An exclusive WhoWhatWhy investigation has found serious factual inconsistencies in accounts provided by the only witness to the alleged confession of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects.

Why does this matter? Because this witness is the sole source for the entire publicly accepted narrative of who was behind the bombing and its aftermath—and why these events occurred.

In case we’ve forgotten how convoluted and murky the story initially seemed, let’s recall how:

-Tamerlan Tsarnaev, on a US security watch list since 2011 after the Russians provide a warning to American intelligence, goes overseas and allegedly exhibits further problematic behavior.

-In April, 2013, a savage attack is unleashed at the Boston Marathon, disrupting an iconic American event. Innocent people lose limbs and lives, America is traumatized anew, and a large American city is “locked down” while normal processes and procedures are abandoned. We are told that Tsarnaev and his younger brother are responsible for all this–and for the cold-blooded execution of a campus police officer several days later.

Yet our sense of certainty that the Tsarnaevs did this—and did it alone without America’s security apparatus knowing a thing—is actually dependent largely on the say-so of one person, one witness. While we’ve been told that authorities have definitive proof, including a video showing the brothers leaving the backpack with the bomb, we’ve never actually seen it.

Thus, the problems we have uncovered with the witness’s testimony (as represented by law enforcement) now raise questions about almost everything concerning what has been described as the largest terrorist attack on American soil since 9/11.

Truth and Its Pants

As the classic saying goes, “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.” That is perhaps even more true in these days of Twitter and Facebook and instant blogging. When a big news story breaks, the first reports are often rife with misinformation based on a combination of innocent mistakes, sloppiness, conjecture, and poor communication.

Yet it’s also true that during those first 24 hours, pieces of inconvenient truth may emerge that will soon be denied or even suppressed as the messy facts get neatly fashioned into an “official story.”

Such was the case with the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy: sheriff’s deputies converging on the Texas School Book Depository in Dallas reported finding an entirely different type of gun than the one ultimately said to have been the murder weapon. And doctors at Parkland Hospital claimed initially that a shot had hit President Kennedy from the front, before they were told in no uncertain terms that they were mistaken, and a narrative formed around all the shots coming from behind—and only from the Depository.

Truth seekers know, from experience, to pay close attention to how a narrative changes in the first hours, days and weeks following an event of significance. That would be especially apt when the one whose story is changing is the principal witness.

Meet “Danny”

The identification of the alleged Boston bombers, now a virtually unchallenged “fact,” is based largely on a single event: the supposed carjacking of a young man whose identity is still masked from public scrutiny. The public’s understanding of what took place is based on this anonymous person’s oft-cited claims to have witnessed a dual confession from Tamerlan Tsarnaev, who purportedly boasted of having committed both the bombing and a later murder of an MIT police officer.

According to the widely accepted story of the horrific events of April 15-19, 2013, three days after the Marathon bombing, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology campus police officer was shot and, within minutes, a young man in a Mercedes SUV was carjacked, across the river in the Brighton section of Boston. Police and media accounts have Tamerlan Tsarnaev abducting a young Chinese national (known publicly only by the pseudonymous first name “Danny”). In these accounts, Tsarnaev tells Danny that he was responsible for both the Boston bombing and the MIT shooting.


The alleged carjacking led to a law enforcement shutdown of the greater Boston area, a huge manhunt, and subsequent confrontations in which Tamerlan Tsarnaev was shot and killed. His younger brother, Dzhokhar, was seriously wounded by multiple gunshots while hidden in a boat, before being apprehended by police.

In the current “official” narrative, the Tsarnaev brothers took Danny on a wild 90-minute ride that traversed the Boston area and involved stops to extract money from Danny’s bank account and then to buy gas for the brothers’ planned escape from the Boston metro area.

It was during a stop at a gas station, the story goes, that the younger brother went inside to pay for the gas. While the older brother was momentarily preoccupied with a GPS device, Danny made his escape and was soon sharing with law enforcement his claim that he had heard the crucial confession.

But a 10-month investigation by WhoWhatWhy has found major inconsistencies in Danny’s story — inconsistencies that call into question whether the authorities now prosecuting Dzhokhar Tsarnaev for murder are leveling with the American people.

The Consensus Narrative

The consensus narrative of the Boston Marathon bombing and its aftermath, which began appearing in the media as early as the morning of April 19, goes something like this:

For several days after the violence of Monday, April 15—which killed three people and injured another 264—an uneasy public waited nervously for word of who was behind the savage attack. The authorities were under intense pressure to produce results. The hours and days ticked by.

Then, suddenly, action! At 5pm on Thursday afternoon, the FBI released pictures of two suspects. At approximately 10:20, violence exploded anew, in a different and wholly surprising direction. On the quiet nighttime streets of Cambridge, Massachusetts, an MIT campus police officer, Sean Collier, was apparently executed in cold blood by the panicked Tsarnaev brothers in a botched effort to get his gun. And then another newsflash: a young Boston man had been carjacked—and after a bizarre, circuitous drive around the area, escaped to tell an astonishing tale: his captors had confessed to him their responsibility for both the Marathon bombing and the killing of Officer Collier.

That turn of events ushered in a cavalcade of developments almost too rapid to follow. It justified the unprecedented military and law enforcement “lockdown” of Greater Boston and the intense manhunt that riveted the world and brought the Boston bombing story to a quick and dirty conclusion. In the early morning hours of April 19, Tamerlan Tsarnaev was killed when he was shot in a firefight and then run over by his younger brother, Dzhokhar.  The brother escaped, but was discovered that evening hiding in a boat parked in a backyard, and was apprehended in critical condition after authorities fired a barrage of shots into the boat.

This frontier-justice resolution of a national tragedy eventually led to a huge rally featuring the vice president as the key speaker, praising the bravery and responsiveness of the security state. A specialty beer and a charity event were fashioned around the tragic young officer, bike rides and a host of tributes to the “first responder” followed. In the end, everyone could feel good about their country, about the “heroism” of the lowly, underpaid campus cop, about the vaunted efficiency of their law-enforcement agencies. Stressed-out Bostonians, and Americans everywhere, could be reassured that all was well in the land. 

That is the generally established narrative. But after studying the various accounts provided by “Danny” to the media and law enforcement, WhoWhatWhy has found substantial inconsistencies on a range of points—that are too drastic to be explained as the usual variations that arise in retelling.

Taken together, those inconsistencies demonstrate at minimum essential unreliability, and perhaps something much more troubling…from a key witness offering damning life-or-death evidence in the worst terrorist attack since 9/11.

Is Danny some pathological liar seeking fame? Or is he someone more sympathetic and perhaps vulnerable—a foreign-national entrepreneur, with an uncertain immigration status, being squeezed by law enforcement to help quickly tidy up a messy disaster that caught our multi-billion-dollar-a-year national security apparatus off guard?

Where was Danny Carjacked?

Danny said: Brighton Avenue, Allston (across the river from Cambridge)

Conflicting version: 3rd Street, Cambridge, the Middlesex County District Attorney initially said.

How Long Was Danny Held Hostage?

Danny said: 90 minutes (reported by The Boston Globe, NBC and CBS).

Conflicting version 1: 30 minutes, according to a joint statement by Middlesex acting district attorney Michael Pelgro, Cambridge police commissioner Robert Haas and MIT police chief John DiFava:

“Authorities launched an immediate investigation into the circumstances of the shooting. The investigation determined that two males were involved in this shooting.

“A short time later, police received reports of an armed carjacking by two males in the area of Third Street in Cambridge.

“The victim was carjacked at gunpoint by two males and was kept in the car with the suspects for approximately a half hour.”

Conflicting version 2: “a few minutes,” according to the Boston Globe and this report by the Associated Press, citing the Cambridge Police Department:

“Police said Friday at a Watertown news conference that one of the brothers stayed with the carjacking victim for a few minutes and then let him go.”

Pervaiz Shallwani of the Wall Street Journal, one of the very few who was able to see at least part of the Cambridge police report, supports this shorter time span when he writes:

“Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the brothers accused of the bombing, crossed the Charles River into Boston and stole a Mercedes SUV at gunpoint, briefly holding the driver hostage, according to an excerpt from the Cambridge Police Department report filed by the driver and reviewed by The Wall Street Journal.”

How Did Danny Gain His Freedom?

Danny said: He escaped when Tamerlan, seated next to him, was momentarily distracted, according the Boston Globe, NBC and CBS.

Conflicting version 1: He simply got out of the car when both brothers were outside the car, having left him alone, according to WMUR.

Conflicting version 2: The Tsarnaev brothers never held Danny as a captive, according to the Associated Press and Cambridge Police Department. They simply detained him for a few minutes, then left him by the roadside, essentially confiscating his vehicle. In this scenario, he had almost no interaction with the brothers, raising questions as to whether they would have confessed to the two crimes before taking off with his car.


Tamerlan Tsarnaev

Tamerlan’s Location When Danny Escapes?

Conflicting version 1: Tamerlan was at the gas pump.

Note: the conversation below includes paraphrasing of Danny’s comments in an ABC (WMUR) interview with Nick Spinetto, April 22, 2013. We replaced the paraphrases with Danny’s actual comments whenever they were flashed on the screen—presumably from a transcript of Spinetto’s interview with Danny.  While they are very similar to Spinetto’s paraphrasing, we used the on-screen comments from Danny for greater precision.

Spinetto:           (On camera) Well, the carjacking victim is actually shaken to the core after being taken hostage by the Boston Marathon bombers. Today, he and I spoke at length. For safety reasons, he asked us not to reveal his name, but he did describe in vivid detail his capture by the wanted terrorists, those brutal minutes he thought he would die and, ultimately, his brave escape.

Spinetto:           (Voice over scene) Shortly after MIT police officer Sean Collier was killed, authorities received reports of an armed carjacking only minutes away. Monday, that carjacking victim was ready to tell his story, but not ready to do an on-camera interview. The man says it was Thursday night around 11, he was in his car pulled over to the side of the road, when a man approached holding a gun to the passenger side window.

The victim said: “the man asked if I knew about the Boston bombing explosion. He said: ‘I did that.'”

Court documents released Monday afternoon state: “the man with a gun forced the victim to drive to a second location, where they picked up a second man. The two men put something in the trunk of the victim’s vehicle.” The contents are thought to be the ammunition and explosives used in a battle with police later that night. The carjacking victim says he was forced into the front passenger seat as one brother drove. Now a hostage, he says: “They asked me where I’m from. I told them I’m Chinese. I was very scared. I asked them if they going to hurt me. They say they won’t hurt me. I was thinking, I think they will kill me later.” But if that was their plan, they wouldn’t get the chance. The victim told us: “My car is running out of gas, so they want to have some gas.”

Spinetto:           (On camera) The carjacking victim says that he drove, here, to this Shell station on Memorial drive. While one brother went inside to pay for the gas, the other pumped and that’s when the victim took off.

Spinetto:           (Voice over scene) Of his daring escape, he says: “I thought it was a very good chance for me to run. So, I made a judgment. I use my left hand to unbuckle my belt, my right hand to open door… I jump out of the car, run away— across the street. The guy… outside the car tried to catch me… use his hand. Tried to catch me but I ran very fast. Couldn’t capture me because I run very fast. I heard them— they said (expletive) when I get to run. I’m still… I can’t stop recording that moment when I was running out of the car… I was running… I was worried. It was very scary at that moment. For me, I’m so lucky.”

Conflicting version 2: Tamerlan was in the car.

Note: This version comes from an interview with Danny by CBS News’ John Miller.

Miller:               So, when you get to the gas station, tell me what everybody does. Who does what, first, and then what happens?

Danny:              Okay, so, when we get it to the gas station… hm… Jahar [Dzhokhar] get out of the car, he took my… credit card, trying to pump using my credit card. I was very lucky, the pump, it was only cash only. So, he look, looked at my window, say, asked me, [he] say: “It’s cash only!” So, Tamerlan asked him to pay some cash inside.

John Miller:        So he has to go in the store.

Danny:              Jahar has to go into a store.

John Miller:        So now it’s you and Tamerlan in the car.

Danny:              I was with Tamerlan, so, I think it’s a very good chance for me, you know, there’s only one person in the car right now…  and uh, I was, uh, trying to watch what, uh, Tamerlan is doing… uh, I was trying to find the gun… I didn’t see the gun because the gun was put in the pocket of the, of the door.

John Miller:        Now, is Tamerlan sitting next to you in the car? Is he standing outside the car?

Danny:              He was sitting next to me. He was on the, uh, driver’s seat, I was on the passenger seat.

John Miller:        So this, you think, this is your chance.

Danny:              This is my chance. So, I was… struggling, you know, should I do this? Should I do this? Becau [sic]… another good thing for me is the door was unlocked. The only thing I have to do is, use my left hand to unfasten the seatbelt, use my right hand to open the door.

John Miller:        So, the thing that you’ve been rehearsing in your mind, three steps, is now down to two.

Danny:              Down to two, yeah. So, that’s [unintelligible] I found that Tamerlan used both his hands, like, play, like, doing some GPS thing, or something. So, I think it’s very good for me.

[CBS News report: first of 5 clips refers to Tamerlan “fiddling” with GPS.]

John Miller:        So he’s got, he’s got the gun in the side pocket of the door, he’s got a GPS, his brother’s in the gas station, and you say… the time is now.

Danny:              Yeah, yeah…the time is now, you know.

John Miller:        So how do you do that in your head? Do you say, 123…?

Danny:              I was, I was counting- I was counting, I went, 1234. And I… just do it! And ah, I did it.

John Miller:        So what happens?

Danny:              I jump out of the, jump, jump out of the, the vehicle, and I close the door, and I can feel, Tamerlan was trying to grab me, he didn’t touch me, but I could feel him trying to grab me.

John Miller:        And now you’re runnin’.

Danny:              I was run. I was runnin’, I was running.

Conflicting version 3: The New York Times version

As if it weren’t enough to discover these totally incompatible versions of whether he was carjacked at all, and if so, for how long, and whether he escaped or was released, there is yet another variation, courtesy of the “newspaper of record,” The New York Times, the preferred go-to place for official leaks.

The article appeared on April 20 under the bylines of two Washington-based, veteran national security reporters. In the piece, almost entirely based on a narrative delivered to the world’s most influential news organization by an unnamed source identified only as a “senior law enforcement official,” the official explains that

“It was only after the suspects decided not to kill the owner of a sport utility vehicle that had been carjacked and instead threw him out of his car around 1 a.m. — a decision that ultimately undid their plans to elude the authorities — that they re-emerged on the authorities’ radar.”

It is certainly interesting that in this interview, presumably viewed as crucial, and conducted within a day or so of the carjacking, a highly briefed official would get “wrong” such a central fact as Danny’s manner of parting with the brothers.

The Times account may have been the first “official” story of what happened. It would be many days before Danny’s revised account of a dramatic escape would emerge. (If the Times ever published an explanation of how it got this so “wrong” in comparison with the eventual official narrative, we could not find it.)

Also, in Danny’s revised account, there is no mention that the suspects “decide[d] not to kill” him. Indeed, he said they made clear from the outset that they would not harm him. Putting together elements of these two different accounts, one could conclude that, in fact, the hijackers always meant not to harm him but only to use his car to escape what they took to be their own certain deaths if they remained in town during a police manhunt spurred by a “cop killing” that they had reason to think they would be accused of.


Spinetto’s interview with Danny tracks with the New York Times’ version, and it is based not on a second-hand account from an unidentified law enforcement source but on a direct interview with Danny. So we thought it essential to ask Spinetto what he made of all this.

Yet when WhoWhatWhy contacted Spinetto, he told us he could not speak with us unless the station manager at the Hearst-owned WMUR, Alisha McDevitt, approved. In an email, McDevitt wrote: “We will not be able to approve this request.”

To sum up, we see three very different versions.

Version 1: Danny was essentially let go by his “captors”

Version 2: The brothers cared so little about him that he was left alone in the car, and then “escaped.”

Version 3: He “bravely” escaped when Tamerlan let his guard down and was momentarily distracted.

The one thing we notice about the evolution of the Danny narrative is that the original story did little to support the notion that the brothers were cold-blooded, ruthless killers. Simply put, the story that is now cast in stone makes much more sense if the goal was to create an impression of the brothers as ideologically driven terrorists and the murderers of an innocent police officer.

First Report of a Confession—and to One or Both Crimes?

The first “dual confession” report we could find, from the Associated Press, came early on the afternoon of April 19, from Edward Deveau, police chief of Watertown, the scene of a wild car chase during which Tamerlan Tsarnaev allegedly lobbed explosives at his pursuers before being gunned down.

Later that night, NBC also reported the dual confession, attributing it to “sources”:

The carjacking victim was released unharmed at a gas station in Cambridge, sources said. He told police the brothers said they were the marathon bombers and had just killed a campus officer.

By the next day, more news outlets (see this and this) were picking up the dual admission.

However, the Criminal Complaint, filed on the 21st, which states that Tamerlan admitted to Danny their role in the bombing, notably says nothing about an admission to having killed Collier.

The man pointed a firearm at the victim and stated, “Did you hear about the Boston explosion?” and “I did that.”

On April 22, Nick Spinetto interviews Danny for WMUR and ABC. Interestingly, Spinetto has Tamerlan admitting to the Marathon bombing, but, as with the Criminal Complaint, there is no mention of killing Officer Collier. This omission seems highly newsworthy on its own.


Officer Sean Collier

On April 25, late in the evening, the Boston Globe published on boston.com an article based on an interview with Danny by its reporter Eric Moskowitz, the most detailed account to date—an account that has subsequently become the “official” carjacking narrative. It characterizes Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s actions as follows:

“Don’t be stupid,” he told Danny. He asked if he had followed the news about Monday’s Boston Marathon bombings. Danny had, down to the release of the grainy suspect photos less than six hours earlier.

“I did that,” said the man, who would later be identified as Tamerlan Tsarnaev “And I just killed a policeman in Cambridge.”

In interviews a few days after the Globe article, Danny’s story had gelled. His account to CBS’s John Miller is substantially similar to a contemporaneous interview with NBC’s Matt Lauer.

The question is, what happened between Danny’s first interview and the subsequent ones that led to the changed narrative?

Research assistance: James Henry

Coming up in Part II: A closer look at Danny and his story


  • Russ Baker is Editor-in-Chief of WhoWhatWhy. He is an award-winning investigative journalist who specializes in exploring power dynamics behind major events.

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Sander Hicks

Nice job. Russ. What about the Tsarnaev’s uncle in the CIA? See WSJ 12/14-15/2013 “Before the Boston Bombing”. I’m sure this is just a harmless coincidence…..


In looking at your analysis the first thing that I must point out is that the witness is not the “sole source for the entire publicly accepted narrative of who was behind the bombing and its aftermath—and why these events occurred.” In the indictment there is a multifaceted approach to the evidence they claim to have including video footage, boat note, computer files, witness etc. The addition of “Danny” is the reason they found the brothers by chance. Also in relation to Tamerlan being in or out of the car the discrepancy lies only with the interviewer not in his quoted words. I’ve looked at this in great detail. Most of the discrepancies lie with the media who seem to only need 1 word in a sentence to be true. The Danny situation is odd but I’ve yet to see a problem with his direct words.


Stay tuned for part two. And for credibility purposes, when asserting expertise, include real name and other details.


Apart from Russ’ excellent job of collecting discrepancies, has anybody ever thought of the utter implausibility of this whole scenario?
If you had committed this horrendous crime, would you hang around, decide to kill a police officer for no apparent reason so that you could be more quickly apprehended, forget to have your own car and walk 2/3 miles to carjack someone we’ve never seen, rush to confess all your crimes to this complete stranger? This is as likely as the story of Zhokar, unarmed and a bullet in his throat, deciding in that precarious situation that he ought to confess to everyone by writing a confession (which no one has seen) on a boat (did he go to the nearest CVS to get a pencil that would write on wood or steel?) GIVE ME A BREAK!

Laurie Lauren

Exactly. Very well-said. None of it makes even the tiniest bit of sense. The “boat note” is absurd bordering on impossible.


I disagree here. In looking at the criminal
complaint and indictment,both “official” documents, the story Danny is indeed
conflicting. In the complaint he told LE that indeed both brothers went inside
to the store and left him there. The story THEN changes in the indictment. These “official”
documents had to have been from Danny’s own testimony so this isn’t solely
media fueled. Other things that raise suspicion is the involvement of James
Allan Fox in Danny’s interviews as a “mentor” of his. The weird part
happens when the store clerk is interviewed by a news outlet you can also see
this man present…why? He was only linked to Danny but why the store clerk? And
what a coincidence that out of all people he gave an exclusive interview to former FBI Director
of Public Affairs John Miller…basically the FBIs Media Man. Have you watched that
interview? Miller practically guides Danny as to what he should say.


I did say most of the discrepancies lie in media not all. I’m looking for fact and this article goes along way by pointing out what was Danny’s actual words and what was interviewer summary but “danny” is not the sole reason for the narrative they had the pictures and video footage blaming the brothers before “Danny” they just didn’t have them named. I look forward to part 2.


I see. “They had the pictures…blaming the brothers.” And you saw the pictures? Because if so you are the only one who did.


Yes they had released pictures from the marathon earlier that day. I’m not the only one who saw them.

Laurie Lauren

Yes, they released pictures of the brothers attending the marathon, along with hundreds of other people doing the same exact thing. Please point me in the direction of a picture of either of the brothers doing anything other than simply standing or walking. Just one picture of either one “placing a bomb,” will suffice.


Interesting bit about “Danny” first saying that both brothers went into the gas station. Remember that it was reported that Thurs night that the brother had robbed a 7-11, and the picture at the link below appeared. Then it came out that they had NOT robbed a store. This photo looks like it may very well be from the Memorial Dr gas station, and it clearly shows Tamerlan coming in behind Jahar. Later pics show Jahar only, with Tamerlan cropped. Can anyone identify this as the Memorial Dr Shell Station?
I found a copy of the full photo at this link:

barbara henninger

Listening to the police scanner audio, there was really an armed robbery at 7/11 that night just a few minutes before the officer down call. The store is only 3 tenths of a mile from 32 Vassar where Officer Collier was murdered. There are at least two descriptions of the robber, one a 200 lb white or Hispanic male, 5’11”, wearing a cowboy hat, and the other of a 5’7″ black man, 120 pounds, wearing a black North Face jacket. There is a Massachusetts crime watch bulletin with a picture of a convenience store robber that night. The man is wearing what people call a “bucket” hat. Maybe he’s the same, and the clerk was mistaken about the type of hat. The cops on the audio refer to that armed robbery a couple of times after they hear about Officer Collier.


I do remember hearing about a robbery near the Collier murder. At first, the media was reporting that the Tsarnaev’s were suspects, but later that idea seemed to be dropped. Given that, I was always perplexed by the photo that I cite above, of Jahar with an armful of snacks, and Tamerlan in the background. I’ve never been able to pin down where that photo was obtained. If it’s from the Mem Dr Shell station, then both brothers entered the station. Or maybe Tamerlan was calmly walking in to inform Jahar that their “hostage” had fled, so they’d only need two bags of cheetos instead of three.

barbara henninger

It was a the Memorial Dr. Shell station, and that is Tamerlan outside. He seems to be reading a sign. Interesting to notice that there is no sign of blood on either man, and this is supposedly directly after shooting a policeman 6 times, and wresting his holster off his body.


The fact of the matter was that they were only wanted for questioning at the time when their pictures were released. What happened between 5 PM and 10 PM is a good question. Why did the brothers not flee earlier than 10:30 PM? Danny’s account is what turned them into “cold-blooded killers”. Everything he said was taken as fact. “Tamerlan confessed” so it must be true. It reinforced the views of the citizens that these were the guys. It also named them as Collier’s killers, when we know there was much more going on that night in the area. Also, the whole they were going to NYC next. That came from Danny. Danny who could barely speak English understood the brother’s Russian and their “plan” to go to NYC. Then it was later said that Danny only actually “thought” he could decipher the word Manhattan…but the media never cleared this up.

Antonia Ydal

The store clerk dice scribed Danny as a white man…

The Interrogator

Show me the Video at the gas station!
Show me the Video of Dzhokhar putting down his backpack!

I find it hard to believe that either brother went into the gas station when they knew their faces were flashing up on every TV in town. Why would they do that? What’s really important is proving that they didn’t do the bombing incident at all, and that is hard to do when you have a complicit Media and a government that is all too powerful.

We have to remember who is behind the push for Marshall Law & the push to take our guns. It is the elitist billionaire regime that wants total control of the world’s resources and land. Total power corrupts absolutely. The CFR has long been known for operating in clandestine manners. They inject their NGO’s into countries to destabilize them through confusing the masses, watering down their religious beliefs, hosing down anything that unifies a culture, then moving in to take more power, more control.

Look at our education system. Look at our local government. It is all a mess. And, look at how the Billionaire Miscreants brainwash the public into making them question everything about their once solid Christian beliefs, the only thing that would unify us all, and is now almost destroyed.

George Washington said, “It is impossible to govern rightly without God and the Bible”.

Antonia Ydal

JD, if Danny’s story is good,why did officials destroy “the car” that hold all the evidence to his words, such as being used to deposit weapons of mass destruction in the trunk, brothers DNA, his DNA etc etc..???


Great job Russ. Looking forward to part 2. It’s curious about the secrecy of this witness, I wonder if he will be present at trial.

Antonia Ydal

But most importantly, why was the car destroyed if it hold that much evidence, WEapons of mass d, DNA etc etc??? One has to wonder why a car as vital as this one, would be destroyed, when all the evidence be there

The Interrogator

There is probably no evidence of anything, but they wanted to destroy the vehicle so that there wouldn’t be any way to “question” things.


Why was JFK’s death car scrubbed clean after the assassination? Why was the 9/11 rubble cleaned up in record time? There are powerful people who don’t want the public to know squat, or their power will be compromised.


author: there is an unquestioned assumption! What if danny doesn’t exist, and the whole story was fabricated (ie. there was no carjacking) by the fbi?

Antonia Ydal

If car was really carjacked by the brothers, use to place his weapons of mass destruction and riddle with bullets, surely, this alone would be crucial evidence of this story? But WHY destroy the car? It doesn’t makes much sense.

The Interrogator

Nothing makes sense when you are lying.


Scanners also report a THIRD location for the carjacking. At about 12:30 am Officer “19” reports a car-jacking on 1011
Cambridge Ave – at Richie’s Shell. The officer was at the Shell
Station at Memorial Hwy and River, so one has to guess that “Danny”



Sorry… one has to guess that the officer is speaking of “Danny.”

a allen

Unfortunately, Dzhokhar’s lawyer will convince him to take a plea (“to avoid death penaltly” – her specialty) and “Danny” will never have to testify publically and under oath. I personally consider the fact that Dzhokhar is still alive to be the hand of Divine intervention so maybe more miracles await.

Mick Price

Yeah and if he disputes the official story and still makes it to trial that would be another one. Never count on two miracles.

The Interrogator

Well, you should Pray for him that he is alive and that his attorneys will get him off, so he can go back home.

Antonia Ydal

I doubt it, the story is just too foggy for pleading guilty.

The Interrogator

That simply is not true. Dzhokhar pled “Innocent”, then all of a sudden the last sketch of him in the courtroom showed him with a broken arm in a cast where the journalist described him as having a bruised cheek, a swollen eye, and his arm in a cast. I think what happened is the FBI beat him to the point they broke his arm, slammed his face down on the concrete cell, all to get him to confess. But, he refused. Now, they have a problem, but Eric Holder came to the rescue with his death penalty issuance. Of course, the jury will be “rigged”. I am so sorry for Dzhokhar’s mother, but I pray that somehow Dzhokhar will be released—somehow, some way.


There is a mistake on the AlterNet version, with this sentence: “On April 22, Nick Spinetto interviews Danny for WMUR and ABC. Interestingly, Spinetto has Danny admitting to the Marathon bombing…”

Pangur Ban

They may have picked up on that, as I got the no access allowed notice. Happily, I’d read it first, was tapping comments. :)


Is the gas station they stopped at known? It’d be interesting to find out if it is in fact cash-only, which is really rare these days.

Crime Reporter

Doesn’t appear to be. You can Google search it and zoom in on the pumps. It has a card reader right on the machine.

To be fair, in the Google image, taken in 2012, the pump has a note on it that is unreadable, but, even if that hand-written note says to pay in cash on that day, I can’t imagine that the card reader would be out of service for a year or better.

And, most stations with card readers have the ability to disallow anyone from pumping gasoline unless they pre-pay, either by card or inside – a lot do this in the evening hours – but few (if any) shut off the card reader at night. Why would they?


Another interesting point is that they said the brothers were driving around aimlessly searching for ATMs and Gas stations that were open. They lived in the area for a decade and it was just minutes from their home, I find it extremely hard to believe that they didn’t know where the gas stations and ATMs were located and the times they were open.


I’m familiar with the area in question, and to be fair to the Tsarnaevs, the Boston metro area is a confusing mess of narrow one-way streets that can befuddle even seasoned residents. The story as I understand it (not counting discrepancies) started their flight at the gas station in Cambridge, which is not far from their residence, so it’s likely they knew about that one. The second gas station, the one in Allston, is across the river and some distance away. If the 90-minute joyride story is to be believed, it sounds like Tamerlan was following a route he already knew to some degree (the Wai Kru Gym where he trained is in Brighton, for instance, right next to Allston), but when the need for an ATM and gas station at that time of night became dire, they might have veered off into unfamiliar territory. I’ve been in similar situations and panic can set in pretty easily with just getting stranded at stake. I can only imagine the stress they must have felt with a hostage and the entire city’s worth of law enforcement waiting to bear down on them. I doubt if they did have any such knowledge they would have been properly able to recall it at that time.


According to “Danny’s” account, the brothers were joking about girls and stopping for snacks and music cd’s during this “harrowing” ride; not exactly the behavior one would expect from a person who is stressed or panicked. Just an observation.


Even so, if you have been living somewhere for 10+ years within a certain ratio (it wasn’t that far from their home) they would know these routes without even thinking about it. I don’t buy that they went into “unknown” territory. Unknown territory is another city, another state but a walking distance from your own home is not unknown territory.


I lived in Cambridge 11 years — half a mile from their home. I still live nearby. I have no clue what gas stations are open late at night in Allston, Brighton or Watertown. I’d probably end up going back to the Shell station in Cambridge where they went. Everyone knows that one is open late.

As for ATMs, I know my bank’s ATMs but I don’t know other banks’ ATMs. If they thought they had to find an ATM for Danny’s bank, that might take a while.

The Interrogator

Why weren’t they driving their own car?


“Cash only” doesn’t mean it’s a cash-only gas station. It just means Dzhokhar was unable to use that pump, that night, with a stolen credit card, and had to pay cash, or thought he had to.

Keep in mind this is a reporter quoting a foreigner quoting another foreigner. Certain things get lost in translation.

The fact that the station normally accepts credit cards (it does, I go there) does not point to any sort of inconsistency in the story that matters.


How do you know he was trying to use a stolen credit card for the gas?
“Danny” seemed pretty clear to me about the gas station being cash only. He didn’t say that Dzhokhar had trouble using the card or anything else–he used the words “cash only.” It does matter because it’s an integral part of the story. If it wasn’t cash only, “Danny” may not have been able to make his “daring escape.”


Here’s Danny’s words:

“Okay, so, when we get it to the gas station… hm… Jahar [Dzhokhar] get out of the car, he took my… credit card, trying to pump using my credit card. I was very lucky, the pump, it was only cash only. So, he look, looked at my window, say, asked me, [he] say: “It’s cash only!” So, Tamerlan asked him to pay some cash inside.”

Some key points:

* It’s Danny’s credit card, they stole it from him. This is Dzhokhar’s first time using it. He’s only 19 here; he may not have much experience buying gas with a credit card at all. There are plenty of ways for a credit card transaction to fail: Maybe the pump asks for a zip code. Maybe it’s an ATM card and needs a pin. Maybe he put the card in upside down. Maybe it’s one of those idiotic pumps requires you to do everything in exactly the right order, he never pressed “credit”, and it’s still stuck on the part where it says go inside to pay by cash (I go there occasionally, I don’t specifically remember if their pumps act like that, I’m just speaking hypothetically here).

* Danny said Dzhokhar was trying to pump the gas using the card. Danny is not trying to portray this as normally being a cash-only gas station.

* Danny English not good. He make main point, not subtlety. This speech like other Chinese. Not surprise. Main point, Dzhokhar have to go inside building to pay cash. Minor point, “cash only” vs. “Dzhokhar need to pay cash”, who the fuck care. Not integral to story.


Aaaand the story is not accessible on AlterNet any more. Access Denied: http://www.alternet.org/news-amp-politics/factual-inconsistencies-bring-question-statements-key-boston-bombers-witness

EDIT: it’s back :P


No, it’s NOT back.

That link redirects to a version of this post.


Guess what news stories get stuff wrong sometimes idiot. You are talking about inconsistencies with news or police that report right away but now we have gotten the full story from the guy who really experienced it. They were shooting and throwing explosives at police officers on that residential street! There is not one witness but 80 to 100 witnesses! Also video! Unless you are blind or retarded you will keep standing up for this monster terrorist who would have gladly killed you and your family you fucking idiot! Since you are so delusional and crazy I don’t think you will know the truth tell you die and go to hell and see you were supporting terrorist that murdered and maimed little children and dozens of people. He blow people’s legs off and brutally murdered people and children! STOP standing up for him! This pos will rot in his cell or be put to death. If he murdered your family or blew your legs off or their legs off you wouldn’t be doing this so just stop already this hurts families of victims he killed and limbs blown off. You have no idea what they have been through and how dare you stand up for this monster. How would you like if someone raped you and people stood up for your rapist or if someone killed your family member or blow their limbs off and people stood up for horrible evil murderer? I guess you got what you want attention because obviously that all you care about instead of doing what’s right. You are sick and evil person but I guess you like to support people that are just like you. You should be ashamed of yourself you are sick, evil disgusting terrorist murder supporter.

Curly Que

I’m not sure I know what’s worse: someone ACCUSED of a crime or the anti-American souls who convict people before a trial.

You have no idea if Tsarnaev is guilty or not because we’ve only heard about 1/3 of the “story” and ONLY from law enforcement. The defense isn’t allowed to say crap because of the unconstitutional SAMs. There’s been no trial and no plea. You have a right to your opinion, but I would hope you’d want to gather more information before making one – and the fact is that there simply isn’t enough public information to do that at this time.
He may be guilty, but, even so, the accusations against him should not be used to take away our constitutional rights: Watertown residents effectively placed under Martial Law, a defendant who can’t speak for himself or to his attorneys without governmental interference and a criminal proceeding conducted under ultra-secret rulings where it should be public.
I think I know who the sick and evil people are and it’s not the person who wrote this article.

The Interrogator

You need to do more research—Dzhokhar pled “Innocent” a long time ago! I agree with everything else though.


Is there no security footage from the gas station.


Is there no security footage from the gas station.

The Interrogator

If “Danny” is fictitious or fake, there will be no footage at the gas station but I’d sure check it out.


What about the 2 FBI guys that were involved in the Boston bombing investigation and then both of them die in an training accident trying to use a rope to exit from an helicopter,does anybody knows anything about that?
Is there more info out there?

The Interrogator

Yeh, that was something else. Perhaps they were going to go public and were killed.


Perhaps..this whole story gets weirder and weirder as the time goes by.Will we ever know exactly what happen?

Antonia Ydal

Of course, u going to carjacked a vehicle so you can confess to a stranger your intentions, this story is so riddle with imagination p, is even unthinkable no one has ever question it.


I wonder what the Aunt thinks, she was definitely thinking the American Gov’t set up the boys in the initial interviews. Don’t hear much from her or about her anymore.


The Interrogator

She called into Infowars & told Alex Jones that she was threatened by the CIA. Don’t forget the brother’s uncle was married to a woman who had CIA connections.


Don’t forget the CIA jihadi specialist Brian Glyn Williams who mentored Djokar in high school and was his college prof… Incredible stuff..


” I want to start with one of the biggest “What The Fuck?!” elements of the bombing story, a detail so far completely overlooked: Dzhokhar
Tsarnaev’s high school project “mentor,” Brian Glyn Williams. Brian Glyn Williams happens to work for the CIA, on Islamic suicide bombers,
Chechnya, and jihadi terrorism. Williams is also an associate professor of history at the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth, the university
where 19-year-old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was enrolled, and where he spent many of his last free hours between the Boston Marathon bombing on April 15, and his arrest on April 19.”

The intelligence agencies were all over these kids for years…


Incredible,wow never knew about this one,it’s stranger then fiction


My only thoughts are that when I recall past events, especially those that were traumatizing, I often provide conflicting versions although I know the “jist” of it is correct. Just my thoughts. I question everything, including questioning everything. Appreciate ya’ll’s work.


Thanks Russ for staying on this story.

I did want to point out something regarding the
consensus summary;
“In the early morning hours of April 19, Tamerlan Tsarnaev was killed in a firefight. His younger brother Dzhokhar escaped, but was discovered that evening hiding in a boat parked in a backyard, and was apprehended in critical condition after authorities fired a barrage of shots into the boat.”

It looks like Tamerlan was killed – not by gunfire, but by being
run over by his brother trying to escape. He was hit by bullets
and wounded, yes, as he approached the cops – he ran out of ammo as he was shooting and walking toward cops. They had him on the ground in the middle of the street to apprehend him when Dzhokhar drove the car-jackd car right over him to escape. This looks to be the cause of his death.

Just a clarification that doesn’t change the questions surrounding this case.


Yes, that is the official account; we’ll amend to reflect that. Thanks.


Immediate cause of death “Gun shot wounds of torso and extremities” http://cache.boston.com/multimedia/2013/05/10tsarnaev/death_certificate.pdf


Did you not read what you just posted??
The full sentence for the cause of death is:
“Gun shot wounds of torso and extremities AND blunt trauma to head and
Also described here: “Shot by police and then run over and dragged by motor vehicle”


Blunt Trauma to Head and Torso does not support the statement run over and dragged by a motor vehicle – hearsay has no place on a death certificate without supporting physical evidence and that my dear makes the validity of this document questionable!! You might note that just because the hearsay came from police it does not take away from the fact that it is still hearsay! Immediate cause was determined to be the bullets with absolutely no road rash, broken bones etc. mentioned in this report. You do not get dragged by a vehicle without your skin getting torn up!


https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BioSjTzCEAAk-pm.jpg:large < Hit the link directly to get the bigger view. Nothing in the DC strayed from this initial report that would indicate "run over and dragged" was a probability. Interestingly, this article is no longer available on the internet.


Cause of death on Death Certificate is always “heart failure” as that is how everyone ultimately dies. None of this thread is even considering a forensics report which is the only way you are going to get at the truth of death. so far we don’t have that. Marilyn Monroe’s forensic details indicated a far different death than the media reported. There were too many inconsistencies.

As for Tamerlan’s death probably the forensic by the medical examiner has been fudged. It is a political appointment and subject to all the defects of what that can entail. Obviously it is going to matter here. We will get the forensics, but years from now as we did for Monroe. and JFK, whose body was altered when the plane stopped at the naval base in Bethesda MD. Doctors nowadays are owned by insurance companies and the hospitals they are employed by. The integrity of the good old family doctor is no more.Doctors have massive student loan debt to service so they are not going to make waves over this case. Or any other.


According to the A&E doctor who attended Tamerlan, there was no tire marks , nor any evidence that Tamerlan was run over. When asked about how many gunshot, he replied “too many to count’ yet, there are people such as JED claiming that he died because he was run over but certainly not from the multiple gunshots… Talk about desinformation!

The Interrogator

So how do you explain the Video of Tamerlan naked & handcuffed and being put into a squad car? Then, the photo later on that surfaced of him sliced up the sides & shot in the head laying in the morgue?


Another powerful piece that compares the photographic evidence to the media reports is Dave McGowan’s photo essay. The link to the first part of the 16-part work is: http://www.davesweb.cnchost.com/nwsltr114.html


For some reason, these links keep getting censored/removed on Alternet.


You are right, Griffon. I saw the link Seattle Bill posted on Alternet. By the time I checked it out and returned to Alternet, the entire post was gone. Thanks for confirming. Now I know I’m not crazy!


There seems to be a movement to point out the inconsistencies and straight-up fraud in this case but leave the victims as 100% real. Racketeering has serious consequences, and it appears the private sector people in this fraud are being protected!


If it quacks like a duck, looks like a duck, and smells like a duck. IT’S A DUCK.


WOW! The McGowan series is enlightening! I can’t believe how many millions of dollars ($60M) were raised and distributed so quickly (within a couple of months) to the “victims.” http://www.davesweb.cnchost.com/nwsltr129.html. Did anyone else read this?


The link is enlightening in the author’s ignorance with regard to 9/11 injuries. Despite the carnage, there were indeed few “injured” among building occupants In general, either you lived or you died. My daughter dispatched ambulances from NJ (and was in one herself as an EMT) to the site, expecting many more injured. But there just weren’t many. My wife, who had worked at AON on the 100th floor of Tower 2 until a few months before the attack, knew one of those who WAS badly burned but survived. Donna had followed the plan to evacuate when Tower 1 was hit, but was forced back upstairs by Port Authority police who wanted to keep the plaza clear. She got off at the 78th floor sky lobby just as the plane hit and was pulled back onto the elevator. She was with another AON employee, Casey, who died instantly.

Amazing the know-nothings who seek to profit or gain fame on tragedy — and amazing the number of people who seek out conspiracies in EVERYTHING by going to the least qualified sources to feed their own lust.


Wow. Someone very close to you was in the towers on 9/11, and then, years later, you’re so close with all the victims of the Boston event that you know for a fact that all their identities and injuries check out. Uncanny.
It’s funny how those who seek to derail critical thinking and demonize those asking questions always claim that there’s some unsavory agenda behind seeking truth–in this case, it’s “feeding their lust.” Typical.


I can’t believe that the legal document to qualify for a solicitation certificate requires two signatures on page four and what we have in this case is two page 4’s with one signature on each. Also the solicitation certificate has no water marks. http://friendfeed.com/oponefundboston/d77c289a/one-fund-paper-work-filed-attorney-general

just sayin!


This is certainly interesting, and worth keeping track of, and I appreciate the legwork done on the story as it develops, even after all the months of the event, but I sure wish this write-up (and many similar ones with which I generally agree) would drop the Kennedy conspiracy thing. It’s a real credibility underminer. There are plenty of legitimate, irrefutable facts and reasons to suspect crass government abuse and incompetence, but that Kennedy thing isn’t one of them. Drop the conspiracy theory.


ringo skater – do you believe in the lone nut theory?you need to educate yourself.


fuller: Oh huh.


After archive releases in 1992 the Oswald case has disintegrated, along with magic bullet theory.. Not a single person on earth has been able to replicate the shots attributed to Oswald with a lousy, obsolete defective rifle, in the allotted time, on the first try with a moving target with a tree in the way. There are a million other holes in the story, including eye witnesses who saw Oswald in the cafeteria on the second floor eating lunch before and after JFK was shot..


Nobody claims Oswald hit any intended target “the first time.” He missed (or possibly hit a street sign/structure). There’s little remarkable about any bullet’s trajectory in the shooting. From the angle of the Depository window, through Kennedy in the back of the limo, then Connally in front and to the inside of him (Kennedy), the bullet tracked pretty much as would be predicted.


Oswald is said to have connected on at least two of three shots fired in eight seconds (or less) with a lousy, defective rifle. His marksman skills had deteriorated since testing in the military in 1957 and there’s no evidence he had ever returned to form years later in late 1963. So he was not a great shot by then.

The purported trajectory is remarkable since the bullet entry on JFK’s back was lower than the throat exit, suggesting either an impossible upward angle or more plausibly, a shot from the font side.


Great field work, interesting narrative, but there is pretty good video of these guys actually planting the bombs. I’m much more interested about the possibility that FBI is covering its collective rear ends on their failure to act before the bombing — the Florida death and so forth comes into that. This kidnapping could be a thread in that fabric.

I’m a Bostonian and have attended the Marathon finish some years. Also drove a cab in Boston back in the 1960s and can attest that even experienced Bostonian drivers easily get lost. One detour and you’re ‘way off sometimes. I’ve also investigated construction disasters and other product failures and write books about these things. It is regrettably normal to get a lot of contrasting/evolving views. When humans are under great stress their brain-view narrows and they fumble. They then try to piece their story back together a bit at a time.

Finally, what’s with one comment below putting “victims” in quotes? They were and are victims. Period.

a allen

Give me a break. Even the governor had to admit he hasn’t seen the video. Period.


Bullshit. See my link in response to Russ.


Your link shows nothing of the sort … Not a single person on this comment section has seen what you claim is there… that you’re adamant in telling us to disbelieve our eyes undermines any credibility you claim to possess


Yes, the patsies they are trying to pin it on are victims. It’s obvious that you have not read the piece that was linked to or you would not ask why “victims” was used. No one at the Marathon was injured by a “shrapnel bomb.”


Right. Ball bearings and some “shrapnel” from the torn pressure cookers. Boston medical staff just randomly removed arms and legs that weren’t really injured at all. You know, I live in Boston. Know a lot of medical folk.


Follow the link, read the entire photo essay, examine the photos, and exercise your own critical reasoning. Period.


From Seattle, maybe the davesweb link seems logical. From Boston, it does not. These were our friends and neighbors and every identity checked out, every passage through a hospital emergency room checked out… except for a few fakers weeded out of the process.


Sorry, ICU nurse here, and nothing checked out including this empty ER. http://friendfeed.com/oponefundboston/b5cd5941/bored-staff-even-ward-clerk-at-desk-is-if-what

You do not have bored staff one hour and 20 minutes after an event brought your ER multiple trauma victims, all, within the first hour after the blast according to the head of the EMS.

Further, you do not have fake court for the alleged perpetrator when there are real victims.


Those photographs should look the same in Boston as they do in Seattle. The ICU nurse below evidently disagrees that everything “checked out.”


Just wanted to respectfully point out that alleged “pretty much video” of these guys planting the bombs, is not exactly evidence. Also, the only video that the authorities claimed to have regarding the brothers and placing backpacks was only one of them, at the second bomb site, and that has never been shown to the public–Governor Patrick was not even allowed to see it. Yes, we’ve heard about its alleged existence a great deal, but it has never been produced. As far as Tamerlan and the first bomb site at the finish line, there isn’t even a photograph placing him on the scene, let alone video of him planting a bomb.


Bullshit. See links above.


Nice attitude.
I saw your links and they don’t show anything of the sort. There are no pictures or video of anyone “planting backpacks, looking around and walking away.” That is absolutely untrue and I believe you know that. Please show me a picture that represents what you described, not just useless links that connect to articles. Show us the pictures you claim you saw. You can’t, and never will be able to, because they don’t exist. If they did, we would be able to access them, instead of just hearing about their alleged existence.


Exactly… the images tend to exonerate at least Djokar pretty convincingly. Editor Steve may be the only person in the world who saw the “plant” video… in this day and age, if it was broadcast, it’s on YouTube…


Steve. we’d like to see those videos you have seen of the brothers “actually planting the bombs”. Would you please post or send us links to the footage?


Russ, I saw them on CNN (I was in Dallas that week) and saw stills in the Globe when I got back. The two perps came onto Boylston Street from the Newbury Street side, wearing backpacks, one walking well behind the other. They left the packs in separate locations on the “building” side of the sidewalks, looked around, and walked away. The videos are referenced in Wikipedia but the source is the FBI, two days after the bombings, here: http://www.fbi.gov/news/updates-on-investigation-into-multiple-explosions-in-boston/updates-on-investigation-into-multiple-explosions-in-boston

There is also a CNN report based on that, on April 19, here: http://edition.cnn.com/2013/04/18/us/boston-blasts

BTW, you have many respondents claiming that Gov. Patrick was denied a view of the videos. Nonsense. This stems from him saying (as of April 21) that he had not seen the video — he had been rather busy, I think. This is what happens when you make an honest statement.


Have you read the link you submitted? From the CNN article: ‘While video of at least one suspect planting the bomb exists, the FBI had chosen not to release it, according to the official. ‘


editor steve… 1) none of the images in your links show the Tsarnaevs placing the backpacks on the ground at two locations…sorry, you’re say so isn’t enough… if the Feds had these images you can bet we’d be seeing them non-stop…2) As Dave Lindorff demonstrated in postings on this very website, the packs would weigh at least 30 lbs… Djokar’s pack looks empty, casually slung on one shoulder and even his brother’s pack is not creasing his garments with a 30 lb load…
3) The feds want to force a plea and Djokar’s government appointed attorney specializes in getting clients to plead out, so as to avoid presenting real evidence… 4) Where the hijacking took place is crucial… how did the Tsarnaevs carry around large arsenal on foot… Brighton is a good 3-4 miles from the MIT campus. As for the alternative, where in Cambridge did the hijacking take place? Why was the MIT cop shot? His gun was in his holster etc etc
5) Finally, let us not forget the FBI and their “informants” have a long history of planting bombs and blaming others for the deed ( the 1992 WTC is a classic case)


Check out https://www.bostonglobe.com/metro/2013/04/15/three-killed-more-than-injured-marathon-blast/QQOiYNU2n1vt1Xul3BXVsL/story.html the Boston Globe description of the crime scene as littered with bags including backpacks dropped by spectators fleeing the blast.
No video has been released of the T brothers looking around and placing backpacks, just video of them walking wearing backpacks and perhaps later not wearing them, although it’s hard to be sure given the camera angles. How were they different from others who wore backpacks and then abandoned them?


> How were they different from others who wore backpacks and then abandoned them?

Presumably they abandoned their backpacks *before* the blast.

Laurie Lauren

“Presumably” being the operative word. We still have seen zero evidence to back this up. Not a shred.

Crime Reporter

Steve, I don’t pretend to know what you think you saw, but you did NOT see the video of either or one of them leaving the bag. It’s never been shown.

Even the CNN link you gave has video of a reporter telling the viewers that THAT portion of the video will not be released because – and even the reporter says he doesn’t understand this point – that law enforcement was afraid of what the suspect might do if someone came in contact with him.

I suggest you review these videos, this one, in particular: http://www.cnn.com/video/data/2.0/video/bestoftv/2013/04/19/pml-boston-marathon-source-says-suspects-stayed-to-watch-carnage.cnn.html

(BTW, we know the younger brother did not “casually” walk away – there is the Land video that shows him running with the crowd after the second bomb).

The fact is that you’ve conflated two incidents – the video of the brothers walking in the crowd and the statements by law enforcement that they have videos of the younger brother dropping his bag – but the actual “bomb drop” has never been shown.


I just wanted to respectfully point out that alleged video you referenced is not exactly evidence. The only video that the authorities claimed to have regarding the brothers and placing backpacks is supposedly from second bomb site, and that has never been shown to the public–Governor Patrick was not even allowed to see it. Yes, we’ve heard about its alleged existence a great deal, but it has never been produced. As far as Tamerlan and the first bomb site at the finish line, there isn’t even a photograph placing him on the scene, let alone video of him planting a bomb.


but there is pretty good video of these guys actually planting the bombs. ” That’s the biggest fallacy coming from people who believe they have seen this “video.” Indeed, what the public has seen is ONLY a video of them at the Marathon, but there were thousands of people at the Marathon with backpacks. We only think we saw them doing this because the LE tells us. Essentially they could have shown us a video of anybody at the marathon and told us it was the culprit and people would believe it. 1. Becuase we believe what we are told. 2. Because the resources are not available to the public to seek the total truth.


There’s also a pretty good video of bombs going off – and they are theatrical smokers that don’t break a tree, flagpole, street light, mailbox or do anything to the facades of nearby buildings.

The Interrogator

If it’s the truth, why would law enforcement “sources” always be hiding from us & not named, even not proud to say who they are. That kind of information is never kept from the public ever. I used to work for a Sheriff’s Office, and they never did that, so this would make no sense, unless—

Regardless, I would get your information to Judy Clarke & Miriam
Conrad, the Defense Attorneys for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. He needs all the help he can get.

IMHO, the Media reporting that Danny said Tamerlan confessed to him is so incredulous it’s literally beyond the pale. It’s not something a perpetrator would confess to in the moment, when they are trying to get away fast. He’d be too intent & focused on the here and now instead. As far as a motive, if you assume the FBI had to have a patsy for this “event”, then, it would make a lot of sense that the elite men who plotted this whole event would feed the Media the idea that they confessed, so that they would be justified in pinning the bombing on these two.

And, there is a reason why this “Danny” has never come out with his last name. What makes sense to me is that the FBI told him not to say anything, because they didn’t want him messing things up publicly. He wasn’t credible, simply put. You probably won’t see him in the courtroom either. It will be the “experts” hired by the FBI, CIA, etc.

There are other things that are completely incredulous about this whole “story”, like why the FBI has never released any video tape of Dzhokhar putting down his backpack. Why were National Guard Civil Support Teams (CSTs) there, and why was one photographed from above as having a dark backpack with that infamous white patch on it that matches exactly the one that blew up, while Dzhokhar’s backpack was light colored and had no white patch on it. And then, after the bomb went off, why was the same CST guy photographed running from the scene without his backpack on?

a allen

You won’t see him in court because he’ll have to face the accused in a public setting and testify under penalty of perjury. The two federal lawyers mentioned above are experts at avoiding trials and the truth.


By making this a death penalty case the pressure was applied to Djokhar to plead out so the FEDS don’t have to present evidence


It is a “show” criminal proceeding. Not one attorney on the Defense team has made the required, by court rule, notice of appearance. Multiple ORDERS are not true records of the court because they never made it to the Court’s ALL recent orders docket or the Written Opinions Report.

The indictment was continued with a fraudulent ELECTRONIC ORDERED; the docket claims the order was per US District Judge Tauro but the order was entered by Magistrate Bowler’s clerk and then it was sealed; only a US District Judge can order a continuance on an indictment. That order became part of the public view when the order at docket #90 was rendered and at that time the arrest warrant which had been no where on the docket appeared to the public at a new docket #4 entry.

The arrest warrant claims entered on April 22, 2013 while the case was solely under the Magistrate yet it is stamped with the case number under the US District Judge who was not assigned until June 27, 2013.

The FBI filed the Complaint and no attorney for the government made an appearance in the case until 16 days after the Complaint was filed. The order to appoint Clarke is fraudulent and because she is out of state she would have had to have leave to appear as pro hac vice. The order for that was electronic but absent a docket number and the Magistrate Judge had no authority to appoint pro hac vice under the criminal justice act; the order had to come from a US District Judge and if one had not been assigned yet the order would have had to come from the Chief Judge. The affidavit undersigned by Clarke to appear pro hac vice is totally legally deficient and a fraudulent document. This new appointment of Bruck is also deficient and he does not even have an order allowing him leave to appear pro hac vice. Neither of these death penalty specialist have made the required notice of appearance in the case.

It goes on and on and on but what is most interesting is there have been documents entered into the electronic filing system supposedly by defense and the prosecution that are coming from court computers including the notice of intent to seek the death penalty.

The BOP federal inmate locator has never found the defendant. The SAM has to be certified by the Attorney General and not only is it not certified but it does not even bear his full signature.

You can read all about this simulated case at http://friendfeed.com/fraud-upon-the-court where all the allegations herein are supported by the actual court PDFs uploaded to that site from PACER so that the properties of the PDF can also be assessed; if there is a rule that is not followed I posted the document or access to the link that has the rule.


“Conflicting Scenario 2” is what Danny said. The scenarios are what *other* people said who weren’t there, based on what they thought Danny said (or what they thought other people thought Danny said). So they got it wrong, big deal! People get other people’s stories wrong all the time. There’s no reason to believe Danny himself ever changed his story in any non-trivial way.


Each case has one scenario that Danny said. The other scenarios are what *other* people said who weren’t there, based on what they thought Danny said (or what they thought other people thought Danny said). So they got it wrong, big deal! People get other people’s stories wrong all the time. There’s no reason to believe Danny himself ever changed his story in any non-trivial way.



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The Interrogator

William—when people tell the truth—the story never changes. Ask any detective.


What are you getting at? Danny’s story never changed. Not as far as we can tell from this article, anyway. There’s not a single case where Danny contradicts himself.

The “conflicts” are mostly Danny vs. someone who wasn’t there who is trying to retell the story.

The one exception is the location of the carjacking. Danny said it happened in Allston. The Middlesex District Attorney office’s press release said a carjacking happened on Third Street in Cambridge. That’s not Danny changing his story. I’d guess the press release was wrong — someone wrote down the location of Sean Collier’s shooting instead of the location of the carjacking by mistake. Or maybe there were two carjackings that night.


I’m a little confused as to what is written here. Am I reading that writer Russ Baker actually believes there was a real “bomb” in Boston and that as a result people lost their lives and some lost limbs? If that is so we all are wasting our time on this site.


Do we know which side of Danny’s SUV the gas cap is on? If it’s the passenger side, that would have complicated his escape while they were pumping gas.

Crime Reporter

Passenger’s side: http://i.imgur.com/worzypr.jpg

Change You Can Keep


Thank you for not letting this story die and be forgotten. The entire story about the events in Watertown that night are absolute lies.

Take for example the New York Post’s detailed account of that night from Watertown Police. (http://nypost.com/2013/07/08/exclusive-watertown-mass-police-describe-takedown-of-boston-marathon-bombers/)

“The Civic was in front and the Mercedes was in back,” Officer Reynolds remembered”

STOP RIGHT HERE! So let’s get this straight, AFTER Danny had escaped from his captivity in his bold escape, the Tsarnaev brothers WENT BACK TO CAMBRIDGE where Tamerlan had just killed a cop, knowing police were on the lookout for the Black Mercedes, to go back and get the Green Honda Civic, which also had an APB on it, as it was registered to Tsarnaev. Then instead of ditching the black Mercedes-Benz, and carjacking a new car that police are looking for, both brothers then drive separately BACK TO WATERTOWN where the carjacking victim had just escaped?!

If they were driving separate cars the entire time, then how did Danny hear them talking about New York city, Times Square, or confessing to the marathon bombing?

Also another question that I can’t find an answer for, both brokers speak fluent Russian, so why are they not talking in Russian to each other like they apparently always did when Danny was in the car?

Danny is the only “evidence” prosecutors have at all linking the Collier killing to Tsarnaev, and his story is so full of deceit and misinformation, it will be nearly impossible to get a conviction, IF THE TRIAL WAS REAL, AND NOT JUST A SHOW TRIAL, which unfortunately it seems more and more like it is.

In regards to the cars in Watertown, the Watertown Police account is a COMPLETE CONTRADICTION to the FBI’s report, in which they state that only one car was present when police engaged Tsarnaev.


The government and the corrupt court need to be called out by the greater mass. This event is collusion by all three federal branches and more. We even have our reps traveling via photo shop to promote the lie and threat of domestic terrorism. The actual alleged criminals in this matter need to be brought to legitimate justice. http://friendfeed.com/impoliteconversation/345332e8/twitter-not-happy-with-my-tweet-cnn-abc-ap http://friendfeed.com/ff-ophousehomelandsecurity/95e590df/fwd-there-are-some-peculiar-findings-


“The Civic was in front and the Mercedes was in back,” Officer Reynolds remembered”

Well, it looks like he was wrong at the time, or he remembered wrong, or he told it to the NY Post wrong, or they wrote it down wrong. All it takes is an unrelated Civic or other small car to have been driving ahead of the Mercedes for a short while, and there are plenty of ways this could have erroneously resulted in the above line getting into the story.

When you see something that looks like an error in a news story, your first step should be to think of simple explanations for how the error got into the story. There’s no need to get over-excited about how weird other conditions would have to be for the error to be true. That stuff just means the error isn’t true, that’s all.

Change You Can Keep

Did you even read the article, or attempt to look around to see for yourself what I’m telling you is true? It is on the record in multiple places, including in a taped interview, look for yourself, they clearly say the brothers were in two different cars.



Ah, yes, you’re right. They took both cars to Watertown. Still no need to resort to grand conspiracy theories. After thinking about it more, here’s how I think it probably went:

1. The brothers drive their Honda to MIT, shoot the cop, and drive away to Allston.

2. They see Danny stopped at the side of the road in Allston — an opportunity to switch cars and raise funds. They pull up. Tamerlin gets out and carjacks Danny.

3. But their bombs are still in the Honda. So Danny & Tamerlin drive the Mercedes to a more secluded spot, probably still in Allston, and Dzhokhar follows in the Honda. They transfer the bombs to the Mercedes and all drive away in the Mercedes, leaving the Honda behind.

4. They drive around, look for a couple ATMs, look for gas, and end up at the Shell station. This is just over the river from Allston, barely into Cambridge.

5. Danny escapes on foot to the Mobil station across the street. Tamerlin and Dzhokhar assume Danny will call the police, describe the vehicle, and police will be on the scene in minutes. So there’s no time to pump that gas.

6. Danny does call the police. He says he’s in Cambridge, he was just carjacked and held hostage by two men, right after they shot a cop at MIT. So that gets written down as ‘carjacked by two men’ in the general area of the cop shooting, a.k.a. in the area of Third Street (I think the cop was actually shot a quarter mile from Third Street, but that’s close enough).

7. Tamerlin and Dzhokhar drive away in the Mercedes. Now the Mercedes is more hot than the Honda, and it is low on gas. The Honda is better. They retrieve the Honda from where they left it, probably nearby in Allston.

8. But their bombs are still in the Mercedes. They want to put more distance between themselves and Cambridge before taking the time to transfer the bombs. So they take both cars and head to Watertown to look for a secluded spot there.

9. The Watertown police see them, and we know how that turns out.

What do you think?

Laurie Lauren

I find a few things wrong with this theory, but in the interest of keeping it short, I’ll focus on just one right now: I think that it defies reason to believe they would waste that much time “looking for a more secluded spot.” They were supposedly on the run after just shooting a cop and having their carjacking hostage escape. There were no sufficiently secluded spots between Cambridge and Watertown? They decided to drive an extra six miles, wasting precious seconds, just to find the perfect spot for the alleged transfer? Like most else from that night, it just doesn’t add up, in my opinion.


The main thing is that after Danny escaped they needed to switch vehicles. The Honda was nearby in Allston at a relatively safe location, not deep in Cambridge at a murder scene. So it made sense to retrieve the Honda.

I agree it’s not clear why they drove both cars away instead of transferring the bombs as soon as they returned to the Honda. I gave one possible reason — to get further from Cambridge before taking the time to transfer the bombs. Another possibility is when they returned to the Honda there were people in the vicinity. Or maybe it was some other reason that an observer would never guess.

My take on the geography is they drove both cars maybe 2 miles, not 6, before the cops saw them. It’s only a 2.7 mile drive from the carjacking site to the Watertown shootout site, and the Honda ought to have been parked even closer than that since they were travelling in that general direction when they carjacked Danny.

It would be nice to have a better explanation for this one part of the story, but IMO lack of a better explanation doesn’t put the overall story into question.

And what’s the alternative? Danny’s not real? That has a lot more holes in it. Or Danny’s real but unreliable? How does that help? It doesn’t explain anything any better.

Laurie Lauren

We can speculate all day long about why someone would do what they supposedly did, but it means nothing because it’s all speculation. The point is that we are being given an official story, and that official story has major holes. To say that it “would be nice to have a better explanation to this one part of the story,” is disingenuous; the supposed confession of the bombing AND the murder of a police officer hinge on it–I’d say it’s a pretty big part of the story. When a young man has been shot and killed and another young man’s life is on the line, I’d say it is pretty damn important that we know whether or not the main witness is telling the truth.

I”m not here to offer alternatives–it would just be more speculation, but the notion that “Danny” is being less than truthful (to say the least), does not appear to have more holes in it than the conflicting elements of his “harrowing tale.” In fact, the notion that he is either mistaken about the identity of the alleged carjackers, that he is not being honest in his account, makes a great deal more sense, and in my opinion, explains things much much better.


You need to read the careful detailed account here: http://thebostonmarathonbombings.weebly.com/ These people have been working on it for almost one year every fuggin day. WWW is always good but always a drive-by. Their purpose is not to delve deeply and continuously for as long as it takes. I am trying to get Karen Langhart to get on this program concerning her daughter’s death at 27 from Merck’s NuvaRing which is a contraceptive IUD killing young women by stroke! Changing some wording on the labeling is just not going to do the job.


Yes, thank you for keeping this alive. “Danny’s” various stories, and, indeed the whole “official narrative” in regards to the events in Watertown that night have never made any sense. You certainly don’t have to be a “conspiracy theorist” to realize there is something very wrong here.


So, can anybody explain to me, WHY they would arrange such a coverup? Where is the money made on this one?

Classic formula

Simply, the money is made from fear. False flag attacks create fear & the powers that be thrive (more control/laws to ‘protect’) on a fearful populace. It’s a classic formula and seems to be working to great effect in Amerikka.


$60M was distributed to the “victims” in 2-1/2 months. See http://www.davesweb.cnchost.com/nwsltr129.html (which cited the Washington Post).




They try to scare the poeple and turn USA to a police state I guess it is already a police state.

Bart Green

See the political background. Chechnya, the CIA, Russia, and Syria for context. Sibel Edmonds gave an interview about this.


Personally, I’m insulted the “spooks” think we’re so dumbed down they don’t even bother to use a new story line!

Patsy(s) not cooperating after realizing they’re being set up… no way to close in without possible exposure of plot… have patsy(s) kill cop (win over any remaining public doubters with death of police office and use investigation to close in on patsy(s)… hmmmm)!

Well, at least they didn’t find them in a theater after they had the gall to walk in without paying…lol!

“same… as… it… ever… was”


ive never been to the east coast, but here in the midwest i have NEVER seen or heard of a “cash only” gas pump. especially in this day and age. ive seen “pre-pay” which takes cash or credit, but never cash only. at least not in the last 20 years. i would like to know if “cash only” gas pumps exist. @Showshone:disqus – in my opinion its not so much about money, its more about control and exerting authority. also, pushing the narrative that we need them to “protect us” from evil.

Emergency Pizza Party

i suppose the terminal could be out of order. i suppose further there could have been a sign on the pump because of that that said “cash only” but i doubt “cash only” pumps are in Cambridge.


No credit card receipts. How convient…


Why not links to the people who first began deconstructing the official narrative of the Boston Bombing? They are at Weebly and their presentation is much easier to understand. I am glad Russ is staying on it but he has been forced to do so by the weebly site. http://thebostonmarathonbombings.weebly.com/

Jane Goron

Thank you to WhoWhatWhy for doing this story. This is just one part of the picture in which there are many different versions of what happened. This young man (Dzhokhar) has been tried and convicted in the public mind by statements made by the FBI, mainstream media, and other law enforcement entities. I do not see any way he will get a fair trial now. There is a reason, I think, that the inconsistencies in statements exist – someone is lying – and badly. This article should be sent to his lawyers – who have the daunting task now of saving his life – since he has already been presumed guilty – before even stepping one foot into a trial. It’s wrong. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, in my opinion, is just another one of the victims of this senseless tragedy – victimized by a system of ‘in’justice and prejudice and clear double standard that is the reality in our country today.


Call me cynic, but I see the FOX beside immigrant guy from gas station , then later minding Danny-boy in the same extravaganza producing GLADIO’s Fuller, the MIT Tippett moment, eyewitness accounts outright execution of naked patsies in nite time Boston streets, and Craft Int.,
and I see C I A.


James Fox says in this CNN interview, Danny was held for “over an hour and a half”. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mf_VIlrn6lw

Cassandra Troy

I’ve found it prudent to always cast a jaundice upon any ‘official story.’ As usual, I’ll be sharing these fascinating facts. The truth never changes.


Is the 911 call from the Mobil station publicly available for scrutiny? How about the CCTV?


A moment of reflection….

I don’t know the facts in this particular case, but I notice the friction between the official story and the alternative version of events. If we think back just a decade ago, there was no effective outlet for any alternative versions of any events. The government institutions of civil servants, the corporations, the owners of the news media, they had the narrative completely in their hands.
Even when substantiated facts are presented by alternative news sources, the phrase “conspiracy theory” is echoing around the echo chamber of established institutions. I can clearly sense that the establishment, the elite, deep down are afraid. They are feeling their power being challenged and a sense of loosing control.
And in fact they should be afraid.
The internet is an anarchical global institution. Now only in its infancy. Not anarchic in the sense of “disorder”. But in the other sense of the word: “without a common superior”. Hence in total contradiction to the present system of hierarchy.

I will be very interested to see where this takes us in the future….


Fox is an FBI /CIA undercover. He writes books they feed him. He is being underwritten by taxpayers to serve the agenda of the military industrial complex—inflated budgets.


If you research all these False flags as they are called, there are holes everywhere. I am still wondering about that kid in the Hospital that Michelle O visited. He sure was silenced.

Rob O

This Boston bombing story is simply too ridiculous. They should really start hiring better writers for the next fake terrorist attack. What these clowns have done so far, e.g., Sandy, Boston, Fast & Furious, is beyond inept – it’s an insult to anyone with half a brain. Also, name me a “real” victim of a brief violent crime who refers to their attacker by their first name, repeatedly, as if they are long lost buddies, as this fake Danny character does. It’s so stupid, so ridiculous. Seems John Miller should have taken some time off to attend some writing classes in between his stints as a “reporter” and an FBI agent. Appreciate the opportunity to read well written articles that finally make some sense, Russ Baker – hope you are not suicided like so many other truth seekers. Be careful and keep up the great work.

Lynn Ertell

I think the fantasy narratives of the Government and rotting corporate Media are starting to unravel and lose their hold on people. Imagine what will ensue when that process of decaying “control” accelerates exponentially and reaches “critical mass”. Against a backdrop of economic ruin and social collapse, I imagine people will be real angry. I wonder where the “softest” targets for that boiling mass rage will emerge first …

Michael DeWolf

I’m going to differ with the general sympathy here. I think this article makes some good points, but that it draws the wrong conclusions.

Our media is systemically hysterical. Notice how all of the sources of misinformation are media conglomerates. Rather than this indicating that there is some sort of cover up, it more seems that the national news media is sensationalist, more intent on producing a compelling narrative, than upon giving the true facts of the case. The news media is definitely quite far from forensic science, so anything they say should never be purposed to be forensic science.

I was working at a job in downtown crossing during this whole thing. On thursday night, the night office Collier was shot, I was in Boston and Cambridge with some friends, having a low key “thirsty thursday” as they call it. The entire place was on edge, everyone was terrified. Anyone who was in Boston in those days following the bombing understands.

Whether or not this “Danny” guy was in the car a minute or thirty minutes, or this or that, doesn’t really matter. What he says doesn’t really matter. What is truly shocking about the Tsnaraev brothers was how they engaged the police so suddenly and violently. Believe me in Boston, “Danny” is an afterthought, in fact I never even heard his story, nor cared. How often is it that someone get’s pulled over and throws brombs at the police, open fires at them with automatic weapons etc. in a suburban neighborhood.

For people in other parts of the country, does that happen in your neighbohood? Is that normal? I’d never seen or heard of anything like it in my life.

When Dzokhar was caught, people ran into the streets and were giving the police a standing ovation. Since the city got shut down I drove up to Gloucester for the weekend to get away. I was in a brew pub and everyone was watching TV when they caught him. People were cheering, strangers were giving each other hugs.

I think to make this out to be a coverup, a false flag, to say that these guys were innocent, is just silly.

I’m open to conspiracy theories, but be real, these guys were maniacs. At least come up with a better story yourself, because despite the drum roll this one is much worse than the official one.

Joseph E

That’s all very interesting but there isn’t any evidence of that ever happening. Also the shootout between the police doesn’t depict the brothers (if that was them, no eyewitness could tell) ever shooting back. No automatic weapons were found.


What I don’t get is, if Boston.com won the Pulitzer for its reporting on the Boston Bombing, why have all the early reports been scrubbed from Boston.com? See for example this [cached] interview with “Danny” by Eric Moskowitz. http://tinyurl.com/qg8axjj

A charitable interpretation would be that they’re having technical difficulties while Boston.com moves to a new CMS; but it’s pretty bush if you can’t do something as simple as link forwarding–especially if these are among the Pulitzer Prize worthy articles. Be sure to click the links throughout the article (especially if you want to see a nice B&W of Bill Buckner ; )

D.K. Wilson

Why do you, Russ, and other reporters continue to say the following, when any psychologist worth his or her salt, if the question is framed so that they do not realize they are about to speak in opposition of this well-entrenched lie, will say EXACTLY the opposite: “When a big news story breaks, the first reports are often rife with misinformation based on a combination of innocent mistakes, sloppiness, conjecture, and poor communication.”

Additionally. EVERY psychologist, including those attempting to protect the aforementioned lie will tell you, should you not preclude this question with the first question, that over time NEARLY ALL WITNESSES to an event, including those with only peripheral on-site knowledge of the event, will fabricate information to fit a narrative that reflects their worldview!

If we are to reach any truths concerning 9/11, the Boston Bombing, heck let’s go back to the big 4 of assassinations JFK, Malcolm X, MLK, and RFK In the assassination cases this extends to doctors and nurses), we MUST go back and scrupulously review any and all initial news and eye witness reports and use them as positives as to our understanding of what actually occurred, rather than view them as some sort of artifact of collective hallucination.

Anon Imus

I agree a lot of what we’ve been sold about the Boston Bombing is BS. However, for what it’s worth, I was listening to live police feeds at the time of their fleeing, and I did hear the cops say things like “…handgun fire… **bang** **bang** **bang**” ” … appear to be throwing explosive devices…” and things like that. so at the very least, they did seem to be involved in a pursuit, complete with gun fire and IEDs. either that, or the powers that be went to a lot of trouble, faking police radio chatter and gunfire.


…go with the ” either that ” part of your statement…the Tsarnaevs had no weapons. Any gunfire you heard was that of the cops

'46 one time hippy

How did the Russian brothers know they they had been connected to the killing of Officer Collier?

Seek the Truth

Really. News travels fast on line, radio and televison


Brighton Avenue Allston, 3rd street Cambridge – I don’t think either is accurate. Cambridge was first on the scene, car 19 at the shell and car 18 at the mobile station. Cambridge calls into the Boston shift controller that the carjacking took place at 1001 Cambridge Street, at Richies Shell. This address is at the corner of Cambridge street and Webster street in Cambridge, no where near 3rd. Nor is it anywhere near the Memorial Drive Shell at 820 Memorial Drive where he ‘escaped’. Whether conveyed first hand to the PD caller by the victim, or second hand from officers at the scene, the location is too exact to be a mistake or an approximation that was misinterpreted. This call to the boston shift controller from the Cambridge PD can be heard on the Boston scan @12:20:20. If it is truly not the case, how and why would this have been reported? While the press and the city may have their agendas after the chase was over, the Cambridge PD’s agenda at the time was in conveying the facts surrounding the carjacking to get the perps.


Yes, it’s all a big conspiracy. Let’s question everything. So maybe the Japanese really didn’t bomb Pearl Harbor?? I guess the aliens from Planet X were actually responsible for that. And maybe Hitler really was just a super sweet guy and not a mass murderer. Come on people, some criminals are actually GUILTY as charged, like this young man. Though I do think it’s likely his dead brother probably had a lot more to do with the bombing than he did. He is the fall guy.


The Japanese were duped into bombing Pearl Harbor, and when they finally acted, after being pushed and prodded, they attacked while Roosevelt had our troops stand down and let it happen…same thing happened on 9/11. Cheney had war games occurring at the same time the ” attacks ” happened. Japan had already sent 3 messages that said they wanted peace. The exact same thing happened with Saddam Hussein, he is on record as saying i want nothing but peace with the USA. Pearl Harbor was necessary so we could go into WW2, yes it was important to remove Hitler but the way it happened is based on lies.

The Tsarnaevs were innocent. I believe Dzhokhar has been dead since 2013, the news is saying he killed MIT cop Collier…bullshit, the cops had already admitted to killing him in ‘ friendly-fire ‘ back in 2013. Remember what happened to Pat Tillman?…They also admitted to running over Tamerlan, after they had blamed Dzhokhar (Jahar). Why is the story changing so much, because they need to suspend this farce. The guy in court is a double who is 3 inches taller than Jahar and speaks in a thick Russian accent, Jahar spoke perfect English…so yeah, most everything is a conspiracy.


There is no way the Tsarnave’s were innocent. There are conspiracy theories where there are reasonable holes in the story, but in this case, it was fairly rock solid. A) When police entered the home he lived with his brother in Cambridge, MA they found bomb-making materials, including pressure cookers. Strike one! B) This: http://www.cbsnews.com/pictures/boston-marathon-bombings-trial-evidence/6/ After reading this, rationally and intelligently explain where did they get all the weapons to fire at police if they were so guilty?? Explain to me how “innocent people” have multiple arsenals of weapons?? Strike two! C) This –the story of the kidnapping victim — if you think the kidnapping victim is pure coincidence you are mad. The Tsarnaev’s kidnapped this guy after they commited the bombing http://thelede.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/04/26/the-tale-of-the-tsarnaev-brothers-carjacking-victim/?_r=0

I really fear for future generations who actually believe this.


None of this is in the least bit convincing. These kinds of inconsistencies are absolutely standard in this sort of thing.


So prosecution witnesses were not necessarily reliable nor credible.
Their star witness “Danny” Dun Meng was easily interviewed by several news outlets without the need for a “translator”. But in court, he apparently needed a “translator” to make sure his story was good and proper.
In the end, he chose the narrative that provided the time and opportunity to put words into Tamerlan’s mouth (Dead Men Can’t Talk Back) and provided the Prosecution with a Dead Man’s “double-confession”! Not bad for a dead man. How convenient that the prosecution gets to blame the Tsarnaevs with 2 crimes using just 1 prevaricating witness. And no Defense! Even more convenient.