matters

The carjacking victim is an important figure in this singular national drama—and presumably could be a key witness if Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s case comes to trial.

With Attorney General Eric Holder’s decision to seek the death penalty, it is a good bet that the government is looking for the younger Tsarnaev to settle for a guilty plea in return for avoiding execution. If that comes to pass, we may never hear his testimony on what took place and why. Even if he does end up testifying, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev may find it prudent not to tell the whole truth, since he will surely be intent on engineering a sentencing deal. Under the more likely plea-bargain scenario, the mysterious carjacking victim, known to the public only as Danny, may never have to testify either. With one brother dead, the other presumably trying to avoid execution, and another potential person of interest, a friend of the Tsarnaevs named Ibragim Todashev, shot dead while in FBI custody, the prosecution may have no need to put Danny on the witness stand. In that event, the story he has already told—or, rather, the dominant narrative of several he has provided—will remain the final word on who committed the bombing and the MIT homicide.

Clearly, this witness’s unique role makes him worth scrutinizing.

 “Danny” in silhouette, interview with CBS News

“Danny” in silhouette, interview with CBS News

Why Is Danny Still Anonymous?

On April 25, 2013, the Boston Globe published what became the most complete account of Danny’s involvement in the events of April 18. The article recounted how the Chinese national, a male, age 26, with an engineering Masters from Northeastern, returned to China after getting his degree, then came back in early 2013 and co-founded a tech startup. He lived in an apartment near MIT with a roommate, had a new Mercedes SUV, and liked to go for nighttime drives in and around Boston to unwind.

In an exclusive interview, Danny told the Boston Globe’s Eric Moskowitz that he had been working late on April 18, and then went for a drive, which was for him a customary way of blowing off steam. He was in his leased SUV, which he’d had for just two months since returning from China, and which had only 2500 miles on it. After driving for about 20 minutes, he saw police heading toward MIT. He said that his housemate, a female, texted him in Chinese that something was going on at MIT. But he ignored the text. He finally stopped to check the text, in the Brighton neighborhood of Boston at 60 Brighton Avenue, across the river from Cambridge.

At that moment, a car pulled in behind him, and a young man wielding a pistol approached. Danny was forced to let the assailant (and soon, a second young man) into his car. He drove them around the greater Boston area, provided cash from his bank account, and then, while one brother was paying for gas, managed to escape and tell his story to police.

In a situation like this, one might think that Danny would welcome a chance to tell his story. At a minimum, many people would admire him for his bravery in escaping from armed carjackers. It also seems like it would have been a priceless promotional opportunity for Danny’s new startup. It’s hard to think of someone with a budding business who wouldn’t embrace an opportunity to get his brand out everywhere. Furthermore, the downside seemed minimal. One of his carjackers was dead, and the other badly wounded and in custody.

So why not be identified?

In his first interview, with ABC affiliate reporter Nick Spinetto, Danny indicates that personal safety is the rationale for his wanting anonymity:

Today, he and I spoke at length. For safety reasons, he asked us not to reveal his name, but he did describe in vivid detail his capture by the wanted terrorists, those brutal minutes he thought he would die and, ultimately, his brave escape.

In a subsequent interview with the Boston Globe, on the other hand, Danny indicates that modesty was the rationale for his anonymity:

Danny, who offered his account only on the condition that the Globe not reveal his Chinese name, said he does not want attention. But he suspects his full name may come out if and when he testifies against Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

“I don’t want to be a famous person talking on the TV,” Danny said, kneading his hands, uncomfortable with the praise he has received from the few friends he has shared the story with, some of whom encouraged him to go public. “I don’t feel like a hero…I was trying to save myself.”

However, when I later had a chance to interview Eric Moskowitz, the Globe reporter who produced the most detailed account to date of the carjacking, he provided me with yet another reason why Danny wanted to remain anonymous: that he didn’t want his mother to be worried about him.  Danny’s father, he had explained to Moskowitz, knew about the carjacking, but his mother didn’t—and he hoped to keep her from finding out by masking his identity in news stories.

It’s not clear how his mother and others close to him back in China would not at least wonder given press reports that identified the carjacking victim as Chinese, aged 26, recently returned from China, with an engineering Masters from Northeastern, a new Mercedes SUV, and a tech startup. They are also the very details, after all, which made it possible for Moskowitz to locate Danny in the first place.

A few days later on the Today Show, Matt Lauer summarized Danny’s reasons for wanting to remain anonymous:

“Well, even now that he knows that…uh…you know, that they’re both, one is dead and one is in custody—as you can see, he didn’t want his identity revealed, he has said he will testify in the trial—gladly—and he knows he’ll be identified at that time, but for now he wants to stay under the radar.”

Danny’s desire for anonymity became even muddier when he offered an entirely different explanation in a CBS News interview. In that exchange, Danny’s face was obscured and his voice altered. CBS Senior Correspondent John Miller addressed the identity issue in a post-interview chat with a program host:

“I asked him about why he wanted to be disguised, and he said, you know, I don’t know if there is anyone else out there from this plot, if these guys have friends, if I’m going to be a witness at some trial, but at this point I’d rather keep my identity concealed.”

Miller, himself a former FBI spokesman who practically coached Danny through his interview, must have realized how silly this sounded and pointed out that he knew of no witness who had been targeted by terrorists.

“And that’s certainly understandable, although in the history of terrorism, I can’t think of a case where the terrorist organization has targeted a witness.”

This in itself was something of a red herring since, according to the official account, the Tsarnaev brothers were “lone wolves” without any confederates on the loose.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev (left), Tamerlan Tsarnaev (right), surveillance image

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev (left), Tamerlan Tsarnaev (right), surveillance image

A Media Strategy for Danny

In my attempts at sorting out some of the ambiguities surrounding Danny, I turned to the Globe’s Moskowitz, who had probably interacted the most with the mysterious source. Although he initially indicated he was too busy to see me, my persistence eventually won me a meeting with the reporter on May 22 in the Globe’s cafeteria.

I was particularly interested in learning how it was that Danny’s story, rather than being shared with all journalists, ended up being essentially curated by a handful of reporters from large, establishment news organizations. I was also interested in sorting out numerous confusing and conflicting elements of Danny’s tale.

What follows is a detailed accounting of my efforts to understand the whys and wherefores of the key witness in “settling” the Boston Marathon bombing mystery.

First, I asked Moskowitz what he could tell me about the “story of the story.” Here is what he said:

Within 48 hours of the carjacking, producers for the major TV networks had obtained Danny’s license plate and then somehow traced it to him—although how is unclear since it was a leased vehicle owned by a dealership. Danny declined to talk to the TV people but, unsure how to handle the media inquiries, he reached out to his former master’s adviser at Northeastern University. The adviser consulted Ralph Martin, Northeastern’s general counsel, who happened to be a former District Attorney of Suffolk County, which includes Boston.

Martin advised that if Danny was seeking fame, he should give interviews to TV. But if he wanted thoroughness, he should talk to the Globe. Danny’s academic adviser then spoke to a friend of his, an urban planner for the city of Cambridge, who had a longstanding relationship with Moskowitz (Danny’s thesis adviser knew Moskowitz, too), and the planner contacted him on the Monday after the carjacking.

That is how the sole print journalism access to the key witness in this extraordinary event was handed to a junior Globe reporter with no real investigative or crime experience, rather than to one of the veteran gumshoes who populate the Globe newsroom.

It was nice of the Globe to let Moskowitz keep his scoop. From a pure morale standpoint, this reflects well on the paper’s management. But given the serious questions that should have been asked of Danny—and weren’t—it probably has not served the larger interest. Of course, Globe editors probably made a correct calculation that the situation was so delicate that, rather than lose it, they would cooperate with the scenario as it was unfolding, rather than demand a switch to a more senior, potentially more hard-nosed and skeptical reporter.


Danny’s thesis adviser told Moskowitz that Danny would call him.  But he didn’t.

After an internal debate at the Globe about whether it was worth antagonizing a prized source, Moskowitz set out to identify and locate Danny himself. Moskowitz says he provided the sketchy biographical details about Danny to his brother, who knows Mandarin—and who found Danny’s comments about matters of interest to Chinese students on a Chinese language website. The comments included his name and email address. Another friend got him into Danny’s apartment building and he knocked on the door.

There was no answer at first, but then the door cracked open. The reporter identified himself and asked for “Danny” by his real Chinese name. The man at the door said, “He’s here,“ and Moskowitz says he responded, “I’m just glad you’re OK.”

Danny let him in and the two talked, as Moskowitz tells it, “about everything other than the event. I kept him talking.” They discussed Danny’s master’s thesis and how Moskowitz knew Danny’s professor from his reporting on urban issues.

Moskowitz told me he dared not broach the subject of an interview at the time, but did so later by email.


Moskowitz said he found Danny extremely skittish, in general. He chalked it up to his essential nature, maybe to cultural differences. “If he’s embarrassed or thinks he will disappoint, he disappears,” he said.

James “Jamie” Fox, criminologist, Northeastern University

James “Jamie” Fox, criminologist, Northeastern University

Danny, however, was in command enough to want a mentor on hand—even one he barely knew. That mentor was another Northeastern professor, a criminologist named James “Jamie” Fox, an often quoted and media-savvy fellow with his own blog on the Globe website. Purportedly also introduced to Danny via the thesis adviser, Fox quickly offered himself as an intermediary to the media. He would become a key figure in this story—present and active when Moskowitz interviewed Danny for the Globe.

One of Danny’s conditions for the interview with Moskowitz was that Professor Fox would be there.

According to Moskowitz, some of the lack of clarity in his account of what transpired on the night of April 18 may have resulted from frequent interruptions by Professor Fox and by what seemed to him to be interview-steering by the criminologist.

As for Danny, Moskowitz described him as “guileless.” “He told me his ATM password,” he said.

Fox Guarding the Henhouse

Moskowitz told me he didn’t feel comfortable introducing Danny to me, but that Fox might be able to arrange it.

If Danny was guileless, Fox was anything but.

In my brief dealings with the professor, and my attempts to get him to arrange an interview for me with Danny, I found him consistently determined to control access to Danny. He told me he would “try” to arrange it, but that it would be up to Danny, and then insisted that if an interview were to take place he would probably need to be present. And, after promising to make a concerted effort to arrange such an interview in the short window of time before I had to leave Boston, Fox appeared to lose interest. He ended up ticking off a series of laughable excuses.

Finally, he got back to me. He said that Danny was reluctant to meet with me. He said that Danny had read some of my early writing on the Boston case, and was displeased because I had noted how several of the young characters in the story appeared to drive expensive cars.

Mostly, though, Fox said that “Danny” was just nervous about meeting with me—and Fox seemed to me a bit nervous about “Danny” meeting with me, too. The long and short of it is that I have never heard from Danny, and never again from Fox.

The Case of the Incurious Criminologist

Troubled by Fox’s role in the story, which hardly squared with what one might expect from a criminologist—whose principal concern is studying crime, not squiring mysterious witnesses—I researched his statements on the bombing story.

In this CNN video, Professor Fox, like some kind of Boston Zelig, is standing beside the only other carjacking witness, an immigrant gas station attendant to whom “Danny” ran for help. This is during an interview of the attendant by CNN’s Piers Morgan—it is not clear why Fox is standing next to this man.

Fox turns out to be less the investigator than the fiery orator.

In one of his blogs, about the purported difficulty in finding a cemetery that would inter Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s body, he wrote:

“I truly understand and appreciate why many folks want nothing to do with the corpse of a man who apparently hated America and our way of life.”

He also wrote:

“[I]f and when [Dzhokhar] Tsarnaev were scheduled to die, his name and image would be plastered all over the news, further increasing his undeserved celebrity in the minds of those on the political fringe who view our government as evil and corrupt.”


“The bombing seems to have been an attack against American life, not specifically American lives. Those killed and injured were unfortunate surrogates of the intended target: America and the freedoms we enjoy.”

It’s a mouthful given how little we knew at that time about any of this—and even how little we know almost a year later.

John Miller, PR Man for the FBI, Among Other Things

Fox was hardly the only well-situated figure who moved to promote what looks like an agreed-upon “consensus narrative.” Consider CBS’s John Miller, one of the TV reporters who got access to Danny.

That’s the same John Miller who reported the strange and long-delayed (May 16) exclusive about how Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, grievously wounded and bleeding badly, nevertheless managed to pull himself up and scrawl a confession-cum-manifesto on the wall of the boat in which he was hiding.

That’s the same John Miller who left journalism in 2002 and spent the next eight years in government national security posts, including helping Chief William Bratton establish counterterrorism and criminal intelligence bureaus at the Los Angeles Police Department, serving as the top spokesman for the FBI, and then going to work for the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, which oversees both the FBI and CIA.

Thus, John Miller has close relationships with key people at the very agency whose actions call everything into question about this story.

Summing Up

As we see, a small group of journalists and one criminologist have effectively acted as gatekeepers to this mystery witness. Yet, as we reported in Part I, the story told by the central witness in the Boston Bombing case does not add up. Have the gatekeepers not noticed?

We spelled out some of the many discrepancies that appear to undermine the tidy notion that the facts of the Boston Marathon bombing were settled within days of the heinous event. Perhaps it would be helpful to sum up the inconsistencies:

— Danny was afraid for his life.
— Danny was not afraid for his life.

— Danny’s car was taken from him and he was ejected almost immediately.
— Danny was carjacked for 30 minutes.
— Danny was carjacked for 90 minutes.

— Danny’s captors told him they would not harm him.
— Danny’s captors told him they had planted the Marathon bombs and killed the MIT cop and would harm him if he did not play ball.

— Danny’s captors told him to get out of his car and took off without him.
— Both of Danny’s captors got out of the car and virtually ignored him.
— One of his captors remained in the car and Danny escaped when the man fiddled with a GPS, although the moment he opened the car door, the man made a futile grab at him.

— Danny wanted anonymity because he was mostly worried about his own safety.
— Danny wanted anonymity because he didn’t want his mother to worry.
— Danny wanted anonymity because he didn’t want to appear heroic.

One has to give Danny a tremendous benefit of the doubt to believe that he would get that confused about momentous events in which he was the central player, telling such different versions of a story whose details, one would imagine, had been seared into his memory.

Note to Danny: We’d be glad to hear your side. Please contact us.

Note to readers: for background on other aspects of the Boston Marathon bombing story, please see this, this, this, this and this. For lingering doubts about the murder of the MIT officer, see this. For more on the murder of Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s friend, Ibragim Todashev, and FBI harassment of people who have sought to raise doubts about the official story, see this

In the meantime, consider the following:

Without the murder of the MIT policeman, followed by the carjacking confession reported by Danny, we would have no solved crime, no evidence linking anyone to the horrific Boston Marathon bombing except some grainy video of two guys wearing backpacks in a sea of other backpack-wearers near the source of the explosion. The assumption many of us make that the Tsarnaevs planted those bombs is just that: an assumption that, in the absence of the reported confession, has no evidence behind it.

Thanks to the media’s consensus narrative, we think we saw or heard proof. But we didn’t. We heard people saying there is proof, and we saw ambiguous footage that we were told established proof.

While this too-tidy scenario certainly calmed the public, it may also have poisoned a cherished principle of American justice: the notion of “innocent until proven guilty.”

According to the consensus narrative, Tamerlan Tsarnaev commandeered a private car, and was soon joined by his younger brother. Tamerlan spontaneously informed their hostage that they were behind both the bombing and the shooting of the police officer. The hostage then escaped from the car, and relayed what he heard to police. But, in fact, beyond the testimony of a gas station owner that a man came running up and said he had been carjacked, we do not know what else of this is true.

Crucially, we do not know that Tamerlan Tsarnaev actually confessed to either the Boston bombing or the murder of Officer Collier. We only think we know this to be true because we have been told there was a witness. Yet we do not even know who that crucial witness is. We are left with the word of “the authorities” that this quasi-phantom, his identity protected by, and his remarks filtered through, handpicked intermediaries from the traditional media, is telling us the truth.

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  • Russ Baker is Editor-in-Chief of WhoWhatWhy. He is an award-winning investigative journalist who specializes in exploring power dynamics behind major events.

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I have been saying this all along, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev cannot be found guilty of these crimes unless it is beyond a reasonable doubt. In every single story, from the backpack to the “shootout” at the boat there had been lies and inconsistencies. I remember reading one authority said they could not figure out “what else could have exploded in the area”. This statement alone sounds more like a question. This statement alone sounds like they played pick a person and if he runs, hes guilty. I am sickened by this whole scenerio, this is a 19 year olds life at stake. Thank you for writing this, thank you for getting the facts out there. I think you should do a story on Officer Merricks, the cop who worked the Boston downtown area who had military grade explosives in his ex wifes shed. I think you should include those who stated they say the trash cans explode at the marathon. Reasonable doubt? Tons of it!! What about the “bag ladies”? Obviously they must have missed them when they say nothing else that could have exploded. #freejahar

power to the peons!

In part 1 there is a section where ‘Danny’ says after being hijacked by ONE brother they drive somewhere and pick up the other brother where he puts something in the “trunk of the victim’s vehicle” — how could anything be put in the trunk of an SUV? I have had 2 Jeeps and I now have a Honda Element — none of those SUVs have trunks. The only reason I brought this up is because it is one more bit of info that makes no sense.
Thank you for pursuing this as I STILL don’t believe the Tsarnaev brothers could have masterminded and executed this as successfully as we are being led to believe.

Crime Reporter

I have noticed that most of the media have already convicted the younger brother and don’t even seem to realize – at least in the manner in which they report – that there hasn’t been a trial or a plea. Those that sort of pretend to use “accused” or “alleged” or “suspected” still pretty much have him convicted, but are just waiting to see how Judy Clarke gets him off the death penalty.

It seems odd to me that the corporate media isn’t even pretending to report on this case without bias when we have seen juries nullify charges (O.J. Simpson), realize the prosecution hasn’t made their case and vote not to convict (Casey Anthony) or simply vote not guilty based on the letter of the law (George Zimmerman).

A good defense attorney – and Miriam Conrad, Clarke and David Bruck are damn good attorneys – can chew up most of this case without breaking a sweat. In the past two days, Russ, your reporting would give a jury enough to pause, for example.

I’ve been predicting a roller coaster trial should the kid stay “Chechen” and choose to fight. Should be interesting.



Crime Reporter

How are they not “on the record?” I know that out-of-state attorneys have to have a sponsoring attorney if they are not a member of the bar in the state their case resides. I would guess that Conrad, et al., are the sponsoring attorneys for Clarke and Bruke. Do you have a link showing that’s not the case?

Also, wouldn’t Ortiz be able to sign the SAMs document as a representative of Holder and the federal government?


Ortiz did not sign the document and under the law because he instituted these measures for a full year the memorandum had to be certified by Attorney General Holder. First page middle column and goes into the third column. http://www.fas.org/sgp/news/2007/04/fr040407.pdf

I gave you a link to the short story which was my comment in part one. Neither Clarke nor Bruck are legally on the record. Nor are the other attorneys; there is no Criminal Justice Act form for the Boston Attorneys and the orders that were rendered while under Bowler are bogus including the appointment of all these defense attorneys.

Not one motion, supposedly by Clarke, actually came from her. A couple orders under O’Toole appear legit but the appointment of Bruck is not one of them.

How it is actually supposed to be with the rules of the court, federal rules and CJA rules as well as an explanation of how the filings are bogus, including the notice of intent to seek the death penalty, court orders and defense motions, is explained with supporting evidence including the whole files from PACER (there is more to these files than the text of orders and motions) and links to this rule driven process at http://friendfeed.com/fraud-upon-the-court

Crime Reporter

Here’s Clarke’s pro hac vice petition sponsored by Conrad: http://cryptome.org/2013/04/tsarnaev/tsarnaev-017.pdf

Granted, it has been turned into an image so the properties aren’t available, but was in Bowler’s court, not O’Toole’s.


If you are not interested in taking a look at the links I provided that’s fine, but here is your last spoon fed fact!

Bowler had no authority to appoint a pro hac vice attorney under the criminal justice act. She is a Magistrate Judge and the process is if a US District Judge is not yet assigned to the case the Chief Judge has to make the appointment; further, there was a very screwy entry of that motion into the system and the accompanying affidavit undersigned with Conrad’s name is not only legally deficient it appears to be a forged document.

Further, the order to appoint was withheld from the master ALL RECENT ORDERS DOCKET and the Written Opinions Report. It is an, in whole, fraudulent court order. I have every document in the case, every master docket of the court, and every fraud that has occurred documented at the links I provided you. The actual documents in their PDF form not just the front face text. The case is a sham and a FRAUD UPON THE PEOPLE!


One last note to help you out. Internet Explorer allows viewing of the PDFs and the graphics on Friend Feed without downloading if downloading is a concern. You can still do a right click and view the PDF properties.


This link deals specifically with your comment regarding that document; there are links within the link that provide more evidence of the fraud coming from this court.. http://friendfeed.com/fraud-upon-the-court/1f45778c/magistrate-judge-bowler-who-took-assignment-of


These attorneys are not even legitimately on the record- it is a show trial in a corrupt court! Any attorney that does not point out that Holder never certified or even bothered to sign the SAM document while putting forth all the other objections is playing show time! Further, they allowed a fraudulent continuance on the indictment. The public documents sing a tune much different than praise and that tune is this Defense team is a total ruse!! Catch reality in part one http://disq.us/8hk526

John Cook

This information you have been giving us is very important, thank you, it’s a whole new aspect that really needs to be known by a lot of people interested in this event.
I’m writing this to urge you to write it all up into an artical. There are many places that would be delighted to publish it I’m sure.


Thank you for recognizing truth supported by evidence and documented rule driven process that is being willfully ignored. Unfortunately, when it comes to the US Courts all journalist stay far removed.

I do have my entire friend feed write up in the hands of a journalist who requested the information; keep your fingers crossed that this person has the intestinal fortitude to move on with full exposure.

I will gather all the Friend Feed and make it whole v. segments at some point and if I have to do an e-book/self publishing to get it out there that is what I will do.

It would be really great if WWW wanted to address the sad state of simulated criminal prosecutions in this country because what is happening here with this Defendant is not new. The legal community promotes its own reputation and most of America buy the lie that the US Courts are the “envy of the world” which is far from the truth. People in foreign countries are warned about the corrupt criminal justice system here in the USA before they travel!



Thank you R. Baker for using you skills of investigative journalist to try to put light into this very shaddy affair. Despite the reluctance felt by many who may feel that questionning the official narrative is somewhat “unpatriotic”, I feel that the truth is essential , not only to the victims, but also if we are to give the death penalty to nothing less than a kid.
My feeling after reading your post is that it seems to me that “Danny” is being shadowed , maybe to stop him from talking about the case, maybe to prevent him from giving conflicting statements.
What I can see from this case, is that everyone who could have put light in this matter have been silenced.
The lawyers, the parents, the friends and even Dzhokhar Tsarnaev himself through the questionnable SAMs, Tamerlan Tsarnaev and Ibrahim Todashev dead and the deportation or incarceration of Tsarnaev and Todashev’s friends. Very shaddy affair indeed.
I am surprised that this story did not arroused the curiosty of more journalists, to be honnest.


Duplicate post — sorry


This whole article comes off to me like the author is upset that he/she didn’t get access to “Danny” and thus set out to bury his credibility. If you have ever spent time around people who are from native Asian cultures, (I taught ESL for many years) you would know that they (as a general rule) are reluctant to talk to any westerners they don’t know. It is completely normal in my realm of experience for them to seek out a Westerner to help them deal with other Westerners. I have been asked many times to help Asian immigrants deal with everything from late bills to the police. I would also like to say that, in my estimation, all of the reasons Danny gave for not wanting to be identified are probably true and all seem normal for people from that culture. They don’t like personal attention. They are weary that they might bring shame or offend their parents. And, (even as a native born, red-blooded American) I wouldn’t want to be identified either. Even though these two were reportedly lone wolves, they are still part of a much bigger muslim extremist movement and it is perfectly sane to wonder if one of those people might want to do you harm if you testify against someone they identify with.


I have to concur with Unfrozen, having a similar knowledge of Asian culture and individuals like that. At this point, I can see it going either way.

I am not convinced that there is something “going on”, and yet at the same time I am happy that there is dogged journalism going on. Mr. Fox definitely comes off as a strange bird, particularly in that video interview. And it is fairly disturbing that there is still no reliable, verifiable, incontrovertible evidence yet that Tsarnaev is guilty, despite being guilty many times over in the court of public opinion.


Sock puppet alert!

Are you aware how easy you guys are to spot?


If you read the article it’s obvious that Danny wasn’t very “in control” of who he spoke to and didn’t speak to. People didn’t want Danny to talk to reporters, especially Russ. And do you really think after all of the fame and fortune that has been bestowed on the marathon victims he wouldn’t want a piece of that? Anyone that has been in the start up life knows that they would jump at the opportunity of free mass media. How could he bring shame upon his family if he is “the brave hero” who helped catch the “bad guys”.

gustave courbet

The most relevant info in these two articles is the multiple discrepancies between the various accounts, which can’t be explained by cultural differences.


More likely that they were FBI assets. The FBI routinely recruits young Muslim men with legal problems and makes their troubles go away if they become double agents.


Good article! “Danny’s” reasons for avoiding publicity add up about as well as his carjacking stories. This is one so called witness the prosecution will not want to put on the stand. I am not liking Professor Fox’s tone. Pure propaganda, imo.

barbara henninger

Yes, and why on earth was Fox there hovering next to the gas station guy while the guy was being interviewed for tv? The gas station guy who, btw, at first described Danny as a white man.


Yes, why was Fox there? Imo Brian Glyn Williams, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s mentor in all things Chechen, merits closer scrutiny too. Yet another with CIA connections.


Wasn’t the last “Danny” talking about violence to the MSM… uh.. Syria Danny? Who was caught lying an crap?


Russ, thank you thank! For reaching out to these “reporters” and exposing them little by little. Thank you for shedding new light on this mysterious “Danny” character.


No question the Boston Marathon event was a US false flag


More likely an FBI “sting” gone awry. They were setting these guys up, using them as bait — with an unworkable “terror plot” — and the guys slipped the leash.


Actually, with the corrupt court proceedings and the bogus whining by CONGRESS on how the FBI has dodged them followed by representatives taking photo-shopped/green-screen trips to Russia it appears the collusion is ALL THREE BRANCHES.

The House Homeland Security Committee seems to be the biggest threat to our homeland security. Note they drafted a bill and included what would be their premise of all hearings that discussed the failure to avert the Boston Marathon bombings on April 12, 2013.

Bill drafted regarding info share that includes communication by the feds to the state and local authorities. http://www.govtrack.us/congress/bills/113/hr1542

The US Congress has POWER and the ability to get anyone before them they feel needs investigating. They even have a little jail if needed.

We are being hood-winked by taxpayer supported criminals!! We have been terrorized and defrauded by our own government.

Change You Can Keep


Change You Can Keep4 hours ago


Thank you for not letting this story die and be forgotten. The entire story about the events in Watertown that night are absolute lies.

Take for example the New York Post’s detailed account of that night from Watertown Police. (http://nypost.com/2013/07/08/e

“The Civic was in front and the Mercedes was in back,” Officer Reynolds remembered”

STOP RIGHT HERE! So let’s get this straight, AFTER Danny had escaped from his captivity in his bold escape, the Tsarnaev brothers WENT BACK TO CAMBRIDGE where Tamerlan had just killed a cop, knowing police were on the lookout for the Black Mercedes, to go back and get the Green Honda Civic, which also had an APB on it, as it was registered to Tsarnaev. Then instead of ditching the black Mercedes-Benz, and carjacking a new car that police are looking for, both brothers then drive separately BACK TO WATERTOWN where the carjacking victim had just escaped?!

If they were driving separate cars the entire time, then how did Danny hear them talking about New York city, Times Square, or confessing to the marathon bombing?

Also another question that I can’t find an answer for, both brokers speak fluent Russian, so why are they not talking in Russian to each other like they apparently always did when Danny was in the car?

Danny is the only “evidence” prosecutors have at all linking the Collier killing to Tsarnaev, and his story is so full of deceit and misinformation, it will be nearly impossible to get a conviction, IF THE TRIAL WAS REAL, AND NOT JUST A SHOW TRIAL, which unfortunately it seems more and more like it is.

In regards to the cars in Watertown, the Watertown Police account is a COMPLETE CONTRADICTION to the FBI’s report, in which they state that only one car was present when police engaged Tsarnaev.

Why is there this inconsistency of how many cars the Tsarnaev brothers were driving that night when Watertown Police engaged them?

If we really are to believe the Watertown Police, and there were two cars on the scene, then what was the point of even car jacking Danny? There’s no explanation as to how the Tsarnaev brothers even could have car jacked anyone if they were driving two cars.

WhoWhatWhy, great article, I’m very impressed with your actual journalism. It’s clear that someone is orchestrating this narrative, and our mainstream news media, and politicians have bold faced lied to the country about the events that transpired.

I like how Matt Lauer said ““Well, even now that he knows that…uh…you know, that they’re both, one is dead”

There were two graves dug in Virginia at the same time, why? There’s also no mugshot, not a single picture from the media, or even a BOP registration number for the Younger Tsarnaev brother. And the BOP number that was given out, IS COMPLETELY FAKE, DOESN’T EXIST I called Devens and BOP myself, no inmate with that number.

Is he even alive? Why did his attorneys have to ask permission from the judge to take pictures of their clients condition, and why haven’t they released them?


This is where the public has to put their efforts! We should be demanding legitimate justice. As the court record stands, this is a fraud upon the public and every attorney should be disbarred in this case including Ortiz and Holder and an investigation of the judges allowing and participating in show proceedings with impeachment if warranted should be taking place. Unfortunately, it is the three federal branches colluding in this massive fraud so the aforementioned will likely not happen but we have strong enough evidence that a taxpayer supported court is defrauding America so if Congress does not Act they will be validating that they are in on it. We could test the First Circuit for evidence of legitimate process in the US Courts and demand through an Extraordinary Writ that the notices of electronic filing from and to the District Court be posted for the public but that is a long shot; getting past corrupt staff in these courts with any kind of filing is near impossible. If denied, we could go to the Supreme Court where action actually happening is another long shot. It’s a shame that this event simply validates that our children will be living in a country that has no legitimate justice system. http://friendfeed.com/uncle-scam

barbara henninger

First of all, I don’t think he’s dead. But it’s true that at first, Dzhokhar A Tsarnaev was listed on the BOP inmate locator. Then, his name disappeared. The site says that ALL federal prisoners will be listed on the site. I’ve yet to hear why he’s not on there anymore.


If you have something to validate your statement, I would be interested in seeing it. I have never found him to be in BOP custody with the BOP locator and I searched from the very beginning upon the report of his transfer and daily for 2 months followed by subsequent spot checks. Note the 4/26 date top left of pic. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BivHAHvCYAATx_3.png Federal custody search review! http://friendfeed.com/fraud-upon-the-court/71183707/search-for-dzhokhar-anzorovich-tsarnaev-jahar

barbara henninger

I don’t have anything to validate that I saw his name on the BOP in the past. I have no reason to lie about it.


No one is saying you are lying, but I do believe you processed incorrect information due to relentless pounding of disinfo by the media. I checked daily; he has never been in the custody of the BOP.

Also, no one is brought to court 4 1/2 hours before they are scheduled to be arraigned; that early arrival was to ensure they could continue with the planned deception. After the hearing, a media person asked why he was going back to Devens and not to the same facility that they had Bulger in at the time. The answer was, “He has an established routine at Devens” yet still the locator did not find him.

barbara henninger

I know what I saw. He was for a time on the BOP locator.


Perhaps you viewed this which is bogus and not an official BOP locator http://www.inmateaid.com/inmate-profiles/dzhokhar-tsarnaev-2170

barbara henninger

No, it was this one: http://www.bop.gov/inmateloc/


Well let me quote you, “I know what I saw” goes for me too and I have several print outs that validate what I saw. So I don’t know what to tell you. How peculiar!

Change You Can Keep

He has never been listed on the BOP Inmate locator actually. Wikipedia still lists a BOP registration number that was widely given out on social media to friends and supporters, who even have sent him $8,000 according to Huffington Post piece, assumingly to the BOP number listed on social media.

I called Devens, and BOP and gave them this BOP number asking who this number was registered to, and both of them said this number doesn’t exist, no inmate found.

I even sent some money as a test to this same BOP number, and to my surprise, even though Devens had just told me that there was no inmate being held with that number, my check was cashed.

Also think of the Rolling Stone Magazine cover that had Tsarnaev on the cover. Can they use my face on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine, and not pay me a single dollar? If the answer is no, you have to be paid for your face selling magazines, then how does Rolling Stone not violate the Patriot Act, and financial aiding of a suspected terrorist? The only thing I can think of, is he really is dead, and because of it, they don’t have to pay him.

barbara henninger

He was on the BOP locator early on, but then his name disappeared. Tsarnaev, Dzhokhar’s number was Reg#95079-038. I sent some cards to him, and they were returned in two batches from FMC Devins. The letters enclosed stated : “Your correspondence to the above named inmate is being returned. This correspondence was not delivered to the inmate because you are not approved to correspond with this individual.” All the cards had been opened and taped shut. The letter was signed by J Grondolsky, Warden. The letter on one batch was dated 11 -01-13, and the other was 12-07-13.

Change You Can Keep

Thanks for sharing that. When did see his name listed on the BOP Inmate locator? I checked it as far back as early May and have never found his name anywhere. That is the same BOP registration number that I have always searched as well.

I even tried calling the BOP main number and asking them if they could please identify the inmate associated with this number, and was told very clearly that no inmate in their prisons was attached to this number.

I then called Devens and asked them if they could confirm Tsarnaev’s BOP number, but they refused to.

I’m not saying that this in itself is proof that he’s dead, or never existed in to begin with, I’m saying when look at all the circumstantial evidence, like two graves being dug in Virginia, the fact his sisters started balling at his only hearing so far, or that his wrestling buddy said the person in the courtroom didn’t even look like his friend, or the multiple media reports stating that he suddenly had a Russian accent which he previously never had, there’s much more evidence that he’s dead then then that he’s alive.

I was listening to the radio scanner the night of the man hunt in Watertown, and the DOD commanding officer got on the radio and was very angry that a journalist had snuck into the scene and was taking pictures. This must have been the picture we all have seen of him climbing out of the boat, seemingly unharmed.

One has to wonder, if that journalist had never taken that picture, would the narrative have been different? Would they have said he came out of the boat with a gun and FBI agents had to kill him?

With the untimely death of Todashev, as well as FBI agents Christopher Loreck, and Stephen Shaw, who “fell” out of a helicopter, (Stephen Shaw was a forensic hair analyst who testified in the Casey Anthony trial, read on his background, and his area of expertise, shocking) I think it is more then clear that something is being covered up.

barbara henninger

I honestly don’t remember when I saw it. I never thought it would be important to know. I have emailed the FMC Devon to the contact they provide and am asking them what’s up. I will let you know if I hear from them.


Any reason why my coms are not being published? I don’t believe I said anything illicit.

Doomsday Diva

Thanks again for another well researched, thought provoking article. A couple of points of interest: initially, the gas station attendant described Danny as being Caucasian. This then changed to Asian, perhaps after Mr Fox became his minder? Another point of interest is that even 2 weeks after the bombing, the site of the carjacking had not been visited by investigators nor had the owner of the building or residents been approached or questioned by FBI.


Yes there are some minor discrepancies in his story, but in regards to his reasoning for remaining anonymous I believe all of his reasons are probably true. You seem upset about not getting an interview but I would bet many people who requested access to Danny were denied. I agree that the media has pushed a lot of speculation into the storyline, but most would come to the same conclusions when looking at the facts. Fact they were looking for the Tsarnaev brothers before Danny’s involvement; they did eventually find them in Danny’s vehicle; they did find something written by Dzhokar on the boat; they did find explosive type evidence in the vehicle, they did get into shot out with police……even his lawyers aren’t debating his guilt but rather they should seek the death penalty

Laurie Lauren

Your captors letting you go vs having to execute a daring escape is hardly a “minor discrepancy,” and the “facts” you list about boat-confessions and vehicle evidence are not facts at all, because we’ve seen no evidence that they exist. Yes, we’ve heard about them, but they’ve yet to be established as valid in a court of law. As to your assertion that his attorneys aren’t debating his guilt, that is absurd and just plain wrong; his attorneys have been submitting motion after motion to get the ridiculous SAMs restrictions vacated, and they’ve complained to the judge about the prosecution ignoring their repeated requests for evidence. They’re fighting hard for their client–because they believe in his innocence. It’s already been established that the death penalty is being sought, and their client is standing his ground. Seems very sure of innocence for someone who allegedly has “mountains of evidence” against him. If these mountains of evidence truly existed, I have to wonder why the government is so determined to silence him and avoid a trial.


I lived in Boston for many years. One does not go out into early-evening Boston traffic to unwind. Quite the opposite. So the story unravels right there. Tracing someone’s license plate is possible, but would require breaking the law or relying on a co-operative law enforcement official, who would have been breaking the law by endangering a material witness to a major crime/terrorist incident. Also, the timing doesn’t add up. He had driven 20 minutes when he saw police cars. In 20 minutes, barring gridlock traffic, he would have been already in Brighton or beyond. Then, he drove some more and, when he stopped, encountered the brother or brothers immediately. That means they would have had to race to Brighton to encounter him. And why would they go to Brighton? They lived in Cambridge, had friends and family in Watertown, and according to one report were headed to NYC. Granted, these guys weren’t the brightest bulbs on the porch, but going to Brighton makes no sense. There are ways out of town with less traffic on the road at that time of night. The bigger question is why they supposedly killed the cop. To get his gun? They didn’t take his gun. And according to the official story, they had enough guns and ammo to engage in a running firefight with cops for hours. Why kill a cop to get one more gun — and not even take the gun?


why did I see a video on u-tube of the older brother being led naked into a police car, and then told he was killed in a shootout and his body run over by his younger brother trying to escape. The whole thing stinks from top to bottom to anyone looking for the truth. Were the brothers seen on camera leaving the marathon without their backpacks? If not then they didn’t obviously plant the bombs. Who were the men in identical outfits with backpacks, why did I see a photo of one them in the crowd with his backpack falling off hid shoulder. I can’t say who did the bombings with any certainty, but anytime there is a effort to hide information or confuse what happened then there is reason to mistrust the official narrative. I also don’t believe the fbi killed the friend in custody by mistake, I believe he was executed to help fabricate an official story.


There are also the two firework hiding friends driving around in a car with “Terrorista #1” on their front license plate.

This Fox and Miller angle adds to Uncle Ruslan Tsarni, Graham Fuller, Brian Glyn Williams, Jamestown Foundation, Caucasus Fund, Congress of Chechen Int’l Assoc. and not one but two Russian warnings about Tamerlan plus an alleged warning from Saudi Arabia!

It’s a post-truth world.



The Judge has denied admitting the license plate into evidence as it was established that it was a joke gift from one of the boy’s girl friends.

Established LIARS have claimed the warnings from Russia and even the US Congress does not have copies of these documents; the FBI dodged all Congressional hearings. There was a subsequent article where Saudi Arabia denied providing any such warning. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/05/01/did-saudi-arabia-warn-us-about-boston-bombers_n_3193317.html

Man on the street

The reason people lie is they have an embarrassing thing that they need to cover up. In our case, our CIA pays and rent Islamists to do our dirty work in Chechnya, and these two losers could have been among the rented terrorists to antagonize Putin?


Another thing that the MSM has overlooked — or at least not connected — is that both the FBI agent in charge of the manhunt and the Boston police commissioner “retired” shortly after the incident.

Jfake Hname

articles like this make me wonder why boston, which spent alot of money on installing liscense plate camera system on every cop car just decided to get rid of them because they werent succesfull, and they hee hee just kept going off in the police/city vehicle parking lots. initialy i was just glad to be rid of all the extra cameras in town. now im wondering how much evidence was recently disposed of by tossing out a fairly new system that they must have spent millions on?????

Woody Box

Thank you Russ and Jim for compiling this compendium of inconsistencies related to “Danny”‘s account. I very much doubt he will appear on the trial; if he dares to come, Miriam Conrad will squeeze him like a ripe lemon.

I just want to add one additional contradiction: in the criminal complaint against DT, it says that all three men were driving in the same (Danny’s) car, with Tamerlan driving, Danny on the passenger’s seat and Dzhokhar in the rear.

In the indictment, suddenly the Honda Civic comes into play; now Danny is driving his SUV, threatened by Tamerlan on the passenger’s seat, and Dzhokhar follows them in the Honda.

And the Honda story itself is full of contradictions:



You speak as though you personally know this attorney.

Perhaps you could give her a call and ask why she has not made an official notice of appearance in the case and why the last filing undersigned with her name came from a court computer that had Judy Clarke in the properties of the PDF as the author of the document.

Also, that filing no longer names Fick and Watkins as counsel for the Defendant; could you ask her if they are now off the case? I have not seen a notice to withdraw or an order by the judge that removed or replaced them.

You may want to check with Attorney Conrad to see when Attorney Bruck will be rendered an order to appear pro hac vice and when he will he be filing a notice of appearance. We definitely need him on 4/16.

As it stands, by the court record, there are no defense counsel legitimately on the record. Sure would be great if you could get to the bottom of this by contacting your friend, Miriam Conrad.

Thanks Woody

These links will help you prepare your questions for Attorney Conrad



barbara henninger

I’m not sure what you mean by the defense attorneys not appearing as signing on the filings. The last filing “Response to Government’s Supplemental Opposition to Motion to Vacate SAMs”, dated 03/05/14, lists all of them – Clarke, Bruck, Conrad, Watkins, and Fick at the end of the document. Maybe I’m not understanding what you’re referring to.


The last filing was by Conrad on 3/7/2014 which was an assented to motion and that motion was filed from a court computer; it had Judy Clarke as the author in the properties and tracking data. Filings from the DOJ and the Fed Public Defender Office do not have tracking data. That specific filing and a discussion regarding it is here http://friendfeed.com/fraud-upon-the-court/70ddea43/motion-in-pdf-originated-from-court-computer-3-7 There are links within the link that will take you to a deeper understanding that this is a simulated criminal case, i.e., FAKE! The entire case is discussed at this main link http://friendfeed.com/fraud-upon-the-court


Russ, you’re doing great work and historians may thank you, but practically speaking, people here in Massachusetts and Metro Boston have the narrative they want and need and that’s really the end of it. Remember this is the place where the Amirault/Fells Acres scandal of the 80’s and the Nanny Trial fiasco of the 90’s took place. Careers were made by these knowingly false prosecutions, and those whose careers were made are still very much in power.

In fact, those in power have gone so far as to acknowledge that if the truth, belatedly revealed, were to cause the victims further trauma and leave them bereft of feeling that “justice” had been done, better the truth remain hidden. Boston Strong has its fall guy. If he wants to save his life and live the rest of it in prison, the community will be spared the “trauma” of a trial and almost everyone will be happy. On the other hand, if a trial were thought to provide a needed public catharsis, they might have the trial anyhow with its foregone conclusion. You have to live here and to have grown up here to grasp the ruling mentality that truth is what you feel and want it to be not what it may be independently of your feelings.

Danny, you can be sure, is neither here nor there.


I reside 2 miles from the “night of terror”, and observed and heard MANY contradictions from locals in Watertown who saw the altercation, talk radio reports, and discrepancies in the first local televised coverage, when at 1 AM, a few hours before the older brother was delivered dead, he was televised on his stomach, in a fully detained and controlled condition.

BUT I BECAME TRULY CONVINCED that a fix was in when circa 2 weeks after the event I heard a bulletin on WRKO (local talk radio) asking for any eyewitnesses to the murder of Sean Collier — TO PLEASE COME FORWARD. .

Hmmmm What was the concern here? Were they trying to smoke out any possible witnesses who could blow the contrived murder?

I am so sorry I neglected to copy the phone number, or better yet, made the call and learned who was at the end of the line.

But there must be a record at WRKO as to who placed the bulletin…..


Good info and thoughts, but you’re asking questions the establishment doesn’t want asked. Instead they want you to focus on Danny, a nebulous, factless aspect of the crime that no matter how hard you stare at him will get you no closer to solving what actually went on.

Man on the street

After the 9/11 attack, this country and the whole world was ready for a detailed investigation. The Bush cabal refused. WHY? Why it took the crying of the dead American relatives, and many months of constant pressure on congress to start an investigation despite of the Bush & neocon objection.

Even after having so much resistance, the Bush cabal forced the committee to black out 27 pages relating to Saudi Arabia’s part of this terrorist act. Why would our government tells us that 15 out of the 19 Muslim terrorists were Saudis, and run out and put all the Saudi nationals on a airplane, let them off, then black out all the financial arrangements between the terrorists and Saudi Arabia? Then, go out an invade a secular country of Iraq, turning it into a fanatic Islamic country? Hello? Is any one out there!


Rule of Thumb – if government does a stalled investigation it is because they had more than a hand in the event that requires investigating.


Your article still doesn’t make any sense, part 1 or part 2. Why your obsession with Danny? Danny showed up half way thru the op and you’re treating him like he is essential to something. Why? Distraction? What has happened to the harder questions? Like, if the Tsarnaev bros. were such mental giants that they could plan and execute the bombing, why did they give absolutely zero attention to the thought of egress? This is question that runs through incident after incident with the FBI. John Wilkes Booth (and co-conspirators) at least had a plan for getting away. Tim McVeigh? nope, it was I’ll just blow up OKC and then go home an watch TV, yessirree Bob. The same with LH Oswald, “I’ll just pop the prez, go to the lunchroom and grab a bite, then catch a bus and go home and watch TV. ” The Tsarnaev bros, well, lets just set off some bombs and then go home and watch TV. As I recall, it took about 24 hours before the FBI (and the rest of the world) had perused available videos long enough to start to nail down possible culprits, yet the Tsarnaev bros were just watching TV. eh? Even a moderately resourceful person can commit a heinous crime in Boston and be in LA six hours later. If you find yourself saying, “Well, who knows what went on in the minds of these mad assassins!” or “Well, they just dumb criminals.”, congratulate yourself, the FBI loves you. Has it ever been definitively established that someone was really injured in the incident? Has anyone perused the Bostom Hospital ER records to see who was checked in and for what? What turned the Boston PD from cops into a fire breathing vigilante mob? Has anyone question the BPD command structure as to why it was so easy to turn cops into vigilantes? Anybody asked the Boston cops why they fired at the boat when the younger Tsarnaev was obviously captured, even if the guy was shooting at them? This not “normal” PD procedure anywhere in the US. Where did the “shoot on sight” order within the BPD come from? How could these two villainous villiains manage to kill a security guard in an attempt to steal the guard’s weapon, yet not be able to actually get the guards weapon? While on the run, why did the Tsarnaev bros never make a statement to the media? Did Danny have a cell phone, if so, why didn’t the Tsarnaev brothers take it and call a radio station, if not in Boston, why not NY or Chicago or LA or Atlanta or…? or better yet, have it already set up where someone else makes a call for them? Nope, they just wanted to blow up a bomb, kill somebody, anybody, and then go home and watch TV. There has never been established a motive for this crime. Why not?

Your yammering about Danny and your focus on the minutia is precisely what the Feds want you to do, which I suspect is why you are doing it, i.e. it is much, much easier. This article comes across like Geraldo Rivera opening Al Capone’s basement.


This was a sensible post up until the denial of injured/dead persons. Then you lost most of your credibility.


Actually, the lack of paragraph breaks did it for me. :-)


Yes, one should always throw out the premise by a writer in regards to an important matter because they object to spelling, grammar and construction errors by the writer even when there is a valid point! SMH


No, but trolls seem to have trouble breaking up their manifestos to make them more readable. It’s usually a dead giveaway.


I have never been able to understand why the associated suspicion of guilt to this young Defendant did not end with the presentation of this more than obvious fabricated picture where they clearly merged an earlier crowd and shopped the young man’s head into the picture. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BbtK5-tCEAADwUC.jpg:large
Hit the link directly to make as large as possible in this forum.
Even picture analysis at http://thebostonmarathonbombings.weebly.com/fbi-approved—one-size-fits-all.html confirms:

“The lines are a perfect match. What are the odds of two separate photographs producing this result ?”

I’m not quite sure how over at that site they missed this obvious line duplication in the Forum crowd picture.

Laurie Lauren

I agree with everything you’re saying except for the fact that you feel like the “Danny” issue isn’t important–I think it is. Most people don’t bother to do any fact-checking or research for themselves, and just blindly follow what they hear on “the news,” so they basically believe the official story. Most people aren’t even aware of the fact that without Danny’s story, there would be no alleged confession for the bombing or shooting of Collier. This supposed carjacking what was what set the events of that night in Watertown into motion. If the whole carjacking story is bogus, maybe people will realize that the rest is bogus, too, so it is important to point that out. I agree with you that there are so many other huge problems that need to be addressed, but, unfortunately, no media outlet is stepping up to do so..at least the author of this article is doing that much. Also, this isn’t the first article he’s written about the case..he’s addressed some of the other issues, too.


Dear Bozo: Chill, Baby. Your post is overwrought. Calm down. Focus. Take a
deep breath. Reshape your thoughts.

Tom Burl Walsh

You make some good points. I don’t buy the governments story on this, but I also don’t have a theory of my own.
That being said, this little gem in your post jumped right off the page at me:
” What turned the Boston PD from cops into a fire breathing vigilante mob?”

Are you not aware of the national epidemic we have of thuggery and outright murder of people and their pets being committed by the police on what seems like a daily basis? There has been a serious change in the way the citizens of this country are treated by the cops, which seems to be a shoot first, sort it out later policy.


I think that even if Russ Baker uncovers some damning evidence, he’ll just be labeled a “conspiracy theorist” by the lap dog media and probably lose his job. Basically if you don’t adhere to the government media complex’s narrative, they ruin you. I mean, all they have to do is call you a “truther” or a “birther” or some other equally ridiculous title and people have been conditioned to not take you seriously any longer. As far as this story goes,as soon as I heard that Ibragim Todashev, the two brother’s friend, was killed while in FBI custody, I knew for a fact that there was something extremely sinister going on in this story.


The awake need to ignore the smear campaign and act at every level possible. No action by the agency, court, Representatives or Senators contacted simply validates that they are criminals who are at minimum aiding and abetting federal crimes!

The day of reckoning will come and THEY ALL should consult with Whitey Bulger on how much fun the criminal justice system is when you are in your eighties. We may be long gone when the wash comes clean but if they want their families to suffer shame for something of which they had no personal involvement, I guess that is their choice.

The world knows what’s going on and this country’s leaders, politicians, and servants in our courts present as criminals.

Man on the street

When people smell something, and few starts theorize alternative stories or motives; if the OFFICIAL NARRATIVE CREATORS are not liars, they would reach out to the new ideas, and dig further to see if their original story must have been wrong? Once, they start calling you names, and you start getting threats, then there cannot be any explanation to such belligerence, except that there is a cover up.


IMO, it’s more than a cover-up; it’s people in very high places ensuring they do not get a seat at a Defendant table!


1st they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you and then you win. – Gandhi Not sure my order is correct but that’s the idea. WWW is not going to tear this to shreds. They publish and carry the story along to others.


Our govt is going the Sacco-Vanzetti route on this one. It is almost 100 years and there have been enough generations in between for people to have forgotten.


Unfortunately, the current “national security state” allows false flag activities like this to occur, along with many other horrific activities, while all true facts are hidden behind a wall of secrecy and lies are put out to the public as truth by “authorities”. It allows the grooming of patsies and other players for future false flag activities, allows law enforcement to act as executioners and execution squads and courts to act as national security state representatives in the judicial system, and controls communication with the public through the mainstream media. This strategy has been very successful because most people prefer their information spoon fed to them.

I really appreciate the work of Russ Baker, especially on this matter and I hope he will continue to follow every avenue he can to pursue the truth in this matter. I don’t believe the Tsarnaevs have culpability because as far as I can tell, the state has no credible evidence. If I am correct in my belief, I hope Dzhokhar stays strong and doesn’t take a plea deal so that the trial will have to take place transparently in front of God and everyone.


The official story reeked to high heaven from the start. They really expect us to believe that Dzhokar scratched out a confession after being shot up in the boat and again later when he carjacked “Danny”? How ridiculous is that? How many criminals blab to everyone that they were guilty of murder?!


Great reporting from a “senior experienced and hard nosed and skeptical” Russ Baker. I have always wondered about the car jacking witness, not even knowing his pseudonym. If “Danny” were a “glove” he wouldn’t “fit”.Considering all the extra curricular happenings around this event if I were “Danny” I’d be nervous about having an unfortunate accident wherein all that would be left would be my taped sworn testimony, negating any cross examination by defence council. Beyond “Danny” and unassailable lies the surveillance complex with all of it’s machinations in serving the interests of the Deep State and it’s ruling oligarchs. R.B’s “Family of Secrets” gives one an inside glimpse in to it’s depth and interwoven structure.

There is one more enormous question still unanswered. Who was the “naked man” taken into custody, which eyewitness reporters saw the police surround and apprehend? Just about everything surrounding this event stinks to high heaven of lies and subterfuge.


“Who was the naked man?” is a marketer’s dream. Much better than Building7. You are right; it all stinks.


Considered rationally, the last thing Danny, a Chinese national, would want to do is give an interview to a site that–in the words of the establishment–stokes conspiracy theories. Being in a host country and helping to destroy a received and important national narrative, well… I wouldn’t blame him for playing ostrich.

Tarry Faster

I’ve always wondered why we never hear anything about this series of photos that were flashed around, right after the bombing. Looks to me like a “military/CIA/FBI/etc.” group had their fingers in this pie:


Rene Fielding was directing the entire operation too


Richard Serino from FEMA was also there. He was playing undercover boss with a moustache. He lied to the US Congress by admitting he was at the Marathon but stated he left 15 minutes before the blast and then returned. Here he is, supposedly upon return, after he was aware of the blast: picture is from the FEMA web site & note he shaved the moustache for this photo-op! https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BVO9AzrCUAAd-mD.jpg:large Here he is at blast site 1 with the same black jacket and a blue hat in his under cover boss role with the moustache https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BcQuT_eCUAA0Yg2.jpg:large Here he is in 2010 with his FEMA photographer again sporting a moustache https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BcQ4oVJCcAEII7E.jpg:large


John Miller is a bought whore whose dramatic TV reports over the years have given him gravitas he doesn’t deserve.
The presence of Craft International mercenary killers with
black knapsacks completely alters the possibilities of whodunnit.


I spotted something I thought interesting while sitting in a waiting room today. In the December 2013 “Best of 2013” issue of People magazine, there was a picture of the finish line, showing the old man (runner) who had just fallen in the street as the explosion occurred. While every picture I had previously seen showed the explosion area behind the flags of countries, this pic in People showed some smoke near those flags, but several of the police running in the opposite direction.
I just found the pic (or part of it) on People’s site. The picture there has been narrowed and does not include the officers running the other way. I also just noticed that the picture following the old man, the man can be seen still laying on the ground in the background, behind 2 marathon official “running for cover”, with nobody helping him.



“The assumption many of us make that the Tsarnaevs planted those bombs is just that: an assumption that, in the absence of the reported confession, has no evidence behind it.”

Nonsense. These guys threw bombs at the police in Watertown. They had bombs, knew how to use them, and showed they were willing to kill people with their bombs. The video shows they were at the scene of the marathon bombing.

That is evidence independent of Danny’s testimony.

Also, investigators singled out the Tsarnaevs *before* the Watertown incident — they published those “wanted” photos of Suspect 1 and Suspect 2, asking the public for help identifying them. This can mean only two things:

1) Investigators singled them out because they had photographic evidence that these two planted the bombs, or

2) Investigators singled them out because they knew who they were. If so, asking the public for help identifying them doesn’t fit. Why not just go to their home and arrest them?

Photographic evidence makes so much sense. They had thousands of photos sent in. We’ve seen photos of these guys standing in key spots. They probably have lots of boring photos that rule out most of the other spectators, or that painstakingly establish that the Tsarnaevs went to each bomb site — but who’s going to publish boring photos? Photos of their faces are interesting, and were useful for identifying them, but don’t assume those are the photos that best illustrate the crime.


“These guys threw bombs at the police in Watertown.” Really? Where is the property damage which would have been inevitable had bombs been detonated? The only property damage I have heard of in this area was caused by bullets fired by the police. Isn’t it nothing short of a miracle that no residents were injured or even killed by the cops? Strikes me that the officers involved need training in use of firearms and restraint! (In the interests of public safety.)


The property damage was all over the place. Shrapnel embedded in the siding of houses, auto glass blown out, blast marks in the street. There are news reports that refer to the damage, both at the time and in the following months. And several witnesses — cops, residents — said they saw the Tsarnaevs throw bombs.

If you think they didn’t throw bombs in Watertown, Russ Baker has a lot more lying witnesses to explain than just pinning it all on one Chinese guy.

The idea that the cops overreacted and can’t shoot straight is a totally different topic.


The property damage was, indeed, all over the place. It is my belief, thus far, that this damage was caused by police gunfire. I have seen pics of what appears to be bullet holes in siding, but none of embedded shrapnel.Auto glass could have been shot out, rather than blown out. I have seen the pics of the alleged “blast marks in the street.” Imo these could be pics of any of the road anomalies and pot holes so common in MA. Sure, there are witnesses and residents who say that bombs were thrown. There are also witnesses and residents who say otherwise.

As for any statements from cops regarding this – they are trained to lie. Btw, this is a fact and not an idle statement. You may remember, also, that the Watertown police chief lied about Dzhokhar Tsarnaev shooting at police from the boat. He went on to repeat this lie, even after it had been disproved. That’s how believable the cops are.

Damage was reported by the media, but their reports are often inaccurate and have been so on a number of occasions with regard to this case.

If I am shown what I believe to be proof that bombs were thrown, then I will believe thus. So far, I have not seen any proof of this.

I am aware that the “idea”, (I’d call it fact), that the cops overreacted and can’t shoot straight is a different topic, but not totally, as I believe it relates to the damage we are discussing here.

Are we in agreement that the cops overreacted and can’t shoot straight?


Let’s focus on one blast crater. See this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dgXXgf-SXu0

At 1:55 you can see a close-up of the crater. It’s fresh. It’s not shaped like a pothole. The pavement around it is discolored.

At 1:46 you can see the location of the crater. I found this location on Google Maps Street View. The crater was not there in October 2011 when the Street View images were taken, even though all the other road cracks and patches and imperfections look pretty much the same. http://goo.gl/maps/u7k4a

Note that this is not the same blast mark that was in the photos taken by Andrew Kitzenberg. That was 30-40 feet away. I couldn’t find a close-up of that.

But we don’t need to prove that both bombs were real. One crater appearing approximately where a bomb was reported to have gone off is enough.

These guys had a bomb.

It was a real bomb.

And they threw it.

And they were already marathon bombing suspects *before* this incident.

It has to be them.


I agree the cops can’t shoot straight and they put the residents at risk (though the residents standing there watching were putting themselves at risk). And it looks like they shot their own guy, which in addition to being bad in itself may have given Dzhokar his chance to flee. But having never been in a shootout myself I am a little reluctant to judge them. And I wouldn’t say the shootout was an overreaction per se.

But closing down the whole city was nuts. The heavily armed manhunt in the neighborhood kind of makes sense, even though I don’t like that they did that. Firing a hail of bullets at Dzhokhar in the boat, apparently just because someone got nervous, seems like something you’d see in a cartoon.


Thanks for your detailed reply. I had seen the Youtube video before. Not much of a “bomb crater” and not enough to convince me that bombs were employed here. No relevant shrapnel damage was demonstrated in this video.

Seems we more or less agree on the actions of the cops, but I would add that they are allegedly trained for this kind of thing. Public safety should have been their primary concern. At Watertown it obviously was not.

The “lock-down” of the city of Boston achieved nothing and the house to house search was, imo, unacceptable. All should wonder when and under what circumstances they will next use these tactics.


Did you see them do that with your own eyes — or are you relying on reports from the FBI?


I followed events unfolding on the news just like everyone else, perhaps with more interest because the shootout was 2 miles from my house and I ran the marathon. But no, I did not see it with my own eyes.

I understand that news reports screw up facts all the time. I was just arguing that side in part 1, where Russ Baker was claiming Danny’s direct account was suspicious because it didn’t match up with various news reports re-telling Danny’s story. This doesn’t mean news reports are intentionally dishonest, just that they’re prone to people repeating rumors, getting facts wrong, going in with incorrect assumptions, making up their own “facts” by trying to fill in gaps, and a little bit of sensationalizing.

Police transcripts of a police scanners are good. Having several independent witnesses agree is good.

I find this video compelling:



The only “Nonsense” is that we live in a society so dumbed down that all of the population is not seeing that their very own government is terrorizing and defrauding them. You do not have simulated criminal proceedings for what is claimed to be the largest terror attack since 911.

Past behavior is a prediction of future behavior and even after they admitted the babies in the Iraqi hospital were not taken off their life support and thrown on the floor, we remain in and are still creating circumstance for illegal wars. Yet the population just carries on worrying about fashion, sports and the latest celebrity scandal when the truth of the matter is the ROGUE government is a master of deception and through simulation continually defrauds the population.

You have been hood-winked by the three branches of the federal government, the Massachusetts State government and a slew of private sector traitors.

Truth supported by evidence in public record that shows fraud and the willful ignoring of rule driven process must not be ignored; doing so would leave all next generations in the hands of tyranny with no legitimate justice system.

The Boston Marathon Bombing is a massive fraud perpetrated upon the American people and the FAKE criminal proceedings is all the proof needed. Real crime with real victims gets real court!

If the fact that the legal and healthcare communities helped a rogue government, where all three branches collude, pull off a massive fraud against the people does not chill you to the very bone and wake you up then you just became part of the problem. The evidence is unquestionable!




You didn’t give any reasons why Russ Baker’s claim above is *not* nonsense, all you did is say that something else is nonsense. Whatever. More than one thing can be nonsense. What I specifically said is nonsense is the idea that there was no other evidence to connect the Tsarnaevs to the marathon bombing besides Danny’s testimony.

I haven’t been following the criminal proceedings. Maybe various authorities are trying to cover up something, I don’t know. There are certainly a lot of embarrassing things they might want to keep from public scrutiny: They had warnings from Russia about Tamerlin they didn’t act on; they arguably botched security at the marathon; cops in Watertown shot residents’ houses and shot their own guy and let Dzhokhar get away; officials overreacted and maybe legally overstepped their bounds in shutting down the city and how they conducted the door-to-door search in Watertown; the cops unloaded their weapons into an unarmed Dzhokhar and the boat apparently because they panicked like a bunch of little girls (the cops did put their lives on the line, but they could have done things better).

So they a lot of things they might want to cover. But none of it is the large-scale game-changing type of thing you’re talking about:

* The marathon bombing did not start a war, like the propaganda that the Kuwait baby incubator thing was part of. There was no compelling government motive I’m aware of.

* It wasn’t anything like these entrapment schemes where the FBI talks some loser into committing a terrorist act so they can chalk up a success but they give him fake bombs so there’s no actual risk. The marathon bombing did happen, with real bombs, and people died.

* Those FBI entrapments take months to set up. The Tsarnaevs willingly threw bombs at cops in Watertown only 3 days after the marathon bombing happened. The FBI would have had to identify suitable patsies out of the available marathon spectators, and somehow brainwash them into wanting to throw bombs at cops in only 3 days. And if they’re going to frame them, why put lives at risk instead of just pulling them over one day and “finding” bombs in their car?

The large-scale conspiracy theory does not make any sense. Wake up! :-)


It’s you darling that needs a good cup of Joe!!


It is you that needs to wake up, my friend.


You are misinformed. You passed over your own epiphany:



#2 is correct. They had to garner public trust in order to have the city believe they are being protected by the government.
There were levels of psyops to this heinous treasonous act created by the FBI to keep their operating budget inflated & justified.
Now the most sociopathic agent is running the boston office:


That doesn’t fit. IMO the public would have been perfectly satisfied if the FBI simply identified a suspect from a security camera video then arrested him (or shot him, if you want to be cynical).

And the Watertown shoot-out destroys this theory. “There was a terrorist act and we caught the guy” is much better for their image than “there was a terrorist attack, then a big shoot-out three days later because we didn’t catch the guy in time.”


Hi, Russ. I was just wondering why your story is coming out now when you had your meeting with the Globe reporter on May 22nd?


Thank you Russ Baker for continuing to bring inconsistencies in the popular narrative about the Boston Bombing to light.

It seems to me that the whole reason for this ‘event’ was to get the city of Boston on lockdown, and get all of the people – with all of their camera phones – off of the streets. Does anyone know of any articles, here or elsewhere, that discusses potential theories as to what the true motives were? What could have happened in Boston that needed to be done without the public being around to document it with their phones?

Change You Can Keep

I would be extremely interested in an article like this as well. Great point about the martial law drills needing a catalyst to get everyone into their homes, and for lower ranked police officers to feel like they are doing it for good.

I still wonder about Russia’s full role in the events that day, in regards to Todashev, and whether they had a larger role in the event then we’ve been told.

And what about the Saudi Arabian royalty that went to the hospital with hand burns, and then deported? Did Saudi Arabia have a larger role in the event then we know about?


Russia is a red herring, for the purposes of diversion & scapegoating.
They do not notify the US about TAMERLAN.
Why would they?
They are protecting Edward SNOWDEN, correct?

It is all a lie- everything the FBI PUBLISHES IS A LIE.


If I were Tsarnaev, I think I’d talk, just to make Danny talk. He sounds like a guy with an interesting tale. I’d also like to see Fox up on the witness stand, and the journalist who did not, to the best of my memory, did not say Fox was Danny’s mentor. Danny may have had perfectly good reasons for being anonymous (I would have too), but you raise good questions.


The “perimeter,” with regards to the boat, was a pack of lies. Infowars had important reporting on this in their videotape interviews with people in the neighborhood who experienced martial law. A young woman reported that “army people” were essentially camped out in the garage of the house across the street all day. There was another woman, whose last name was Flynn, who lived well past the boat location on the L-shaped street, and who was quoted as saying that law enforcement were in her backyard.

The Boston bombings conveniently fits in with Obama’s efforts to make it easier to kill Americans without due process, which even the MSM has reported on in the last couple of months. The official story ended all questioning of President Drone Bomber’s drone bombing of al Awlaki and his son, by making al Awlaki one of the bad guys in this story–the guy who published the magazine by which the brothers allegedly learned to make their bombs.

The other thing this event accomplished was a giant test of martial law in an urban environment.

The Boston Globe also did a very important story that this whole scenario was almost identical to a big terror drill that was scheduled for shortly thereafter….


This was the terror drill.


Thanks for this investigation. It does seem to confirm that “Danny” is really a recent graduate trying to get a startup going and not just an undercover agent. He could be both of course, but the descriptions of encounters with him by reporters don’t make him sound much like an agent. Have you talked to Tarek Ali? Or tried to?


What is getting lost in this discussion, is the fact that all of these pictures showing what a lie the official narrative is, still exist. These pictures could
have easily been “expunged” from the net, almost immediately. Yet, there they still are.

Not only have they left them on purpose, but they were purposely taken. They wanted us to understand, that it is a lie. Knowing that even the ones who resisted what the evidence shows, would be affected deep down, subconsciously. All while, they carry on with their campaigns and propaganda, laughing as they wave it in our face. They have gotten away with it before, so now they think they are invincible.

How was it possible to get so many quality photos so quickly? They were ready to document. Some of those pictures were taken so quickly, they show people still in flinch mode. The photographers weren’t flinching though, and they knew just when and where to get the most telling pictures. There are even photographs that catch other photographers
in the photograph. One of the photographers was there to capture the drill. But there was at least one other, there for other reasons. These pictures were meant to be seen.


NPR reported that a classified meeting on the bombings took place in Washington on the day after the bombings. Why would a meeting on the bombings need to be classified? I believe it was Sen. Mary Landrieu who was pulled out of a classified meeting on the bombings to be informed about the ricin attacks that happened on the day after the bombings.

Also, national security was invoked in a “protective order” that was published on Cryptome. Now why would national security be invoked in this case?


Truly superb coverage of this little understood national security event… I do wish more people were alert and asked questions instead of accept too-tidy narratives that play with changing “facts”. This country is going down a strange path and denial reins supreme.

Alas, I am wondering if Russ tried to interview the key witness + victim who was used heavily by the mainstream. Jeff Bauman

I grabbed the following from a Bloomberg News story

Minutes before the bombs blew up in Boston, Jeff Bauman looked into the eyes of the man who tried to kill him.
Just before 3 p.m. on April 15, Bauman was waiting among the crowd for his girlfriend to cross the finish line at the Boston Marathon. A man wearing a cap, sunglasses and a black jacket over a hooded sweatshirt looked at Jeff, 27, and dropped a bag at his feet, his brother, Chris Bauman, said in an interview.

Two and a half minutes later, the bag exploded, tearing Jeff’s legs apart. A picture of him in a wheelchair, bloodied and ashen, was broadcast around the world as he was rushed to Boston Medical Center. He lost both legs below the knee.“He woke up under so much drugs, asked for a paper and pen and wrote, ‘bag, saw the guy, looked right at me,’” Chris Bauman said yesterday in an interview.


Yes, a lot more media attention needs to be on this Chris Bauman, and his narrative. What an amazing “recovery” this was, for someone so traumatized.


I just realized some goofy things with the story as reported in mainstream… “Two and a half minutes later”. Really??? When I’m in a crowd and make eye contact with a furtive mysterious individual who does something strange, instead of dialing the homeland security hotline I always immediately set the stopwatch on my iPhone so I can give media precise time lag between the point of making eye contact with the terrorist and the moment something bad happens….

And what’s with all these key people in the story scrawling notes???

And when I’m traumatically injured but still conscious and miraculously not bleeding out, I pray that a guy with white cowboy hat responds and a wheelchair materializes. He wasn’t a high enough priority that the medical personal didn’t attend to him and get him on stretcher?

I thought about that when a friend of mine slipped on ice last month. He hit his head really bad and blacked out but no blood, no obvious injury… Within 5 minutes there were 2 police and 4 paramedics and you could e their careful procedure and professionalism


Why does everyone completely ignore the fact that this was a drill? You’re getting caught up in all the side issues and ignoring the most important one.
These boys were merely patsies. For something that didn’t even happen, no less. Everyone is chasing the story of the boys background, which was purposely crafted over the last several years, to give the media and everyone else a dead end to focus on, instead of the fact that this was a drill, turned into a hoax.


Please don’t call this a hoax. That is an insult to the very real people and families who were impacted that day. I suppose Jane Richard, the little girl who lost her brother and her leg, is in on it too?


Nobody died and nobody was injured. Not. One. Single. Person. Period.


I like the media coverage of events occurring the night of April 18 and the early morning of April 19, 2013 in Watertown here: http://jimmysllama.wordpress.com/2013/08/04/boston-bombing-day-5-contd-tamerlan-and-the-naked-guy/


Russ, I commend you for the great interview you gave at the local Boston news station. People like you are making the difference.


Thanks for putting everything in perspective and noting inconsistencies among stories. Danny has all kinds of alibis that will salve the sheeple. Fantastic journalism.


Russ, check out the Harvard report released today. They go back to the theory that the younger brother was picked up at a second location and did NOT follow by car. “Around 11 pm, a Boston-educated Chinese immigrant driving a new black Mercedes SUV was carjacked when he pulled his car over on Brighton Avenue in Allston to answer a text message. He would later describe the carjacker as a “Middle Eastern” male who got into his car, showed a handgun, and told him that he wanted money, that he had shot a Cambridge police officer, and that he had carried out the marathon bombing. After a meandering drive through Allston and Watertown, they stopped and picked up a second man who had been following in an older car” So how did Tamerlan get to Danny in the first place? Was he just strolling the streets after he allegedly shot Collier?


Also, would anybody describe the Tsarnaevs as middle eastern looking?


I was following the breaking story on Reddit and nothing seemed to add up. On a subsequent thread a day later, one of the posters said he witnessed the shootout between the brothers and the police — this is the only aspect of the case that suggests to me the two brothers might be guilty of something. Were they acting in defense of their lives. We’ll never know. Otherwise, I don’t buy any of the police or news reports. I don’t buy the Chinese’s guy hokey story. I don’t buy that the brothers shot an MIT cop. I don’t buy that they younger brother ran his older brother over during his escape from the shootout. I don’t buy that the younger brother had a shootout with the cops from the boat. I find it troubling that the Governor had to send hundreds of cops storming into the Boston community to track down one kid? I also find it troubling that a bomb squad was hanging out on the day of the race, and more troubling that the new media hasn’t asked why. Clearly, the public needs to be better informed on what really happened in Boston on that sad day. Thank you for delving further into the heart of this case, Russ. Where the hell are your fellow journalists?


He definitely ran over his brother, it might have been by accident.


National Geo documentary that aired last night is getting numerous accolades. They do have a nifty interactive map for following the brothers through their mayhem. But like every other report, the map leaves out that one detail that I’ve always wondered…How did the brothers get from Boylston to where ever they went afterwards? Did they drive or take the T? I mean, is there even an official story? It’s so odd to see how a city can get so caught up in hero worship (Boston Strong, etc. etc.) that its citizens can’t even ask the most ordinary of questions, like: where was the getaway car parked? Where was the first place they drove it to? Like, why not drive to NY right then if they were planning to bomb Times Square? Wouldn’t they have a hotel room already booked for their nefarious encore?
Incidently, Boston.com is reporting that “Danny” has now showed his face (they don’t provide a link); however, he still wants to keep his name hidden. :)

frank pik

So what’s the reason he doesn’t want to give up his Chinese name? Seems odd that a student, that’s a Chinese national of all things, leaves the country and comes backs to be seemingly doing that well for himself in the first place never mind the rest of the stuff. I smell that he’s a byproduct of cronyism at the least

daniel wilson

For what it’s worth, allow me to quote purported bombing victim Jeff Bauman about his interaction with a Tsarnaev brother; “he was just like that, just holding his backpack like not talking to anybody, he wasn’t with anybody…he was standing right next to me so I was like……like who is he with? like what’s he doing? like that’s he’s kinda weird, he’s out of place.” With so much good visual information and contradictory/anomaly type data about the “bombing” itself I question why I have yet to see anything about it on this site. Russ Baker; I respect you and highly recommend you at least delve into the physics of the event.


“he was just
like that, just holding his backpack like…so I was
like……like who is he with? like what’s he doing? like that’s he’s
kinda weird…”

This quote from a bystander who saw nothing else, but just kind of like thought these guys were like, weird, is all you have to answer the contradictions in the official story?

Oh, and the “physics of the event.” Which always clears up questions about what happened later.

That’s, like, weird. But thanks.

daniel wilson

I wanted to get people thinking about the sketchy scene itself and how nearly all the witness testimonies contradict the visual evidence. I have plenty to say about the matter but I recommend you just type the word hoax with your search and really give it some time with an open mind. I can always be found at danwilsonmtg@hotmail.com if one was so inclined to contact me about it. I am in the middle of project chronicling every detail of that very interesting day.


What difference does it make? The FBI has already constructed its false narrative regardless of the FACT that nobody died and nobody was injured when the little “puff-bomb” went off unless, of course, somebody got a little fake blood in their eye.

Night Bear

What a crazy world we live in. Many people are awakening to the scripted reality that we live in. The media has been taken over by the intelligence agencies for decades now. Almost everything the media publishes meets the control agenda, especially major events like Boston, etc. The smart approach is to become a skeptic. Anything the media reports or that the government says, should be assumed to be a lie. We are being led down a dark path.

Danielle Davito

Other discrepancies not mentioned in this article are;Convenience store clerk,Tarek(something) originally stated that the carjack victim was “white,between the ages of 20 to 25”;Not a chinese man ,who barely spoke English.Police radio transmissions mention no carjacking;but a stolen Mass. State Police vehicle,being tracked with LoJack.’Danny’s’ Mercedes was equipped with MBrace,but it was never activated.Tamerlan driving around in the dark for so long,is unlikely,due to his night-blindness.Driving around ‘in circles’ for an hour & a half,until nearly running out of gas,makes no sense either.If they wanted a ‘showdown’ with police(as some have claimed),they could have easily accomplished that,by ‘hanging around’ after supposedly killing Collier.On Twitter I found; “Update;CT State Police say now looking for 1999 Green Honda Civic,registration;116GC7 Massachusetts” posted at 9:49am 19April,2013.That makes no sense;Tsarnaev’s green Honda(?) can be seen in photos of supposed shootout.It would have been towed to a police impound/evidence lot,the early morning of the 19th.Why would they be looking for it in Connecticut?As far as the marathon bombings being ‘solved’ by Collier shooting,& carjacking,is false.The Tsarnaevs were ‘set-up’ more than a year prior.These ‘incidents’ were implemented to get the Tsarnaevs ‘slaughtered’.Undercovers were waiting for them in Watertown(18 unnamed officers;ring a bell?)where they were going to a party,& set-off fireworks down by the ‘Riv’.They were supposed to be in Dagestan by the 18th.The gov. was playing games with their passports.

Judith Bradford

I am very thankful for this site– it consistently presents factual evidence and correctly deduces from each fact what we do, or do not, know on the basis of it. The requisite effort is made to check and see if other facts might weigh against those conclusions. Essentially, this is the best source of actual information and logical analysis I know of, and a great contrast to the overwhelming majority of news sites meant to persuade, manipulate, or sway readers to agree with the source’s agenda.

daniel wilson

more Boston Globe and Northeastern University connections of course.


Thanks so much for all the extensive investigations!
Now we see that this prosecution witness was controlled every step of the way.
At trial, the overpowering control continued as a “translator” was brought in to speak for him. That about wraps up any possibility of the witness straying from the chosen narrative. no? And the Defense? No questions about this quisling?
oh, that’s right. No need to defend. The Defense capitulated to the Prosecution on Day 1.
What a farce!

Truth Troubadour

What happened to the original story that it was Jeff Bauman who identified the Brothers Tsarnaev to the FBI after coming out of surgery after losing two legs? This was the part that gave Bauman media “hero” status along with his alleged rescuer Carlos Arredondo aka “Cowboy Hat Hero”. Of course, Bauman is Super “Boston Strong” for being released from the hospital only 11 days after the “tragedy” and waving a flag and smiling to the crowd just 19 days after the “tragedy”? BOSTON MARATHON MARTIAL LAW DRILL April 15, 2013: “Surely This Is Normal… Or Is It??” at Peekay Boston YouTube Channel (11:30) Peekay Boston. Dr. Stan Monteith is quoted inthis video as saying none of this is “normal” and “I think that this young man was a ‘crisis actor’.” http://youtu.be/Cf8E8vkcWJM?list=PLr2ybDdOumY7mIry7UZYzFeTfnS-J_F93

Nth Dimension

Damn never thought this could be so serious. Conspiracy theories are ripe behind most of the American terrorist attacks. If there are conspiracy theories why aren’t the media houses following them up seriously. Paid media again?
We are small businessmen, offering car services in Boston. Such events affect our business drastically and at times we have to sit idle for weeks without work.