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FBI War on Boston Witnesses

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In the six months since the Boston Marathon bombing, the FBI has by all appearances been relentlessly intimidating, punishing, deporting and, in one case, shooting to death, persons connected, sometimes only tangentially, with the alleged bombers.

All of these individuals have something in common: If afforded constitutional protections and treated as witnesses instead of perpetrators, they could potentially help clear up questions about the violence of April 15.  And they might also be able to help clarify the methods and extent of the FBI’s recruitment of immigrants and others for undercover work, and how that could relate to the Bureau’s prior relationship with the bombing suspects—a relationship the Bureau has variously hidden or downplayed.

Who Cares? We Do

The Boston tragedy may seem like a remote, distant memory, yet the bombing warrants continued scrutiny as a seminal event of our times. It was, after all, the only major terror attack in the United States since 9/11. With its grisly scenes of severed limbs and dead bodies, including that of a child, it shook Americans profoundly.

As importantly, in its aftermath we’ve seen public acquiescence in an ongoing erosion of civil liberties and privacy rights that began with 9/11—and to an unprecedented expansion of federal authority in the form of a unique military/law enforcement “lockdown” of a major metropolitan area.

Nonetheless, at the time, most news organizations simply accepted at face value the shifting and thin official accounts of the strange events. Today few give the still-unfolding saga even the most minimal attention. And it is most certainly still unfolding, as we shall see.

The Little-Noticed Post-Marathon Hunt

The FBI’s strange obsession with marginal figures loosely connected to the bombing story began last May, with the daily questioning of a Chechen immigrant, Ibragim Todashev, and of his girlfriend and fellow immigrant, Tatiana Gruzdeva. Todashev had been a friend of the alleged lead Boston Marathon bomber, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, who died in a hail of police gunfire four days after the bombing. Tsarnaev’s younger brother Dzhokhar barely survived a massive police strafing of a trailered boat in which he was hiding, trapped and unarmed.

During one interrogation in Orlando, Florida, where Todashev was living, something went awry and he ended up dead from gunshots. Although to date the FBI has provided only hazy and inconsistent accounts of that incident, the killing of a suspect and potential witness in custody was clearly a highly irregular and problematical occurrence, replete with apparent violations of Bureau and standard law-enforcement procedure.

On the heels of those two deaths and the one near-death has followed what appears to be a concerted effort directed against a larger circle of people connected, if not to the Tsarnaevs, then to Todashev.

The purpose of this campaign is not clear, but it has raised some eyebrows.

In an interview with WhoWhatWhy, Hassan Shibly, executive director of the Florida chapter of the Center for American Islamic Relations (CAIR), described aggressive behavior directed by FBI agents at vocal friends of the dead Todashev: using suspected informants to monitor their press conferences, following targeted individuals around, interrogating them for hours—often without an attorney, and jailing them on what he says are trumped-up charges.

Shibly further claims that government agents are threatening these immigrants with deportation unless they agree to “cooperate”—a tactic which he portrays as seeking to enroll these people as de facto spies for the federal government.

Two people have left the country to escape further harassment. Another has been deported, while a fourth is currently facing deportation; none  of them has a criminal record. The bulk of this group were at most friends of a friend of Tamerlan Tsarnaev—and apparently didn’t personally know either of the Tsarnaevs.


Tatiana Gruzdeva

Tatiana Gruzdeva

One of these targets was Tatiana Gruzdeva, Todashev’s 20-year-old girlfriend. She was deported to Russia on October 11.

Gruzdeva had been in the US on a student visa. According to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) public affairs officer Carissa Cutrell, Gruzdeva had overstayed that visa—a common situation for foreign students studying in the US—but on August 9 she had been granted a “deferred action” status valid for one year, and therefore was for that period in the country legally.

Gruzdeva was nonetheless picked up by FBI and ICE agents on Oct. 1 while attending a scheduled meeting with an immigration officer to obtain a work visa.  According to Gruzdeva, she was told she was being taken because she had “talked to Boston Magazine” and had described Todashev as “a good guy.”

Actually, she had done more than that. She had described for the magazine in vivid detail what happened when several FBI agents back in May had showed up at the Orlando apartment she and Todashev shared and accused him of involvement in the Boston bombing.  Days of harassment and interrogation followed, she said, as the FBI tried to get Todashev to confess to involvement in the Boston bombing, and to get her to make statements implicating her boyfriend, but she continued to insist Todashev had been in Orlando with her when the bombing occurred.

Then, she said, the government agents surprised her with a new accusation: Todashev, they alleged, had been involved in a gruesome, drug-related, 2011 triple murder in Waltham, Massachusetts.  The agents tried, without success, to force her to implicate Todashev in that crime. Then, while she was still in shock from that latest assertion, they demanded she tell them what further criminal activities he had in store.

When she did not tell them what they apparently wanted to hear, she says, they had her arrested on immigration violation charges. Soon after, she was thrown into solitary confinement—treatment normally used only to protect inmates from other inmates, or to punish them for bad behavior. She was not released until August 8.

It was while she was held in solitary confinement that she learned of Todashev’s shooting death at the hands of an FBI agent.


Todashev and Gruzdeva during happier times.

Miraliev’s “Voluntary” Questioning Without an Attorney

Gruzdeva also told Boston Magazine about the FBI’s treatment of Ashurmamad Miraliev, a 20-year-old friend of Todashev’s also living in Florida.

Just days before the magazine interview, agents had grabbed Miraliev, she said, denied his request for an attorney, and then interrogated him for over six hours before dumping him in the Orange County Correctional Facility, a local jail.

Miraliev remained locked up for over three weeks on $50,000 bail on what CAIR’s Shibly contends were trumped-up charges of brawling outside a bar and “intimidating a witness.” According to Shibly, an attorney who is representing Miraliev, the charges were subsequently tossed out as baseless.

That didn’t end the young man’s problems, however. When the county no longer had grounds for holding him, the FBI had Miraliev transferred to an immigration detention center, where he is now awaiting deportation. (Shibly says his client is currently requesting to be allowed to voluntarily leave the country, rather than be forcibly deported by ICE.)

WhoWhatWhy tried without success to obtain comment from both the FBI and the immigration authorities concerning these two cases and the other examples of alleged harassment of Todashev associates. The FBI refused to respond.  A public affairs officer from ICE said she could not disclose reasons for why Gruzdeva and Miraliev were being deported because of “privacy concerns.”

When asked (by a reporter from the Miami Herald) why Miraliev’s request for an attorney during his interrogation was ignored, the FBI’s public affairs director, Paul Bresson, said that while he couldn’t comment about an “ongoing investigation,” he could state unequivocally that “anytime the FBI interviews an individual it is done either with his/her consent or with an attorney present.”

Ashurmamad Miraliev and Tatiana Gruzdeva

Ashurmamad Miraliev and Tatiana Gruzdeva

In fact, agents are actually permitted to question witnesses without an attorney, against their will, in certain narrow circumstances. This is the case when authorities assert a timely matter of “public safety”—for example when they have basis to believe that a bomb is about to go off. (FBI agents claimed such justification when they questioned the gravely wounded alleged Boston Marathon Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev for hours in the hospital shortly after his capture. That interrogation was stopped by a federal judge, who did not accept the Bureau’s assertion that Tsarnaev might know about other imminent terror attacks.)

In Miraliev’s case, the FBI never even claimed that he posed an imminent threat. Initially, they told him they wanted to question him about the alleged bar fight and the allegation that he had “intimidated a witness.”  But these are local, not federal matters; clearly trivial; and not even the FBI’s responsibility.

After that ordeal, Miraliev told CAIR the FBI had never even asked about those local matters. Instead, he said, they focused only on Todashev and his presumed relationship to Tsarnaev.

Shibly calls Bresson’s implication that Miraliev willingly gave up his right to counsel “absurd”: “Knowing that his friend Todashev was killed by an agent during his FBI interrogation, it’s hardly voluntary if Miraliev agrees to answer questions after the agents holding him tell him he can’t have an attorney.”

Courts have held that authorities need not necessarily read a detainee Miranda rights—but they must desist as soon as a demand for an attorney has been made.

Release of Autopsy Report Forbidden

The FBI has shut down any attempts at unraveling the ongoing mystery. It demanded that Todashev’s autopsy’s report be sealed, and not released even to family members.

“The FBI has ordered us not to release the autopsy report while they are investigating the shooting,” says Tony Miranda, forensic records coordinator for Florida’s Orange and Osceola counties. “The hold is currently on until the first week of November, when they will contact us again and let us know if it is extended.”

Such holds on coroner’s reports, especially such lengthy holds, even in cases of police shootings, are unusual, to say the least. And that hold is certain to interfere with the Florida state’s attorney in Orlando, Jeff Ashton, who is also actively investigating the FBI shooting of Todashev.

Shibly believes, based on its overall behavior, that the FBI’s sealing of the Todashev autopsy report has nothing to do with its stated reason of enabling an ongoing investigation into the shooting. “It’s very possible that the FBI is just delaying the release of the coroner’s report because they know it will be embarrassing,” he says.

“He felt inside he was going to get shot.”

Khusn Taramiv, a friend of Todashev’s, said the FBI had begun questioning both young men shortly after the April 15 Boston Marathon bomb attack. But by May 22, the day Todashev died, according to Taramiv, his friend believed something bad was about to happen to him.

“He felt inside [that] he was going to get shot,” Taramiv told WESH-TV in Orlando.

They were talking to us, both of us, right? And they said they need him for a little more, for a couple more hours, and I left, and they told me they’re going to bring him back.

They never brought him back.

The FBI asserts that Todashev had implicated Tamerlan Tsarnaev in the Waltham drug dealer murders, and was about to sign a confession to his own involvement in the crime just before he was shot.

The Waltham matter, a two-year-old, extravagantly staged, ritualistic drug homicide, was apparently a cold case when, after the Marathon bombing, local authorities began focusing on Tamerlan Tsarnaev as the possible killer—and then on Todashev as a possible accomplice—an allegation Todashev’s friends have challenged as baseless.


444444While some of this circle of friends in Florida, like Todashev, faced pressure to confess to participating in or having knowledge of the Waltham crime, others, according to CAIR’s Shibly, have been told that if they want to be left alone and not deported, they need to become informants. He says several of those harassed have opted to return to Russia rather than become spies for the FBI in Florida’s Muslim community.

“I know of a half dozen who’ve been contacted,” says Shibly. “They’ve been told to cooperate and to spy for the FBI on mosques and local restaurants–or the government will go after their legal status.” He says the FBI’s harassment campaign is continuing and is spreading to more people in the Florida area who knew the slain Todashev.

Gruzdeva’s deportation shows that the agency’s deportation threats were no bluff.  As mentioned above, on October 11 Gruzdeva, despite her clean record and her “deferred action” legal status, was whisked to the airport for a flight to Russia by ICE agents so fast she was not even able to fetch her winter coat from her apartment. She has reportedly gone to her native Moldova, a country neighboring Romania that was formerly a part of the old Soviet Union.

Miraliev, who had been granted asylum by the US and saw it as a safe haven, is awaiting what may be a similar fate.

Spreading the Net

Shibly says several other family members and friends of Todashev’s have also been harassed by the FBI since his slaying.  One is the mother of Todashev’s former wife. The mother, who works for the federal government, was interrogated by the FBI “right after attending a press conference about his killing,” Shibly says, adding that a suspected FBI informant had, unannounced, also attended that press event, apparently monitoring who participated. He says the person was identified by CAIR lawyers investigating the FBI’s harassment campaign.

By shooting Todashev, then claiming he was about to confess to a crime, then hounding Todashev’s friends and family, and sending or driving them out of the country to Russia or other regions of the former Soviet Union, says Shibly, the FBI gives the impression it is urgently trying to hide something.

“Look, the FBI screwed up in killing Todashev,” Shibly told WhoWhatWhy from Saudi Arabia, where he was on Hajj — a pilgrimage to Mecca that Muslims are supposed to try to make at least once in their lives. He added: “Now it is clear that they’re trying to get as much dirt on him as they can to make what they did to him look less heinous.”

What really happened? Pick a story. 

From the first moments after the Boston Bombing, the public has been besieged with official accounts, often rendered through news leaks, whose profound inconsistencies have never been ironed out. (For more on that, see previous WhoWhatWhy stories, including this, this, this, and this.)

The same is true of Todashev’s killing, where essential details have varied greatly. But certain elements can be established:

Late in the day on May 22, FBI agents went to Todashev’s house and interrogated him—without an attorney present—according to some accounts, for eight hours.

The agents were accompanied by officers from the Massachusetts State Police, who were investigating the 2011 Waltham murders.

According to the Washington Post, at some point after midnight, the state cops—and, allegedly, all but one member of the FBI contingent—left the room, leaving Todashev, unrestrained, alone with one agent.

If that’s correct, then the FBI violated one of its rules: a suspect should always be in the company of more than one agent. Perhaps even more striking is that they purportedly left that one agent alone with an unrestrained man known by  the FBI to have had martial arts training—and, moreover, a man very publicly being investigated for possible participation in a multiple murder case. You couldn’t have created a more perfect scenario for a no-questions-asked, quick disposition of a problematical person.

This curious scenario is further compounded by the several conflicting explanations for the incident offered by “FBI sources” who were not identified by reporters:

First, they claimed thatTodashevwho had just undergone knee surgery had nonetheless lunged at the lone officer with a knife. No mention of how Todashev would have produced a knife since they would presumably have routinely frisked a potentially dangerous suspect.

Next, they said he had upended a table, possibly injuring the agent.

Then, they said he had attempted to grab a sword. The notion that this possible terrorist, triple homicide suspect would be left alone with a single officer, with a knife and/or even more stunningly a sword ought to raise serious questions about whom we can trust to tell us the truth. And if that weren’t enough, the weapon of choice later morphed in some reports into a metal pole, and then into a broom handle.

There is more variation in the accounts of what happened just before Todashev allegedly lunged:

After two hours, Todashev asked to take a break, went to “get a cigarette or something and then he goes off the deep end… and goes after the agent.”  It was not clear “why, with at least three law enforcement officials in the room, deadly force was used…”

He started to write a statement while sitting across from the agent and one of the detectives “when the agent briefly looked away….Todashev picked up the table.”

After one of the detectives left the room, the other noticed Todashev was acting odd, and he texted that sense to the FBI agent with him… Suddenly, Todashev knocked over a table…”

Hassan Shibly

Hassan Shibly

As noted earlier, only one agent was left in the room alone with Todashev, according to the Washington Post. That scenario seems supported by the fact that all shots fired came from one agent’s gun. Shibly notes that, by training and protocol, if Todashev had constituted an imminent threat, and more officers were present in the room, all would have fired at him.

The attorney argues that there are “only two possibilities” to explain what happened to Todashev:

Either the FBI violated its own protocol by having one agent left alone in the room or there were actually two or more agents in the room and only one fired.

FBI Accountability: Zero

After Todashev’s slaying, the FBI claimed—though it produced no evidence—that he had been “about to” sign a confession to the triple murder in Waltham, Massachusetts.

Incredibly, no one had taped the interrogation—or, if anyone did, the Bureau is neither admitting it nor offering it as evidence to back up its assertions. When Christina Sterling, the US prosecutor in the Dzhokhar Tsarnaev terrorism case in Boston, cited Todashev’s alleged confession during interrogation by FBI agents, she did not say she had a tape to back up the FBI’s claim.  In a court filing asking the judge in that case to deny Tsarnaev’s defense team access to investigative files from the Waltham case, the only evidence she referenced was the reported  hearsay from the agents who were in the room with Todashev.


No high officials in the Bureau or the Justice Department have publicly expressed concern about this shooting of an unarmed man in custody. The FBI says only that it is “investigating” the incident. And if  past experience is any indication, the Bureau is unlikely to find itself or its agents at fault. The New York Times reports that though FBI agents have killed 70 “subjects” and injured another 80 in the last two decades, the Bureau’s self-investigations have never once found that an agent’s shooting of a suspect was unjustified.

This tragicomedy of “errors” must generate some head-shaking in a community made up of immigrants from the old Soviet Union, where people being interrogated routinely happened to fall down stairs or jump out of high windows.

At minimum, given the appearance of a cover-up, one must wonder why the FBI would kill a key associate of Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, especially when the latter is currently facing murder and terrorism charges in federal court in Boston for the Boston Marathon bombing. Todashev could have been an important defense witness. Could he also have had damaging information about links between Tamerlan Tsarnaev and the FBI that predated the interest of the Russian authorities in him?

The American people have to this moment not been leveled with by their government—and are only being provided with hints by the establishment media that anything is seriously amiss. Indeed, few are aware of the larger pattern, and understandably give the FBI the benefit of the doubt in light of the fear following the bloodshed of April 15. A few elected representatives have expressed concerns (see this and this) but these have been isolated and not followed by concrete action.

Moreover, no one has taken the politically explosive step of asking whether, like the friends of Todashev, Tamerlan Tsarnaev himself could have been pressured—successfully— to become an FBI undercover informant/provocateur. Such inquiries lead to places that make Americans deeply uncomfortable. But certain indisputable facts do suggest a basis for pursuing these questions. For one thing, there’s the FBI’s effort to hide its prior relationship with the Tsarnaevs. After claiming it didn’t know who the Tsarnaev brothers were when they were first identified as suspects on the basis of spectators’ photos of the bombing scene, the FBI was essentially forced—by the Russian government, no less—to  admit that it had been monitoring and interacting with the Tsarnaev family two years before the Boston bombing.

This must be coupled with Tamerlan’s striking transition in the last few years. A seemingly happy and comparatively “normal” young man eager to become an American citizen and live the American dream morphed into a conspicuous radical, loudly acting out in a mosque and traveling to his home in Dagestan, where he aroused suspicion of being a provocateur, openly trying to convince others to take up arms.

He could have been an authentic convert, or he could have been something else.

As is well established and well documented, the FBI has a long history of recruiting vulnerable individuals to infiltrate organizations and networks, gain their trust, and in some cases to encourage violent acts. Just one of many examples is the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center (the “first” attack on the WTC), with an FBI undercover informant at the core of the plot—which resulted in a bomb attack that killed six people and did considerable structural damage to one of the buildings’ basement pilings.

Deeper and Deeper

In the case of Tamerlan Tsarnaev, we’ve noticed a perplexing discrepancy. While the FBI claims that it began interviewing the Tsarnaevs in response to a request from the Russians, the New York Times has cited a meeting that would predate the Russian request:

“In January 2011, two counterterrorism agents from the bureau’s Boston field office interviewed Tamerlan and family members, a senior law enforcement official said.”

Yet, in an article that appeared three days later, the same authors reported that,

“The first Russian request came in March of 2011 through the F.B.I.’s office in the United States Embassy in Moscow.”

If these dates are correct, then the FBI was talking to Tamerlan before the Russians asked them to. Why? (An email from WhoWhatWhy to Eric Schmitt, the Times’s lead reporter on the two articles, remains unanswered.)

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  1. Avatar AuroraTheGoddess says:

    I had come across a piece of evidence when this all broke out. I was on a site where I came across an outline of the events in which were about to occur and unravel in a weeks time. Funny how when I posted it to facebook I had been censored. Everything had been allowed on the timeline but blocked from public viewing. This outline took us step by step and day by day as to what would lead up to the bombing. A security personnel had come across it and felt it needed to be posted. I still think the Craft/Kraft team had something to do with it considering their backpacks were the ones that were black with a little white patch that had exploded. Not to mention they were doing a closed bomb drill the day of the marathon. The govt lied to all of us and they continue to cover up key facts involving this story. There is more than meets the eye.

    • Avatar Comments editor says:

      Thankyou for your comment.
      ‘ I still think the Craft/Kraft team had something to do with it considering their backpacks were the ones that were black with a little white patch that had exploded.’

      The men with the black jackets, tan trousers and the backpacks you described were a Civil Support Team, which is part of the National Guard. The backpacks are standard issue.

      There is a well-known photograph of a man wearing a cap with the distinctive ‘Punisher’ logo: caps of that type were available to the public as items of Craft International’s merchandise.

  2. Avatar Guest says:

    I still don’t see who, or to what end the Boston bombing would serve… (Not that I believe the Tsarnaev narrative, because I don’t.)

  3. Avatar Guest says:

    Decapitation seems a bit extreme for being upset with your best buddy. But then if it was a robbery, why not take the 5K and drugs?

    So assuming the very real possibility that Tsarnaev had nothing to do with the Waltham murders, was he and the three pot dealers already pawns in a longterm chess game? Or was Tsarnaev just really unlucky??

  4. Avatar cyndyt says:

    If anyone expects Jeff Ashton to say the FBI is in the wrong, they will be disappointed. This is the same person that stated in an interview that not every victim deserves a day in court. He will only take cases he is sure he can win.

    As for Florida, cops shoot innocent people almost daily. And they too are never charged.

    • Avatar AuroraTheGoddess says:

      Exactly and Florida laws are horrible. Look at George Zimmerman who killed Trayvon Martin and got away with it. He was supposedly neighborhood watch and you aren’t police so therefore aren’t supposed to be armed.

  5. Avatar oh_look says:

    It’s strange too that there were the resignations coming not long after the marathon:

    1) Boston Police Commissioner: Ed Davis

    2) Boston FBI Head: Richard DesLauriers

    3) Dept. of Homeland Security: Janet Napolitano

    4) Director of the FBI: Robert Mueller who became director 9/4/2001, right before 9/11.

  6. Avatar henzcoop says:

    Great piece! Concerning Tamerlan’s possible work as an informant, I found it very interesting that Jahar’s twitter feed (the real one, not a knock-off) revealed that he was on a train to DC with his 5-yr-old niece (and presumably Tamerlan’s wife), a few days after Tamerlan came back from his trip to Dagestan:
    Tamerlan arrived in NY from Dagestan on July 17 (3 days after Plotnikov was killed);
    Jahar was on train to DC on July 20, posting:
    “on the train to washington with a 5 year old who wont go to sleep
    Were they meeting Tamerlan there, where he had been debriefed after his trip?

  7. Avatar leefactcheck says:

    Heard you on WMNF today, Mr. Baker. Thank you very much for your research. You are so circumspect and careful in your words. I urge you to reconsider your assumption that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is alive and able to speak, be interrogated, as your article stated that he was interrogated in the hospital. How would you know that he was interrogated? How would you know that he is alive? Just because there was some man presented in court at his arraignment who “spoke with a Russian accent” and his sister or someone related was reported as present in the courtroom, does not mean it was Dzhokhar in the court room. Dzhokhar probably did not have much of a Russian accent, IF ANY, considering how young he was when he came here and how teenagers want to fit in with the crowd they are around.

    In fact, after Dzhokhar emerged from the boat there was a photo among a series of press photos of the different law enforcement at and around the house where he was found. This photo shows a probable FBI agent (the others have FBI on their jackets) kneeling behind Dzhokhar’s head and engaging in cutting the front part of his neck. This photo disappeared after a while, but it existed. This neck wound (Dzhokhar bleeding from the neck) was reportedly widely if you recall. Then, there was the statement of the doctor in the hospital in an article in I think it was the LA Times, where the doctor was quoted as saying that Dzhokhar wold not be able to speak again because one of the “wounds” he had was right across the front of his neck (i.e. larynx, etc.). You should be able to find this article. Then there was the Anderson Cooper interview on his show of the 3 (three) agents or members of some special unit or force on the scene. When Anderson Cooper asked them to describe Dzhokhar’s wounds, one of them got very specific and described the wounding of him in the neck, or the wound there. The other two agents right be him become visibly uncomfortable and one kind of nudges the one who has revealed so much. This portion of the AC interview was later deleted from youtube. Mr. Baker, they probably took Dzhokhar out as they did his brother because Dzhokhar would just have told his lawyers the real story. This whole thing about his trial is most likely a charade as is the blaming of the Boston Marathon on two individuals. Keep your nose keen ferreting out the truth.

  8. Avatar William Shanley says:

    I’m mistaken, Russ, and want to correct my error immediately. I sent you the pix in December. To the Post in June.

  9. Avatar William Shanley says:

    Russ, why don’t you go ahead and publish the photos I sent you again this morning revealing the reality behind the finish line fence before, during and after what in my view appears to be a bombing hoax? I sent the pix to you, the Wash Post and many others in June, and no one has published them. The photos show that the blast came from the Lenscrafter’s shop, not the sidewalk, and the area in front of the store where the injuries supposedly took place was almost entirely empty until actors and make-up appeared as if by an act of God when the smoke cleared. Photos show that there were not hundreds of people in the area to be injured in the first place, paper “no parking” signs and the fabric track skirt at the bomb site were unaffected, and some of the “injured victims” with “bones” hanging from wheel chairs and gurneys can be seen to be smiling. If a man had his leg blown off, he would be in trauma. Please don’t pull your punches, Russ; let your reader’s decide for themselves.

  10. Avatar Kash says:

    I don’t know what to say I mean so many have been affected by all of this. As a Canadian it’s strange to see that everything has been handled so poorly, I mean the inconsistant accounts from major news sources the lack of any sort of follow up just seems a little sketchy..

    The entire thing seems that it’s false the way evidence convieniantly pops up even with the brothers, who shoots 150 rounds into a boat with an unarmed suspect and it’s funny how hearsay has become truth..

    Personally I think there’s much more to the story and in the name of justice the evidence should be revealed..

    A lot of what’s going on seems like history repeating itself with a strong resemblance of nazi germany..

    The problem with all of this is that it just seems all to convieniant that it’s religion behind this I want to make it clear I am agnostic and really have no religious bias here but when the rights of a human being are violated good or bad one must ask themselves where do you draw the line..

    Absolute power corrupts absolutely”

  11. Avatar bluesandwine says:

    First, I don’t think one can really expect the FBI to hand over records, when no one else is able to get them, including the family of the deceased. That goes for immigration files too (they are highly personal files with personal info and are not given out to media orgs just by asking),even Tsarnaev was denied these records through court request, so you should have approached that differently to maintain creditability and knowledge.
    As I read on, it becomes clear how you have formed a theory and are proving an argument, like it was some college paper, not journalism. Then to mention CAIR, as you take all they say as factual, even when people know this is a Muslim driven organization with their own bias agenda. Of course they see problems with this case, (and do research on them, they have their own issues ) then you rely heavily upon them to authenticate the argument – your personal viewpoint.

    Not siting any other organization or other sources just makes me feel you not the least objective about the subject. Maybe its intentional, but it always makes people question what you left out, and there are some points that run contrary to the stated theories and points. I would be very careful to use other news organizations as evidence, we know many stories are not all correct, and many have since updated and corrected their stories – yet comparing what one wrote one day to another doesn’t fully mean there is big cover-up going on within the story itself or the subject.
    Too bad really, because had you done this differently I may have taken more time to think over some of the stated points, some were quite good but it quickly gets overshadowed by style and a quest to prove your personal belief.

  12. Avatar emerald98 says:

    Center for American Islamic Relations (CAIR), this organization that you so got all this beneficial info has it’s own agenda, and using it and their “opinion” shows exactly where you stand on the issue of BB and jahar. Do more research and see what this org has constantly said about all kind issues and cases, involving Muslims. That is why your reporting carries no real benefit or explains much, mostly because you are bias, but evolving stories that constantly make out the Fed Gov as evil doers and more. With this much bias, you can’t believe that anyone would see this as legitimate journalism in the least, except those who dislike the gov and are supporters of Jhar. I can see how much you want your questions to have merit, but really questions are only questions and so your anti-American rhetoric does little in terms of uncovering “evidence” or anything else. You get praise from two groups: anti-gov people and jahar supporters, this is where your writings caters to, and you never give an opposing fair balance of the story either. You start with bias agenda and you end with it.

    • Avatar Laurie Lauren says:

      Actually, it’s the FBI who is giving us this information, simply by refusing to release a coherent and detailed account of WHY they murdered Mr. Todashev. All of the subsequent deportations, arrests, harassment, etc, can all be researched. Are you saying that all of these people are lying and they weren’t REALLY arrested and deported? There are court filings and records to prove these things happened. Furthermore, trying to demean an article that raises valid questions in the search of truth by calling it “anti-American rhetoric, ” is quite ironic.

  13. Avatar otterdaughter says:

    sorry all, tyring to fix discus

  14. Avatar public_servant_watch says:

    News media interview after the Florida killing by the FBI. http://www.wesh.com/news/central-florida/orange-county/Man-knew-Boston-bombing-suspect-friend-says/-/12978032/20250330/-/143h2ft/-/index.html /12978032/20250330/-/143h2ft/-/index.html

    • Avatar abbeysbooks says:

      Still not as blatant as the murder of Miriam Carey. She sets the standard now. Gun you down in broad daylight in front of witnesses and nary a ripple in the media.

    • Avatar public_servant_watch says:

      Strong evidence that was also a Hoax but they are pulling so many, I can’t keep up. Even today’s LAX.

    • Avatar abbeysbooks says:

      Events are coming thick and fast eh. LAX today. ? tomorrow.

    • Avatar public_servant_watch says:

      I just don’t know. Me tired!! These corrupt fools are freaking exhausting!!!

    • Avatar abbeysbooks says:

      You have to pick your enemies carefully as the wrong ones wear you out. You can’t argue and raise consciousness at the same time. Did I send you the interview links of Russell Brand with Morning Joe and Cody Wilson with Glenn Beck of all people, who know how to play with them?

    • Avatar Shadowcloud ba'cho says:

      Q. “You have to pick your enemies carefully as the wrong ones wear you out”.e.
      Au contraire!
      One chooses their friends- wisely.
      What rational person carefully picks “thine enemy”?
      The juxtaposition is clear as a 9/11 Sky.
      White Rabbits see only darkness from their holes. Their focus on carefully picking their enemies.
      Rational people see the blue sky resulting from choosing their friends-wisely.

    • Avatar fallngman says:

      I think this dude just made a pass at that lady…amazing stuff on the internet.

  15. Avatar Shadowcloud ba'cho says:

    what is the matter with you monitors. the poster publicly accused the man in the video ( and that man has a name) of multiple federal crimes and you are monitoring my posts? You are both backwards and upside down. Sadly you may or may not know it.

    • Avatar fallngman says:

      calm down Alex or is it Kaliph or is it Huckleberry Joe?

    • Avatar fallngman says:

      remember we are in the simulated world now?

    • Avatar Shadowcloud ba'cho says:

      Q. “remember we are in the simulated world now? “e.
      “…we…”? LOL. You cannot speak for me. You barely manage to speak for self. I am me. I am a single pebble to the dark pond.

    • Avatar Shadowcloud ba'cho says:

      Q.” calm down Alex or is it Kaliph or is it Huckleberry Joe? ” e.
      Another in a long failed line of your guesses. Keep guessing. Only those who don’t know guess. [Your] Guessing is an admission of you not knowing.

    • Avatar fallngman says:

      Well I am not the one diddling all over himself because nobody gives a rats behind what you have to say little joe – it really eats away at you no one cares about you doesnt it. But that begs the question – why are you here being a pecker head – when all were doing is talking nicely to one another…Dont get it joe? If you got it all figured out – what you care what anyone here says – you act like someone here is doing ur momma – unless you like stinking like horse mush. That’s all I can figure joe. You get a real rush just being a stinky fellow.
      Btw: No guesses joe – looked you up, your racist rants, potty mouth and all – son, you need to get a girl, a doll , a dog something to take your mind off all of us bad people who dont believe the lies.

    • Avatar Shadowcloud ba'cho says:

      Q. “Well I am not the one diddling all over himself because nobody gives a rats behind what you have to say little joe – it really eats away at you no one cares about you doesnt it. But that begs the question – why are you here being a pecker head – when all were doing is talking nicely to one another….”e.

      Not only do you read my posts, so do the Hall Monitors. At a minimum, so do each and every “replier”. Note: I did not write respondent. Reflex ( unthinking) is to a Replier as Reasonable ( well-thought out) is to a Respondent.

      Q. “Btw: No guesses joe – looked you up, your racist rants, potty mouth and all – son, you need to get a girl, a doll , a dog something to take your mind off all of us bad people who dont believe the lies. ” e.

      Q.” …rumors… e.”

      You “looked up”? Yes, you need to look up ( up being the operative word) to ever find me.

      “Who don’t believe” That in itself is equal parts affirmation, admission and confession. Conspiracism is a small “r” religion. The two tenets of both Religion and religion are faith & belief ( believe-believes).

      “…rumors…” Rumors are hatched, The words associated with rumors include: falsehoods, unverified, unreliable, doubtful, dubious.

      BTW: With your lame attempts at [personal] insult, you’ve managed to paint self as WWW’s enfant terrible.

  16. Avatar Shadowcloud ba'cho says:

    Gym Owner Talks Tsarnaev, Todashev


    • Avatar public_servant_watch says:

      Wonder how much he was paid–did they make up the losses he suffered and more when he had to close the gym in those early days because of this corrupt government orchestrated event? Media people should check out the statute of limitations on furthering a criminal conspiracy and cool their jets before their time comes to sit at a Defendant table; they appear to be trying so very hard to look non-complicit by taking the young Defendant, and dead people, who were murdered by the authorities, to trial by media. http://www.fas.org/sgp/crs/misc/RL31253.pdf

    • Avatar Shadowcloud ba'cho says:

      You didn’t listen. He already spent hours in interviews as did his staff. Months ans months ago. If the FBI already owned the Brothers, then they would not have been interviewing as many and as deeply as have since the bombs went off. You are accusing a Bostonian of lying and of taking a bride. Have you no f’n shame?
      This guy put his name , face and business out on the line while you and your ilk slither like snake bellies with no name in the Loonisphere. You claim to live in the area. F’n man up and go to the Gym and tell him what you wrote here. Be proud of your lunacy or else be ashamed. Take some LooniSphere make believe heavyweight-muscle with ya.
      WTF is wrong with you and your ilk? Did you fall from the high-chair and f-up your skull as an infant?
      What kind of supposed new media has Hall Monitors that delete posts from those challenging the absurdities posted here by those accusing America of every known crime in US CODE against its own citizens? What a bunch of losers.

    • Avatar public_servant_watch says:

      “You are accusing a Bostonian of lying and of taking a bride. Have you no f’n shame?” LOL Corruptachusetts!!!

      They need to replay inflammatory remarks just like every now and then they need to replay all the other lies.

      The evidence including the fabricated Forum Crowd says they were framed. End of story. You don’t have simulated court for real victims. Many corrupt individuals are looking at life based on the mandatory sentencing guidelines under RICO law.

      These purported Defense attorneys can’t seem to get the exculpatory or mitigating discovery they requested from the corrupt AUSA but we will go ahead and put dead people (killed by the authorities) and the young defendant on trial in the media as much as possible.

    • Avatar Shadowcloud ba'cho says:

      Is that you MO to accuse a man ( Jon Allen) of Federal crimes , then go run to the monitors to protect you? You live there, either say it to the man’s face of take down your post.

    • Avatar public_servant_watch says:

      Dude–SEEK HELP! #Done

    • Avatar Shadowcloud ba'cho says:

      Dude? How adult of you.
      Let me be plain. Jahaha is a Dead man walking. You and your ilk are wasting your time posting about a dead man. Try using your bottomless barrel of time on preventing incidents involving mofos. Instead you and yours look backward thru time and space as if you somehow can effect the Outcome. The outcome was decided by the 2Bros, just as Todashev cho0se his. Nothing you and your ilk write about advances anything. It is filled with negativity against that which is beyond you because you and the vast majority of White Rabbits don’t have the courage to serve your fellow man-either at home or abroad.
      The evil Gubermint does not exist. The Government is millions of Americans that put Country before self. There are asshats in all professions-institutions just as their are lazy asses. Yet you and your ilk push the false narrative and falsehood that any exception is to be projected then viewed as The Rule. Eg Corruptachusetts. Your generalizations are childish.
      Try Occam’s Razor before cutting your own throat with big talk and NO ACTION.
      Take down your post RE: Jon allen. For one time in your life act humbly and with honor. You’d be surprised how far those 2 tenets take you.

    • Avatar otterdaughter says:

      let me ask you a question. does the c.i.a actually exist?

    • Avatar Shadowcloud ba'cho says:

      Q. ” let me ask you a question. does the c.i.a actually exist? “e.
      Why bother seeking permission when you went right ahead and asked? BTW: Implicit in you asking me to let you, is an admission of me standing-holding the higher ground.
      Your random, out of the blue, from left field, foundationless “?” is konsistent with the LooniSphere’s mind set of “t’inkin’ & believin’ they found the [proverbial] Holy Grail- with one question, in one video, via one picture, in one tweet, in one post, in one press report, in one blog, in one thread. One is the loneliest number for Reason and for reason.
      Where did you and your ilk re-discover [for the 1000th time] the Holy Grail? Was it on your Denny’s Menu-hidden in plain sight or on your stack of pancakes?
      The CIA does not exist in so far as under present circumstances ( this post and others) you wouldn’t qualify to dine in the CIA cafeteria, not now nor in 4 lifetimes. Do you understand?

    • Avatar otterdaughter says:

      What’s up with all that anger? From your posts, you have no desire to discuss/debate this case. You seem much more dedicated to insulting & belittling all who disagree with you. I guess you showed us.
      Also, you need to work on your logic. Because my question seemed out of leftfield to you in no way indicates anything about my thinking.
      Thank you for your assessment of where I fit in the dining out socioeconomic status scale. You showed me again.
      No CIA today? You got it all figured out when they are or aren’t involved? You better get off the net and go tell the entire counter intel apparatus that they can go home bc you can tell, I guess by just being you, whether or not the cia is involved. Does that singular gift apply to other agencies too? Because no, I do not understand.

    • Avatar Shadowcloud ba'cho says:

      Q.(1) “What’s up with all that anger? From your posts, you have no desire to (2) discuss/debate this case. ” e.
      (1) Am indigenous. Know~well outrage. Anger is not an indigenous attribute.
      (2) Discussion and/or debate is oratory. Here only the written word reigns supreme.
      Unless you lay out your “Theory”, there is no need to engage with you any further. HINT: Without framing, then developing a Theory, you are reduced to yet another ordinary White Rabbit making noise and mischief.
      Be Well

    • Avatar otterdaughter says:

      K, bye

    • Avatar Shadowcloud ba'cho says:

      The Defense filing was for mitigating________. You made up exculpatory. Why do you need to add your own editorials What benefit does making up chit from whole cloth serve the discussion, the facts or the Truth?

    • Avatar public_servant_watch says:

      Keep up your inflammatory statements with no basis in fact!! You’re doing an excellent job as a more than apparent shill!

      EXCERPTS DKT. # 107 which had to be followed by a motion to compel!!

      The defendant also now moves this Court, pursuant to the Sixth and Eighth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution, CJA Guideline 6.04, Fed. R. Crim. P. 57(b), and the inherent authority of the Court, to postpone the government’s current October 24, 2013 deadline for the defense mitigation submission pending resolution of current discovery issues regarding mitigating and exculpatory evidence and a reasonable opportunity for the defense to investigate and make a meaningful mitigation presentation to the U.S. Attorney.

      The reasonable time frame for a defense mitigation submission should be based on the time the defense has had to review discovery and conduct even a preliminary independent
      mitigation investigation. But for the government’s requested delays to date, automatic discovery would have been provided by the end of June 2013, and any dispute regarding the failure to produce existing exculpatory and mitigation materials could well have been resolved by now.

      For all of the foregoing reasons, counsel for defendant Dzhokhar Tsarnaev request that this Court enter an order postponing the October 24, 2013 deadline for the defense mitigation submission to a date to be set following resolution of the current dispute regarding mitigation
      and exculpatory discovery, and a reasonable opportunity for the defense to prepare a meaningful submission.

    • Avatar Shadowcloud ba'cho says:

      1. You still haven’t taken down your post accusing Jon Allen of lying and of being on the take. You have no Honor. Am not surprised because you haven’t any courage.
      2. Waltham. Jahaha has no STANDING . He is not charged in the case. The Motion was to mine any and all material for anything that could be used as mitigating circumstances for Jahaha ‘s part in the bombing and subsequent events. There is stock language, not a valid request for excupltory when Jahaha is not charged in the Waltham Barbaric Butchery. Once again you loons see a WORD, then conflate its importance when again Jahaha has no more standing in the Waltham Case as Joe Blow or You.
      3. So, when will you face down Jon Allen or else take down your post? Your amateur verbal jujitsu is not even sophomoric ( inflammatory). I don’t know who mentored you in argument but if I were you I would find another.

    • Avatar public_servant_watch says:

      Correcting your continued disinformation.

      The prosecutor, William D. Weinreb, who has never filed a NOTICE of APPEARANCE, as required by rules of the court, filed an opposition to the Defense’s motion to compel and brought up the Waltham murders for the first time in that document on October 21, 2013.

      First, the above motion by the Defense was filed on September 23rd and had nothing to do with the Waltham murders.

      Second, if you are so concerned about the reputation of the man in the video, you have the ability to remove the video. Bye now!!

    • Avatar fallngman says:

      John lives in Thailand. Left right after the Mess murders….? Lots of rumors flying around our neighborhood here Joe…He flew the coup just like Tamerlan and Todashev…Hmmm?

    • Avatar otterdaughter says:

      we AREN’T accusing a bostonian of lying. we’re accusing a whole bunch of bostonians of lying.
      grow up.

    • Avatar emerald98 says:

      Thank you. They are looking hard for anything that will discredit, even the normal people of society and think somehow if they find some evil wrong or slight suspicion, this will make their case and prove their arguments. I can clearly ask a million questions myself, make some sweeping statement and conclude some non factual info and wrap up a story too. They start out with a theory and evolve a story around it to prove a point yet leave out huge details and common sense, logic and reasoning. This gets more pathetic by the day.

    • Avatar TycheSD says:

      So what? He obviously is too trusting of law enforcement. I understand a number of them belong to his gym.

    • Avatar HAMMER says:

      A number? Lets count.
      anybody care to guess if there is anymore?

      EDIT: 6 of these 8 are dead. 1 may very well end up dead – and Donohue was “clinically” dead at least once before he was revived.

      But there is at least one more who made the news recently and and another who refuses to say anything. Hmmm?

    • Avatar fallngman says:

      come on dude dont keep us in suspense. read down thread – I relate a rumor floating around the neighborhood about the boys – I forgot that Collier worked out there too….
      The only thing I am interested in is the Mess murders. We know a family whose kids went to school with one of the dead boys siblings. This thing is tearing three good families apart, especially the moms – and it ticks me off the FBI is holding up the information that could say they Tsarnaev did it or not, or was at least a part of it. Hard for the familys to believe that since these boys all lived within a couple blocks of one another when they were growing up…But anything is possible when you are under the influence of religion or politics – as I always say.
      Anyway we know they all worked out at the Wai-Kru gym. We have our ideas why that is important – what are yours?

    • Avatar thecapulet says:

      His premise is built upon not having ideas, on being hostile towards any thought at all concerning the possibility that his authoritative figures have done something wrong. Ignore him, he’s not worth your time.

    • Avatar Shadowcloud ba'cho says:

      olC Q1. “A number? Let’s count.”e.

      olC Q2. “anybody care to guess if there is anymore?” e.

      olCQ3. ” all roads run…”e.

      Your named list and its total is Incomplete. Your request to guess, captures, then frames you and your ilk as mere guessers.

      As to the “number”, you and your ilk are consistent in this subject as well. (see below). Notably absent, that is to say the continuous Error of Omission by you, your ilk, the White Rabbits of the LooniSphere’s Wonderland is self-evident.

      All roads run through and over Tamerlan, both literally and as metaphor. Ja Haha ran Speedbumpover once, now through his Attorneys, Ja Haha is backing over Temerlan’s bones. Todashev came to the “Gym” via Tamerlan. Tamerlan befriended Mess. Tamerlan is the Hub-centric . All the spokes emanate to and fro the Hub.
      Lex Parsimoniae

      Ja Haha’s running over his bro was an exemplar of non-fictional Poetic Justice, as was the Red Sox winning the World Series.

    • Avatar Ashley Diane Henry says:

      Unfortunately for the city of Boston, people are waking up from their slumber and are no longer buying the lies and propaganda sold to us by the mainstream media and precarious government! And we (the people) don’t mean to sound rude or apathetic to the so called “victims” that you Bostonians keep referencing and claim to know through a friend of a cousin of an aunt of a friend who grew up next to a kid who saw Krystle Campbell at a shopping mall once, but, where is the proof?

  17. Avatar Agent76 says:

    Boston Bombing: What You Aren’t Being Told

    In this video we are going to demonstrate that at the very minimum the authorities had prior knowledge of the attack and allowed it to happen, and this is only the tip of the iceberg.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wpu6_kArb9U ;

    Explosive Proof Boston Marathon Bombing a Staged Terror Attack!

    View the additional pic’s in this link! With over 4 million views. I believe the brothers are being framed, because I believe the real suspect is in this link I discovered shortly after the incident. You be the judge!


  18. Avatar onetree says:

    The killings of Tamerlan Tsarnaev and Ibragim Todashev seem obviously to be hits made in order to scapegoat them so as to cover for the real killers. There isn’t anything else that appears to make sense. The FBI does have ways to convince people to go along with their schemes, but that doesn’t dismiss the guilt of the FBI (or whoever) in coming up with the scheme in the first place even if there was any cooperation by any of these people who have been murdered, accused, shot, harassed, deported, threatened, intimidated, and God knows what else. I believe there are many more lies in the stories we’ve heard about this than truths. In fact, I am having trouble coming up with more than one true fact at the moment.

    Thanks for continuing to write about it.

  19. Avatar musings2 says:

    What does anyone make of the very damning internet photos of the alleged bombing?
    I can tell you what I make of the stories of 200 people being injured at the scene – no way in H. That is a fake number. The minute I heard about the bombing, which was within the hour, I said to myself – “Gee, that’s weird. Who sticks around after the champions have crossed?” Which was hours before. This is not a baseball game. It’s a kind of roving thing, and maybe you are cheering on a friend – but there are not hundreds of people in the bomb’s path. And then I saw the pictures, and I saw them slowed, and saw the lack of damage at the restaurant.

    Whatever those guys did – if it was to blow up fireworks (probably as patsies), the damage was very small. To focus on the aftermath instead of the actual event, as it unfolded, is to be trapped in a fiction. The evidence of a major double bombing which killed three and injured hundreds – sorry, not buying it, even with people in the new hospital which just opened to receive and rehab them. Yes, they are real amputees. But since the bombing could not have been severe enough, they got their injuries another way and are getting really state of the art prosthetics. I hope they don’t start feeling guilty about what is done to the Tsarnaev’s in their name, but they probably believe the triple murder story, so they can lie freely without pangs of conscience.

  20. Avatar otterdaughter says:

    No matter how hard you scrub, you just cannot get the stench of Gladio out of this.

  21. Avatar edwardrynearson says:

    The Boston Marathon Bombing is one of many staged events designed to induce the type of cultural shock therapy Naomi Klein discusses. It is bad group therapy. Pushes people towards infantile state where they are more likely to choose state controls (security) over individual liberty. If you’re not familiar with operation Gladio I suggest that you look into it.

  22. Avatar ICFubar says:

    It’s amazing how this story has dropped off the radar. To me it always smelt from the beginning and now with these revelations the odour continues.

    The implication that some state agency had contact with Tamilin prior to the Russian intel contacting their American counterparts seems to lend some credence to the initial reporting that the Russians were lodging a complaint and not as later reported as giving a warning. Think on it. Tamilin travelled to and from Dagestan via Russia on false papers and visited a rebel group when there. A group funded by the U.S. intel community to cause havoc on Russia’s southern border. The original reporting was of a Russian complaint; “please don’t send your man through our territory as we may have to arrest him with all those diplomatic side effects that would follow such an arrest”. And how and where did Tamilin get these false papers? Was he to report back to authorities after his visit to the rebel group? Then his sudden faux radicalization upon his return. Another spying mission? Then the actual bombing. Was Tamilin set up as part of the “drill” taking place the day of the foot race?

    Then we can step back and gaze at such as the Northwoods plot and the Gulf of Tonkin false flag and to what they were or were to be a prelude for; and then think on the whole Boston bombing as what exactly? There is too much here that definitely doesn’t pass the smell test. Without proof though all we are left with is the smell arising from the pile of rubbish that is the official storyline.

    • Avatar musings2 says:

      Well, for one thing, if you make trouble between Russians and Chechens, then Russians might have a harder time defending Iran along the Black Sea, using it for supplying them. Chechnya sits at 9 O’clock on the face of the Black Sea, and Tehran sits at 6 O”clock. Clearly our intelligence people are messing with the Russians right now. Israel has just bombed Syria to destroy munitions allegedly sent through their port by Russia. Well, if there is a war with Iran then it would certainly help to use Chechens to hold the Russians in check. So this is bigger geopolitically than just Boston, but we aren’t sure yet how big. Why are we seeming to persecute Chechens? Don’t know yet, but someday we’ll see it, though now “we see as through a glass darkly.”

    • Avatar ICFubar says:

      Musings, While there is definitely lots of covert happenings taking place in Central Asia, or “pipelineistan” as it has been dubbed, I don’t think the Boston event was a direct result of those on going intrigues. If the Boston bombing was a false flag then I have to ask who benefits? Certainly the security agencies receive a “causus belli” to justify their huge budgets and existance, while the people get another heavy dose of state propagandising, not to mention security forces getting mass civilian lock down practice. If not a false flag then the state security/surveillance agencies look very inept in their efforts to curtail that impression from becoming another focal point for distrust of the deep state that has brought us such events as 9/11, inadvertently or not.

      As you wrote, the bombs themselves were pip squeaks. It could just as easily held a pound of fast burning smokeless pistol powder or actual black powder (available to cartridge handloaders over the counter) and caused much greater carnage. Instead we are lead to believe it held an unknown amount of very low grade fireworks black powder and again supposedly small projectiles? It seems the bomb was worse than an amateur attempt and may have been designed as such?

      All speculation on my part as that is all any of us are left with….

    • Avatar public_servant_watch says:

      Look up the home base of Raytheon!! The Military Industrial Complex is who our politicians serve.

      The event reinforced prejudice and functioned as a sheep barometer. Even obvious lies were believed by the passive.

      Passive Americans almost took us into Syria; they did not anticipate the number that would actually awake and see the lies! Check what appropriations passed naming this event to rob Americans.

      There was no real carnage and the failings were purposeful; you need to be concerned that they are aware a large population is onto them and that they do not care!!

    • Avatar ICFubar says:

      P.S.W., I understand what you are writing and I believe the point of economic collapse is approaching more rapidly than I thought it would (24 months outside). How it will all play out remains to be seen. A cool head is neccessary to pick your way through all the disinformation that does and will abound.

    • Avatar public_servant_watch says:

      You are absolutely correct! They leave an obvious breadcrumb trail . The challenge lies with getting more people to pay attention and wake up!!

    • Avatar Chandler says:

      I must admit, all this is a little strange. The mighty government has to do so much arranging, deporting, managing to keep everyone silent, it is becoming comical. Many are asking tons of questions an no ready answers except the scripted ones. Eventually the bottom will fall out like 9-11 and the truth will surface like a helium balloon. Just takes time. Lies don’t last.

  23. Avatar fallngman says:

    she also said she had photographs…Shibley still says he has them.

  24. Avatar HAMMER says:

    all roads lead through Wai-Kru…

  25. Avatar public_servant_watch says:

    Back in May, Todashev’s widow Reni Manukyan said she could prove from bank records that he was in Atlanta at the time of the Waltham event. In August the bank in Atlanta informed her they would no longer provide her any service and requested that she close the account.

    • Avatar abbeysbooks says:

      I hope she keeps that record. Imagine.

    • Avatar public_servant_watch says:

      Harassment at every level has been ongoing for anyone associated with, related to or friends with Todashev and/or the Tsarnaevs.

    • Avatar abbeysbooks says:

      Get ready. We’re next.

    • Avatar abbeysbooks says:

      Be afraid. Be very afraid.

    • Avatar fallngman says:

      you got that right

    • Avatar fallngman says:

      Harassment? Dude we are talking silenced or dead! Everyone is effectively shut up, deported, in jail or dead. This isnt harassment anymore.

    • Avatar public_servant_watch says:

      So when does that continuing danger law kick in for the Massachusetts FBI with weapons pulled, liberty revoked and a long delay in Miranda? I agree with you but harassment is the issue for the living before they kill them.

    • Avatar TycheSD says:

      That is EXTREMELY odd. Did the bank ever give any reason why they wanted to close her account?

    • Avatar public_servant_watch says:

      Her mom works for the US Army and her files have been pulled by the FBI. Reni is now in Moscow and fearful of coming back to the United States. As far as I know, the letter above was it!

    • Avatar fallngman says:

      you got a source on her whereabouts? please and thankyou

    • Avatar TycheSD says:

      Todashev’s former wife is in Russia.

    • Avatar Shadowcloud ba'cho says:

      Renni’s whereabouts is no secret. In fact you can contact her through Vk, Facebook, Café Mom and likely other virtual reality locales. You can watch her YouTube videos, including with the hyper-loon Alex (sp) Jones.
      As to her “fear”: Perhaps she should have sought an attorney from the get go. Attorneys counsel their client to choose their words carefully when they are either on US and Foreign soil.
      And Renni is also prone to Errors of Omission. Listen to her emotive appeals. Then ask yourself how could she know this or that , when the two were no longer living together as husband and wife. Heck, she denied her “angel” had a Russian girl friend.
      Ah, the spouse is always the last one to know, no? Apply that idiom when you listen to the grieving widow’s emotive appeal.

    • Avatar abbeysbooks says:

      I hope she didn’t close it.

    • Avatar fallngman says:

      She has also said that Todashev traveled back to Boston for a “transportation” job in the summer of 2011 but that he left before the Sept murders of Mess and his friends. A transportation job, eh? Transporting what?
      It was also reported that Toadshev lived on the Harcourt Street in Waltham that Mess did too when he was there doing his transportation job. So, very likely Todashev, Tamerlan and the Mess crew all hung out together if that is so – since Mess and Tamerlan are best friends?
      Another thing in those wicked wire reports – those three dead bodies at 12 Harcourt were not just sprinkled with pot – they were covered in pot – as in dumped out of leaf bags on those guys – it was thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars of pot. on top of that the cash found lying on the bodies and in the house amounted to something like $25,000 thousand dollars
      what kind of drug dealer has that kind of ka-ching to throw around to send a message to informants, bad dealers, or dumbos? Only the law enforcement kind if you ask me.
      Now considering how close Todashev lived and Tamerlan’s best friend – think they knew who killed Mess and why? think they weren’t scared to death themselves? think that is why Tamerlan took off for Dagestan – and Todashev for Florida?

  26. Avatar public_servant_watch says:

    Excerpts from:


    Professor Zukhumov says that, like Mohammed, he met Tamerlan Tsarnaev several times during Tamerlan’s six months in Dagestan.

    “He was tall, good-looking, and intelligent,” says Professor Zukhumov. “He read Turgenev and Dostoyevsky. It’s absurd to think he was inclined towards radical ideas.”

    In the same breath, though, Professor Zukhumov describes Tamerlan’s “naivety, his openness, his simple nature”.

    “I guess these kinds of people are useful to some sinister forces: very likely certain conditions were created, he was pushed on to that path. It was not all the Tsarnaev brothers’ own free will. It was a trap.” he says.


  27. Avatar Shadowcloud ba'cho says:

    You’re weaving a web of deceit filled with; could be, what if, how about, maybe, if and so on. America’s jurisprudence is bookended by 2 and only 2 words, neither of which you or the Loonisphere mention. Probable ( as in cause) & Reasonable ( as in doubt). Irrational alternatives are not part of the fabric named Justice or Truth, no matter how hard and how many times you say they are.

    Your header claims Truth, yet all your article argues is via informal and formal fallacies and falsehoods. Where are your syllogisms? You do understand Truth is deduced through the formal process founded in Philosophy-dating back at least as far as Aristotle, no? Conjecture is not part of the finding of Truth.

    Your Flat Earth Society , internet version LooniSphere EchoChamber, is still the Flat Earth Society by another name.

    Where are the 3 priors involving Todashev, all brutal violent acts he instigated, including one post-surgery? Where are the names of the gyms he was tossed for engaging in street fights while holding a MMA card? ( he held MA and FL cards).

    Where is the update regarding Ja HaHa ‘s Defense team’s attempt to frame the legal theory of “mitigating circumstances”-namely Speed Bump’s involvement/hand in the Waltham Barbaric Butchery? Where is the backstory, context and perspective of the entire Family, all 6? Including both girls changing their names and their own run-ins with American Law?

    Where is Todashev’s backstory from the time he arrived here, his education here and most importantly his employment history?
    Your omissions fall under the category of Errors of Omission. Errors of Omission are the tell-tale sign of half-truths. Half-truths are whole lies. And if you didn’t know that, you now.

    • Avatar public_servant_watch says:

      Intentional inflammatory response where your projection more than anything shines through!!

    • Avatar Shadowcloud ba'cho says:

      psw wrote : Q. “Intentional inflammatory response where your projection more than anything shines through!! “e.
      You’re throwing up all over self- in public no less. Your response is typical of the LooniSphere, that is to say/write, all sticky with aerated Marshamallow Fluff. No substance- no nourishment- no thinking-no reasoning-no nuttin’. Just sticky stuff all over your mouth.
      I again challenge the author of the article to lay out his theory, from at least the Waltham Barbaric Butchery ( I would argue with the immigration of the all the foreign players) all the way through to the Defense’s attempt to mine the Waltham case for mitigating material.
      Am not interested in a backward look taken by loons. Only irrational folks play their DVR backwards, then declare they are grasped the tv show or movie. Rational people begin at the beginning, then pay attention as the DVR unwinds the storytell, its plot, its players/characters , its settings– all in order. Backwards lookers, like the LooniSphere dismiss the order then stop the action without ever having seen its beginning. Yet somehow think and believe they , can re-write the storytell in narrative form. Just as the author if this article is attempting to peddle as an investigative journalist! Shame on him!

    • Avatar public_servant_watch says:

      Why don’t you try hitting all the red links in the article that lead to the other related investigative reports and associated comments.

    • Avatar Shadowcloud ba'cho says:

      [Because] I do not chase White Rabbits down their holes.
      This article is an exemplar of noise, specifically white noise from a group of White Rabbits. Its magniloquent prose waxes Shakespearean . Like Shakespeare’s word product, it is mere Fiction. Sensationalists and Editorialists, an Investigative Journalist do not make. Half-truths ( whole lies), Errors of Omission and Hyperbole are antithetical to Truth.

    • Avatar TycheSD says:

      Where is the evidence that Tamerlan Tsarnaev and Ibragim Todashev were even involved in the Waltham murders? All I’ve seen are allegations with no proof. The FBI is accusing 2 dead men of 3 murders. How convenient!

    • Avatar public_servant_watch says:

      There was a huge drug ring bust in the area and criminal proceedings were in progress at that time as well.

      This article raises some interesting questions as to people with history of crime in that area and other interesting issues. A cold homicide case that attempts closure with dead people who cannot defend themselves and, the fact, that they are dead with a helping hand from authorities is troublesome.


    • Avatar HAMMER says:

      you are getting warmer

    • Avatar fallngman says:

      think those guys, all of them Mess and his friends – Tamerlan,. Todashev where all informants? Think Tamerlan and Todashev knew who killed Mess? Why was Todashev so sure he was going to get killed in his next session with the FBI – is it a coincidence that – that is in when Waltham supposedly comes up?

    • Avatar public_servant_watch says:

      Per Todashev’s girl friend and his friend he never mentioned the murder allegations after his sessions with the FBI.

      She did not hear about these triple murder allegations until after that last session and Todashev was dead; I believe she was in custody when she learned he was dead.

      My thought is Todashev knew Tamerlan did not do the bombing and that the FBI killed him so he had good reason to be fearful.

    • Avatar fallngman says:

      Uhh? I am not going to put words in your mouth – but I find what you just said a little confusing. That seems contradictory to me. No offense, its late and maybe one of us is slow on the uptake.

    • Avatar public_servant_watch says:

      Didn’t make sense to me either; I think I fixed it. Heading to bed!

    • Avatar abbeysbooks says:

      Very credible speculation here in Simulation Land.

    • Avatar A voice says:

      The reporter Susan Zalkind described Tatiana Gruzdeva’s encounters with the FBI as follows:

      “When Gruzdeva met with FBI agents, she said, they at first continued
      to ask her about the marathon bombing. Then they brought up a new topic:
      a triple murder.

      “They said, ‘We think he did something else, before.’ They said he
      killed three people in Boston 2011 with a knife. I said, ‘It’ s not
      true! I can’t believe it.’ You know, I was living with him seven months,
      and we have a cat.”

      (….) One day, the FBI called Todashev back to their office again. Gruzdeva
      went with him and waited in the lobby, she said. That’s when an agent
      she recognized approached her and asked to talk. (….)
      “They asked me again and again about Ibragim and all this stuff. They
      asked me, ‘Can you tell us when he will do something?’ I said, ‘No! I
      can’t!’ Because he wasn’t doing anything, and I didn’t know anything.
      And they said, ‘Oh, really? So why don’t we call immigration.’”

      According to this report, Tatiana Gruzdeva was punished with prison and the threat of deportation because she did not “know” anything useful for the FBI.

      Finally she was deported because of this interview – one of the few reports we have so far about the way the FBI treated Todashev before he was killed.

      Source: Boston Magazine

    • Avatar public_servant_watch says:

      Yes, I am aware of what Boston Magazine says; thank you for adding that here for the other readers. I was not on enough coffee when I wrote that entry.

      I have been searching for the media interview where it was said that the the triple murder was never brought up until after he was already dead. I tend to trust the videos over anything we see in print for the better accuracy.

      It may have been Reni that said this and I won’t know for sure until I find the video. Tatiana may have been given that tidbit before they even approached the subject with Ibragim; she learned of his death while in jail.

      Still with the drug ring at the same time and all the overt threats made to harm others by an individual from that mess the AUSA have no standing on this triple murder accusation with 2 dead men unavailable to defend themselves.

      Very fishy (lack of) police/ FBI work regarding those murders; how convenient to have dead people responsible. How ironic that the finale and the take down of these brothers was in Watertown. According to link below, the large amounts of cash and marijuana covering the bodies was available to they who had those very items in evidence after a bust not Tamerlan or Ibragim.


      The whole thing stinks from the initial frame up to the bogus criminal proceedings that are now in process regarding Jahar and his three buddies.

      There is a more than strong appearance that the majority of actual criminals in this matter are supported by the taxpayer along with co-conspirators in the private sector. Not this kid or his friends.

      Interestingly, Judge O’Toole was initially assigned to the drug ring case and he recused himself with an electronic order and no basis for the recusal.

      Roberto Velasquez-Johnson Sentencing REset for 11/21/2013 02:00 PM in Courtroom 12 before Judge Rya W. Zobel.

    • Avatar public_servant_watch says:

      11/06/2013 611 NOTICE of Change of Address by Roberto Velasquez-Johnson (Thompson, Melinda) (Entered: 11/06/2013)

      11/15/2013 623 Assented to MOTION to Continue to January 2014 to Sentencing as to Roberto Velasquez-Johnson by USA. (Gallagher, Neil) (Entered: 11/15/2013)

      11/20/2013 627 Judge Rya W. Zobel: ELECTRONIC ORDER entered granting 623 Motion to Continue as to Roberto Velasquez-Johnson (13) Evidentiary Hearing set for 1/16/2014 02:30 PM in Courtroom 12 before Judge Rya W. Zobel. (Urso, Lisa) (Entered: 11/20/2013)

    • Avatar public_servant_watch says:

      http://www.boston.com/metrodesk/2013/05/23/wife-man-killed-fbi-agent-says-was-never-questioned-about-waltham-triple-murder/T12hTgk4RubFutCdlw2J4O/story.html This isn’t the video I initially based my statement that the murders were never addressed to Ibragim during FBI sessions until the last session where he was killed but it validates that it was his buddie that made that statement and, also, Reni.

    • Avatar public_servant_watch says:

      I actually posted that video you have here yesterday; it is at the very top of the thread. It was not the one I had in mind but the earliest interviews usually have the best info.

    • Avatar Shadowcloud ba'cho says:

      The “evidence” resides with whom it belongs and where it belongs ( American Civics 101).
      Evidence is not disseminated during an investigation, evidence is presented during Court proceedings. The evidence is then subjected to challenges including to cross-examination.
      Since when and under whose authority was the LooniSphere elevated to equal footing and equal “standing” to that of pre-existing, time-tested and time-honored institutions?
      The LooniSphere has no credibility and has no standing in this matter. Quit pretending as if it does.
      Bon Chance!

    • Avatar otterdaughter says:

      The FBI displayed photos of ball bearings, pressure cooker lids, and black backpacks (which kinda exculpates tsarnaev, as his backpack was white/light grey) in the early days of the investigation. How is that not dissemination of evidence?

    • Avatar TycheSD says:

      How did you find this site? Why did you come here? I’m curious because I don’t understand why someone who thought so little of the writer of this article would actually seek it out to comment on it.

    • Avatar Shadowcloud ba'cho says:

      Here is how I choose to respond to your “questions”.

      1. I have an aversion to those spewing half-truths.

      2. I do not fetch that which is common knowledge.

      3. You are not well-read on the Todashev matter.

      Q. ” I don’t understand why someone who thought so little of the writer of this article would actually seek it out to comment on it.” e.
      Admitting you don’t understand “A” is a starting point for both unlearning and learning B, C, D…Z.
      Hint: How many mentions of; an Echo Chamber, Flat Earth Society and LooniSphere does it take for you to understand my Reason and reasons?

    • Avatar fallngman says:

      “I’ll be your Huckleberry.”

    • Avatar Shadowcloud ba'cho says:

      As with so many phrases, original intent and meaning can be likened to a coin. Coins have 2sides yet have but 1 edge.

    • Avatar Shadowcloud ba'cho says:

      Of course you can be anything you want inside the LooniSphere, after all it is but a virtual reality.
      FTR: You did not dispute the number of 5K, instead you entered in argument and disputed self ( 20K or 25K). EDIT

      Heck you can even take a prerogative and turn it into a pejorative. The LooniSphere’s only rule is there isn’t any.

      Ja Haha & Speed Bump both attempted to treat the real and virtual world as same~same. One is dead, the other is a Dead Man Walking. They left 8 dead in their wake. 3 at the Marathon, 1 at MIT and 1 in FL ( Todasehv) Waltham adds 3 more. That is the 2Bros legacy- to date.
      Wet-Dreaming of martyrdom yielded them reality of matrydumb.
      You do not matter to me. I’ve been patient throughout your absurd presentations. I ignored your childish attempts at insult. Your amateur baiting is boorish. You are a wet-dreamer.
      The Defense will not come a calling for your views. No one will.
      Todashev choose his path of self-destruction via violence. Tamerlan choose the same fate. This ccan be summed up with one simple question:
      Why exactly do birds of a feather flock together? The answer is plain. Just as this entire matter is plain.
      Am finished with you. Your noise is no longer heard or seen because it has no value, whether extrinsic or intrinsic. . In my culture this is said and written as Am silent to you.

    • Avatar fallngman says:

      blah blah blah – too late, you dont care you just like to argue – Im done with you – and you know why…..

      see joe – this is what is so fascinating about someone like you – you, of your own volition, come to this place which is specifically designed to speculate on and share publicly available information. Nothing more and nothing less – where not curing cancer here boy….But, you come here and sit there up in your tree leaking all over everybody for doing what they came here to do – must make you feel sad no one pays attention joe – Im sorry – it must be a hard life – you got so many important things to say and when you say’em – nobody cares. Well you keep on trying to impress your momma boy – someday she will listen. btw: – been looking at your posts elsewhere – you got a regular little potty mouth on you son – clean it up and maybe people will listen more.

    • Avatar abbeysbooks says:

      You are fast approaching a “word salad” symptomatic of schizophrenia.

    • Avatar Shadowcloud ba'cho says:

      Professional diagnosis or Internet LooniSphere diagnosis?

      One can deduce it is not professional diagnosis in the making because professionals do not offer an opinion nor a diagnosis from reading a few Internet posts. Furthermore, a professional risks hers/his License anytime they stray from the specific State guidelines. Most importantly, you are referring to pseudo-science. Why am I not the least bit surprised?

      [You] Internet LooniSphere members roll sans standards or restrictions. Tis why you self-identified by citing the epistemological challenged Anarchist, [ neo-classical] Nihilist, Foucault as your go to guy.

      The Government is not the Bogieman. The Government is We the People~We the People are the Government.

      BTW In the post-modern era syllogisms take many different forms . Try reading a legal brief, an affidavit or charging document rather than junk science. Truth is unearthed by Deductive Reasoning. Justice is sought applying Deductive and Inductive Reasoning.

      Irrational conjecture, to include conflation, fallacies, falsehoods, guessing and simply making chit up, both insults and dishonors ones ancestors while bringing shame onto ones family.

      You have a splendid weekend. I note the presence of he who does not matter for his word is no good. When a man’s word is no good, then the man is good for nothing.

    • Avatar abbeysbooks says:

      Now why did you just have to go and prove what I said beyond the shadow of a doubt.

    • Avatar Shadowcloud ba'cho says:

      Q. ” Now why did you just have to go and prove what I said beyond the shadow of a doubt. ” e.

      What you said?

      You did not say anything. Posting is the written word. Speech is oratory.

      You lack of attention to details reveals you to be a rather ordinary lazy thinker making for an awful poster.

    • Avatar mijj says:

      > “The Government is We the people~We the People are the Government.”

      lol .. you’ve spewed out a relentless stream of rubbish, but this is your tour de force. 8-)

      The people are the nation. Money, Power, Influence is the government. The government is actually treasonous in acting against the interests of the people to benefit the powers that control it.

      Your attempts at parsing shows that you’re no more than a tool. Authorized Government Loonisphere Mythology isn’t anything a rational person would assume has foundation in reality. The only people who would do so are those who haven’t quite grown up and let go of “Daddy knows best.”.

    • Avatar Shadowcloud ba'cho says:

      Another White Rabbit drinking from my “relentless stream”.
      FTR: Your spit contains no nourishment nor has any value.

    • Avatar Shadowcloud ba'cho says:

      Dear White Rabbit:

      Lesser Trix are still Trix for kids

    • Avatar TycheSD says:

      Okay, there were reports from people who knew Todashev that he was a hothead and got into altercations, etc. I still only see two priors on his record – one in MA and one in FL.

      The fact that he had a reputation as a hothead and was a professional MMA fighter means the people questioning him at his apartment were either stupid and/or negligent and/or duplicitous. If he was a serious suspect in a triple murder, why was he being questioned in his apartment? Why wasn’t he taken to a local FBI office? If he had a reputation as a hothead, why would an officer be allowed to be in a room alone with the suspect?

      You may call people with suspicions about police and FBI behavior during this matter loons and flat-earthers, but law enforcement, particularly the FBI, has given the public little reason to trust them. Their practice of using serious criminals as informants, setting people up to do bombings, entrapping people, exonerating themselves in all of their investigations of their prior killings of people, withholding relevant information from defense attorneys in previous cases, leaking incriminating, unsubstantiated and sometimes erroneous information to the media in the Boston bombing case – all of these things – in addition to the fact that the government cannot be trusted on much of anything these days – makes people like you, who DON’T question the government’s behavior, the loony ones.

    • Avatar TycheSD says:

      Yes, where is that evidence about street fights and gyms Todashev was tossed from? Do you have links to back up your statements? I’m aware of two fights involving Todashev. Where’s his third “prior?”

    • Avatar fallngman says:

      since your the one making the allegations – shouldnt you be the one providing the evidence and the rationale? Where is your evidence and back story, where is your update of the legal defense strategies? Comeon dont be shy…
      I’ve got a few snappy comebacks about Aristotelian philosophy and Hegelian dialectic – but I defer to your evidence. Please proceed.

    • Avatar Shadowcloud ba'cho says:

      I have no burden, nor can you shift any unto me. You have the burden of supplying your snappy comebacks through your own hand. Q. ” I’ve got a few snappy comebacks about Aristotelian philosophy and Hegelian dialectic – but I defer to your evidence.”

      The Government, not I, owns the burden. The Government alleged, then charged and will try. . Tis the American Justice System unwinding in front of your eyes, just as it has beginning with [ironically] The Boston Massacre and its subsequent trial.

      An ongoing investigation yielded a sworn Affidavit which was followed by more investigation leading to Warrant(s) which in due time led to an Indictment. The Indictment was returned , then unsealed and read in open Court to the Defendant.

      The presumption of innocence is the Government’s burden to overcome, not mine. Rebutting the charges is left to the Defendant and his/her attorneys.

      My challenges are reserved to the White Noise/White Rabbit Echo Chamber, aka the Flat Earth Society.

      The foundation for my position vis a vis the LooniSphere is grounded in both common knowledge, common sense advanced through Argumentation.

      I did not author the Article. The authors state they are “investigative journalists” and assert they “uncover truth.” The burden is theirs.

      I did not offer any Theory on the Boston Marathon Bombing. Those advancing any and all Theories ( inc. the Government) own the burden.

      I did not offer any Theory on the deceased Todashev or on the followup to those involved in other alleged crimes. Based upon the very words of the Authors, I challenged their approach, their inferences and yes, their Errors of Omission. Tis their burden.
      Nor did I choose your path of boasting ( see above quote) , then making it conditional on a “but”. “But” is not argument. But is deflection and distraction. Already I’ve turned one poster in my lapdog as s/he goes fetch. Tis how the LooniSphere rolls, through the power of suggestion.
      When a “dot” is found in the LooniSphere, it is soon declared to be thee “keystone”, declared to be thee “diamond”, thee “nugget”, any and all of which tips the Scale of Justice to proof of innocence to ___________ ( choose any Slavic name) .
      The goal of LE is to gather as many of the “dots” which in existence. Only then can the next step be taken, that being laying them out, as is, which Storytell. That is their charge. And they will be both tested and challenged in the venues reserved to do so. First by the Prosecutors ( to include their own resources), then by the Defense and their resources. Then a sitting Jury will decide. No where in the process is there a say by the LooniSphere.

    • Avatar fallngman says:

      oh dude – I have already said this once – if your going to write a book – take Michael Hastings advice and make sure every sentence contains a fact. This is a snoozer son.
      Just make your points and let us dance – I aint got time for the opera…

    • Avatar fallngman says:

      I know I am going to regret this – but here goes anyway…..

      “”””I challenged their approach, their inferences and yes, their Errors of Omission. Tis their burden.””””
      Tis chicken to call them out – but not say why? E n u m e r a t e: ie., 1) I dont like because……2) because………….3)……….
      Boy, if were gonna dance – somebody has got to pay the band? you feel that partner?

    • Avatar abbeysbooks says:

      OMG just read Discipline and Punish. – Michel Foucault

    • Avatar Shadowcloud ba'cho says:

      Dear White Rabbit [ your] Trix are for kids.

    • Avatar Shadowcloud ba'cho says:

      Dear White Rabbit:
      [Just] More Trix for the kids. More is not better.

    • Avatar Shadowcloud ba'cho says:

      3 prior charges. 1 in Massachusetts, 2 in Florida.
      Your return of 1 is short 2. Typical LooniSpere math.
      Your return of 1 does not include charges against any other party.
      Were there like criminal charges to another party(s) in the 1 you returned?
      Were there like criminal charges against another party(s) in #2?
      Were there like criminal charges to another party(s)in #3?
      As you review the 3 prior incidents in their entirety , ponder their patterns and their trajectory. By all means characterize them in their best light while simultaneously covering your eyes and your ears of the emerging profile.

    • Avatar fallngman says:

      yea yea yea – he was a hot head. Okay we all know it. He also lived onHarcourt at the time of the murders along with the dead guys. And that wasnt chump change strewn about the crime scene. Besides the cash, which was estimated to be over $20,000 – the pot was said to have filled several large leaf bags. Now I dont know about you – but where I come from that is message IN CAPITAL LETTRS….
      the only one that can do that is someone who has keys to a warehouse….Hmm?
      Come on smarty pants – lets do this.

    • Avatar Shadowcloud ba'cho says:

      LMRAO. Your number(s) keeps moving. The established number is 5k. In a previous post you claim 5x5K. Now you are not so sure so you throw out 20K+.
      Numbers don’t lie. People do. There is an exact tally “booked” that morning.
      There is an exact quantity of weed booked that morning.
      The crime scene was photographed, fingerprints and contact DNA collected and booked.
      You have no insight nor any inside source to the crime scene nor to any of the collection. Only a limited number of LE and those with certain Security Clearances do.
      You’re engaging in textbook conflation and conjecture. At your LooniSphere pace, the cash may very well rise to $250,000 and the stash to bales.
      Your concession-stipulation to the deceased being a “hot-head” is still woefully incomplete.
      Your “theory” of “Elimination” is your wet dream. Once again you ignore that which is known ( common knowledge), then backfill with that which is unknown to you. Like the proverbial Magician, you are pulling out White Rabbits. Am not impressed by White Rabbits, whether pulled from a hat or from an asshat.
      BTW : Your “Huckleberry quote is all wrong. Not only didn’t you nail the wording, not only didn’t you list attribution, you didn’t get it is huckleberry-not Huckleberry.
      Q, “smarty pants…”e.
      A. I am smart.
      B. I wear pants.

    • Avatar fallngman says:

      My apology to celluloid Doc – seriously? the $5k was on the bodies – the remaining cash was in the home as the girlfriend said at the time. She actually said between $20-$25 grand total. I wasnt sure if she included the $5k or not – so chose not to conflate and left it at $20K. The bags of pot reference was stated by a witness as reported by a channel 7 reporter. If you look you will find it. Interesting that only a limited number of police would have access to that warehouse – eh? The same warehouse that houses 45 years of confiscated inventory – eh? The same one burlarized just a while before those boys ended up dead? Hmmm? Come on catch up and get in the game….And I’m still your Huckleberry….

    • Avatar Shadowcloud ba'cho says:

      You’ve yet to dispute or refute anything I’ve posted. Not today nor yesterday.
      Channel 7 is not the Waltham PD. John King from CNN is not the FBI. The LooniSphere is not reality, it is a black hole filled with noisemakers.
      The “girlfriend” came upon a gruesome crime scene, 3 dead bodies, brutally-barbarically murdered. Now you want the thread to believe she counted the cash and estimated the weed! LMRAO.
      Do you know how long it takes to count 25K, in hundies let alone a mix of smaller bills? Did she run the cash through a machine counter? Was the money triple banded in elastics with $$$$ amounts on each one?
      You are a broken record. You’ve only convinced self with your theory of Elimination. You offer no compelling argument, only giant leaps over unaccounted chasms.
      You best try your hand at Aristotle. His aphorisms and allegories are a good place for you to prove your unfilled boast.
      Edit included-my bad

    • Avatar fallngman says:

      Really and you have inside information to dispute what witnesses reported? Where is it? ad hominem away all you want joe, but until you have produced evidence – sources – even a little reasoning would be helpful – why should anyone pay attention to your silly claptrap. Mighty red flag of you to stay away from the warehouse and all – thanks – got what I wanted. See you on the trail Huckleberry.

    • Avatar public_servant_watch says:

      Your language makes no sense and you support your babbling with nothing. #Done

    • Avatar N. Furthermore says:

      Your comments in this forum have all the earmarks of a disinformation sock puppet – rather than someone who is merely playing the devil’s advocate trying to elevate the standards of proof.

      In a news media filled with careerists and fools who have no interest in questioning the official accounts of events such as the Boston Marathon bombing, WhoWhatWhy is an example of the alternative media taking up the slack.

      And somehow you end up here – filled with skepticism about everything except the government’s official account of what happened.

      I recognize your tone and tactics from online discussions of issues like gang stalking – namely, forum trolls who seem inexplicably obsessed with casting doubt on reasonable suspicions of what the hyper-secretive rogue alphabet agencies are up to.

      For anyone who wants to know more about the disinformation business, search “Fight Gang Stalking.”

    • Avatar Shadowcloud ba'cho says:

      As To: The monkey’s 2cents

      Your choice of Avatar & Moniker is your mirror. Semiotics 101.
      Your guessing is not premised in what you know. Your guesses reflect how little you know and how poorly you think.
      FTR: Irrational suspicions are not reasonable suspicions no matter how many times you stomp your feet or wail deep into the EchoChamber.
      I challenged all on 5 like sites to name one Rational Human that supports any of the LooniSphere “Theories, including the morphed and hybrids”.
      Along with the name, the person(s) complete credentials, including but not limited to education, professional experience, professional awards, Court approved/accepted Expert status in the field(s) , Court appearances ( Case & Dockett #) published works ( peer reviewed) …
      That was on or about 23 April 2013. The number submitted remains at Zero.
      BTW: Am sorry you wish me to be suspicious. You chose the wrong word for all the wrong reasons. I am a Skeptic. Skeptics go about the search for Truth through a rigorous, formal documented process, that is then subjected to review.
      The search for Justice is a much easier climb than Truth. Truth requires WHY, Justice excludes WHY. In case you don’t get it, WHY = Motive. Motive is not a required element of a crime. Law 101. The Reason and the reason WHY is not a required element is plain. WHY is Subjective. All other required elements are Objective ( the who-what-where-when and how). Only the “Subject” knows the Truth of WHY.
      I will not dignify your Troll remarks with any riposte or rejoinder.
      May all of you have a wonderful weekend. Boston Strong is now Boston Strongest.

    • Avatar abbeysbooks says:

      “Information is not knowing.” Michel Foucault

    • Avatar public_servant_watch says:

      Boston Authorities Defrauded America with a racketeering conspiracy that includes homicide; the good people of Boston are not responsible but the corrupt of which there are many include tax supported public servants in the federal and state governments as well as private sector people who by law now qualify as state actors; all will eventually be held responsible.

      All members of a conspiracy are held accountable for all acts and that includes furthering the conspiracy and homicides.

      A child was exploited so a corrupt government in collusion with state and private sector actors could commit a crime, and so were disabled Americans. The event is a fraudulent farce but the cover-up that includes fabrication of evidence, intentional deprivation of rights, kidnapping and homicide appears real.

      May take a while but all will be held responsible. You cannot maim or kill people in a fabricated picture. The FBI was the crowd at the Forum at the time of the blast not the people in the fabricated picture put out to the public by the FBI. An astute naked eye can see the fabrication; an honest expert is not even needed to prove the sloppy shopping job.



      The same flower accessory in the little girl’s hair when she attended a memorial service on June 10th by WC was in her hair when she stood in front of the Forum as shown in the 7 News picture on April 15th; no other member of the family we were led to believe devastated by this tragedy stood with her. The 7 News picture was purportedly one hour before the blast.

      People had pre-existing conditions, planned surgeries fraudulently related to the the fake blast, or participated as just straight up frauds.

      You have REAL COURT when there are real victims not simulated. They would not need a fraudulent protective order that is in no way a true record of the court if these injuries and deaths were real. They would not have a plan to destroy or at best permanently seal discovery which will keep from the public death records and medical records which would reveal no association to the blast or non-existent records.

      The child was not in front of the forum at the time of the blast but the FBI was there, and as undercover agents no less than ten acted as civilian rescue, bloodied victims and moulage artist for the up and coming propaganda pictures. All of which showed the fake blast 2 carnage with some level of shopping. LOOK AT THE CUFF OF THE NOW FEMALE VICTIM BY THE MAILBOX WHO STOOD CENTER WORKING IN THE VIDEO.


      Hope you can prove that you are mentally ill because if not you appear complicit in a crime that terrorized the American people and amounts to treason. Karma and the law will catch up with you!!

      Shills and malignant bigots are the only ones who continue to deny what is before their very eyes.

    • Avatar Shadowcloud ba'cho says:

      Welcome bespectacled Word Play White Rabbit.
      Donning spectacles is not a symbol of being well-read. It is merely Trix ,aka misdirection, for the kids.
      All you’ve accomplished is to make a spectacle of self (a being one lens with the other eye shut tight ).
      Q.”..some animals are more equal than…”e.
      1. “More equal” ? A White Rabbit is quite unoriginal and waxes illogical. More equal? LMAO!
      2. Horse? How inauthentic! Even in Wonderland you remain -a- 1eye White Rabbit.
      Prior to the murder and mayhem perpetrated by the barbarians, they were “more equals”. Emphasis on were. Those very same threads of commonality have been torn, shred, cut and blown away.
      Justice can’t renew nor restore what was lost that day nor on a prior day. What Justice can and does is de-humanize the remaining barbarian. Unlike the barbarian’s heroes, America does not enage in the barbaric technique of decapitation. Ja Haha will morph from a human to being just another animal in a zoo cage. Regardless whether the sentence is life or death, his human life is over. Some have dubbed Ja Haha as a lion. Ha ha ha ha! He is every much a lion as you are a horse!

    • Avatar abbeysbooks says:

      No truth is not deduced through the formal logic of philosophy. Not since Foucault.

  28. Avatar facereplacer says:

    Watched the TWA Flight 800 movie and this is the FBIs MO when doing a cover-up. Intimidate, harass, stonewall… Free trial and you can watch it online. Worth it, for sure. http://www.epixhd.com/twa-flight-800/

  29. Avatar Whoopsiedoo says:

    Thank you. This is some of the best info I have found surrounding the Todashev killing. The FBI looking more and more like the criminals they are meant to be arresting. Not good.

  30. Avatar impoppy says:

    police are the terrorists in America

  31. Avatar Orangutan. says:

    This just reeks of an Operation Northwoods type tactic. This whole thing just seems like something out of the Operation Gladio or Strategy of Tension rulebook. So sad that people are willing to use terrorism on innocent people to achieve political goals. A level of evil that is hard for the average person to wrap their mind around.

  32. Avatar The Walrus says:

    The FBI never records interviews. That way they can put words in suspect’s mouths. See http://www.bostonglobe.com/opinion/2013/05/10/beware-fbi-when-not-recording/yz55UX8WMKU080pN4aP68K/story.html

  33. Avatar Karen M. Roderick says:

    Obama is addicted to the flash bulbs that the news people bestow upon him. When the flash bulbs start dwindling down our President starts thinking of what he can do to drum up his picture being taken and this is how the Boston Massacure was ordered by Obama. Bush is friends with Richard Jewel the mastermind of the Olympic Park bombing and a link to the Oaklahoma Federal Building bombing. Aquarius